Show Highlight: NFL Over/Unders (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Wes reveals his over/unders for the 2018 NFL season, including a surprising over for one young team.

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Outside it was tougher this year there's a couple. Most viewers are couples and write out a pop right out to me this year. I was on the fence about a lot but in the ads to my true chief fashion there's only sixty dollars wagered. So. Six game six teams and it's not over under is he an airline let's start winner. The Atlanta Falcons. Line is nine last year the team did not have a Super Bowl hangover. They were a playoff team but they were a playoff team with a lot of issues on offense and nothing really seemed to get Lincoln under Steve's our keys and that was clearly evident Ali lost in the playoff game to Philadelphia. With that said they still won ten games last year. And another year under this offense opened up more the Julio Jones situation could get a little sticky but in the end. He's got no leverage he's got three years 35 million dollars left on his deal the man has no leverage you'll play. And let a New Orleans they're gonna battle for this division and led us to rising young talent and good core. They will face Tampa Bay twice we will get the AFC north it will be Arizona. As well as the AFC east I've got them at ten wins and I've got them back in the playoffs you're meeting over on the falcons this year. The Minnesota Vikings won thirteen games last year we case Tina and how did they do that. They did that because they're good solid football team well coached with a nasty defense. Incomes Kirk cousins for the expect expectation is he needs to be the guy to put them not in the playoffs but inseparable. I'm not gonna bank on that the Minnesota their playoff team and Minnesota. They want thirteen in the case gain them. I think they're good for the over ten wins this year with cousins and if not. It's going get really cold and really ugly in Minnesota Vikings ten wins this season I'll take the over. The patriots are not having such a great all season. They lost Super Bowl Tom Brady bill Belichick's though not on the same page doing settlement suspended for the first four games you got media leaks seemingly every month. You distill internal power struggle of Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Out of the fact is on the field doing the patriots have not won fewer than twelve games since 2009. The jets have a rookie quarterback. The bills have a rookie quarterback the dolphins are swimming in mediocrity that line is eleven I'm gonna stick with it until they don't do it anymore. Give me the over for the patriots over eleven wins this year. So that's the falcons in the over the vikings in the over and I'll take the jets and the over. I'd I'd do this once and all season. I jump on a team I go big on a team and I usually make the mistake assuming. What we do we assume the successes Linear. And because of what a team did last year they're automatically grow this year I'm gonna do it again I'm gonna fall on that strap hopefully not but. Alvin tomorrow. We'll run for over 200 yards Drew Brees. And his forty. But he still it's thirty and the saints defense and outside I like the improvements that they've made. I feel that what happened last year with the saints. And Minnesota it's only gonna fueled them full of anger pal like Virginia lose and you NBC that's gonna pool you'll limp into next season the same with the saints. Drew Brees is a running game. He's also got an old line I like the saints defense. Now can complement their offense not equal they can at least compliment. The schedule will be tougher to got to deal with Atlanta however they start off with Tampa Bay and New Orleans would no team as Wednesday if they start with Tampa Bay no gym as Winston. Then they go to Cleveland. Nine and a half I just can't see New Orleans as under a double digit win team give media over on the saint. And finally this is the most popular one for my listeners telling me to do this. Which now second guess myself because I thought this was the obvious one on the board. Is to ten dollar bets twenty dollars special law yeah. The New York Giants we're disasters three win team last year Vegas is colleague put them at six. Our absolutely it over and this team was a mess last year an absolute mess that did nothing in the previous offseason help not Eli Manning. And then they basically put the blame on me diamond. Their defense and a ton inviting it was just that will probably show. This year I don't seem as Super Bowl contender. I don't have with winning the division that still Philadelphia. But they bring in its owner they bring in will Hernandez helped settle that old line state while Barkley to be as the real deal he's gonna help Eli Manning. The division is going to be more competitive I still think Eagles with a class of the Dallas or Z the giants will be improved and the Redskins. I say what you want but they've been competitive and the law of averages. It can't be decimated by injuries again this year. But seeing that number and just to load the giants are better team I would dive on it. To the giants go on the uptick give me at least six wins I'm gonna go the over on that the New York Giants. So Paulie that's giants over. Vikings over saints over. Falcons over patriots over. How many teams that just give via. Gimme five teams and how many how much money that I save missed a ten dollar bet was gonna bet to get sixty which means you get ten more but I got ten more box. And they don't caught gambling for a reason. This is stuff. I was really torn but in the end I felt like I had to go. And jump on an underdog here I felt like there was a reason and had to jump on something a little extreme and ladies and gentlemen. Boy I'm listening to you I'm gonna leave it. Give me ten dollars from the Cleveland Browns. Over five and a half wins this season. It is not a lot of the year. I was on the thing it's really tough to think a team with one win can jump to six. But I'm feeling the browns will be a surprise to some and I could see that KC week seventeen. The browns getting that sixth win baker mayfield and team jumping all but if by the way he'll be starting by then jumping all of each other acting like they won the Super Bowl. I'm saying this year browns. Give me over five and a half words that have never ever been said on the shelf. So there you go. You mean the browns in the over the falcons over not the vikings over ten and the patriots. We'll do it again at least one more year over eleven I think the saints overnight and have and give me the giants its way through though I'll take the over of six. And as mr. ten dollar bets. Wait too early NFL over ponders.