Show Highlight: Top Four Capitals Playoff Moments (6-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, June 12th
Wes gives his Top Four favorite moments from the Capitals run to winning the Stanley Cup.

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My personal form it weren't favorite moments of the cab ride to the Stanley Cup Paulino before. Not gonna lie my number four. The caps in the fountain on Saturday in Georgetown. Ocean he movie. Hopefully I apprised that doc Kamal McIlroy that's when your spirit it is not just that specifically. Because I've I've actually never seen that but. It's just a reminder of how they shared this with fans more than ever now more than ever fans. And athletes are so separated. We think we're together on social media but it drives fans for their part. It's not the way they used to be you're not gonna see your favorite athlete at corner bar until Saturday. I'd just like it because there was a team who talks about the fans what the fans mean to us here every team's say this but the pass went out Saturday instead. Everybody let's party. And I loved it and it's already been a wild adventure of the cup already I can't wait to see with these guys do on their individual days. My third favorite moment of the cavs run of the Stanley Cup filly and game seven Tom Wilson ticked about Braden Coburn ripping coups he's Jersey opted throwing it to the ground. Disrespecting a player a team and see. Now was it was for Wilson go to the sinden nod that night now as much as he did but when he went ballistic. I tickle my son ever could the next morning because I loved it it's like dude don't don't okay. And then him freaking out hit me cobra coming out of the tele boxes respectively. And him go ought act Coburn and that right that write that why the helmet of Coburn said oh. Tom Wilson. He is the guy. That you would hate if you were not on your team but because he's on your team you absolutely. Love him number two. Us. It's gotta be the saved. The bulls top my grade and pulled me. We don't want Smith. I've ever put to enter together realize the song in the background was yelled a made me lose my mind up in here 'cause. Hope he did. And I remember the words I said the moment after an arrested the morning after. I can get my words were not do this justice if I had describe this view a street without you seeing it could even come close. How he the ball the puck bounces off the wall across the front of him he's got a Moussaoui doesn't have an own goal. It goes to his left there's a shot there but no there's a passed out stuff. And hopi. Just. He did it he may be saved. So big so many times in this series but it they lose that lead. If that goes overtime. At at stake was made with 159 left in game two in the third period that goes overtime and they go down too well I'm not saying they don't win the cup. But you don't wanna think you don't alien mind go there and didn't have to go there because hopi made this day. That's number two my favorite moment of this run to the Stanley Cup probably not the one that you think number one house. I still remember the Monday. After game five going into game six against Pittsburgh. Ticket Rhonda. Who the guy who jumped up to the first line on Saturday they moved about a day's Billie did about face Smith Kelly down and they brought up Rhonda. Any sets up. The tying goal scores the game five winner Washington over Pittsburgh. They win 63. But it was the atmosphere coming out in the third period. Way to caps took into the penguins the way and they did not play well at home up to that point. But don't wait a date to get to the pairing with Andy here Braden hoping say afterwards look we know the way the city things. They know we know the way you think about us here we go again if the penguins yadda yadda yadda. And we need to define a moment to prove it to our fans that this year is different. And John Walker who joined us earlier Joseph wants that that was the moment he said it's OK to believe. And I just remember seeing the fans see in the reaction thinking. They're throwing caution to the win and people are starting to believe in you that I started to believe. So it's not demo there was a big cup but I thought at the moment at the moment I look back and said. They can win the creek in Stanley Cup. And they did. They're my top four.