Show Highlight: Wes' Home Run Derby (7-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 10th
Wes lines up the Home Run Derby he would most like to see.

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Are mostly obvious Bryce Harper and Mike Strauss. I want to stars in my sport I want the best Lara what most popular player and I would spit that split them up into opposite brackets. Don't need to do Taylor and now. This put these two on opposite sides of each other and let the hype. And the whole of them being your final pairing to account obvious ones Bryce Harper Mike Trout. Gimme show it time. Give me the international man of mystery I know is banged up right now but this guy's got a knack for the moment. Good back to his opening weekend you have to Sunday night where he had the at 443. Foot shot limped around the bases. Little hyperbole from a arrives comparing him to Kirk Gibson in the heat eight World Series as little much. Put it Johnny. Who many of us have only heard about. But not watch because he's on the West Coast I give him a spot I was he would he could do. I I don't want to yankees in there so I would actually have a Yankee off I would have Stanton take don't want Erin judge. I I would love to have a Yankee and that I would have a Yankee home run derby before the home run derby winner goes in we're glad to pick between the two spots. Keep promote and judge he's got more home runs this year he's the all star. Give me area judge in the home run derby so that sure it's on the air and judge writes opera Mike Trout kind of the obvious ones right. Ford left. I think baseball's got to do a better job of promoting its stories to give me mad Max Muncie. Twenty home runs first base of the Dodgers quickest dodger ever hit twenty home runs guys are really good story if you haven't heard about this guy. Came up in the a's organization. Played two years got random call odds didn't quit got cut at the end of 2017. Was thinking about gone back to college at Baylor. And all of a sudden. The general manager of the Dodgers who used to be with the Oakland days I looked him up remembered and brought a man had a year for the Miley contract it's cold this year. His parents made biggest thought maybe could put two and a little bit maybe could actually tension now. They guy is smashing home runs he's got this seventeen in the past 34 games. He learned to swing the lefties even though he's a righty his dad too on the swing a lefty. Because of Duke Snider because a lefty is closer to first base already just by being on the outside to play. He's on the fan vote I think it's gonna come down him entry turner. But I loved next month even said he would do the home run derby if he doesn't make the all star game he's a good story baseball's got to do a better job promoting his stories. Give me Max Muncie in a home run derby. There's another guy won and another guy on the fan ballot Hayes whose agri mark. Prince Fielder and light that's what he looks like he looks a couple bills slimmer than Prince Fielder but this dude is a fool you. And he's not just stock he's got a swing. He had Oman Sunday he just the rash a ball out. These the F one powers show. He is the co leader home runs by the way the nationally with Nolan era and Otto which I've now. Got six spots given away. My seven in my eight probably should go to JB JD Martinez and Noah are not because they're the two leaders right now home runs in the NL and Yale. But here's the guys that I want. Gimme Ozzie out bees he's got eighteen. I love his flair. He played up the play up when Nat fans start booing him next Monday night he's got the energy he's got this phone. He'd be one of those guys that you would love to put on showcase in baseball just to somebody say I want this guy is fun. He's entertaining and yes he's got a swing to drop the ball out Jimmy Ozzie I'll be Ozzie Al b.s in my seventh spot and finally. This occur ball Korea. We want power right in homer and a ruined power we will its strength grew at a big dude with muscles. I want a little man. Give me the little man gimme my eighth spot Jose out two day I want the reigning AL MVP yes I know we only has nine home runs and guess what. He's getting served up soft balls he's getting cheese. I want the mighty mouse a baseball Jose out to be in there. In my eighth spot so here's my dream home run derby next Monday night Bryce Harper Mike Trout showing your time. You mean Max months of the Dodgers I would take airing judge. Paes who's act a law of the brewers and then food sales to me and Ozzy out these I'll put these up on Twitter if you have bay. Was that eight if you want eight guys in the home run derby gimme your eight and all freedom I'll go through them on air at west fox sports 910.