Unleashing Fury - Hockey is Coming Back!

Unleashing Fury
Sunday, July 26th
Hockey is back! Teams have headed for Toronto and Edmonton for the resumption of play, and Jordan has you covered. He gets you caught up on the road to this point, you'll hear the latest from Washington's round robin opponents, and you'll get a prediction of who the Caps will play in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


1:24 - How we got here

5:49 - Seth Kushner, Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network

20:28 - Jason Myrtetus, Philadelphia Flyers Radio Network

34:48 - Conor Ryan, Boston Sports Journal

47:12 - Thoughts on the situation as teams head to hub cities

49:37 - Braden Holtby and the backup goalie situation

52:32 - What to expect from Round Robin/Opponent prediction