VCU AD Show: An Hour With Ed (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Wes and special guest host VCU Deputy Director of Athletics Jon Palumbo are joined by VCU Head Women's Basketball Coach Beth O'Boyle and VCU Head Men's Soccer Coach Dave Giffard from Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester Commons.

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And we welcome you in on this Wednesday. Night July 11 Wes Mack Rory here at buffalo loudly in Westchester commons for an evening of basketball soccer and I guess we can't verbally say it's a throwback Thursday it's more very. Wade back Wednesday it will explain what we mean by that coming up look in the UN we are here for the next hour on the hour with Ed. Any special Michael Rhodes coach's show at 6 o'clock. And I'll tell you it's special because conference is not here but his fill in hosts are pretty special we'll explain that coming up but as I say we welcome you end. Once again we'd like to welcome it don't know wait a minute he's on vacation for the second month in a row. No not with us here today is director of athletics at McLaughlin but. The deputy director of athletics that's welcoming John Colombo this evening filled in as the host ideal partner I'm doing well. Thanks Lester yeah its gay and straight month and I play it heads were you actually think if you mitigation expert shows what's. It here we are here for an hour we have a guess lap we'll tell you about first of all out of new enlistment down carpet premiere buffalo volleys and set up is amazing. To watch the end of the soccer match between England Croatia. It's a place to be you have not experienced this Buffalo Wild Wings I think it's about two or three years oh excellent set up and what excellent. Actually had degrees by caught some of the stats before at least come over and I had heard that crews who scored the go ahead. Yeah great math that a great term overall. Yeah I think a lot of people pulled for England than it was that's absolutely sure. A good soccer set up a little soccer and later on in the show we got some basketball to talk about that tonight. The theme of the show and I think we're a good shot him two hours he's going to be missed out if it's going to be memories and that you is that your baseball got a baseball bat of a sports fans. We do like to revenues of sports fans would like to talk about things and this weekend you know it was talk about the way that used to be and these guys to play. They're very special weekend. It Richman. These you to see senator it is the basketball toward 72 basketball teams across the country and it DCU is hosting the south region. And we got beat lineup of these players coming back. Eric Bader. We have boats that Enron is now terrorize now knows Johnson the birds as Brothers are Brothers and look through this list of guys all coming back in many of them are going to be here at 6 o'clock tonight. And this just. There's name after name here is the SBA walker just to Leo it's not going to name after name its memory after memory. Lot of memories a lot of gas from the final four team. Do you see these guys can still play and it's been it's been great so this guy's been working out over the basketball development senator and the current players have had a chance to do see. What it takes to be as successful growth seen over these guys are putting in these guys that are therein in. And post season but right now again Rafer determine where they have a chance to win a lot of money so they're going after all they're gonna have. Especially Fossum he's got social media they're not taken a slightly this is not just to get the guys get back together this weekend there and it. It's the third year that he's used bin at the rim nation team. And Matt Shelton Knight who runs the piece you ran its website that GM and he was only the back story of this will get a bit from Bradford Burgess Lee joins me tell me. Basically started with a phone call. But it played its first year and he picked up the phone call to Rodriguez Bradford Burgess said. We gotta get in this thing we've got to get the guys together and now on the third year reduces governor VCU. Of those guys could imagine what it is materialized in. Now I'm not sure they could have it's it's turned into little blue monster here the team that they have put together is is an impressive group of guys. And just the fact that it's going to be coming to the Segal center which I think. As soon as BC had a team in the tournament the folks that the organizers were probably targeting the single senator has. You know words out on we'll come firemen it is and how BC supports their team and we have so many fans that traveled them at Charlotte in the Philly last year was who was. So hearts. Alumni team more or less planned and a summer basketball term in July and that's certainly get the attention. Of the organizers and so they they they made a strong effort and they had to gets things done to get into the singles. They really want to do it. Now we have. It's going to be Saturday night it's piece you ran nation the rant nation's first team will be at 8 o'clock Johnson there it's at the sequels that are. And it's really amazing and Bradford are talk about the name wrap news partisans knockout rat hey Jordan Burgess that's. Another point this fancy love it birds brothers' plane together over time. But he said I I never thought my senior night I'd never thought I would sit at the sequels that are. And play another game and that. That's not where where this is an experience for fans it's it's it's almost surreal. And I love the whole concept of the the basketball they put this together because we love the sports fans out that we would not look back loved looking ahead. It was a living presence will we don't talk about the stories remember when at some of these guys have worked on their game some these guys have been playing overseas. These guys have upped their game and that's not Natalie you get to see them which you can see them older wiser and better at this do. And for some of them Eric Maynor Bradford is the plate underneath the jerseys of where they had. Rats pretty loud president. The neat thing yeah some of these guys. You know you've made if you haven't seen them play since that are now is they're completely different players it's like incident on the crafted. These guys. And make a living playing basketball sizzled a historian. Like the style of the concept of the term it because it is it's a lot of schools have. You know that are the sort of alumni teams in the Syracuse team is Marquette team biography tour senate you know the media has teams playing. The single senator. This weekend and I say the schools are not affiliated with the school's obviously but it's their alumni. And that's that's the cool thing in the fact that it's winner take all and loser go home and get nothing is of critical element as well into two million dollars. I don't care what industry you're in two million dollars in nice prize that's with a grand prize is at the south region we played the Segal center and you said BC news. It's not affiliation with a school. There's certainly is that affiliation with the fans that the BC fans. You alluded to have a lot to do with why this game that sequels that are because they travel not once but twice they end. It Revver VCU fans they they'd make it known where they go whether the Brooklyn New York wherever it may be in the NCAA tournament but they made an impact it made impression. Can you elaborate capitals the back story of how it's officially ended up enriching kind of action Segal center. Share. So we have a great facilities and events operations staff that is responsible for managing our buildings let let's him olympians they dowdy. And they handles a lot of the event rentals and so we have. Our building Siegel centers is operational army in there there's something going on there probably three or sixty days a year. And so it it takes. Careful planning and scheduling this. To make these events work and so the organizers have reached out to Nate gas in this is as far back as. Probably last winter believe them looking out tourniquet they. The united we have to at least you cover cost of the wrestled their their costs involved and so. There are some back and forth with the organizers and this is a money maker for them they have that first of all they have to. They have to make the money to pay the team that wins Jordan and then obviously they're running they're running that says as a business and who can make. With most mines they can't so they knew that coming to singles that are would be an opportunity get a lot of fans and and so tickets. They had seemed like you mentioned. How well our fans travel on the road to watch you know what was basically a new event the last couple years then. You know our team had advance a little further last year so they had a chance to see over the course of the few games were VCU ram Mason is all about in terms of going all the road and then take that put in our city. I think they. Concluded pretty quickly news is going to be good for good business decision for them to try to get enrichment at sequels that are at the Oviedo hosts. Region it starts with a repeatedly the couple games two or three games of Benedict you know Friday night. And it takes was shipped over the Segal center on Saturday and Sunday in a playoff rounds there as the hosts south region. I've thought I can't imagine with the apartments in the Buick Saturday night 8 o'clock. There's a couple rule changes both milieu and on but here's the question we wanted to route to the audience tonight in not just this operative the second out we're going to be joined by Jordan and Bradford Burgess. Believed Melvin Johnson will be here Darius dias would be your credit rods now Eric Vator is just for a Desantis these are going to be here. But it see them on the basketball floor on Saturday night. And as I said it's going to be that touched surreal so what was it like to hear from you tonight. On Twitter at let's spots what's not 10 or you're near buffalo loudly that we like that the net him radar and can bring it on up we'd like your. You most are excited to see again. This Saturday night in the tournament and the roster in Jordan Burgess Bradford Burgess Melvin Johnson Eric Mayer. Dovonte Redick has now we've got to by maple ridge of mountains and exercise on this team mr. and as they have got a little bit bigger to bought his back with the theme restaurants now. Jamal Shuler speaking at a guy back with the team because. Got a technical out get a real job raised his hand there is fears played in the first year was we Shaka Smart minister Texas had to be assigned there but now he's active player direct. Director of player development and he's got a little freaked out micro is cute little free time to Darius he has to be part of this team building here at 6 o'clock. DJ walker former. BC ran just to live with that UT Chattanooga and then there's extra spots on the gas all the schools Reggie Williams I believe this is his third year with the tournament team. James Parr from Xavier will be on the team we got a guy riot Richards. Was a former second round pick of San Antonio former forward center there's decides to off. I had an event at some significant signs here which was a little weak weak spot plus the weird and Zeke Marshall played an actor who actually gets these security it's doubly sort. Yes that's very you know some guys we've seen in other uniforms that you know Matt's own. He's Smart guy he takes notes on guys that we played he might wanna recruit later so. And good job of that and here's the question. Start but now. You got me that's that's that's going to be a tough call for. Where the coach X. Just that Levine who's on might snap that proves that he's been. He's been tabbed as the head coach this year with with coach Rodriguez and down to Florida so he's got a tough task that was in there do you think Justin this. Gives micro it's hypotheticals if you're the coach. Would you start coach I'm this August Arnott idea is to yes and at what would you I would imagine those type conversations have been ongoing this week I've itself gate. As much as these guys like being back together game you know these guys all like to get. Quality about plates and this is a group of guys. Who got ample playing time knickers VCU and that's what evidence so much so throughout the question you at west fox sports 910. This weekend this Saturday night the basketball tournament featuring the rim nations fly. Who are you most excited to see. Again on this team let us know at last fox sports not 10 or let us know here at Westchester commons off a lot of ways. We will be acts till 7 o'clock. If these guys doing it's at 6 o'clock most of it joining us on. Around Colombo that we have had women's basketball coach that though boil to a audience in the first half hour here than not coach Steve differed from them at soccer program. I imagine it's gonna have some thoughts here on the match insulted that matches the NC this content saloon pal how into the World Cup has been. Plus a lot of mostly on the weekends. You know. The games being during the Linux it's just a little bit them in the office but between meetings with. The weekend gave them the pretty reluctance some power frequencies are you surprised by how much we're a year into it without the United States yes I am I did not think don't view that incidentally you know that's a spectacle and I think you know put UConn up for news. Those it was going to be to see the host country. You know make that run to see. See the host nation rally around of the neat things but it's been fun and there's been a lot of parity which has been. To me that men and all the mortgage in the top teams getting knocked out early I I was gonna had a little bit of March Madness like feel you know some of the younger guys some of the smaller countries some of the bigger names thrown out. And I. I don't know this the popular soccer any less coached gift about this. But the penalty kick it just being Greek drama. It has out of the gases soccer guy he's gonna say you know most soccer yours are not a fan of games they decide about the note politics but he can't help. But it gets elected the problem is it's. It does dramatic if it gets it to determine. Contents of that magnitude that your I've been lucky got to have breakfast what time with coach Giffords during World Cup matches if. Fascinating soccer gets to do and it's coming up at 45 after the hour 545 tonight. We come back to what you QVC was basketball coach that though boil. Jobless not bode deputy director of athletics if at Laughlin tonight on an hour with Ed but the microscope to show with the tournament team coming up at 6 o'clock west backward from Buffalo Wild Wings Westchester commons this is Graham radio on fox sports night ten. Novelist wins the night from Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester commons west McIlroy it's an hour with Ed EC director of athletics Ed Coughlin out tonight. It needs John Colombo deputy director of athletics. Don't know soccer and we will get back to the tournament seems to VCU basketball alarms many of the along its game together for the rim nation team. It will be in the tournament Segal center on Saturday night many of those players. Eric Bader Bradford Burgess Jordan Burgess variously as Brett arrives they'll all be here tonight. At 6 o'clock to there's still plenty of time to get the buffalo always Westchester comments to see some here. Favorite former BC you ransom will be wearing eat the acting gold again on Saturday night ticket basketball. John let's bring in our first guest that night. All right we'll joining us. Hours that women's basketball coach Beth though boiled coach how aria. And coach July as a recruiting season for that basketball and I know you're on the road right now so where are you today. I had actually him in chick I don't and a little bit of a break in between game and then that buying out the Louisville at a few hours as well. I thought she's from duke baseball guys have you and him being coached to the Billy goat tavern in Chicago. You I have not I am more you know badly plaque ignorant black. Yeah she's the Sox fans got to put the billion on your list next time your stack up at. I low. Follow the many travels of those who will also coached. So our our young players from last year are getting some great international experience this summer felt a little bit about that. Yet and I know a great summer so far in our players they're back. Beatty. And get ready for work out there and then you're out read our and not acting now to be sophomore is made the New Zealand national it. He's over in Thailand buying. And then all of and just made the under eighteen national unseen for Russia and that he is headed. It Italy. And it landed on the scene there and then all the France down. It's been crazy. You know summer though and then laugh at there incoming freshman. Bracket then yes is he's on two of the national themes of the owners keep them after eighteen and under funny eaten. And he'd. Equine or not there later this summer's pullout now again a lot of international experience sorry and yet. I think it'll be great. Arm. That's great we just met him one of them but tell us yet you have three new faces come and ended the inning incoming recruiting class. Another strong class laureates also about the incoming. Student athletes this year. Al are really excited again. Now voted though on the top three putt on the eighth and it appeared in a row are pumped about that and infineon plans and about it national scene like at that and then. I'm confident haven't come back than either really bubble. Athletic. Very both land and you know and she's been banging and with our players are ready in fact it. But his big break and then we've got Yankee captain and an impairment at that they can keep it you're you're Khaled. Cancer and she'll be really athletic director at. Hey coach questioned about some good players playing internationally and I know coaches in the basketball players wanna play basketball. How much do you incurred that plane wherever you can't river may be let it be stateside internationally. And how do you find it especially with the international game how do you find it helps your players grow and mature. You know one thing that I think is usually get about the competition you know and it off on them to the other represent the country. And the after the Olympic enough that your you know he's not back yet to be on the Atlantic scheme they've been with Olga and you know I think it's been great experience and then there is it different at that the buck island. And it really battling them you know what he died of a national. Level players. We did not part of it now acting on a thing item they mean men and I think when you plant in those Eva tournament. You know there there really are are fired. Outstanding C have a freshman post player junior college guard and then. This city it's awful to be a little bit about her game you're here recruits coming in for travellers. Yes she's. It. One of the longest client. Ever enough at signed an angle coach we gather up our purpose of the president and our arm her wing and with you long for the photo Q. You really keep that one. You will really feel peachy victory can play in the back in the back it. You know really really high level player that. And we were lucky to get an alien up with there and you know I think than flat American help but not the in the national treating it. No it then think great we're excited to get back infineon here and that what the what and the off. Yeah that's wanna keep an eye out for grant fans she was approximately from some some idle power five programs and well the current some to land her so. Apparently also have some news staff on board this summer coach told us not some of the new faces in the program on on the staff that. We have really excited that hey today is it a men. He hit it bend. Is that not on men those elements that have really. On in fact it's that I got in the work wetland but islands and then you run any you get them on energy. Aren't even out. Run in with our players and and that their mile run then eat it they're really great at the node so. We're lucky enough to bring home Leah Johnson really count the play a quick and that the com dale I thawing. A career you keep their new video coordinator. And then and and the net them more and move into development then and lack of Atlanta and also. We got him to bring in the end that the New England. Another really found that those Claire from Penn State and this is the limit summoned from a boxing. And definitely new thinking. Mom event this year and really putted about all them. Great. Well we're we're excited about them as well and now want to have one more quick question coach and that little known fact that you played a little soccer back in your day being buried in a fog World Cup. I sure if you saw from the GM that's a great just knocked off England next time but. Croatia France finally got. You know I am I am I've played and bookkeeping Khaled end and then and let die hard. Back if fans felt. That the blame for England and their fans are really we'll plant I'd like he Croatia. You know at the gate or on now that the winning and a an amount not that he's my money on. She doesn't often looks basketball soccer break down and world traveling accidents go to my with appreciate it's not it's always safe travels. Thank him. It's been that's that'll blow BC women's basketball coach joining us from Chicago she's out on the road recruiting as many coaches on this time of year. It doesn't baseball connection right Eva and her Red Sox fan is still a joke book Billick it's absolutely. That's an attack could not there's that should elicit if you are baseball fan in this city at dot dot dot absolutely I don't know tech's coaching jobs is even a Red Sox fan loved Billy goat tavern. Mexico that the blow for joining us west back really John Colombo that the director of athletics for these you Ng tonight on an outrage and BC director of athletics and welcome. Outs we come back we'll continue the conversation re open it up really opened up the hour by asking you with the basketball tournament coming Segal center Saturday night. Who is the former BC you ran on most excited to see again. We'll take your tweets at west fox sports not 10 you're here buffalo loudly as though is that you take your answer on a napkin you can walk it up the table. And we'll read those coming up next as well as something. And a lot of college basketball fans out DCU. But a lot of college basketball fans have waited to see here for a long time will tell you what that is you're job Lebow's reaction to next. Jump Colombo Westpac rule it out with Ed. But here on ram radio on fox sports nightstand. For in the golf and job my boat deputy director of athletics has raised here. At the beautiful buffalo on links with just the comments TVs are around John I've been into baseball bats are watching the giants up the cubbies 43. Upset that you for the Major League Baseball all star game coming up the road. I'm really excited it's. It's great for DC Emma in the DC area native so excited about I was fortunate to get the home run derby went to Baltimore and I asked if it was ninety on thirteen years old. You know growth to grant will stand again yeah sorry about that and now it's thoughts on butler's now. It is I'm excited you know it's it's gonna be really really great for BC and the whole region. Not coming off the hive that the caps are on have they also our game right on the heels of the another great thing for the reason. So you let the home run derby at your bid to be actual start you have not you reply had been a derby to announced explain this and today news. Yeah anniversary of the 961. At Veterans Stadium that was when sponsor be required in the final requires that the Yates. And you saw it live is it not what the roads where most impressive displays powered. That was really is I just remember Ken Griffey junior's just bouncing balls off the warehouse right which you don't see people do in games. And now Juan Gonzales has them off the third deck into new markets and yes it was. Really impressive and if you think about in your mind wander. With the back with the Major League Baseball all star game on the road next Tuesday I believe it's 365. Days today. That the Eastern League all star game will be down Don. Absolutely and that's going to be a lot of fun and and you know how. How far in the guys do it just you know for for regular season games and burn off their game are you planning and everybody's really excited about that have been done and that's going to be a lot of phone I'm just wonder if this doughnut shop global latest count baseball itself. Is there a chance we get you if there's a RPA have run there a chance we get to participate in the back. Our love to participate actually guarantee my results announced more of line drive you know adapt to get GAAP to GAAP GAAP Hezbollah. Yeah exactly but the thing with defense is a little bit news. I levees the old college aluminum. A way to provide an excuse to have the hash tag vote trading at traders the fan vote. What they're doing hash tags Colombo and actually get you in the local home run derby he's job Colombo deputy director of athletics BC US McIlroy here. At buffalo loudly Westchester commons. Things are what are run by you get your thoughts Adams over commissioner of the NBA open up and talk about this today. Basically saying the one and done he's an officially done it can't change its when he when he wanted to the news CPA. But it seems that both sides are agreement. Along with college basketball which by the way it is an Indian rule. But it seems like all parties now what this one and done. To be over with I know it's that really applied these view that someone who works the college athletics what's your reaction. Out on a ball. For doing away with the rule him like he said it's in the NBA's rule and that's not something that I think anybody who works. That the NCAA level of the weather being coached or an administrator has been huge fan. It has created. You know some some issues. At the answer to level which. You know most folks. That are paying attention or where we have an FBI investigation right now and you know some of the underbelly of of college basketball and it's well documented at this point. And I think some of those issues can be. Mitigated to some external that you etiquette you know eliminate all of those issues but if players coming out of a high school have the right to jump right to to the NBA if there are so client then. Gifted and talented enough to do that I think it should be able to and I think one of the the consequences of that is guys that. Really want them be intelligent play college basketball will also come Gaza play count that's on. The ones who aren't as interested in being student athletes. If you'll be. Forced to do that would put. I think it has a lot of impact on outside interest that he says is that FBI investigation. I think one and done rule it's I was a sixth night they don't want it done because you're not going to a year Klaas you are basically trying to keep yourself eligible for once the mass there. And then when your second semester done when it's doubly tournament run. That's not to get ready for the India I think it helps there. With the impact to college we are or are we not talking about a handful of guys. Yet to handful of guys. And I think there. Want one of the things that the NC the NBA we'll have to do a really good job of that I think. The NCAA has made some rules changes that have allowed. Student athletes get players that think they have a chance to the next level to really test the waters and decide and get a lot of feedback from. For an NBA scouts troops from other folks that that you know hey you're not a first round pick in the N welcome back to school. I think the NBA I have sort of a high school level the high school level and even I think the NBA will have to to. Go out of their way a little bit to educate these these guys that are thinking they're good enough to come out when the reality is I think a lot of Americans. Don't know of the basketball players don't realize they're competing not only against the guys in the next data in the three they're competing against guys around the world when you watch the draft. You see the first thicker around the mean very athletic as you've never heard of that are coming from from Europe and from Africa and South America even now. That some of these college guys now and then eventually some of these high school guys are thinking about coming out that only realize that the. Meaning that. It would have to get the approval of the NN BA players association right now acts over making it clear yesterday in Vegas summer league's going on that the one and done rule. It's pretty much unofficially done this will not happen until after the birth at earliest after forty point one draft. He's job Colombo Wess back here on out repaid DC director of athletics and laugh out tonight and through the question now earlier we'd be. And it coming this Eagles senate this weekend in May the players would be here it's 6 o'clock hour. Guess what he see you player you most excited to see again Dave writes in to Vontae erratic when I see him live up to his name. You buckets. He give buckets down when he's locked in he's he's as good as anybody in buckets. Tim writes him Melvin Johnson my mom passed away 2017. And she loved Melvin and his three quarters. Some some legendary. Shooting performances by a meltdown that up personally never forget the display he put on down landing influenced the and see you're single handedly kept listening game news. At one point at nine applicants is this real right now and he he he was making from the parking lot. Built in Johnson with the current decent record of votes reporters made. And almost 840% of his threes we'll play Italy is this season and help me out here I'm never meant to black. What was that what was the Melvin who we would go to the basket. It was the it's on the tip my daughter and an average it's it's the melded with all the bells and and it's it's a floater at the baseline floater. It was the Melvin exclamation point of the reasons with the team high. Not a matter of like there got a note from Melvin and get a loan for Javon to erratic but it's so hard to choose someone jobs it. Sent over your plan B you most excited to see this weekend Saturday night. At the basketball tournament. At the Segal center DA locker Darius he has Jamal Shuler Brian Ras Al Dovonte erratic. Eric Maynor Melvin Johnson and the birds Brothers among others and many it is gas will be here at 6 o'clock we're buffalo borrowings Westchester County we come back. We'll talk a little soccer. He's meant soccer coach here. Although Ali it's brand radio fox what's not yet. Says to comet west Mac Roy and John Colombo deputy director of athletics eight for Ed McLaughlin tonight on an hour with any. As we toxin basketball. Baseball. And let's continue our soccer accountancy giant. Well right now we're joined by. These human soccer head coach Steve Gifford. Tooth Gifford how are you. Why are you guys. Through it while doing well it's just the end of that game by any chance. I've thought our special World Cup. We were just talking about that a little earlier lessons asking me and us that I have to watch a lot more than I thought I would with the US you know it's an updated at this year but it's been a lot of fun I think. Lot of parity and a lot of upsets has made through great tournament. No doubt no doubt a lot of exciting games sure. I will will get back a year out World Cup pick here and at the end though wanna get into little beastie soccer talk. Sino U staff and then hit the recruiting trail hard here this spring and summer. And I'm not sure that folks around you even around the program here. Understand. To so many miles you guys union staff Lockett recruiting to tell some of the places you guys have been the last several months. Trying to find the next great easier rim meant soccer players. Not all we we we have been on the road quite a bit you know I was I just got back from Japan may be last week. And then within Portugal. Spain England. You know a few months earlier suggested the last couple months. You know at the passports stamped a few times and just. Out there trying to find players who could that it open impact on you know on and off the field and and you know. I think we've gone too little until click. Absolutely I don't know many people whose past work would put up against yours in terms of numbers stamps that's for sure. So it it. Coach you're you're coming off of a very successful 2017 campaign results it and it's determine that large berth and you had some impact seniors that that left dozens of dogs. To their professional careers be also have some very talented returning players. Who are some guys we should vote to to break out this season. Tarmac at. I think it's it's gonna be a younger group but certainly an exciting one you know we lost seven seniors all of whom at some point their career. You know we're starters for us. You know the group in the front after the team that the big loss swear it. You know rob bell and Roddick Don knows Luke could tone and friends kept going amorous phenol all. Paul's scoring you don't ten plus goals and so you know we lost a lot of goal but I think the biggest thing we lost that group was just. You know guys that they've played 6070 college game. You don't go to the players that were here with those already in addition to the guys that are coming in I think very talented. And you know kind of where we are right now that I think arched ceiling for the group is higher than what it was a year ago. But unfortunately I think the basement is also a little bit lower as well with that was some guys just aren't quite as experience. You donate an important name Joseph individuals that we feel like are exciting to watch or. You know I think I eat hot seat who locked up brought in with the USU twenty national being dumber. You know I think. If he had a good ball which we expect I think you'll be you know one of the first two picks in the MLS draft that and we'll leave early potentially. Think Mario square. And the goal. Had a really good freshman campaign and I think it's excellent summer. He's in right now this week with the grocery he knew what they want. And expand the majority of the summer in Portland. Wikipedia helped set up but then the first team enjoyed him so much that. He was then basically every day all summer. The first day. So I think those two guys you're right off the bat our our poise that. Really good years I think Pete Peterson who played quite a bit force in the ball. But now panic at new and it was Jacqui here what dot. You know it's going to be really impacts bullet to leader you know on the field and I think he's gonna have an excellent ball and you know we get a rundown other guys like Paul Ricky partnered with the freshman all American. That's their arms school who took him not in the ball to freshman but I think we'll look Debian and do very well on the better about next polar. You know and then re notion that doc you need love not to be acting you're gonna have really good years. As pullback. And then you know port deal moon I think he's going to. You know it's gonna have a breakout year and attacking the. Great lot of and yes not very appreciate the you know run down there are so we have to salute the time left and we have some great. Do amenities planned this year effort for soccer to guys have a great home schedule. A couple of games you're looking forward to on their home schedule. Cameo on the home schedule I think you know overall the nonconference schedule we've got Indiana and and factory who were two of the final four we get Akron at home in our our yearly series with them and so you know that's gonna be a lot of fun. You know the delegate Santa Clara at all. Merriment at home both of whom who won national championships. You know Old Dominion who's always been good rivalry in all of edit there's really a lot of strong home games on the docket. And should be a lot of fun both with the competition but I think our group will be exciting as well. You know well at some of the exciting promotions that things the department as planned for the ball. Fantastic wolf real quickly before we let you go. Need a winner Croatia or France who's your pick. How bad France for about a month humanistic we're friends but. You know I hope you feel bad for Croatia it would not gonna have a lot. But they've been fine the way it rebuilt but I paper Q1. All right. You have a life coach enjoyed on Sunday thanks it's not it's always makes it's safe travels out there. Absolutely John have a great night ended accurate patient. They don't coach gave gave for joining us he's human soccer coach. It's about it Ed job Colombo deputy director of athletics in red McLaughlin tonight and come back from Westchester commons buffalo volleys wrap this thing up and be ready. And micros go to surely special Mike roots coaches show at 6 o'clock we'll tell you lied next this rant radio fox sports night to end. What more segment on an hour with any decent director of athletics when it's backed ruling. And golf and outs I hate job Colombo deputy director of athletics. Here that's for what this we turn over to the Mike Rose radio shots left. It would get nervous you know I think I'm not sure I'm gonna do at a quick as ours we have a radio I would echo those things that happen. I appreciate it up and all tonight paction thank you to complete Gifford men's soccer coach that the globes best approach would be CU. And coming up we have a list of special guest joining as we said before the break. Mike roads radio show is Mike retrieve show but they'll like roads tonight it's because we are providing. I can't see the entire roster but he and crew of eat more in the team. Rim nation of the basketball tournament this week and it Segal center in two. Gotta go why did you what you're an hour to about the beginning of this it's just. Amazing that this weekend this Saturday night once again in the competitive format gets elected Eric Maynor Bradford Burgess BA walker. Jordan Burgess Melvin Johnson its crew of rams back together again what makes this so special. This weekend. For me it's it's to some of the guys who played. Since even since I've been here and have gone to the professional careers and to see in them come back is as men you know like but Belden and Darius and to not. Jordan. Guys that you know the commanders as young men and and they develop over the warriors here now there. They're even further in a different phase of their lives and just to see them come back and really just how much they appreciate the time that they had here to hear the stories. People would help them here and help them get to where they are. Until man they're all just very appreciative. There experience of BC but also the BC fans and to see what that means for them to play in front of these fans get for them. Is this really neat thing to see just how much it means to them some insights that guide it sought the votes grew up in their top BCU. I would probably say it was Melvin Johnson. You guys to see. And it. They're Biddle there's been a lot of talk about it he went when he was graduating thing here is senior years just. How much he would mature and grown as as a man and there were stories sold by the the coaching staff. As a freshman you know they never knew what to expect from him at walking to class you know he's. It was kind of a class clown at civic lesson they did yeah yeah at the can't remember there was little way to her own it because I think it was well that would actually sit in class though in the makes it needed this detective in them that take off. But let's not leave the scene you're grown into a leader I'm sure. Sure you know guy. Somebody that we. Really count on the lot this year for his leadership of the mentor the younger guys seem to show them how stone. So I had to know that your. Avi Saturday night at the Segal center in the tournament the best we'll talk will start at Benedict you know Friday. The piece you ran nation team you're playing 8 o'clock on Saturday antsy single elimination. Winner take all three billion dollar prize the south region we played in Richmond. Thanks Martin beats you with a decent fans. Job outlook those pledged my friend my clothes threw us thanks much jeopardy tonight its job Colombo the deputy director of athletics at TCU game for an hour with Ed. Maybe we'll get it back in the month of August. I have a feeling you might all right John thanks so much from Westchester commons Buffalo Wild Wings west back we'll come back. Mike wrote radio show is up top of the hour fox sports night ten.