VCU Coaches Show: Mike Rhoades Show (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Wes hosts a special "The Basketball Tournament" edition of the Mike Rhoades coaches show and is joined by VCU basketball alum Eric Maynor, Darius Theus, Brandon Rozzell, Bradford Burgess, B.A. Walker and Mo Allie-Cox.

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On this Wednesday night from Buffalo Wild Wings Westchester confidence. It is a special edition of the bike roads radio show out a way of extra result job with coach it's not special because it's not here. Micros is not here was that's tonight but for the next hour we're gonna. Throw in the way back machine its way back Wednesday leading to a throwback Thursday because Saturday night's gonna feel a little bit just now. As we get rich at the Siegel center will be d.s other. This south regional host of the basketball tournament 72. Basketball team made up before. College basketball players all across the country the south region. Started that they need on Friday night and then be at the Segal center on Saturday and Sunday. And that the ECU alumni team that ran based team will be playing Saturday night. At this Saturday coming up this hour. Many members of that's Lott former ramp rates Bradford Burgess Eric Maynor. Read it rise out Darrius needs Jordan Byrd just Melvin Johnson BJ walker will all be here in attendance to join myself. And the voice that these grants Robbie Robinson stop by how are you. But it is good to see you how great is to see everybody it's as and I love the July shares are great. Because we get a big crowd every guy's just showed seek for some kind of VCU basketball to realize the huge crowds in July that's why we did it. And insert off of what's in red nation does not disappoint they always have a lot of people here they're here today and it's also tonight that's basically we appreciate you saying hello rot in that we guys that are here to see Radford Virginia hi Eric Mayer. BA locker. Is this event going into its fifth year piece of ram nation team going into it's they're here. As a basketball fan of ideas that's been the best it's a phenomenal idea and I think it. If you're wondering why it took so long to figure it out like I mean it's not like this was. Is this of those five years ago we've known how cool it is to see guys come back and play and I think. The great big guys is how much these views of race and how much. You know the program in the guise of it's the guys it's guys like rod zealots guys like Eric that you're curious the is saying look we want to make a statement. It in this tournament and we wanna get the best of the best back here we wanna bring guys back like two months in Bradford Jordan. It Melvin and we want to make a run at it not every team does it if you look at that not every program. Takes their group for guys that the team in the air and you vote admitted that they couldn't turn it that DC has done that I think it's really energize the summer. It's made it Mike and I don't think I've missed the game on TV you watch every one of them. And I'm sure it's going to be just the same and they'll have a good crowd on Saturday night it's Eagles. And that's also why stories that these fans have represented there on that ran nation team so on. Best season so well. That's a big influence on why. These games are being played in Richmond this weekend by of those guys are done with the CBT like they know what they're doing and they wanted desperately to get paternity here in Richmond they want to have it somewhere and obviously the best basketball read in the city returns the Eagles Anderson when that happened there. And we hate the hate seeing these you fans over the last 23 years travel to places like Charlotte Baltimore. Four of those places in big numbers they think and we get 70800 people traveling from return to Charlotte. To watch the rams there think about the kind of crowd really yet in Richmond you know that. Ground zero for BCU basketball. Your guys traveled road because all these games. Whereas the votes. Far and my the only place you rights of these things. Allow. The blues forward mind blowing about not wanting everywhere we've I've got to get in this form I'm likely that any game. I mean it's obviously this is the islands are. It's always cool to win it but you know we have with them anywhere. The 25 hours away by plane Alley yet grandkids walking around there to think like the most it like this a surprise the Illinois State. Which is then what that that's not fury that's Illinois State it's weird some small attached to a question I may not know the state department's. And so we're Illinois State and we have like five or six grandkids about the Illinois data error page note before we played them. I guess that was like four years ago. And so that that was about the most peculiar I can't believe we got granted your nose in the back in pop in his guys drove to back game focus for a long time. There's a group Maria is Rick is one of them that would miss the game no matter where they play eight. No Rick can hook it. Paul that this doesn't matter where we play. They were gonna be there so that you pretty much look at the media guide and see where we played it's been the most peculiar and that's reverent in the votes. You random rant it's obvious your fans your reputation precedes you because that's a big factor might just play the south region. We played in which in this weekend rob Roberts at west back with some of those guys would be here tonight. The remainder of this out and use them as they won't come down often loudly Westchester comments here to 7 o'clock tonight. Please join us you know the hour. What makes this week it not just yelled and out the basketball. But the collection of guys coming back. And this team that's made up this year fixed it well I think it's it's the first votes this the the different guys that you look at it. You could argue that. The all time greatest BC player. Eric Maynor is on the team like what the greatest ended. You have Bradford whose jerseys in the rafters as well and that you also have Melvin Johnson in the middle of a phenomenal. Season oversee or no phenomenal career overseas rated ros cells in the phenomenal career overseas to the yes that would like Jordan Burgess in Jordan. And he likely just like color analysis wrote a great article about how we all think Jordan Burgess. The most under rated BC basketball player in the history. Of these you that's always the last 25 years in there all the same team and the thing about it is even better Wes it's not like. We have the alumni games after the black people scrimmage right anyway we bring guys back in its older guys are younger guys there's an ego. They're going after for two million dollars so I mean it is your most other social media count that's not. This is a 100% its vote goes like they're not messing around this is like him back its government or what's. Just do you tell us on the line I mean excellent analysts are there's a significant amount of pride there's no doubt about that. But there's. Student that if I could actually stretch seven figures on the last which you not have needed it which you've got cute and I think that's also it makes it unique to but I think. This isn't a group of you know guys like an adult of the DOD at UT is that is not a group of guys were kind of your your average players who did movies do you like your average players really did. These are lead decent basketball players which makes it fun to watch in the competitive situation in delicacy to us how often in your life man. According to see like Eric play against. Or play with no. How cool would that be easier for it now on how how neat would it be of like you we never got C Bradford velvet player we never see the areas play. You know back up air Nader has no talent they graduate they make a lot when now we could see. That's driving it great play about two more minutes and Ira accounts and attacked us back I said. If you're a giants fan you're energized and imagine Michael Strahan plant with Lawrence Taylor right if you're at dodger fans here have magically Kershaw plant would Don Drysdale Sandy Koufax ambiance in the rotation. That's neat part is get this collection of guys and I'll take one step further haven't been here cover BC since 2000 to 20072008. If you look at this roster is almost and made use of guys who led. The way of these basketball and it passed down the next guy there's Eric meter. It to Brad for birds there's there is the instant credit rods out that Melvin Johnson doubted Jordan Burgess that there is this lineage of at BA walker let's go back surely this lineage of early part of 2000 into a couple guys just graduated. A year two years ago. And you wonder too like white guys. Yeah how competitive is it to be on this team that's of the media gasket when they come in like I like how they are there guys price is what's the Atlantic is that like this and it's like field of dreams. Where they'll like yet I cannot pass the couple we did like him when he is plays that we don't just stick it. I really didn't pump is it like you are there are probably quotes are there guys on the team you know in the past that have not to get that call in or you. Would like to do better when you start politicking to be on this. Ran nation TV TT in what you how does that work out how do you forums Seymour is a true like game whoever can make you we'd love that idea seduce the audience that. Because the formations these unique. I think one thing that people in the audience who. Those are listening can relate to it's just it's life rob you know this is his dad a husband estimates job. You'd go to college people scattered people separate. This get back together at work and drag out forever and that's not the way life works. Which sees guys not play against the and they're just outside your office back practicing together and they're fully part of the program. And deny that the Bali backtracked think they're getting yelled at like coach roads like houses houses terms the other day the pros are playing against the the current team members and doesn't take our current team members. The younger guys are very impressive it was awesome to watch them there's some younger guys are just aggressive against relative Weber as anybody he pride faces. It rose was yelling at the older guys because they're complaining about fouls because they're they're going back and forth the roads poll ballot breeder called ballad Eric. And they were kind of Smart off the Mike and Mike did pack right out of it. I mean it's it's there. Fully a part of the runner got river roads as well as their coach you still there I absolutely yes definitely like both talked about video that we shot this this week in plex apartment like. Mike who's one of the main reasons a lot of these guys he'd like you recruited him he brought in here and I think they're now paying it back but it's. Don't give your own those guys are still fully invested in the BC basketball program. And when we go at this year's win you can point back to the days in the summer would read it Eric injury beyond. And melded into areas we're going after guys like DJ Byrd and Sean vote we have market Santos Silva. And and they're getting better. I'd say wannabe is relative Weber. I mean bring on. You know the good kids kids from UMass and I'll take an immediate you could go gets routed Pickens got nothing on routes and whoever says it's like swing and a weighted back. Do you take that doughnut off your rate role. Who are you most excited to see you get one slot what they've only in the TVT are you most excited to see you on the floor this weekend now. On this site C no because I think. Now than he just got us. If he was great when he came but like his trajectory in terms of his output. Just I thought was price skyrocketed I think. And I think he's gotten better and better and I've not really on look at where casino nova plays in the Sturm who also. So that's my one. I can't wait for the TV display secondary I can't wait to see operated Raza she. This parade is become just lights out. Playing in belt he has just been absolutely lights out I can't wait it's always fun to watch here it is just the way he controls the game. Of the ten years I've been doing games radio no controls the game like here and public before you seem Bradford did so I mean I think all three of those guys. Has Bradford just his all around game did you see this really well. I would get to it next Darius is Eric made are both here and it's and it's about allowing the jump up the next segment rob rob thanks to get out here than it does it to everybody thinks you've been here but they didn't let the guys come on the voice of the BC ran Robbie Robinson. Our buffalo partly explicit comments it is Mike wrote radio show. That's what and in addition the basketball tournament up next Eric Maynard seriously it's too it's here wants at this rate radio. Fox sports not yet. Welcome back on this Wednesday night from buffalo loud buildings Westchester confident that Mike roads radio shows approach roads tonight western backed ruling. Holding things down and I told him it's especially so tonight this Saturday night. The basketball rules which it and Saturday night back in sequence that. BP's ran these teams featuring some of the greats that played these basketball. In any event it's at its near buffalo wild week where it was 7 o'clock on out two and it is right now. On the senate. He has with the as shooters it needs to basketball history. And yet I think it is the greatest piece you ran Red Cross help. Back to outfit Eric certainly you what's it like back to practicing. Work it out some of these guys. It's been great management braves lose. I'm excited to do with respect it suits. Never would have thought though. I think ought to go out on a been working thereby graded. Two we know we're all excited about this and you've got very excited to go to his own fund says. They're going Buick Open here. Considering there is such a unique aspect I don't wanna take for granted and didn't see tonight they presented you had your number in the rafters a budget there's. A 100% of the vote you never play another home game Segal center again. Office who would have loved and then. Just to be just to be met him again on that is all. You have nervous they're perfect in we that we can be great ago. Later rounds on here on to be some grant 2011. And everyone remember that night six of ten point six points off the bench. It's too which doubted that final four run. Same question that you would like to be back playing again not only with your to your former teammates some of the great rams but just to be back Segal center Saturday night. It's great especially for me being from Richmond you know you never think you get the opportunity you know obviously psychotic. I get to come back into a funny fans in front of my family you know they get to see you on not only playing overseas though. Your play from outside agencies so it is I'm excited either from my family for these fans from offering them you can see played. I'll I'll really get out there a sense it's awfully good to see this I hope we keep echo. It's a bachelor. Your. Yeah this weekend used to be known facts about how this game again the focal that he made when he found out but only because Julie Rodriguez because rappers that. We get to begin. How to get things in this rated excellent efforts not heard about this the well not what was your reaction when they say technically that's the thing back together. Armed man is exciting because. When you think about getting back to get enough to think about guys didn't get to play with all it got to have them float with like other freshmen which Hulu was you know company Eric was down these colleges. Witness today and I could be a teammate and he's got out. You know what is best part of my career and I can completely you know Bill Johnson lied about watching wears number 32 this might be argued that action team. And breathing got their regular rooms in the road. Couple more big guys in this particular site to be an appointment around like you've got to look up to but often it is now they win. A lot of my time doing yeah. Erica what you thought you find out about this on effort effort bureau that's. Injures. Went. Sort of you know and though. And so every every year you know that brings together. Like the last couple years he's been right there right here so we do you Danica please they refused. We just try to go for others if you report Hubert guy who arguably is that they've got work together. Not only nationally but hey guys were together together what are the challenges. And how this comes together two. That's. The thing about it is you've been through all whom. So. First of all so we get together tomorrow. We're going basically to. It's not about who you. It is heading into they would defend them well. So. Thereby thereby you know. We your pool. Which time. You're the better than the group Hewitt yeah it better and if it's true you know there's not that matters. I'm efforts it through. And if you're 3031. But. If we're excited but I don't want to be respectful the age did you become more user you're fine and bring it. Explain to us as competitive some guys are what are practices like. Is that it's. Workouts practices pick of these Yahoo! Yahoo! had a really hard you know. That's that's what they they keep with so close we. We have my into the lives notable when it better university who active person and did so to pick up game or watching Darius who prepared to put you can't comment. China got a monsoon the best I can it is it's isn't it and that's how we played equally as the practically in the colleges with evidence that to me that's who we are today so. We don't bring that same review is that the that the Bruins. We wanna game at the time out of his sixth exit row. Who gets echo. Restaurants now and Eric Maynard joining us here on the bike routes radio show a special addition. Read it if if both guys if you look by telling the listeners where you're at right now orchestrated or your case where your head. Yeah oh this time did the plant those. Pretty pretty good lead rafter played there are things ski. To do a good league and obviously you're soon to tie it two years in a row in my previous country went to these tips on just how to keep you know keep going up. I think it's not a pretty good your right now I'm just kind of be the best I can just. Keep winning you know the big winner. Whatever it takes to do them do it it's going to plant pretty good overseas and I just like keep that up. Todd Wright is gather together on the go to. And Erik Stover hit it out over news. Actually my third year over there. But right now don't know where I'm going if you're so. We get back into around all. But probably going to undergo some word for word so when news like that strain of incentive with some good institute who half hour long. Having played a broad street having played in the NBA how's that different playing overseas in international crowns. In a national crowd though are basically light. College. The truth from viewer review room. They're into to ignore the NBA game remind us who have to 22 quarter. If you don't quick to defend the election. Overseas over Europe and on the unloved and over there. They have a great. You know we're fans are into the men's basketball. I ask this and I think Rupert persistence I got I really to a cup I moved here 2002008. And I I still look back when my. So my my hand we'll favorite college athletes covering your out there appreciative. That's like you can see where this program's long. Being a dinosaur listens to the program that the C code lights what's it like to watch over the years. It's exciting it's exciting and then. Since all the freshman that the thought that followed news so. Just being here before I was there for years and like us live it every time on the whenever you're just started. Coming to a lack of fear here you know. The program is. Just to see the president soon airplay you Vick that you could look at it invades you. We're not going every morning you just make me like. How the pardon. But I and I also took. That they don't know like. What we did it Franklin street but we lose the part of it is but they got a clean. And go work go work on gutters new got to earn it got to earn his ideas will be. You would you rate that we heard chuck there right around town. Would you tell the younger guys that I think this list as obviously elated. Of the game walker and Eric Peter Bradford Burgess what you Seles of the younger guys it's curtains. Appreciate your own happiness sometimes that the economy after the even when I was in the situation. I didn't really appreciate being around my teammates. You know going to practice every day some time to go some messages to wake up and go play the game. Sometimes my half classes whatever it was justice. Be able to play basket by each and every day gives bettors. If you want to do this out the comments you've got to appreciate it well. You've got to work hard got to get better each and every day so. That's my biggest thing is appreciates that because. You know back we planned we have air conditioner at the different mystery to him he walked in his thoughts late note. But that made us on that that's how we like we we have made about a about a ready. We're ready if each and every time that was so. In. Very it is appreciated be hungry and. The beauty who get a win let you guys goes to say we can't have this doubt it appreciate the moment we added all your colleagues this night. If you can go back to one moment it's not beats you with the ball in your hand. Keep evolving dvd game that you wanna go back to print it we've got us. Born and it became the ball that you want to relive what more time since it's a throw back their way back Wednesday morning. Got fortunate right now. Go back to that moment after I just was second go back to the canned game we're microphone when I've made it uses them to the coast they're back without actually view and see if our other media without affecting you here and fascinated them moment. I'll good honest on the behind in my career a lot of long good round on wanna go back now episode. I just wanna go back today with a microphone no it is that the whole world view and massive amounts. I Q we. You negative guys it's. Not Erica you bought it without these members but he got. Probably the again a huge when is this. But you knock out if I got. Thought you give it back if you have a problem undergoes a guys that's a lot of money can't wait to go to floors I don't know there's greater and greater tell. Saturday night. Senator coming up experience he gets to against buffalo lovely question to confidence grant read you know on fox sports nights next. I'm gonna go way back Wednesday it was Mac related fox sports night and the like roads created show. My growth not at midnight but man what a lot of we have thank you Brenda runs on Eric catered to members of the basketball tournaments in the Segal center on Saturday night and joining us right now we continue with the roster of the basketball tournament. He's another coach back as a coach. Back to Texas it is great to have here is the is laid to comment back from injury back from raising its championship. Urges here at buffalo all these guys and Seattle area. Rapper let me start with you. Because that habit. The story that I heard this weekend that's don't not the GM this Rampage team. It was in existence for a year he had found out about it is they think the oracle Hewlett Joey Rodriguez says. We've got to get it gotta get a team together what was your reaction he got that from. Uncle. All four. Do the way attendance there's basically a room by the fans in us on the phone. Do with our fan v.s and lonesome. Professions at the time. Is very good opportunity for us. There's about attitude I have about its on you and we're very excited. You just read you lose. Some them got it went wild. You know if we. Was not excited about us. The worker it's it's a litany it seems like the guys who played at the time the next guy didn't expect it seems to be that make of this area's. Yet it. There it was. You. Game I think if if that we. You would know that so that's the big reasons you came back taxes if it. Polly he beat me with you. That. He let me just look around body's finances right now would be seen him do you hear them support. Four with. And it happens. Is that things. Was this man. It ran out lest it get there it's back you know get a thought let's get a real job that protects itself. It's not like that seriously it's back it's. Perverse effect of this team. He's back playing as you you're a player. That approach let's not play good you recovered from the torn Achilles. Let's start there how difficult is it to come back to work. It's extremely difficult. It's been city you know there's this toughness and the background. But. Those whose words in the we gave them off to get back home floor and to beautifully again. And we are today. We had a conversation earlier today. Tony you've basically. Sick basically had to learn to walk again yet. You know when when you can't walk for quite some confidence in the period. That muscle atrophy you lose nobody uses it to happen. He loses the most league in this within myself. Weeks as. It. Makes it difficult to walk into and so I had to. Walker. If those who don't. That's I was so I have read them so short run walk got back to basketball I ended up winning. Championship he would be nuts basketball league this years without a moment like were you wrap of the championship you think back. How Florida. Where to where you were doing came home it was amazing to. Journey from from being heard. New Year's time winning championships. This maybe due. Rumors he's grown. You know. Thank god for. Alone speak to that point and he uses to come back inflicted injury. Imagine a story looking good. That urges theories these two members of the basketball tournament. Ran nation Russert was this your buffalo wings let's just accomplishments aptly hanging out yet but Gary's back is the director of player you build. As the big giant monitors that they'll. Who tracks progress. How different are some of the guys ST just watching relevant difference you're. My game. Announcement of the best basketball. Some hope that if you needed to. Some. Our gods of the group. From being here about two months now would have month on month I don't know what I'm seeing. That we American lives. It definitely would do I think it'll work but there are different characters with different age groups here are you guys make this all work. On Monday I think it was such you few. Is the wrong with us upon it and at least. To sit down property you couldn't buy him he could be about master could be about life. And this known him that is tonight really about that moment it's Hartford. Future growth in the effort that we can talk as I think those guys that promotes. Both. Difficult. Pre. And I did that we have with that group we can't thing but that's season with the hope that the I think that what you tell the guys and I'm sure this will be aborted daily occurrence and it's nice to coach and director of player development. This opportunity to play with some former teammates guys who lets players would until the curtsy. About this opportunity about how quick he goes about what these claims. About them defensively you know once you leave here with a different line. On those we use us that's taking advantage. Com on your resources appreciate everyone's. But the fans vote and I mean like I say we appreciate every one. And really really use that resentment. Going. Always knew that it everything they went through the years. If that life. Brad I'll let you go out and knows very nice and it's emotional it's down to field but there's also two billion dollars on the line play in this tournament. You report both legs erection would complaints here and what didn't see it this year's eve which doesn't add on for alleged here to get over that home. If you guys gave to what is this you're Baltimore's final words it. You had its own team that you. You know effective person from season and then last game. Yet it. Lot of talented big men. And here's who's been in this year's you know through and I think our goal is to obviously win two million boot and eat every year we you know got a step further. And I think it's years. They're home proved from BC news. You Rhode starts Saturday night 8 o'clock at the seat of senator Bradford said here today writes it just never thought. That night I see your Knight yeah what's yours yet never thought exactly secrets go once again guys never know what happens in life unless you wrote this like this instance the credit that Eric. You get the ball back your hands. Who want it beats you won't let go of it he played with that book good or bad wouldn't read or is that it again with that vote yours. My best moment and play it get the ball backhand for any moment you won what do you want. This tough it's tough. I don't know are is that real Americans ready you know they don't survive. Two years. Instantly turnovers and you. Professionally your Babylon they got a links and all the good threat. Darius ran it gives you guys think next coming out tonight and good luck Saturday night 8 o'clock. There is obviously it's gonna rest Burgess veterans. Or if they're both parties. Extensive comments on this Wednesday night it's rant radio fox would not yet. Ready for the basketball tournament Saturday night that piece you ran the agency some of these tests. Blame once again we see the center is at Watkins south region of the basketball he's played Richmond let's back on its. Special edition of you might roads radio show courtroom it's not available to unite out verdict. So we have that's great gets in his late thank you read it right now Eric Maynard here is these Radford it's all members of this grant nation team. Including our next guest. Only one player beats you mr. ranked top ten all the time but really what makes him three point percentage. They've done it around on one of the great big as Welker. Saying they're sloppy and make up its team. Players that don't agree again with this together and any team needs good cheerleader. He's not played with yet the kind of thing in the NFL going. Route flaws. That make above. Of good he's been out there were no not a human body right your recruitment. I'd let me give you gotta go to camp with the Indianapolis Colts it's great staff and expect it to your rehab. During the game of football. And it'll just look I don't he's got back together plans the best bullet count as a party that wishes you were out there. A little far. Through to rebound from what I've been up late last week we've looked a bit of stuff like when problems do. We've. So this week or through government provided through that's what we're watered by the good book. In the stands there in the stands on the bench big vote feature on this team on Saturday night you have to start with you here. You're there Boehner the veterans that this group. What's it like to play with different generations of. This piece you program. Man is this is the basic lesson. I was when you got three suits. Publicly plea Brandon Brandon. Solely those of the that we have for company and so. For me it's good to be feeling you know I've needed to know where it ran beautiful thing to see the severity. So I don't think people granted I'm happy I'm happy to fans who support us. I'm just looking forward to on the site. Whatever it was mostly be just it just as good. There's so many elements about the best Baltimore discipline that too is there not only gets clearly these guys. You know Youth League game Saturday night the way it's worked out with. These fans support you bring it toward its enrichment and here you are at students. Yeah me is is like a couple of full circle. Let down my hand fans cheer for me out when the BC Jersey to a musical and and in buffalo. No my landscape that effectively Seagram. Caucuses bring back good releases. I don't take for granted some not even tell my keys will be able to sit back and this Jerusalem he's there. What have you enjoyed the most about playing with with different groups guys like the birds Brothers right now there is these guys who. Came after you that you still were fated program. I'll be using the growth to the development you know. That high school players to college player's ability improved so. Don't you think he. Think it was worth just squandering his view the heck you feel partisan you know. But that's that is consistent message. I'm really loved favorites cities moments ago. Bo could you explain let. Permit an outsider with this these programs like rob you know I've talked about this topic show. You got to calculate its away from here we get married and start families and get a job in different places. You guys so it's finally get back together again entities with guys who played it different years that are part of it's what's it like to be a member. Thought that the team put a program. Oops it was a great feeling back to you to please level of a huge group. You see a lot of people from a lot of different programs are visible. Because it's different with the overtures so a lot of us come back here it started with a mean being of about the freshman oversaw a few of the guys back in the summer or what was records so and so now that we're alone we come back your record. Which frequently go after so. It's a great field of view Romney took the camaraderie you now everybody's throat they're. For both of XP but we offer for breakfast because. But you're at that but I resistant later. The answer you guys what would you sell the fresh which tell the younger guys what's the what's the message not that far removed from playing it means you. We tell the next with the guys. Don't don't stick with right. What quickly. On the streets of our sport event is sold out every game I threw a lot of please don't have a like. You promote coaches so I did not expect to see who's been answered slope of the defense to forward this program is ridiculous you can have this. And it's also good future role of the victims once you overcome it if you're. Bedroom room when you get there through so there are groups those comments do. BA you look here what's it like for you to serve what this program has become. No it. To sit back watch. It's just it's a great film you know just to be part of family in considerable. Come to it was a record for. Abilities like we all Fam leave Goldman we feel good family life and we went we often on family would be together with its feel like. Be upbeat celebration or wherever it may be on. Don't think I felt he had to know about the things don't just take every day. Like like this Alaska's. Political buff fans. So it's important to me of people I practice every game but he's Damascus. These beautiful outfit like that movie's real world's. I'm fortunate I feel like my questions backfired at my feet if you guys are professionals that you haven't had it's not been asking you guys tonight. If you get the ball back to your hands for what he's the moment what would it be. Yanking it wouldn't want him like I have good memories of these guys come out shot the fitness of the games we lost but. We'll be proud just the does the Pittsburgh. It's the fifth home to the problem my career to this war game was so close to that goal in overtime magnets that no. On all bubbles and agree even two losses on learn something now about looking backward you heard the two losses the losses felt like lessons. Just the Pittsburgh politicking that. About it I asked the fans if I want one more vote down or what or. A lot about you good moment of protesters. Toward roster gave. I probably would few. Some brief. Probably would've got affect amongst them briefed on record to review and probably balances Oklahoma. I keep when we gave our and on one reform. You currently art movement of I guess my question is wishful thinking. If you have it folks who say well Ali knocks it looked into the hands of the Indianapolis Colts will receive votes celebration in the end though. You don't slump I know we talk about it all sound like you're going to win your conference took. Probably probably going to go frogs. Good about a pardon me a lot of hope that you don't how has transitioned all of these to the NFL. As well so far last years through its food that's a lot and I've disputed victory when you give them much room. The way you know that's where let's you know this little old little book about. So this year. Are they murdered eight what is that a lot of them you know. Workable Bonn government. Time now to most. No we're not concerned about it well although although. It's been more consistent. Is that we do moments. Ago experts there. To some market. Oh BA acting differently sit inside and nurses who work I can't wait to let Indianapolis go pre season game since you see Bobby Cox I was CU BA Saturday night 8 o'clock it's the senate guys thanks so much for doing the wrong. Well I wake up. Victor bout Saturday night. Basketball tournament this season may have radio fox sports night now.