Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Wes discusses a bullpen phone mishap and the PGA Tour changing their schedule in the first hour. 

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Some know yeah yeah PL this. It's McIlroy. Yeah fox sports and I tend fox sports Richmond dot cops. Call my show at 34509. Text or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syria is he is the man the last smack overall. And you're not an all out. Welcome head on this Wednesday thanks are cranking his son's birthday were the nationals finally get what they needed to. Fortunately one nag gives the news that he didn't want. We have the NFL owners glumly holiness comes millions clumsy closing this clumsy Nancy comes in is that through golf course. Being called out as I how ironic I clumsy on the work continents. And we have one NFL running back being called out on a very serious allegation. We have the PGA with a major shuffle in its schedule they'll ask you who's the next sport they should make a major major move major move to his schedule. And one NBA star who gets a major news and totally wears his emotions on his sleeve. Read it and I got a hides out of talk about Gordon Hayward integrated yesterday which was just. Amanda where they massive life let down welcome man. On this Wednesday morning hopefully we will not be a massive life let down. Sega mourned those listening on fox sports ninths and or on the radio dot com app we say good morning to you. We say good morning to the crew Gary has on the updates and the voice you've already heard from. The producer Paul Levy. Paula we'll have some sort of poll question today hopefully it upgrades yesterday when our poll question turned out to be. You wanna be buried. Or cremated on. Blue ridge. It's almost debated topics on yesterday's show buried or cremated. And the drink at the bar that you really like. And Jolie but are too afraid to order because of your buddies. And I'll tell you this boy at 7 o'clock last night at 7 AM yesterday we did the question at 7 o'clock last night. I still had people jumping into my social media. Alicia gets and was shocked by that past only the ridiculous topics were we get the most feedback I can pour. Hours into topics I could sit in my office and go into a think tank of what I wanna talk about eight you are exactly right and sometimes it is the most Jack. Three topics we come with us in the show. The things that we just fly by you know throw out. On the seat of our pants they're the ones that stick. So I'm glad you enjoyed the death and drink topics yesterday which try to do a little bit better with the pole today. Sometimes you never know. Photo number 34509103450910. Twitter handle. Way as fox sports 910. Let's get the headlines of the morning we call it mackerel it's morning addition. So first word out that headlines of the day. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I tapped. Saturday morning to you on this Wednesday July 11 2008 teams. Well last night in Pittsburgh and nationals get exactly what they needed. Now this. Really don't want gun belt to the mine and Pete Phillips and their field we've bank goes figures in the warning track at the low latest hot. In the second row of the bleachers just to the left of the 410. Foot bunker. All along the two run home run that brought Anthony rent to own. They're national drove in runs they extended innings and most importantly they got starting pitching that was Charlie slows and that's radio network. This first two starts after coming off the DL in late June Jeremy Elson allowed twelve runs over eight and two thirds innings last night. Jeremy got his groove back five innings to hit ball and a 51 nationals win over the pirates. He struck out three he induced seven ground balls he was the two es last night. He's efficient. And he was effective finishing his outing would guess 67. Pitches here is Davey Martinez. On getting a starring performance like that last night. Hit the ball down when needed to us this curve balls really sharp exchange it was really did put he would he attacked the strike zone. To get ahead and use his fastball sorrows guys. A much needed performance by starting pitcher on this team with the bullpen in its current state. And much needed to assist Alex and because the last thing you want is finally get a starting pitching performance like this and act in any runs. Pellets and get some help game was scoreless for earnings until and fear and don't hit that two run home run the one you heard right there are thirteen this season and Dana Murphy. Contributing with a hit in the three run sixth as part of a four for four or not including two doubles. A sign of Daniel Murphy most note most Nat fans remember. The one we have not really seen since he came off the DL in June hears daily on Daniel. At least in the eastern hit the ball well thanks for noticing star vehicle. Itself got to decide. That's did tag on a few more they got two on walks and at a meeting bring in one in the six net bullpen did go the rest of the way brainy Kinsler given up the lone run. Pirates loaded the bases in the ninth with two hands in a law that. Closer Kelvin hollering era striking out prince Cisco's ability to end it. That's wind and no need to get overly exciting no need to get a big opinion or big hot take on this one just to gain above 500. They did gain a little grain little ground on the Braves as it lay it loses last night. Problem is the Phillies just won't stop winning phrased it a little funky they've gone four and six of their last ten Phillies. They've all of those twice in their last ten games. An aide. They hit around the Mets last night Billy with a five and a half game lead in the east. Over the nationals they get a win that last night and they have a quick turnaround to take on the pirates today at 1235. Story number sooners I Santelli in Herrera closing out the game last night the nationals getting some good news before the game Sean Doolittle place on the DL with left though inflammation. Doc was placed on the DL retroactive to July 7 meaning ten day DL. You'd be active to come off the disabled list Tuesday which is the day the all star game. Notable because he Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer are the nationals three all stars with the chance to trade turner joining them. But Sean will not be any all star game. He's gonna give up his roster spot which is a shame because it's it's an honor to be named an all star it's even bigger when your team is hosting it. The name a replacement for him let another guy going from the NL. Worst cases he's gonna participate in the ceremonies he's not gonna page and a leader rating go in the second half opens up. Actually sat down and talk with Sean Doolittle yesterday after the show we did an interview the nationals try to get out there promote trade turner with the fan vote. The interviews that it's had dated because of the news but was to bring it to you because Sean Doolittle is always a great guest. We'll have our conversation. Was Sean do little to close at the nationals including what he had to say about his toe. As well as the all star game he will do what is coming up at seven points to stick around for that. That's also making the corresponding moves last night differ Rodriguez gone back to AAA. Wonders where O and Alston Roth Ricard group called from the triple away from baseball. Soccer. Sometimes. All you need is one and that's where France got yesterday to move on the World Cup final. Creates the so called us. And it was friends will play in the World Cup final the first time since 2006. It's after defeating Belgium Glendale. And through its annual and TV goal in Saint Petersburg. France defeats in this World Cup Australia Peru Argentina. You're way. And now Belgium and now they will either gave England or Croatia they play they're semi final at 2 o'clock today. Big two days for soccer you got brands in the World Cup. He got Renaldo leaving rail Madrid bird you've been to us after nine seasons which. I was the one described to me last night was and I put this because of LeBron the international LeBron James decision of Renaldo making that move. The big count Shelby former head coach in Richmond kickers which is still very odd to say I should say more. Recently retired as coach of the Richmond kickers. Now director of operations. He'll join us to discuss all this doctor topics of the day yesterday and today. As France's move it on the C who read like today England or Croatia most about the kickers international match coming up and his future and the future of the kickers leak out shells that come by the show 8:30 this morning. As little preview the second semi final of the World Cup. There it's got 3 stories in the morning it's mackerel is morning edition on fox sports nine text. Our guest appear on the the council the kickers we'll talk Brian Wilson and CBS sports dot com. Really about the reads stories around the NFL and yesterday I guess technically 41. When you knew what was common and that was the player's response to the NFL's new rule on the National Anthem and protesting. I don't know how much more I can say on this osment a little bit of time on a bit. It's really buckles down to you knew it was only a matter of time until you heard back feedback from the players after the owners pulled the mood that they did. We'll get through it and what a goal means the second story. What new Panthers owner David tapper had to agree to in his new billion dollar deal to acquire the Panthers. It was one of those little things in the fine print of which he had to agree to. So he get the sale through. And the third story not a good story one yesterday where. The NFL cringed. Where they realize that the man. They might have to get involved in this story and it's not a good story we'll get to that coming up we'll talk to Ryan Wilson plus today. It it's one of those days in sports where it's newsworthy it's noteworthy I don't know if it's excite worthy but the NFL supplemental draft is today it's notable around these parts because former Virginia Tech. Defensive back Don as Alexander. Who is recently declared academically ineligible. He is gone the route of the NFL. That a couple weeks nautical months but a couple weeks to get ready for this. So today the NFL supplemental draft where does Alexander along with two other defensive backs could end up being taken by the NFL. Or could end up being undrafted free agents with doctor Ryan about how the process works. I believe the last time anybody with a supplemental draft lists. 2015. So on and I get my hopes up for any big NFL news today but we'll talk to write about that plus I'm gonna need a little help today. In regards to you're FL team. That's something going on. If you know the shows an annual tradition. But I'm gonna need some of you'd give me your gut feel about how good. Or how bad you NFL team is going to be this season and get to that tell you what I mean Paula we'll get you poll question. And yes we glass and you'll mackerel it should be a little bit later on in the show. Just get things started on this Wednesday it will come back we'll give you a poll question and we are gonna let you get out the chalkboard. The racer. And rewrite. He sports schedule. Titled talk about next Wes mackerel fox sports 910 in the radioed dot com Matt. Traces go to the kick the way it delivers pretty tall swing at a fancy struck about. With a nasty breaking ball game was over accurately w.s in the books. And shuttles get back into the win column. After dropping two straight they even in this series of one on one with the pirates. But I chills out of the dugout other Philip celebrate a victory back with a 500 mark. At 46 that we've gone back early w.s in the books the final score that nationals five in the pirates want. Tony snow's last night from Pittsburgh that's back in the way and come back game above 500 Killian Herrera closing things out last night with a bases loaded. In for Sean Doolittle is gonna go on the disabled list and unfortunately missed the all star game as a player he'll still be there as a contributors to be there are being honored and recognized. Unfortunately he will not be able to play because of this whole issue that he suffered last Friday night against the Marlins. Sat down with Sean Doolittle been that's closer we'll have that interview for you this morning at 715. Dot always a fun guest to have on the show. Sat down to all of them yesterday and even though it's. Bold styling where he talks about the toe and possibly missing the also a game we now know that to be fact. But still we'll give you that interview with the nets closer 7:15. This morning. But numbers 34509103450910. Will be a poll question here in second again I think I got a good one. Speaking of phone numbers and baseball. The Indians last night I didn't get to this and had him put this in the headlines but the Indians last night Indians reds the battle of Ohio. Indians dominate the reds for eight innings Trevor Bauer. Eight scoreless innings twelve strikeouts one of those ads as bring this thing home man. Got a good performance were up for not been life's good let's just that close this out. Well with two outs and the bases loaded. Terry Francona. Went to bring in a new reliever had Cody Allen and they're trying to close things out two outs bases loaded. Two more walks Francona says let's go to the pen. Picks up the phone and says. He won't he tried to say. Get OP ready. And on the other hand the phone line in the bullpen and they heard get boat team ready now OP is Oliver parade is. OT is former flying squirrel gained a Taro. Well Terry Francona. Little surprise when the gate opened up and it was not Oliver Perez coming through the gate here is Terry Francona after the game. Which the Indians went on to lose. As the red storm back with seven runs and beat the Indians and a shocker. We actually what would never talking Qaeda could we had a communication I should OOP. And they give admissible though real problems penalties. No one land squirrel moment. It's. No getting around I got to be responsible for. I was told to go through gate and against buffalo during the British. Public we expect. So. You know I know Coral Sea and soulful right now but. Beltway involvement. But Derek came and gave up the double the Jolie about oh who cleared the bases for the reds a six to four and they go on to lose this game the Indians do to the reds now we seemingly we get the story don't late Mel wants this summer. We get a bullpen phone issue now this is human air. Sometimes we got him the bullpen phone wasn't working. Or at the line was banned or their. We usually get that one bullpen phone story this hour. Here's the one thing I can't understand and I I know that there's Major League Baseball rules on recording and certain technical devices. Baseball can we just love these guys the tax. It's 2018 we live in a text society. Paul and I text what 34 times a day after the show usually can't. But most people in life now my wife my wife is Texan and Alan Carr issue at home. We don't call each other at ignored calls each other more because we text everybody curious about two dozen baseball. This cat can't they should be just like a text line sure the bullpen and I can see that is a common mistake you got the crowd roar and you got people talking GA you pick up the phone and say. Give me OP ready and usually a bull and you get the crowd a body guy guys you on what you get guys to log into your finger in year yet to photo was signed a finger in the year. It okay sure OJ and that's Glick. And as Francona I'd go in the next guy might it and that's not who I was looking for. And he said it's not editor couldn't get the job done just that he's been overworked lately and did not bank on him come and it. So a costly mistake last night telling disk but these guys let's go to the text machine. You would have to change things a little bit so when every team does there are sponsored called global Andy's going and it's now time for your cell and so text to the bullpen sure why everybody's sponsored by some kind of wireless company or boys got texting capable trained you'd have Verizon beer sponsor for your text to the opening up especially in the post season when the crowd is rocking and Rory you we wanna make sure you get it right now I'd just kept. I understand you don't want iphones in there because certain guys can be recorded but to wait we got a text machine or something just that and it. They have the ability to confirm. 3450910. And a sailor poll question neck. Speaking of the phone ringing. I usually win. I think if you're in management or you're the boss when you go on vacation. Usually say. Call me if you need me and you get somebody else and charged it's usually one of those things that I wanna take a week off while doing little downtime so I. Don't bug me but call me if you needed. And then when the phone rings and you see work come up on good guide whats going wrong. Guy like the NFL. After the NFL it shuts down things after routier's in many camps as a brief little hiatus there for vacation until training camp rules man. Where no NFL team wants to hear anything about their player. They don't wanna see a phone number pop up they wanna hear nothing you go peacefully enjoy the rest you summer. I don't see your number I don't see anybody is number around you and it's really bad with somebody else calls an NFL team and says. I guess this is so and so police department we need to talk to you about blank. This is the time of year or NFL front offices just they cringe when the phone rings. And this is a story that the NFL and the Buffalo Bills are gonna have to deal with where you have these allegations against LeSean McCoy. Pretty nasty story where you're on social media yesterday you may have seen this picture of the made it may seem in two grand photos of this woman who is an ex girlfriend of LeSean McCoy. Where. There is I guess the mr. Graham posed was put up an and one of her friends commented that LeSean McCoy. Abuse this woman that he abused. His son and abuse that the dog. And also take steroids. Attorneys for the victim deletion cordon released a statement. Saying that some what she was sleeping in the home in June. When day but I suspect came in and demand specific items of jewelry that was in deadly had been given to her by LeSean McCoy. That is a back story here eyes seems to be. I guess a relationship that failed but she still lives in the house McCoy has been trying to get her evicted for now months. There's even been cases where she's been gone on trips are going Fam they're going on business. Where he is sent failing friends and laborers to remover furniture since Dick kind of a messy situation. Now the Shawn McCoy has been training in Miami. He released a statement. Where he's it is totally false he denies everything he had no involvement in this he is not. He was not involved at all in this. But the NFL is this is story vehicles gonna jump into. Wood for the NFL they've shown time and time again their failures in this Matt. But the story takes on a whole new level in the woman's connected to LeSean McCoy. How C Owens and then you've got serious allegations by a woman who because of social media the entire world sees it and now that becomes part of the story. Or it or at least the story they connect to the sports world. And you have the story of how he and his family have been trying to get this woman now which is failed to date they've gone to court now some. Some people wanna try to automatically connected dots was as a break in was to scare tactic I'm not sure. It's not a story can really give you a hot take on. But the story that he will. And story that many will rush to NC vehicles got to get this right. Domestic violence can't be tolerated and the fact is we don't know the Shawn McCoy as any involvement in this whatsoever. But the NFL's got to be involved because you have an allegation of a break in. Give an allegation of assault. Oh by the way you have an allegation of steroid use. By NFL player. This by his friend of his ex girlfriend. Who seems to not be back in down. And as the NFL has got itself in Ray Rice got itself and a great party matters the NFL have to do it once involved in this. The bills will and was again spotlight will be on the league in how they handled this. Which to date. You go back to the race matter you go back to the party matter the NFL has bumble those cases. We'll see what happens if anything with the Shawn McCoy and the story and he will be judged as it goes on and and so will the NFL and how they handled this properly. Or incorrectly. The doctor Ryan Wilson about this matter will also I'm I'm not doing this 6 o'clock in the morning but I give him my thoughts. On yesterday's response by the NFL PA to the NFL's rule on the National Anthem policy. Because you knew it was coming down the line. But coming up next what's coming down the line it is our poll question. Because yesterday somebody in sports and yes you're gonna make this a sports poll question nothing about politics. Or burial or cremation. Somebody yesterday a league and sports made aid to drastic move they made drastic changes. We'll tell you who did what. And who needs to do it next we'll get to that. Coming up in just minutes here on fox sports nine cent. Think about your NFL seats now lawyer honest reaction because I'm gonna need little help. Your gut feel about how good or how data you NFL team will be this year I'll explain it. Coming up way up the midwest McIlroy on this Wednesday morning fox sports night and regain some reaction to last night's story. But Terry Francona calling the bullpen as the Indians were up they were up big on the reds things fell apart as the reds comebacks were seven and answered. Because of a little bullpen and boo boo we're Terry Francona picked up the phone went to his bullpen and they say do his bullpen coach gimme OP. Mean Albert parades however it was understood as OT. Daniel owed terra. Former flying squirrel. And OT comes in its air comes in gives up a double to Joel Otto clears the bases red book six for the go onto win this thing seven to four. So be all right then I mention it. How can we just make this a lot more simpler because it seems to be every summer we get a bullpen phone controversy or topic. And writes in what about a tablet that the matter could just pick up. Get it closer or reliever come like you do to menu at a restaurant. Have been two biggest Applebee's Applebee's and chili's I forget which one. I was there are back in I guess it's almost an entire spring ever go my wife went out which is strange in debt. Should hydrant may go either Applebee's and chili's you pick that'll tablet on the table which is comes back and some drinks and the oil later on you can actually order right there on the top OK I've seen those is not a bad idea I had like pay for your meal at those tablets as of these little things and that's kind of nice it could you do have rights and could you do that with. The bullpen just had year relievers out there and select which one or dislike a middle reliever pick up you tablet or pick of the tablet. Tap on it give me this guy his photo pops up the seat in the bullpen maybe a little buzz a little army that governor here who. I just. I think simply is just texting the guy would be a lot easier you'll find a way to have confirmation I think this is more about the post season. What's allowed is raucous. I'll take all ideas. And last night this was human error this is not a phone this is not a bad signal as is not a controversy did. Perhaps some other team was jam in the signal like we get the patriots this is just and I misheard you which happens to the best and is it just doesn't cost us a game with seven runs by the opposing team out of the bullpen. 3450. Nines and you can three to show at west fox sports 910. I didn't get a poll question in here. Because down. Voting to poll question we can't do another one on death and dismembered and dismemberment like we did yesterday but we could we could you believe even more morbid that it was yet every week a week we had a conversation but we drugged on the party yesterday. Read. But I saw this yesterday and we know it was coming but it became official. Yesterday afternoon and that is the PGA tour. Made a major shuffle. To its schedule major shuffle. With the ultimate goal finishing up its plows before the football season and before you say McIlroy that he conceded the football season owner and no they did. PGA tour commissioner Jamont and said by concluding at the end of August the FedEx Cup miles. No longer have the challenges they're sharing the stage with college and professional football his words not mine. I brought up the story when it was originally. Guess put out there at the PGA it was going to do it is in golf person golf aficionado golf diehard said. No that's not it that every sport is football every sport is to concede to football only it. That's exactly what's going on here. Sports do concede to football though no that's what we criticize them all the time but this is good this is a good move by the PGA and to know their roles know their ranking in the sports world. And finally put more focus on some signature events and they're going to do certain things the players championship. They're gonna move that back to march from its may spot. They're gonna take the PGA championship which is always been the last major they're gonna move that some day. So you're gonna get the masters and April. You'll get the PGA championship in May you be at the US open in June and you'll get the British Open. The open championship in July and know what to do was have the FedEx cup playoffs which they've shortened from. Ford at three events and no wrap this up all by August in time for football. Now I know for some of the golf dial ours are certain things like the Greenbrier. That's going to be moved to bleed until September. They've nix the DC event. My understanding they could not get a major sponsor. To this there's some big changes here if you are golf none of you are got man. It's gonna story out of whack for a little bit because it's totally different in the way you stability I think what golf is doing is this bottle having it's exactly what they should be doing. Got a crazy that would get the players championship sawgrass the same week we will get the first week in the NCAA tournament. But the move to make the PGA championship in May I there's so much not going on among the man you brought the second round third round of the NBA playoffs. Early on in May be in the second round and be paying it playing at Bethpage this year which. Access. Tight that that's a bucket list item right there I've never been a big golfer but see Bethpage and I love the New York crowd up there that's always a fun event but don't be in May this year. I think it's great that you have month after month after month after month. In what is considered mostly sports is no time we get into baseball and you wrap up the NBA playoffs in the NBA and NHL Stanley Cup final. It'll be goal that you get a major in April may June and July. Golf has absolutely make in the Smart call here. But mourning their cars before football season starts. And it is it something that recommended for other sports to do. Here's our poll question this morning. If you could make won a major change to a sports league schedule. What would it be. You can make a sweeping drastic change to one sport boarded BY. And for years I said Major League Baseball should have its final month of the regular season in August. Should start the post season in September. Do exactly with the easterly would double a baseball does start in April it's great of the bears in the early months of the weather. But started April with you may June July and August and for those who do not know the squirrels in the Eastern League they wrap up on Labor Day weekend. Make that celebration in addition to the big count football OK go make that. The crunch day in baseball the final day of the baseball season the final even if you ended that Monday that's fine by me but at the playoffs in September. Bring back the World Series early October. I love baseball's post season but still gets blasted in the rankings in the ratings by the F now. I still don't get. An and NASCAR is the same boat. The month of August is there for the taking. I understand so you're discount on the day's training camp he can't wait for football to get back but there is that. Kind of flattening out there is that plateauing of your excitement. After you realized balls back against backed. Again we got another month until there's an actual game. And you get a couple pre season games in there you get your fantasy football draft it'll tide you over but still the month of August is there for the taking. You get some of these stretch drive to get some of these wild card races because of these divisional races this year the American League east going to be the Yankees and the Red Sox right down to the end. But do that Augustin and does and kids can still attend the game reviewers still vacation. Don't lose what is usually the best month the baseball don't bury it in football season. So why has been a big and it will never happen you'll never gonna you could see as shortening of the baseball season the unit receiving that drastic. But he's always been my recommendation that baseball make the move and shorted season by a month. Put the emphasis on the pulse September and bring back the World Series the first two weeks of October. Some would say NASCAR. And NASCAR. NASCAR needs a lot more than just changing up the schedule because NASCAR right now the ratings are just in the toilet ratings are going to the septic tank. But college basketball here is the below question. And he's the four options I've chosen you can feel free to write in another one but what does the next Mort PGA makes a major change to its schedule. Who is the next sport but you make a major change to its schedule. And I've given you Major League Baseball. NASCAR. College basketball because not my original idea but there has been talk for years about making college basketball one semester sport. Starting later starting in the month of December. Where you would not lose the first month of the season the college football in the NFL. Make some of those key non conference games in December we have the option big game basketball or. Some San Antonio Poole and weed eater bowl game. And then you could probably start the conference schedule right after the Super Bowl where there be more emphasis on college basketball. And that would mean moving the NCAA tournament into April. But it would give more of a spotlight to college basketball it's a popular idea that's been thrown out there for years. I can I don't like it some people are totally against it some people feel that. I don't know how people would. Think that it would impact March Madness to the point where you and watch. NCAA tournament would move but look they'd still be brackets there's to be excitement and still be gambling you would be in on it. And the fourth option I came up with because I know that the common practice people say will dig the NBA or the NHL and shorten it. And even if they did shorten it how much would it impact you. My fourth option is what's the next sport should make a major change to his schedule. We put down account football playoff. Because that is always a heated topic for. 68. 1216. Poll question is up or LT bike all federal. Who is the next sport after the PGA made the moves they made official yesterday and Alter its schedule. Who is the next sport what is the next sport that should make a major change to its schedule Major League based. All NASCAR college basketball. Where the college football playoff tell me who. By going to fox sports Richmond dot com. Tell me who and why are going to Twitter at Lewis fox sports 910. And phone number is 3450910. Poll question is up in your opinions. A welcome and ward at fox sports 910. Set Allen asked closer Sean Doolittle yesterday prior to him going on the DL. Talking about how it may be all star game how you fans out and we'll talk a little bit about that toe issue. What along with doctor Doolittle at 715. Poll question is up cruelty by call federal PGA of making major changes to its schedule. To finish up its files before football what's the next what the needs to make a major change to its schedule when you answer this question. Make sure you care about it don't use the convenient answer NASCAR should change. They're gonna change I watched. Don't tell me the one you feel most passionately as a fan should make that next major change. Major League Baseball NASCAR. College basketball should they move later in the season will either start date later on ended December. Moving March Madness in April but but he more a spotlight on the sport. Or should be the college football playoff. You can go voted fox sports Richman dot com on Twitter west fox sports 910. Paula let's do little game domino Wednesday. Push push. Willie Glen Day today we're actually gonna mix it up over a plate thumbs up thumbs down today I got my for land to Israelis do it. Thumbs ever comes down to anyone being selected today in the NFL supplemental draft and that includes former Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander. While a replay this April when I go thumbs down. And no one has been picked this supplemental draft since 2015. F. You got three guys who are three defensive backs and one of which I guess this key western Michigan Sam deal. Better quarterback talent is in the draft ratings then Adonis Alexander. Al Zander coroner Mike Bard of the times dispatch he has met with the cold the chiefs the saints and the jets. But this is where you you basically it's like as silent auction. They don't go through art first round second round there you put down. A bid on a guy I would use a fifth round pick on this guy now nobody else could put a bit down you have to give up a fifth round pick next year. Some teams is still put down anything NAFTA passed there's a reason these guys are available no effect thanks but no effects. But it's just the fact that no one's been picked for draft picks are viable. We talk about this millions times even that fifth or sixth rounder very valuable. And if you have a lot of questions about a guy and he's not really worth it well maybe we'll talk to him when he becomes an undrafted free agent I. I'm just gonna go with the trend here is being years since anybody was Texan I'm gonna say no one pick today in the supplemental draft including Adonis Alexander acts. For the first time this season the nationals will play on the FaceBook game of the week is they take on the pirates today so thumbs up or thumbs down to the Major League Baseball FaceBook game of the week. Eileen right now I lean towards thumbs down. And I like the concept of it and I like that they do it and I understand the the goal is to get people at work to be able to stream and watch the game and watch it for free the problem is when you're even when you're in a local market. He'll get seen on normal TV. And it's not remember baseball's average viewer is 57 years of eight not say that a 57 year old doesn't have FaceBook. But they gonna sit there walk around or being recovered of their own home or at a bar with a phone in front of their face. I think baseball I think they should we get I like the idea promoting it like the idea of promoting you know FaceBook. But I think that have to make the change in the east of the local viewer even if it's just inside that general area. I understand this guy we want people to Richmond the jump on this but people who were in DC or in Pittsburgh the fact we can't watch this donate. Standard television. I think there's some. Work to be done to the idea next. Thumbs up or thumbs down to Jerry Richardson statue having to stay up as part of the sale of the Carolina Panthers sneaky it'll be talent there. I don't think David tepper was going to argue about what two billion dollar deal because they wanna leave the statue about there. I've never been a big statue winced when it comes sports figures have never been a big statue guy. And this is really happened back when Joseph Paterno and his statue came down. I'm not into the idol worship of a sports figure no matter how good they are world what they did Jerry register with the sleaze ball. Jerry Richardson walked out the door with double visit double digit harassment allegations. And yes I know who's the guy who brought football to Carolina. But it sound. Guy like AF forget all the bad stuff just remember me as the guy who brought you football by the statue out front. I get our David tapper was coming from and I love David tepper handling it the way they didn't. By saying hey look at statue will be out there but we're gonna provide safe and friendly work environment. And got his cabinet fiction that in there that oh by the way had to keep the statue because it's in the sale next. Thumbs up or thumbs down as yesterday the Tampa Bay Rays announcing new plans and had blueprints for a new baseball stadium that only includes 28000. Seats thumbs up or thumbs down to the smaller approach by the race. Thumbs up one because it's Tampa and you see what Tampa draws even in a good year. I I wonder if this is the beginning not to a 28000. Seat stadium but I. I have wondered about this for years with the argument in the conversation going on about attendance. People in stadiums the ongoing battle college football and the NFL. Even the NBA's had Major League Baseball think about the games that you watched even in July and August when school is out and baseball is. Dealing with an attendance problem right now numbers are down the most advanced 1996. But I've wondered for years of stadiums baseball stadiums. And then NFL stadiums they would just be built smaller. To look bigger to look more for more compact. Because the way tickets are going up parking is going up. The cost of staying at home enjoying the act home environment now especially with sports betting and gambling. Just more enticing. I think the rays are making us more call here the problem is did we get. Think the past two years do we get the structure in the drawing for a new temporary stadium for years ago yet the sailboat they still don't have a person that is going to put up with the money that brought in a real blueprints and ideas. Guy like here in Richmond and get real the blueprints of ideas until summit got the money back it. You name had been. But I like the idea to go small. Not all and said in sports and life west mackerel at fox sports not dead Sean you'll join us and 7 o'clock out fox sports 910 in the radio dot com Matt.