Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Wes talks Adonis Alexander going to the Redskins and changes he would make to the Home Run Derby in the first hour. 

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Mix of knowing. Okay you know this. Some local. Sports. Sports Richmond. Calls it 3450. Night or UNL west and box boards Richmond dot furious he used them hand west smack a golf. Enron and Dexter cranking this up on Thursday where the Redskins continued to add to Virginia Tech north. Tim team though continues to add to his baseball mystique. And we will try to find a way to add to the home run derby and maybe freshen up a little as the 2018. Hall. A home run derby class was announced last night. We say good morning to those on the radio fox sports night and we say good morning to those listening on the radio dot com app which you can download for free in this and any time anywhere. Is there Gary has on the updates Paul Levy produced in the show up. To go this morning got a good show that's on topics. Mostly on cranked up because I was in bed by 10 o'clock last night. Daughter was down and baseball game is now at three in the book. World Cup was in the book. She passed out water bottle and lest night when a nice simple pleasures of the summertime the audio of league good thunderstorm. I don't know Obama alone on this one night down and I am but the rain pouring down the occasional rumble thunder. That sedated to me. Some people can our thunderstorms in all nervous you don't shaky mean. It's that that sound machine my daughter had some sure although kids babies infants and it sound machine. That's that's my sound machine gimme a sound of summer thunderstorm images. And news media out knocks me out more importantly. And they had. Already have a sound are you a guy who needs sound or silenced the mostly I like silence to follow these groups filing a perfectly quiet when I go to bed. But I do like the ambiance of rainfall outside that there's something about especially during the summertime good any TV on something I owe an apology to expand or anything like tanks and a lot of people do fans sometimes little kids wanna stand on I have always need TV or radio it it baffles my wife I can fall asleep in any environment. I get it if he would if you cranked up the speakers in the stereo in this studio. And I just lay here on the broadcast stable I could probably be sleeping ten minutes eight he'd just. It blows my smile wasn't just exact size of narcolepsy that I could just fall late fall asleep anywhere humanly possible to gift though to be able to falsely anywhere arts training I I do not have that and the exact opposite of that I really can only falsely pretty much in my bed out like a light last night and more important thing. I guess a pass on the genetics as my dollar's slip right through a thunderstorm and I have been very lucky not goal that I have not yet experienced a toddler. During a thunderstorm or fireworks. Like daddy she sleeps right through it. Numbers 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. Hopefully we would I have topics today that Mel you well. And what you sleep what are we talking about today let's get to it. First word out that headlines. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I text. 7 a morning trade on the Thursday June July 12. Where the Redskins have a new defensive back this morning and it's another hokey. Former Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander selected by the Redskins in the NFL supplemental draft yesterday afternoon. Redskins giving up a sixth round pick in next year's draft to take the former hokey dismiss. In Virginia Tech on June 1 when he was declared academically ineligible. To Washington uses a six rounder in this draft. And as of right now they were 96 rounder in April of next year. Out Zander who had trouble stand on the field in Blacksburg to suspensions his latest dismissal. Played 34 games over his tech career may get fifteen starts record 126 tackles and seven interceptions. And now joins his former defensive backs coach touring gray who coached him his freshman year. And I imagine had a lot of input on this decision. He joins not only grave but he joins former teammates Greg stroman. And defensive tackle in Seattle who were both selected this year in the draft by Washington. Michael Phelps and downs this fact is gonna join us. This wise move. Was this a move that was worth even a sixth round pick. Up until yesterday no selections were made in the NFL supplemental draft since 2015. And yesterday. Not one but two guys going down a sound standard. Redskins yes it's rounder on him and the giants using a third rounder on Sam dealing cornerback Adam western Michigan. We'll discuss was this worth it. And how Alexander possibly fits in hopefully they'd sit and because if you're using a future pick. And doesn't matter what round if you're using something in the future you're really hoping that it pays off with a roster spot. The Redskins have a young group the defensive backs who might be out of Madonna's Alexander is in. Michael Phelps of dobbs this badge and Michael Robinson of the NFL network in studio for the entire 8 o'clock hour next. The nationals they have needed started needed equality starting pitching outside a Max Scherzer. They got that from Jeremy helps and on Tuesday and they got that again from geo Gonzales yesterday. It probably is existing get to hitting yesterday. Now Williams and that's the pitch to settle it on the ground writes I thought the it throws the first for the out. He robs one Soto what looked like a short and throw the holder the right field and eat stopping at second and Harrison left his feet. I think to his left and made this then ultimately into the outfield grass. Charlie slows that's radio network as sub par for the course yesterday deal Gonzales gives the net six innings he strikes out board allowed just two earned runs analogue. The problem is the run support was Neil. Washington leads eight left on base one on seven with runners in scoring position. And neighboring though nothing has been shut out for the eighth time in when he nine games. It's one that region third base all day I was at a meet and who got left there at third by Bryce Harper striking out of their lead in debt guys in the corner. That's a couple chances in this game to bring some men. Including drawing compared to outlawed in the first of Matt Adams flies out the warning track. Bryce Harper. Leadoff walk in the fourth but he only advanced ninety feet when all this and on and I got a lead all double from all people they got a lead all double from GO Gonzales in the third. It brings up the top of the order but nobody got in past second base because it was a fly out and to line now. Buyers pitcher Trevor Williams. You want for just the second time in his past ten starts he gives up four hits three strikeouts three laws exactly and all star or lights out pitcher. He's good enough yes Dale Hall the Nat. GO Gonzales finally gets a good outing but remains winless since may 28 the lefty is over Oprah for in his last eight starts. Washington. Act of 546. And 46 they lost the eleventh time in sixteen games and how much eight shut out in the past point nine games. Had almost one out of every three. Backed a 500. And Washington. They're lucky braves win Phillies lose the nationals now five and half back in the NL east and in many. Many ways lucky to only be five and a half back in this division next. There was little offense and Pittsburgh yes today. But I do promise that there will be home runs on Monday night at NASCAR that I can guarantee. Because it's the home run derby and Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Hayes who's I go to our leading 71 time participants. Into a home run derby Monday night at Nat sparked the lone veteran. Bryce Harper the number two seed will go on to face Freddie Freeman in the opening rounds and that's. Braves head to head right off the bat. Anger our will face Philadelphia Phillies outfielder reached Hoskins who's the eighth seeded. You also got Max month CD Dodgers infielder Chicago Cubs second baseman Javier Baez astros' third baseman out pregnant. And cubs outfielder college Warburg. Nice field. Problem is at these guys are need and all stars this year we've got to go to the point where we didn't get the big names but we got all stars now. Now get a field that is half filled with now on all stars will talk about this today remake this topic is I know people. What do seem to big names they would receive the judges that shrouds the stands those guys is don't wanna do. I want a bigger on the way we discussed the home run derby like we do the slam dunk contest people say it's grown tired they've grown older. The conversation leads to getting rid of it but nobody ever has an idea how to replace it if you're gonna get rid of something yet to replace it was something. I don't wanna get rid of the home run derby but I wanna takeaways this Bruce had to find a way to listen shine back to. And I do have a couple ideas today for you. Trip for me to you but I would love some ideas from you to me about how to. Brutal back in the home run derby. We'll get to that coming up finally east. Speaking of finals the World Cup final is set for Sunday in the space of time to play this. Variables to. Croatia with a 21 win in extra time. Merry mood trick your game winner of this was an incredibly entertaining match yesterday right from the get go. England scores five minutes in on Afrique. Yet the images Hyde Park people launch in deer in the air and as crazy scene. England believed right out of the gate to the upland nail. But man croatians scorers in the second half and after they scored the equalizer that matches flipped on its head. And Croatia and a few chances down the stretch in this in regulation if not for really good play by the English goalkeeper. But after that tying goal just only a matter of time until Croatia punched it in an almost did it one that went off the post seriously they get there about. Four or five different chances Croatia could any of this in regulation. And he just you wanted to see if England could find a way to cook up something. But in the end they could not Croatia finally puts that in. Who won that emanate dispel partnering on. Lost the lead to play a man down late because injury and the drought continues since 1966. Sunday it's all set France in Croatia in the World Cup finals. There are your headlines. On this Thursday morning it's macro rulers morning edition on fox sports ninth against. O gets brought to you. On the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline it would include the upper mention names including. Bradford Burgess the former VCU's star he is part of the ornament team the basketball tournament going into Richmond this week. 172. Teams of former college basketball players getting back together again the south region is torn and it can be held. The Segal center benedictine Friday night Segal center Saturday night. So we'll talk to the former BC use star. Coming off an Achilles injury coming off a championship in the Dutch basketball league that verges will be was this at 7:20 this morning. We got a four lot of foreign Michael Phelps the times dispatch. Michael Robinson yet on network and studio in the 8 o'clock hour. Come back. It toward the Redskins did yesterday. And also. How do you spruce up the home run derby at the all star game. Double topics that we'll tackle on this Thursday morning July 12. Wes mackerel at fox sports 910 and radio dot com Matt. Oh it's coming out Monday night and that's hard. Their final ways to spruce it up but also we talk about the hitting display last night it happened. In other baseball league. Which included this Tim Tebow. Had that for you coming up at 645. West McIlroy on this Thursday morning. Whereas I walked out the house this morning and actually the thunderstorms that rolled through the area last night decreasing humidity was a beautiful morning and walked that this man this just nice. I'm think we should pack up the show and take it outside we're dealing with a little in house crisis this morning coastal and radio don't complain about waking up early don't complain about how tired you are. Don't do that Burnett we're not gonna go there. However I will tell you this to let you inside the studio and Paul can back me up. Or usual morning you can store meat in our studio it's so cold yes it is absolutely frigid. It's morning out though we lost power last night I don't know if the AC is out. But this sound. This thing's not turning into assault on a special get three people here with Michael Robinson in the 8 o'clock hour I walked into the station and walked down the hall which was fine and I walked in here is Leo walked back outside. It is toasty this could be one of those mornings were read we set up a keyboard here. It's it's yet. It's it's gonna get down and we're trying to make weight you know sweat it out exactly it's a great call. Ed field Michael and I have to go to high yoga this morning after sitting in the studio. So we call engineering and maybe get the AC kicked on it be appreciated. 3450910. Paula we'll get a poll question up here for area. Mentioned at the top of the show if I were. A GM I would've taken out the dies out Zander in the supplemental drafts. I I had this question posed to me in a podcast I did with NBC Washington. I wouldn't of done it Byron NFL GM I would not have used to pick on Adonis Alexander however I would have tried to pick them up after the fact. Yesterday the Redskins use their sixth rounder on him and got us out Zander former quarterback at Virginia Tech dismissed because of academics. Hasn't exactly shown the commitment to football in his time at Virginia Tech so yeah I would have some serious concerns about his status and is focused on football. The guy can find ways to beat off the field since his freshman year. Instead of finding ways to stay on the field now ultimately missing his senior year because of academics. Do I think with the Redskins did yesterday was a disastrous move. Sixth round pick a futuristic throughout Vegas not a massive gamble. It's not really something I'm gonna start an argument over. I'm not even say they may have bullish move out of all the sports debates that we get until. Fighting over what you do with a sixth round pick is not exactly hill that I am going to dial. I didn't argue the Redskins. It would have been really picked in the sixth round last year and I probably wasn't going to argue about who they got next year in the sixth round. Neither were you. However. With anything including a future pick if you invest in the future for any thing you hope it works out on something. And I hope it does for Donna sounds Vander. I hope he realizes the opportunity that he got. And the one he misting pouch. Don't think he's been a guy. Had his issues there on the field he got arrested in 2016. He missed the season opener. Missed a few games last year for conduct unbecoming of a teammate. I know people have different feelings about marijuana use but the problem is it's still illegal in Virginia and Alexander got sided fort. He had to sit again for violations of rules. And I read the article I read the interview that he gave on Yahoo! Sports where he said he's taken and passed every drug that's for the past nine months. Including one. Which I need to believe was this past Monday where the Monday before that's great good for him. But then. It always seem to be another problem and then. And then and then and then of ultimately the problem was not being it was on the field academically. There's a bigger picture for dies Alexander that he couldn't figure out in Virginia Tech. Is a bigger picture re could not keep himself on the field and then eventually went to Virginia Tech where next year he's probably second. Anywhere between a second and a fourth round pick. The question with him is does he understand as a bigger picture out there and the bigger picture is he's got talent. He said all the right things in the interview and Yahoo! cities learn from his mistakes and it's all about football football football good. I hope it is I got no beef with a dot as Alexander. I just said I would not have used to pick on I probably would have picked them up as an undrafted free agent I would have made a run at him that way. It isn't a sixth round pick on them it's not a great risk. I hope he makes the Redskins. And uses what happened at Virginia Tech has a hard lesson learned. We'll talk to Michael Phelps the times dispatch about how Alexander fits in there's been talk about may be having its safety. Redford John common espn.com. So the Redskins were mostly seeing him make cornerback. Which that makes today and take a look at the depth chart where you got Josh Norman on one side. Orlando Scandrick. Quick and Dunbar great stroman. Josh Halsey and Fabian morrow. They kept six last year I believe they kept six cornerbacks. They're not Catan Josh Norman this year so there's that united Alexander that makes seven. What's this mean for Greg stroman. Who I think could be really good on this team as a returner I think he's your guy you want return of pots but can he make the team just on that. Orlando Scandrick is a veteran presence but. Not causing him much and if Quinton Dunbar and Fabian Murrow show you enough. Where. Orlando Scandrick is expendable. Maybe it's he who is out. But it does Alexander's got size he's got talent is exactly have the speed we can make up for other ways. He's the behind the eight ball getting ready for the draft missed mini camps mr. OT days. But he can stay on the field there's a lot of upside for the future. And you can never have enough young defense that backs especially when injuries happen. And if you doubt that sees the Redskins of 2017. The Redskins clearly see an upside. Worth the sixth round pick how does it all work we'll talk to Michael built to dobbs this batch Michael Robinson will be here for the entire 8 o'clock hour and I asked for help on this yesterday I asked the year real role gut feel on your team. I wanna know you feel in your NFL Vegas win total are you feel on the over or the under on your team. I do this every year my sister goes to Vegas in July I go in March from March Madness she goes in July Alice and out some money with their. Mr. ten dollar bet it is my nickname it comes to gambling is to ten dollar bet. So I sent her out with sixty bucks. And I said I need six teams NFL overs and islanders out text and Tia. She's texting back and she's that I Needham by Wednesday at 5 o'clock yesterday I asked her listener participation. Paula put up the over wonders for the Vegas totals for this upcoming football season I made my six picks. And a we'll have those for you coming up at 705. This morning. When squeeze one end. Take it out the list is up box which Richmond dot com I'll give you my six. Wait too early NFL over thunders and 705. And six stories seven west mackerel or fox sports 910. Look we complain about it every year. But most of us watch it every year we get to that next fox sports night ten. You don't throw back Thursday. Well. Bradford Burgess Eric Maynor. Credit aroused now. So the VCU greats back from the floor again at the Segal center Saturday night 8 o'clock it's the basketball tournament. We will preview it would Brad Burgess will join us at 7 when he this morning and if you are BC Fenway fun showed last night the micros go to show. We're really good chunk of these guys Eric Maynor brain aroused now days the years Mo I'll be Cox of the Indianapolis Colts stop and by the podcast is already out. And available at fox sports Richmond dot com you can also find FaceBook page at a boy Paulie is open available for India. Paul a busy man also accessing the apple iTunes store as another place to get this show and all the shows her own fox sports 910. I would do a little this or that Brad Bird is will join us we'll get into football talk more about these Adonis Alexander signed by the Redskins you can always jump in the conversation 3450910. Since we're talking throwback Thursday. It seems and we get to the home run derby we got to do like the all star game. I remember who and got. Dot dot. There's targeted job Colombo last night the deputy director of athletics for VCU and he saw me he was at the 91 home run derby when it was at. Came in yards when Ken Griffey junior launched and off the warehouse. I was there in 96 when it was McGwire and bonds and Brady Anderson and trying to think about all the guys in the field that date. Still to me was one of the biggest freak shows have ever seen in my entire life now granite. I would say the majority of the field was Joost as hell but Matt was at a show. If you ever gonna chance to go to run derby. Go it's worth it it to display it to show and if you go on Monday night have fun. The problem is on Monday night it's going to be fun to go I don't know how fun it is going to be to watch. The home run derby field was announced last night. And is led by. Of course Bryce Harper who vowed years ago that. If he got into the all star game when it was in DC that's when you do the home run derby again we'll Bryce Harper has stayed true to his promise. He will be there along with the employee double check this for me because the AP copy says. 71 time participants there's eight guys in different Freeman not participate in homer under every couple years ago. I think he did. I may be wrong in this but it's Freddy Freeman Bryce Harper who actually square off in the first round Hazen zag a lot of Milwaukee Brewers. Reese Hopkins the Philadelphia Phillies Max Muncie of the Dodgers. Second baseman of the cubs hobby or buys out Bregman of the Astros and Kyle Lohse Warburg. Of the cubs he get to cubbies and there. It's not a bad field factor pretty nice field. These guys or even all stars. We've got to the argument where while the big guys do it wears Aaron judge where's Stanton. And for years has been whereas Bryce Harper. But now getting the boy with a home run derby not ever getting your work however these guys are Reese Hoskins back Max Muncie cows Warburg. They're not even all stars. I ate but there's no question the home run derby has lost it's luster. And that's because the big names don't participate this is not 96 when it was bonds and McGwire is not 91 when it was Ken Griffey junior. And if you do get a big name like guy like Aaron judge couple years ago you had Ryan Howard these guys seemingly do it once they get tired of it and been there done that I'm good I'm out. Bryce Harper. He probably felt the pressure to being in DC and that's why he's doing it errand judge said no Mike Trout he told Dan Patrick couple weeks ago wasn't for him. Some guys don't wanna do it because it possibly could mess up their swing. Some guys probably just what a night off. Mike Trout doesn't do it. And look Mike Trout does this is not gonna raise profile he wins. Not gonna hurt him if he loses it said it would Giancarlo Stanton stands wanted. So. I got like Max Muncie has more to gain by being in this but fans wanna see the big names. It's like LeBron James you wanna see LeBron James and dunk contest. I imagine fans wanna see harper they wanna see Trout it was to show it Connie it was you stand and once he judge. But for those guys they've done it. Just don't wanna do it because the Jews isn't worth the squeeze. Was surprised to in the run their read on. It a million. If four million dollars in its form and it of course the trophy. Net exactly much to entice a guy like Mike router Bryce Harper. So these guys to seriously so he's got probably just one night off they would enjoy the experience with their family sealock he's gotten sideline with their kids. Just probably wanna break. What I saw the home run derby it's it's not the same. But with his buckles down to is instilled the best option. Which seems like an argument every year we do it is with a home run derby would do was slam dunk contest. People I say you know it's all it's tired get rid of it under onto it it okay can you tomorrow the better option. Because if you gonna dig out ESPN's certainly needs something to replace it with between the hours and eight and ten on Monday. A skill challenge and not a great option. You can't really do a fielding contest or fastest the row the home run derby is still your best idea. However I'm right there with I like to see it tweaked I don't see it removed I wanna see it tweet. So my question do you is besides making bigger names participate besides sending this edict down the bigger names have to participate. How would you change up how would you spruce up the home run derby. I thought our question to you on Twitter west fox sports 910 Al thrown out the at 3450910. What did you come up with when I get rid Dohmann derby but did do just that we give up. May put the shine back on it I won the biggest problems is it just tracks to ball. It's great when a guy gets an a group starts crush him out like Hamilton did the other year. But he just the overall thing just goes on too long burst of Ottawa finally can you tighten it up. I always thought it would be cool ploy dummy a bum off fear. I sort of be quota put up more targets. Usually get that one a year related to hit it here. And it's like century Torre wanted if you hated somebody wins a house. Could you could do that up all across the outfield he could do that in the stands you can make like a shooting gallery. You get one home run it's worth five points. You put above pool in the bullpen and for example you're in Washington this year what do you put up a fake Washington monument. And then you put up though the mall you put up the reflection pond you put in right field. And if you splash down C gets when he points. So may get a points system and even even if you hit the ball. Well if you had the ball to the outfield every targets there. I'd still you still want that's being now I want to be home run derby. The put targets in this what I have you had the racing presidents before different positions in the outfield with big nets and for the president's caught you got a hundred points like that I think you can I think there's ways to mix it up I still think it's the best option. They don't run derby just needs to be tweets up I think it needs an element or two to rearrange it. And by the way to answer your previous question this will be Freddie Freeman's first home and I he's the first brace and zenger Jones Delphi display OK so seven new participants. Bryce Harper will lead the field he's the number two seed and and there's a guide. Hazel Zach Miller who I've recently been turned onto he's a bull he's gonna be a lot of fun of you turn on the home run derby on Monday night he's going to be a lot of fun to watch. But the problem here in baseball as they've gotten the point now where they're taking half the field it's night and all stars so. It says it needs something I don't know that the commissioner could step in and say you guys have to do this. Doesn't feel like one of those wrote that he really wants to pull. But I think it's something you can do just besides hate jacket as far as many times as possible. Think there's something there. And if you got that idea I wanna hear from you 3450910. On Twitter west fox sports 910. West McIlroy up Thursday morning back sports 910. Sticks sticks. I can't sir wouldn't 705. I have decided missed a ten dollar bet has decided. For his six ways to early NFL over ponders. They're coming your way at 705. West McIlroy on this Thursday morning I also have to get to the story in the NFL it's not a good stories not a good look for somebody. But a made it make us posed the question to you. Have you ever lied your way out of a speeding ticket and that's where you're coming up but right now. Payload game on this Thursday morning always push push push. What we're doing today is this worth that it's hot it is or that the actions of life one or the other what he GAAP forming. At shine of NFL network ranked the evasions by quarterbacks. He's number one QB division with the NFC north with Kirk cousins Aaron Rodgers Matt Stafford and Mitchell too risky. This or that he's the NFC north the best QB division in football. Like that and John's work here for a talk about is Michael Robinson coming out. I think top top to bottom if you're looking for the most solid quarterback division yes. Stafford at Rogers cousins and you add that element of cousins into the division I think what you will be still come out of solid stable quarterback. So yeah I'm thinking and I'm big and NFC north he's got the FC west number two. I'm not ready go there was Jimmy go rob Ohno and Josh Rosen yet. Jared golf looks like a star in the making Jimmy grapple load does look like the franchise quarterback you got Russell Wilson. I like the AFC south but the FC Sevilla two quarterbacks I really feel I can bank on Matt Ryan Drew Brees. The one thing that really stood out to me here. We talk about this with the NBA where the power is in the west. Take a look at shines a list and it really exposes how much of the quarterback power in the NFL is over in the NFC. His top. AFC division is the AFC west and I even have a dispute with that he's got he's Keyon Patrick homes built rivers and their car. Derek Carr with a down year last year Philip Rivers is still probably the more underrated under appreciated quarterback in the NFL but this goes to show you. He's ever seen has got for the top spot. And Tom Brady believes division in the AFC east of where it's him and everybody else the same view of Ben Roethlisberger. You don't know exactly what you have right now in the AFC south which I believe was the last ranked division. Andrew Luck has been banged up. AFC north with the last division is Shawn Watson you hope he comes back healthy but late portals. Marcus scenario that matter. It really goes to show you lately look at all the all star talent over in the NBA Western Conference. The strength the core even up and comers are in the NFC. And shine this I agree review on. This or that Tim Tebow played all nine innings and smacked a double in the Eastern League all star game last night so. Tim Tebow being called up to the nets in September. Or not yes this is going to be called in September. First of all the Mets are so far out of it what else do you have left to play for why not try to bring some of your town and see what you've got Tim Tebow. Eastern League all star Tim Tebow rose up from the singling to double laying. Yeah every airline bleep or get off the pot. Let's see what he's got Tony Miller and dangle I think he's going to be 3031. This fall. There let's see what he's got what else you have going on in New York with the Mets this year they fizzled out they've fallen apart. I'm sure he was still some tickets that'll also be nice to defuse whatever reason to draw fans if you're looking for a reason to tap a little bit of talent. Yet I say call mark Lester I thought it would have been a joke within a single line. But now he's in double lane he's been old news on the season makes Eastern League thinks decently all star team. Sure why not kick the tires bring him up. And if you're Smart business team who had tickets you can pull in the month of September because biologist at places going to be a ghost Citi Field. This or that so many people would be Eastern League all star game here last night the east tied the game with a one run scored a run in the ninth. And send the game into hitting competition not extra innings a skating competition. So each manager selects one hitter from his team to hit as many balls he can in two minutes. Home run to work a hundred points balls hit to left and right were five balls hit to center with an extra ten this is in two minutes yep you got an hour and you. Minutes will Craig about two and hit two home runs got 305 points and he beat readying Zachary who had 275. Points. To give the west heat win. But the question hears this or that should the MLB all star game be decided this way if it goes to extra innings on this. I can hear it not only is there pressure on the hitter there's pressure on the pitcher you bring in. If you bring a pitching machine you bring in their pitching coach because you you only have two minutes. You gotta give your hitters some good stuff to groove out apart yeah. The answer is yes that's exactly what they should be you don't need to be thrilling extra arms and have guys throw an extra innings. Now that doesn't count for anything and I know there's there's still the competition to wanna win the game. And I I hope there's the tried to win the game because it did get Lucy goofy there for years but I never like that accounted for the World Series home field advantage. Yes. I honestly would be great I think it's all Miley game should and that way. What they're doing now with a runner on second I know they're they're doing a crash test model for the major leagues which I never hope that happens. Can you imagine go to Marley game and knowing cattle like penalty kicks inside her knowing that you could have eating contest at the end of the game two minutes. That would be a lot of fun that's not about a bad idea got just an also gained from my league baseball to incorporate overall their season. Or is it all across the board tax. Black English fans watch their countries where the opening goal five minutes into the game yesterday. There was a video fans launching beer in masses and viewing party Hyde Park I was a beer cloud and I are really cool video I'm Daryn rebellious PM marked the estimate of the fearful in the air at about 101000. Dollars. Beer this or that. What's the moment you can think of that would make you throw fear into the air. For so how does Daryn now estimate what we've only seen on video I have no clue how innocent error and I start count the amount of people in there with a beer in their excellent blitzer Anderson has one couple Beers on a couple of beer is eight. Dollars or whatever it is costs over an English as a cheap I imagine there's a couple thousand dollars a beer thrown in the air. What would make me throw of the year ended year. First I'm not the guy who holds the beer the entire game diffuse sporting event. Ever reason expect that. Not have you ever thrown a beard to the end but ever thrown of beer into the man. I don't think so really the first of all bears like twelve dollars at a game somebody be stingy I'm I'm mad at myself and I still walking down the steps in the aisle. Maybe he'll walk off for my team to a championship. It's I would probably had the beer in the cup quarter that was feels like a design. I get in the moment soccer goalie you're holding the beer but almost feels like okay. Couple guys who their beer I got to third if you do with a water bottle that I can understand the man of the year. I'm village I think now it ever launched a beer into the air just for fun. Maybe it maybe okay can hands or shall it's that I wasn't drinking in college just to get rid of it but I don't. A bigger than ever thrown quality beer or twelve dollar beer game into the air. They don't. Is there an acceptable time to throw beer in the air and let me now I got none I got nothing for her arm she denial like beer so I'm not launching into the air. At this board acts. 7 o'clock hour Brad Burgess former BC news star. Jersey hanging in the rafters. And playing underneath that Jersey on Saturday night at the Segal center we'll talk to him. And Michael Phelps the times dispatch about Adonis Alexander being picked up yesterday by the Redskins in the supplemental draft. But next my way too early NFL over under is a fox sports 910.