Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
Wes talks the Nationals and the NCAA's new set of rules for college basketball players in the first hour.

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Some no yeah and you know this. His last medical rule on fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot com. The only show in three bored by 09 tad more email west and fox sports Richman dot com Syrians he is the man the last McIlroy. Saw Federer and thanks for cracking his son but Thursday where we have three things widespread against the across the country today one would be. Second would be unity. And the third month pre season football. Hopefully the last one is somewhat appealing to you on this Thursday morning welcome mammoth cut up all of so you who've bought. And where I'm paying attention through night when the Redskins hit the field in Foxborough. Tom Brady will hit the field tonight as a new book about number twelve is heating stores today and we have the author on. And speaking on hitting the Braves did that the nationals last night. Lies today could be the one that hits as and knocked out. Say good morning to you listening either on sports ninth and or on the radio dot com that we say good morning to you. We say good morning to the crew Gary has on the updates busy man as the PGA championship the last major of the year getting underway today it will read in Saint Louis. And updates all morning long as the golfers getting ready to go out and hit the courts for day number one Paula to reproduce in the show. Well you have a poll today inspired by me making some listeners very unhappy yesterday over the subject matter of the show and this was incorrectly. Sometimes it directly try to make you unhappy does is indirectly a violence they beat people upset with the content of the show yesterday so. We'll circle back and Lula will pull the entire room over what to became a point of discussion yesterday. It's Thursday Michael Robinson of the NFL network will be in studio I've actually lost count of how many CD's Michael's been in the past ten days every time I turned on the enabled network. The man was in a different place one day was in Atlanta won games in Seattle next days and out and Oakland. One day out walk out on the field here in Richmond area and a book on the TVs hanging out the old Rocky Mountains of Colorado so he he is here with us this morning. Michael Robinson home in studio at 8 AM and as it is not a football to talk about. But numbers 34509. And the Twitter handle west by exports 9102. Best ways to get a hold of the show and you wanna find things on the show about the show the poll question the videos of the day go to fox sports Richmond dot com. What would make up the content of the day the videos of the day what we're talking about today. Let's get the headlines of the morning. So first word out that headlines of the day. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I intend. I put more and feel on this Thursday August 9 2018. Used. To have felt pretty season ticket over the full slate tonight including the Redskins in the patriots 7 o'clock. And for both the starters not expected to play much but for Jay gruden go to what would you like to get out of this game tonight. Evicting us gather steam authors igniting its pages get a good look at our so our core guys are battle for roster spots complaint looks. Try to get their body out of here and I have a good week of practice gets jets at the dream right there at the dream for every pre season game. Every pre season practice. Nobody gets hurt however. It's football people do get hurt and some of the Redskins already banged up some coming off all season surgery so the Redskins taken precautions. The only player officially out tonight is Chris Johnson that was with Jay gruden said earlier this week. But I would not expect to see Trent Williams Morgan Moses or Jordan read it. And honestly without two tackles out there I wouldn't expect to see out Smith jade didn't say being official. Which is tone. Reading between lines without your tackles is it really worth even if it's just for a three and out is really where that probably nine. No Josh got through the night no Jamison crowd or no DJ swear here so why in the world are we watching this thing tonight. Well I have reasons and they are threefold. I needed a three reasons of why I am watching this pre season game tonight who I am watching. Of course that would include the running backs. And the rookie Darius guys John gamma espn.com. Will join us we'll tell us what he is watching. Jon Kyl will be here at 8:20 this morning at Redskins patriots 7 o'clock tonight next. And by 7 o'clock tonight when the Redskins start their pre season they'll have a better idea of whether or not the baseball season in DC is on life support. Were done it because in a series against Atlanta the nets needed to take at least three of four and after last night today they're just trying to salvage a split. And comes back to Acuna who. It's one homered to deep center field this one's got a chance to go it is. Hi I am a better time to run blast tore through noon it is 721. Had a chance a chance Susan let them raise radio network rattle recruited junior putting on a show last night he went deep. And he pulled one back in from going deep in the fourth inning Charlie Culbertson hit another home run. I think the stat is Joseph takeovers and has sixteen home runs of the season eleven of them have come up against the nationals. I don't look that up boiling down how many home runs Culbertson has against the nationals it feels what you got when every game. Braves take down and that's eight to three and a night or Washington. That was pretty much their their season in a nutshell last night. Bad starting pitching and a defense that Tommy Malone you can only go to the well some 8000 Tommy Malone he gave you two good previous starts. The Denny got roughed up last night he gave up some moon shots including the London time hours it. Lured in the words of our friend mark Zuckerman sweet fancy Moses I think was going. Fifth starting pitching and missed opportunities at the plate. Nat load the bases loaded in the first and it was just. If felt like a precursor as soon as the first inning was Donnie right yeah and not his game is gonna go. Natural left the bases loaded in the first inning ending Culbertson rockets won out. We're 31 lead at the end of one. And and that's leaving the bases loaded again and the six boat ending was strikeouts down 83 in the seventh day two on one out. And Michael a Taylor and Matt Adams both striking out. And yes. The arms were brutal last night mainly to home plate umpire was absolutely brutal including the injecting of injection of one Soto as he walked the place and something in the six split. How that all played out that. That was part of a bigger problem and it was again circles back to lack of leadership on this team would Davey Martinez up. Onion and that a little bit later on but I don't know how much more we need to get into the nationals because they are. Made by saving grace the Phillies lose yesterday for the second time in three days of the nets are six back for the Braves. There are now only a half game back of the first place Phillies. And I think realities just setting and the nets team they just as good as the Braves and it's apparent on the field. Final game of the series today 105 in the news doesn't get any better for Mets fans. GO Gonzales on the mound today. Finally be NCAA announcing yesterday widespread. Sweeping changes to college basketball's bylaws including the recruiting calendar. The biggest changes are. Any player who gets invited to the NBA Columbine but goes undrafted. Can return to their former school. Easily prospects will now be allowed to have an official relationship with an agent this applies to high schoolers and college athletes. The NCAA require all school presidents chancellors and athletics staff members to comply with any future investigation. Really it's doubly lacks subpoena power in these out try to have this caller. And the FBI's case in the count basketball brought a pot mounds and mounds of documents and information. The NCAA did not allow for information findings from outside investigations. To be used against infractions process that's how bad is now changed. The NCAA yesterday. It's basically would they did was these recommendations. In April by the commission on college basketball chaired by Condoleezza Rice. Put together at the FBI investigation in certain schools with money recruiting to shoe industry. Dave play and of the ACC sports journal Dave's got a legal background as well that game sports talk show host. The editor BC sports journal hill tour has written some thoughts on the changes yesterday I got some thoughts here what the NCAA via. Both good and bed at. And is a lot of gray area. Lot of questions after what the NCAA. Put down yesterday. I have a certain questions while these rules are about college basketball I have a certain question that I think is gonna pop up amongst college football. And it. We'll tell you the NCAA forgot to tell about the rule changes that they were making yesterday and these people were kind of important. Honda Ford coming up here in ten minutes the very your headlines of the morning it's mackerel is morning edition on fox sports ninth and. All guests appearing on the has deep Mercer rug cleaning up by Michael Robinson the NFL network will join us. John kind of ESPN David Glen the ACC sports network. At all talked author Casey Sherman. Who coauthored the book twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's flight for redemption. I unite I thought you might be entertained by breaking down four quarters of New England patriot redskin pre season football tonight. We could talk to the author of a guy who went behind the scenes of Tom Brady the patriots. What happened during a flight gate and the fall out that is still around Foxboro today. The Casey Sherman Dave wedge of their book is out in bookstores this when people talked Casey Sherman. About this book of which Tom Brady did actually participate in times you get these quote quote tell all books in the guy. Who's the subject does nothing about it the date he did interviews with Brady with his crew in. We'll get that Stuart boy it's 720. Paula has got to poll question for him. I will give you three things honestly I'm watching tonight for three things after being drinking happier for better part of two weeks. I will be watching three things tonight in the Redskins and patriots I invite you your all and W already go over pre sees people bought and I'd do something or someone. On the Redskins field tonight on Foxboro the Euro watching on the Redskins side of the ball please tell me atlas by exports 910. Starting at 715. Your first chance today and every hour on the hour two and a thousand dollars and our nation wide Entercom contest 1000 dollars draft cash could be yours. That's 715 at 8:15 this morning when we come back what did the NCAA. Exactly do. Yesterday. Some good some bad. And maybe just open up. Whole another can of worms will do that here next on fox sports 910 and on the radio dot com map. Steve faster now Paulus got a full question euphoria. I gave its own. I got. And it's gold yesterday I get questions I got interrogate why are you talking about this. Funny enough it was needed dug about eight Virginia Tech beat writer disorder and I got reaction yesterday this is actually this sport and I was. I was questioned why in the world are you watching this. West mackerel in five sports nights and by the way speaking of watching sports. Gary has on the updates Pauli V producing Paula did you watch any of the Ochoa yesterday did you watch it to the events that they held on how deep it Visio has autism dodge ball last night. Did you watch late sabre awards yesterday I missed light Saber wars. Awesome like replays afterwards though I could not get off the elliptical I'm sure he could I got to the gym at like 2 o'clock yesterday and I am sitting there and it it's on TV am. I'm bill my bank and you know I would get about fifty minutes a car dealer and before I hit the weights you know a little soul patrol I couldn't stop watching it. I I. With light sabres which were I could not tell. Is that actually like a real glowing stick that they were using was acts superimposed. It I think it was a real stick that they were using. It's weird man is compelling yeah was that it it that's what all these sports you you look at it now upon first glance your like. Really think we're gonna watch this to them when you start watching you count like this is my. Softball in your hand on the table tennis table. My mother always said this she's the system my dad night she see you too would watch it test pattern and stroke. Guys will watch anything it's I mean that is prove out to see the ratings bump ESPN two guys yesterday because it's so true. Guys we will click upon any thing and my father the guy I prepared well. My dad is much the same episode of law and order 64 times which is funny because we always sell. We always say because you falsely that way through he's seen all the walls he's never seen the orders it just went up rules. Yeah it's true and I'd pass that day yesterday for forty minutes on the elliptical watching the light Saber on the O Treo. Something else went down yesterday. And happened yesterday afternoon. That was the NCAA come in Dallas some new legislation. On college basketball rules. I gave you double those problem during mackerel is morning edition the big ones are all players who get invited to be in become nine. But go undrafted while the option to come back to their former school. On the prospects can now have an official relationship with agents. And the NCAA as requiring all school presidents chancellors athletic staff members to comply with future investigations this is the NC double as lay him. It's kind of a de facto version of a subpoena. Couple thoughts or doubt what went down yesterday player is being read by agents certified by the NCAA. It's a good start. In in reality. In all reality it's about five to ten years overdue. What happened yesterday what was handed down by the NCAA. It's about a decade overdue. I guess. Late is better than never and the NCAA had to react the FBI investigation. That felt like the breaking point it. It was as if the NCAA finally got beaten over the head with a pain and realized we cup 2018. You've got to do something here. This investigation. Wind and by the way it's not done yet this investigation with schools and the shoe money. Agents that there is still talk out there that there is more common down the line. But the NCAA had to make changes they had a modernized thanks. As for what they did yesterday. Players being written by agents by certified agents yeah I'm on board. There's still going to be rogue agents yes. And as for for for Tyler memorial as long as there's good guys there's going to be bad guys. There's still going to be rogue agents they're still going to be guys trying to scam there's still going to be guys trying to give gives you will still have guys looking for an edge. A weight gain they're there there's always the bad apples. But at least this is a recognition that the system is antiquated. That if you do it this way you are regulating things trying to keep it on the up and up you are now giving you lead players some education into the process. Guys who are certified they have companies they have mold agrees they have business degrees. You do this you're regulated as much as you can. And by having certified agents there's something at stake for them they go rogue they step out of line they can lose at all. The NCAA is always look at agents as the enemy my thought is always being keep your friends close keep your enemies closer. The life lesson learned from the godfather. But for the younger players down here here's how we get into the gray area. For the younger players they declared this yesterday high school kids. The NBA still has the one and done until at least 20/20 one. Does that now mean if your high school senior you can get an aging go to school. He can keep that agent through your first year in and if you wanna be a one and done there's your advisor. And even more. He even more noteworthy ginger root announced DB SP Amber's reporting this morning. He's a boarding the NBA USA basketball did not even know these rules were coming down yesterday they are blind sided by. This whole elite status which is going to be really curious to see who gets the quote unquote elites that it's because that's part of the rule. If you're of the elite status you can hire an agent so what makes you a leak who declares that. With the NCAA said yesterday oh. Oh in a joint effort we NUSA basketball figure that out USA basketball's about Ager vote askew said hope apple. Well act which would have the time the keyboard to resource is to be able to do this. We in anybody should do it should be the NBA we we can't do this but there is the NCAA sent. We'll figure this out with USA basketball you as the best schools belong why. How. We've been nice to get our heads up there. So how does that work now. Who's declaring the elite status because only. So many of the elite by the way wait wait for the first kid who's told he's not elite and filed a lawsuit who says women I ever meet. You have a lot of questions here. Players eligible to return if they are undrafted. If they attend the come by as complicated I agree with it I agree with the premise that you don't get drafted you can come back. But he is complicated. Because. Right now you can go you can go to the come by and you can remove your name in the Tom nine you go back to school as long as you don't have an agent. Is that now change. I'm I'm not sure how schools will be able to hold a space until late June when the draft occurs. Kid doesn't have to come back remember this you consider always spot and say you know Johnny Smith doesn't get drafted he'll come back. When Johnny Smith may be dead after the draft and Johnny Smith may say. A lot. I angle and go to Vegas and catch on with the G league team. I can do give a go overseas get paid I don't come back to school and I are holding the spot for life. But if you if you are school what are you do need he afford not to take another talent to another recruit figure grad transfer can you order scholarship items and coaches holds. Hold scholarships back some older for a walk ons some have is adjusting case but. If the kid wants to come back and then there's no other spot ended they have to sit out a year because they have to transfer because they're not a grad transfer. They did this yesterday. And and it had to be done that they say that the these things had to be done because it was antiquated and they should have been done five to ten years ago. But in the big picture. These rules were really for just the elite of the elite. It's not like college basketball got fixed yesterday I heard Seth Greenburg said this and now give him credit this is done for the classes not for the masses. There was no changed amateur isn't there is no change the Olympic motto yesterday you got it nothing about payment of players for their lightness. It was a step in the right direction but yesterday you didn't fix college basketball and a day these rules for the elite. And if you're coaching a mid major your player did you really get anything out yesterday. For a good chunk of players did you really get anything out yesterday. And a one thing I do wonder about. And I'm going to be very curious as Dave Glenn in the ACC sports journal when he joins us 745. How long is it until we get a junior in college football say in. What about me in iron did you. Like I did I'm eligible to go to pros why can I not be afforded the same thing as a college basketball player. I can leave I can go to the NFL I could also stay why why can't I be afforded it. What an eligible college basketball player is getting in representation how long is it to really junior player go undrafted. And then try to come back to school feels like it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. Many of these were good measures yesterday. But there's so I'd agree area. A lot of gray area by the NCAA. I'll take your thoughts if you would like to share them 3450910. Twitter handle is at west fox sports 910. And David Glen in the ACC sports journal will join us at 7:45. This morning. We'll take your calls for a particular early morning tweets in Paul is got to poll question which. I guess inspired by yesterday some of the things that we are talking about some people say why are you still talking about this and I'll just tell it has nothing to do it any nationally at the policy. Actually deals of the sport it's being played right now but some people are saying why are you talking about this. So we'll talk about it in the form of a poll question that involves football next on fox sports 910. It's called love that knocked swing and I'm trying. I always. They don't. On fox sports night attack. Can come back to a community hits one hard to deep center field Dublin's got a chance to golf it is yeah. Ohio the batters. Two run blast or could you. Can do this seven to one. And he swings of classical to straightaway center deep. Back got a good coach gets to the warning track at the borrowed two marquee lips. He runs out of so it could yeah it's a two run homer handle robs a solo homer in the same inning. Why don't mind. This kid can do Nadal and his blood on a show last night braves and that's radio network Ronald and junior junior. Big part of the Braves getting beat 83 win last night. Robbing at a law and say anyone over the wall called the night brought you by and take systems. Richmond's trusted IAT specialists. NASA had the chance to get back analyze not even after a poor pitching performance and Tommy load which I. I cannot Tommy Malone Tommy Malone gave you two good starts replacement Stephen Strasburg he would. He can't he go on the Tommy Malone well last night they had their chances that one and one off the wall and then really the three killers where. That first inning where you score a run and you leave the bases loaded. Striking out it was a Don Murphy struck out and you read Eaton striking out in the sixth with the end the bases loaded. And then down 83 in the bottom of the seventh you have two on one out and Michael a Taylor and Matt Adams both striking out last night. Read. It really was nationals season in a nutshell. Guide not named Max Scherzer on the mound lousy starting pitching and missed opportunities with runners in scoring position. And also look I. I've given Dave Martinez a lot of patience this year I've given him some breathing room. But over the past six weeks I've had a question the leadership and his team and it goes back to. It's it is betray turner goes back to Bryce Harper in New York not run an out defers to him nine minutes but sat down. But let's not again and I know he likes this game to a point last night and indeed and I had to bail. But you had last night the the home plate umpire and I'm not blame the young guy Greg Gibson was awful last night's on the strike that he was call it just. The one against harper was like dude what did you did you take and Matt did you fall asleep there irritable pitches there today eat there or even questionable. The Greg Gibson he was awful last night. And I got the point where wants Soto steps of the plate after harper it's his own run. Any says something now it's the typical he said overseas said. Soto just said he asked for clarification he said something and he gets tossed wants Soto should not have been toss it. He should have been tossed by the umpire and he shouldn't have been in that situation because I don't know why at that point be Martinez is in that game. You're getting blasted the umpiring is not good. Yeah that's where you get yourself talks. That's where you have to lay on the grenade and that's where you've got to get used that's where you have got to show leadership and you gotta get your blood run. Because Gibson was all over the place last night it was inconsistent your routine frustrating you know a critical game your team is down. And they're worried about the umpire if swing at pitches that's supposed to you gotta get out there he can't be a pacifist. And there that pointless Soto gets Ron there was no point Dave Martinez to be in the game the ED against don't run after that point Kevin long hitting coach did. He's just another example your question and wouldn't you know it was going on behind what is or what's not going on behind the scenes would this team. What's going on with Mary parent as the Braves at the better team and I mean this today. It for many of the season's done I mean for many people and and what it is you're just a second game is you know why are you talking about the nationals. I don't know this this week was the defining week and happening you don't with the Braves you still got to go face Chicago. And after Max Scherzer and you're clearly see and it is not much here in. Hopes are not high for GO Gonzales today but even the GO perform he still get a split and go and this is split was not good enough in. It's it's August 9 it's getting late early here and you're six back in right now is. The more more time goes on and the way they're both playing this is a two horse race between the Braves and Phillies and it's clear. The Braves are the better team they've been the better team than the nationals. And I don't need to do tale of the tape it's how they're playing. They are the better ballclub. Once again call and I brought you by and tech systems why Paula why am I talking baseball. Because yesterday I got asked the question by not one list it will what was there and it's not brought up and I was asked the question why are you talking baseball. With football sees. Why don't want you start D'Amato nationals they've done it. Stats armada Macs and a one guy said it's raised their two or not that's their tour and and and two guys in my Twitter has gotten ST we need John that is the kind of stepped back and it gives to play it out. But the basic question was its August why why are you talking baseball. There's so much football. So ball and raises to our poll question this morning brought T by call federal it does Andy NFL pre season debuts tonight he did at the hall of fame game last week but by and large pre season debuts tonight. If you had your choice. What would you rather do. Stay at home watch NFL pre season war. Go in person to watch a baseball game. So would you rather attend an MLB game tonight as gods and tonight yet because football's bad tonight BC's Steve and team. Only for a flash would be the starters. Some teams not even marched up the starters no. But you do get the ball back tonight and you get a couple debuts including. Cleveland and New York. On the NFL network which would be baker mayfield and sequel on Barkley. Now Barkley is gonna be in their early briefly. Baker may feel a little bit later on the baker may feel this does not the appeal of I won't I'm probably gonna watch the Redskins and the patriots up until about halftime. Within even I want a full vote elect baker mayfield for a little bit. I don't know how much and we'll watch this take on Barkley I don't know much aware watch any game today via what two or three games and I couldn't get you to double header. On the telephone network tonight you get Cleveland New York filed by Dallas San Francisco. We'll get the regional coverage of the Redskins and the patriots. But with football back tonight because some people will be counting the hours today just see their starters for one series just that football is actually back. And visible tonight. Or would you rather. Go to a baseball game I gave you free tickets front row seats in a Major League Baseball game. Would you rather go to a game. Would you rather stay at home and watch football now Paul you're beloved Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles are on the night that's right digging on the Pittsburgh Steelers would you rather be in a baseball game or would you rather be home watching. Perhaps. The knicks suck on experience take your Eagles out on the field tonight. I think for that reason alone I'm probably rather go to a baseball game very excited to have Eagles back in action tonight but knowing that Carson Wentz is not eating and touch the field knicks bulls. Probably easing and a play. I've I'm good on dates I thought I I've had my fill needs so it felt if I had the chance to a front row seat to baseball game share. Hundred dollars not the were betting is because who worked in radio would have a hundred dollars troop what do you think wins this poll question. Think NFL pre season so old I hit it as much as we duck hook on pre season and Alan necessary it is. I think that's what's gonna win there's no to me I would vote to go to a baseball game you Jimmie did as a baseball game I'm going to a baseball pitcher I love going to baseball game does give me the to field the smells the C again the night. Yeah I'm I'm figure in the fact we have football back tonight you get twelve games tonight. And the equip New York one that that's gonna work foot put them over to deal. I'm the rams at the ravens I imagine some will get regional coverage of that you wanna see this rams team. I don't know how much you'll see of curly and and and the offense or the defense for that matter did see some more Lamar Jackson maybe didn't have a great showing in an hall of fame Jerry you can make a case you can go to every single game and make a reason I would tune in for. Yeah thirty minutes could find something you can find every preceding in the ninth yeah. And for that if you can find a reason to watch the Cleveland Browns and pre season you can find a reason like any team in the NFL and you're coming off hard knocks. I will put up as a poll question honest answer. I know it's tough to do but look you're name's not a testament to just click whatever feels natural. Poll question once again Paula brought you by call federal if you had your choice tonight would you rather stay at home and watch an NFL pre season game or. Go in person watch a baseball game pull questions been up performance already and we've got 60% of people saying home give media NFL. Have Medicaid's fox sports Richmond dot com and on Twitter addict. West fox sports 9101. Guy will be on the field at night in Foxboro. Paul Richards in wide receiver the Redskins if you missed our wanna want from yesterday and bring him back next on fox sports 910. Throw throwback Thursday giveaway isn't good is a little bit later on the 7 o'clock hour and also giving the three things. That I am watching reported night in the Redskins pre season opener against the New England Patriots Wes Mack a ruling by exports 910. And yesterday if you missed it as we get ready for some pre season football Paul Richardson of new Redskins wide receiver. He's getting ready for the preceding game the night before they left for Foxboro we went 101. Let's start here click account book Colorado. Played in Seattle. So what's it like coming this humidity for training camp. This is different. The past two days have been very. And we've being seeing them. We've been given to spend their money you're though we've been showing we've been out here been on shows. Compete at a high level in a big thing you know that he and we just wanna stay healthy. If you can't they have the ask you about that but first you're out there you got the tights on he got them long sleeves on. I remember when as a kid you got snow with that the gloves on and it just gets saturated. You receiver gloves the little lake watered down bits by the time we don't practice I was. What they're big blows are discussing that time thank you being the man the other an error out so I think. He does freedom rides as trim as Kevin and let's show though I mean everybody strange things the way it. Used in their blood this lead did did everything that they've put into practice in their work out for today so we're given you know we got here and. Woman noted I use both fiscally talking about this he said there's a balance. I'm going all out getting everything out of practice competing but knowing how to practice we're not taking guys out what is that balance ball. This is a very thin line man by a part of being a professional athlete you have to learn how to compete at a high level and protect your teammates as well as yourself. So I think you know usually when the 'cause guys coming up to teach them those things then you know is on those beds to do that you know. But I think day I think that we're doing net pitted and a good job today here you know guys aren't. You know killing each other out here everything you know is kind of like. You know freak accident scene of so. You know as long as we're getting better and we compete at a high level we're not you know the north of it in circumstances their position where we're out for the season I think day you know we're doing what we need to do. Gorgeous is kind enough to be where this young fox sports 910 was McIlroy training camp. What is it like pro wide receiver and and everybody wants to know about Alex Smith but what's it like just broke wide receiver to come to a new team new system with a new quarterback. How do you even start that process of transition. If it is rough you know. But it was good that we came in at literally at the same time you know we may. Our Thursday's hearing you know so. We kind of started the taiba get the same time we started to build that chemistry almost immediately so. It was a road because you're come into a new office the other new offense you gotta you gotta break the Tennessee then that and and and lose kind of you know those old terminology from the place that you came from before. And that that's hard but once you get do day it's still ball is just football I think in today's though there's so I was fortunate that there was a lot of carry over from the face I was before. As very as far as terminology in a lot of things that you know barges you know. Bovine general that you can't just re named Marie tags you know a's general of our. You know that's kind you know where O'Malley the I think day it was it was pretty it was rough at first but you know once I got down to it up our mind accounts that they were. Just below. Alex Smith is different than Russell Wilson had only compare that to bite from quarterbacks that you play with your career. When you meet Alex Smith when you start working without Smith how would you describe him just being a different quarterback and we played it. I think Alex is. He's a very versatile quarterback. It's hard tonight. It's hard says differentiate between the two quarterback I mean the progress that I've had I've been NFL. You know wrestle very versatility makes a lot of plays with his legs and he he gets his eyes and downfield. Alex he did the same thing he just days and a popular little bit longer you know. You know he he he tries to see the hose in the defense and then he'll move a little bit just to deliver Davone he's. He's not a run thanking quarterback he's still a pass various past decade India all right I'll I'll running go make a play. But you've been around. Now I'm imagine every series got loyally stayed perk up a little bit morally gets caught what's apology since being around. My favorite route is through unopposed I think. I like climate there in defense spending going over to middle Europe post you've got to give the quarterback freedom that delivered a ball wherever he wanted he wanted though you cross the field to give you to pull away from guys became. If you want to throw you up the field to give you away from now I think he can so I think that you know like I like the post allow you to rent is so me different ways. How. How do you develop a relationship and I've heard receivers and quarterbacks do this you can talk to your eyes and I don't hesitate to do that and he developed that yet without us. Yeah there's a lot of it we colleges flam ball and so. You know we have a lot of routes and and and you know if the defense stuffs it and you're the main read or they only read. You got to still play ball so I think I think Alex is done in good with communication you know. Before. During and after practice to where we have gotten on the same page so we know like OK this is taken away so Alex expects me to do this though is more like. You know I hand. Big guys are more like understanding when we look at each other like a little bit we're gonna go a little awful what we usually do on this. And and he makes a happy man he makes it happen. Or just in listening to hear that back at home there's a massive thunderbolt that went beyond all eyes on their raptors have seen getting get a shower this is very general question. After financial reasons. Why Washington what what did you see here when you have choices to make what was it about here that she wanted to come to Washington. My biggest being oh and I decide to come here words and wine. It was away from home. So it was good for me like whores like maturation growing. I felt like elevated B Hmong leader. And so I felt like I was coming to a room now. You know I feel really know we've we've meeting. I came to. Two I came to a team where they didn't have a guy. In the role that I came to feel. You know use the they have guys you know China should all these guys trying to be in a row and it can be a get it to work competitively or it could be destructive. You know I came in I'm in a position where is. I'm the only guy you know. So to speak you know in my road so I think we have a room for the guys who law are different types of receivers so everybody knows their role and maximize than me I'm maximize my maximize viral at the speed guy. The guy who can run across averages around Heidi it's. We're seeing here let's get value for extra by lightning and they all appreciate that thanks man hates you are. Paul Richards in one on one if you check out any of our one on one interviews with Paul Richardson. Jotted down Ryan Kerrigan all available at fox which Richmond dot com little bit later on I'll give you three things I'm watching for tonight. 7 o'clock hour go to Foxboro at 720 next fox what's night's end.