Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - (9-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, September 10th
Wes looks back on Week 1 in the NFL, as well as Week 2 in college football and gives his thoughts on Serena Williams' dustup over the weekend in the first hour.

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Mix of knowing. Okay. Knuckle world of sports. Sports Richmond dot. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man mathematical rule him all of its. And moron on this Monday not many people are happy about getting up and going to work on Monday not at all. Not. People actually lets people are happy about getting up at 3:45 in the morning to go to work on Monday. But it makes life a lot easier when you get up and godly hour and what you get to do is talk about the returns. Of the and now. And we're gonna talk about it this morning debuts of new faces in new places. A few week one surprises of opposite teams that we thoughts we're going to be Super Bowl bound. The browns not winning it's also not closing. It's still being the Charlie Brown the NFL. And if you went to bed early last night. There is a reason he's the highest paid player in the NFL and he showed us why we welcome an on this Monday morning photo Albert is 3450910. At the Twitter handle. At west fox sports 910. Remember it. Use it be part of the show today as always in a Monday we'd like to take your winner. And your worst of the week and I invite you Tommy led the best weekend in week one of the NFL. Week two of college. Wherever you want to go on sports and who had the worst weekend who gave you reason to each year who rose your blood pressure. Who look the worse in the final of the US open on Saturday night with the US women. It was not good that I was dazed as distant that it messed up scene. We invite you to send over your winner and your worst all morning long crew is there. Gary has on the updates Danny notes on the board Pauli V producer and show. We want the NFL it's the last two games left but let me start by putting out the disclaimer just a week lay it on the table. There's going to be allowed over reaction today today on the show and throughout the course of the day. Throughout the course of the week I do not discourage your over reactions it is the fun part of what makes sports talk radio work it is part of the fun of the NF LB and back. But this is more like the warning. Label on a package this is more like the side effects you here at the end this pharmaceutical commercials. And just worn. Is going to be instant overreaction to week one. And some side effects will subside. Some things are real and will persist longer. And depending on what they are could be good thing that could be a bad thing let's get to the head guys in the morning. So first word out that headlines of the day since Royce morning edition on fox sports night tap. And more until on this Monday September 10 2008. Seen just. We start with the Redskins who startled the season and Jay gruden finally get. That elusive we want to win. The C. I 014 in season openers in the Redskins they went to the desert prepped and ready to go. All that concerned about how the starters were were not being used in the pre season. That went out the window early as the Redskins put up 21 points in the first half on their way to a 246. Win. Giving Jay gruden finally a week one win. They'll get very balanced in on defense also gave some great opportunities they got off to feel pretty much in a hurry you know the opening drive I think medical Hogan it's by David but. After that they got off the field for X three and outs there or office mops and as we convert enough third downs and we're able to Nixon or on the passenger and there's different. A game where Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson playing their first games as a Redskins in the two veterans made an impact from the start Alex Smith 21 of clarity. Without an interception had touchdown throws thirteen yards to Chris Thompson and afforded Jordan reed. Out Smith operated and executed this offense like he'd been in it for four years not four months. Any concern about him not working with reader Thompson in game reps during the pre season. That evaporated quickly as the cardinals had absolutely no answer for Chris Thompson in the first that. An out Smit. He had the cardinals all confused he was using weapons he was what I mean seriously he used everything that he had and especially in the first half. Where he kept the cardinals guests in and guess and wrong eating up 23 minutes of clock in the first half depth up front is it that way. On the road. They consider before it was hard prepare for the defense you mentioned a ton of film. Watch a lot of Carolina staff can ready and you know. But I believe we came out started moving the ball. Field at this point in south drives in the red zone was paid. Who did it turn a sort of a run in the foot faulted airline with a common. And speaking at a book running the ball right behind Alex we didn't really know what to expect from major Peterson. When you got was 96 yards on 26 carries including that touched on you've heard their earlier. I don't know if a more surprise it injured Peterson got 96 yards. Or that he got 26 carries. But it concern that there is some Jews left in his legs Adrian Peterson showed yet there is. And he showed what an explosive back and do. With the is offensive line Greg Hoffman are Redskins are portal join us as soon as he gets on his red eye flight back on the East Coast. We'll talk about how the Redskins were so balanced on offense. And not that I had high hopes for Arizona Cardinals and I have even less after yesterday. But first impressions of Alex Smith Adrian Peterson and a youthful defensive line all the complementing each other yesterday. Rarely seen. Often talked about. No I'm sorry it's not up and talked about it too rarely talked about. A week one win for the Redskins as they get the W out in the desert. Eighty innings there aboard last night Sunday Night Football Aaron Rodgers goes down in the second quarter with a knee injury sustained against the bears. He gets carted off in the second quarter because of that knee injury. And the second half down twenty nothing well. He comes back any wins the game. Yeah. But thank god. Next. Week. Eight yard. Our credit. The Packers did but I think. An extra port would get in the way and Packers radio network trailing but I don't want you to halftime it was twenty zip at halftime. They trailed twenty to three at the end of the third quarter. And Aaron Rodgers comes out and threw 34 quarter touchdowns to lead Green Bay back to wait 2423. Win. He got hurt in the second quarter slipped on the Serbia was under pressure from Coolio Mack who was just stunned last night. And defensive lineman Roy Roberts and Harris he landed on Roger's leg. Writers gets up then he goes back down he was attended to by the trainers. He he reaches down the back of his left lie then he lost to a court that takes them through the Lambeau Field tunnel before the hat. This the guy who ACL surgery in college. This is a guy whose injuries and started the past few seasons including their missing the playoffs last year this guy would dissect signed his biggest deal of his career. And all of a sudden here is being carted off. But in the second half of a sudden there it was back on the field leader backers to win. Got a checked those constraints we wanna do some further tests back can you you know lock Americans don't came back and his success felt like. You know I couldn't further injury at the time so stuck and I agreed I could go back and play. I did as no big deal. 18 of thirty for 286. After the knee injury after you get back in the second half seventeen to 2.3. 273. Yards in the second half Mike McCarthy. How did you not be impressed by your quarterback. There are equally remarkable. I just kept. Target in all product impairment if you have to go through that you know that half time frankly walking out funnel. And I was all prepared to go through strong so numbers subcommittees. Evaluation. With the medical stuff in the mushroom shape and ready to go on this before the school districts were so. I'll spend more time on this game understanding as part of our poll question today. You have to the highest paid players in this game last night Aaron Rodgers include a Mac and they both put on a show. And raiders fans I mean if you're raider fan you gotta be naught as the release on last night but luckily Mac it. That was a showed last night on some of that football that was detailed who has an Aaron Rodgers adding to his legend within epic comeback. More tests are scheduled today on the Green Bay quarterback you hope all is clear but. Seeing what you saw last night the second half when Aaron Rodgers goes into Cain and he will the first ballot. You will see highlights of Sunday Night Football. Odds to get into from week one including the giants the cowboys both losing yesterday we got the debut of some new quarterback in Minnesota I think you heard of them. We got a new quarterback in Kansas City. We get a wind that destroyed some survivor pools already and we have another one that almost did. It's gonna be a 43 yard field goal that beat the Steelers in overtime and Gonzales is right. Q what will snap snap was back pulled down kicked out a way a couple of the Steelers blocked they kick it never had a tough. Where. Brown's. Cleveland fans. Eyes full FOIA. I I was knowledge pool where I was hoping for if I was out of the lead and and regulation you had a chance that strip sack of Roethlisberger late in overtime I thought I was gonna happen Korea. I really thought it was gonna happen really did not know. However Cleveland then you can wake up this morning instilled in loose and his glasses always half full but yet the Cleveland Browns still win most since December 24. 2016. We have lots to talk about in the NFL this weekend. And there's a lot to clean up from week to doing college football history sixty to seventy win against we're very. Virginia Tech actually falls one's body in the AP top 25 hit ball back to number thirteen. I don't know how they drop the 62 not enough just to name put up seven. Here's Justin Fuente on the Hokies performance on Saturday coming off a short week of that win against Florida State I'm proud of. The fact that. We've we've built this ever since can't starters towards you opportunities. To meet practices for two games. Not just one on just one moment in and tragic inexperienced group and have them handle that the emotions of that. You know is sometimes challenging and our our conservative government. We'll be John. Two things cause nothing's ever perfect but two things part of the salukis win that. I would declare alarming. We'll talk to Mike barber he'll join us on the Hokies in the lot who's this lap sloppy night in Indiana. Sloppy game by Virginia and it cost him any game that he still had a chance to win in the end and is always in a Monday. And you do ten things I observed in the college football weekend my first. And ten. Right now. They have headlines snack who has morning edition on this Monday next. The numbers 3450910. To order act Wes fox sports 910. Beautiful question coming up. And of course looking ahead we had two more games still left on the week one docket of the NFL. But next the Redskins. Can't believe I'm gonna say this they start hot. In the desert and give in my thoughts and Hawpe went down. As the Redskins wake up this morning one and oh west mackerel fox sports 910. Loaded gave me you know indeed John Brennan and on the call on fox and I would say the Redskins are ready to go. All those questions about its dollars in pre season stabs the about it. That's Alex Smith did or did not having the pre season not play it would Jordan reed and Chris Thompson and pre season games. Yet they're just find there are ready to go. Unlike the previous four years of Jay gruden. Redskins start off one and oh will commit on this Monday morning phone number is 345. 0910. And the Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. The store has gone into this game really fourfold. And it is not only does game but it was just the general started the season and they were Wear the Redskins rate ago. Unlike other years they have been. Slop. Turnovers this to Bob relation. Ways to lose games now win games in week one where they're ready to go. It's been a point of emphasis is gone back to a few days. How would Alex Smith doing this offense was he ready ago Boeing get Adrian Peterson is all a big with the team for a couple weeks the only solve for eleven carries and their pre season game. What are don't get out of them. And the fourth question really was with the defense of lyme better the use the first round overall pick as two years on the defense of climate. Had improved. And your answers in short for those four questions or yep yep yep. That first app Jay gruden was an eight play calling zone. What he wanted to do what he wanted to see from his offense Alex Smith was executing. With just about every weapon he had. And I get more and Adrian Peterson here in a moment but Alex Smith seventeen at Swanee and a 171. Yards two touchdowns. Any dip by means that first that he used everybody. Jordan reed and really getting Jordan reed. On the first perception. It opens up so much. That Doug draws so much attention because you saw Jordan reed and then Adrian Peterson. And then Paul Richardson worked and Adrian Peterson had fourteen carries in the first half. There are questions about him getting eighteen to 28 game hit fourteen in the first half. But I thought the biggest. Problem for Arizona until the biggest issue yesterday for the cardinals defense was Kristiansen. The cardinals had no answer for Chris Johnson. Six receptions 63 yards 27 yards rushing that was the first that. Chris dobbs and ended up I believe 428. Yards of total offense for the game. Use all quickly so on that first at how badly. He was in this from that offense last year. You solve the difference of having Chris Thompson and Jordan reed in that offense and Greg Hoffman who would do and it's a little bit later on he wrote about this morning in his piece you wrote about the Jordan reed factor. And and when I said the jury factors really is right from the get go at first completion that just there's so much focus put on Jordan reed. Then you have Chris Thompson doing what he's doing eat you just eat can't account for everything. Especially when you're trying to cover Johnson with a linebacker. And you saw yesterday there were many times they just like Chris Thompson up in the backfield and line them up and shot go without Smith. And see him going to pass through. Total mismatch. You use so quickly yesterday you were quickly reminded what it's like to have these two in the offense and how much attention they create and there's just not enough to cover them both. That first that that the Redskins kept Arizona guessing and they were guessing wrong. At first that I wrote down these numbers because I know we get we get consumed their game was won in the first half. I know we get consumed by numbers but some of these numbers are just eye popping burst out Redskins ran 44 plays to Arizona's fourteen. Paid 22 minutes and 57 seconds in terms at time of possession goggles and seven minutes and three seconds. And I know sometimes time of possession can be a manipulated stat. In the case that first that it was not especially when you're keeping the ball in the hands of David Johnson. Redskins quarterly hide the ball. Alex Smith. Use the entire field. He went short he would admit it raged. And eight plays of ten yards that ended up it now was it eight plays of ten yards or more in the first half alone. Five of seven on third down. And the biggest out of a mall. Three for three in the red zone. It is amazing how amazing is it you've got a team they can finish in the red zone. The difference between one the does and one that does not. I thought about this. Big about that game yesterday it's been an issue with the team for years. Think about that game think about how that first half point. It was 21 nothing. Now imagine the tone that game of its nine nothing. Imagine a game late in all the sudden it's twelve to six and the cardinals get that big punt return set him up the scoring position. Red zone has been a bugaboo for years and by playing with so many weapons and and haven't Adrian Peterson there you saw the benefits. Now I don't know how good Arizona is going to be Arizona's got a lot of questions. And considering that offense that offense looked like it primed and ready and Josh Rosen and there as soon as possible and know he will not be the answer but. It's time it's time to start work in a new winners and but argument that a redskins' defense you had yesterday the Redskins defense both sides complementing each other. The defense got Arizona off the field Washington's offense stayed on the field. Washington's defense. Hopefully we'll be better this year. At the first sign of job and out and Iran pain plan together that is encouraging. And lower Matt I knives and and actually having some depth up front on the defensive line. Not that I'm expecting heirs are to be world beaters to got to start somewhere and see yesterday that. Make really Arizona one dimensional. David Johnson 27 yards in his first two runs in the NAFTA that. Pretty much quiet the rest the day. The especially at the last time Washington went out there zone and they just got run Russia. A defense is gonna improve and the dead the best thing you can do as an offense is stay on the field. Best thing to do is stay on the field put up touchdowns instead of field goals and when you defense comes in the rested and ready to go its basic football. And you saw the Redskins do that yesterday. Our question you gonna do this every Monday after the Redskins play pool gets you Burgundy and gold game ball. One game ball. You run immigrants walking out McDonnell. It pulls you over and says who should get the game ball. Gonna go in the locker room you've given that you get one yet well don't like. Three don't get near you get one who gets it. Alex Smith. Adrian Peterson 166. All purpose yards to go on top of the 96 that he got on the ground. Chris Dobson who I just gushed about and I can gush about war. As the redskins' defense that allowed a total of 213. Total yards and forced two turnovers. I ask you who gets that Burgundy and gold game ball it's brought to you by our friends that are really stubborn in the shops Innsbruck where football. Is happily back college football Saturday is the pros on Sundays they got the games that you want. Where in each group you have a TV you controlled the game you control the volume Hurley starter and as I was doing it. Try the wings is Darren in the shops at Innsbruck skins fans let us know who gets that bmg. Game ball the Burgundy and gold game ball let me know on Twitter west fox sports 910. We'll take your calls all morning long. And we'll get ia poll question next on week one surprises in the NFL fox sports 910. Open and get a kid is I know it's raining kids Jerry bit we got a football talk about. And coming up in ten minutes it takes a lot of sports weekend especially in September to get us away from football but something happened. This weekend that is worthy of a conversation. The we start with football welcome midwest Mac ruined by exports ninths and and the radio dot com that the app you can download for free and listen anytime anywhere. And you can take us with you along with the other great shows you off fox sports 910 including The Dan Patrick Show. We just put out to talk about the Redskins to open up the game Craig Hoffman will join us. From I guess an airplane is Susie lands on his way back and re not from the desert. Nutter and I guy. I did read out one Thomas who I would never do it again and and I did again I said what the league might think and I said I would never do it again never again. But I do I do hate gone cross country spending an entire damn plane so you can sleep on a plane more the merrier better too yeah. Craig often seen as he wakes up and gets off that plane he will join us to talk about the Redskins win. We got a couple things for you on this Monday. Always like to get your winner and your worst the weekend. Our new segment every Monday or every day. After Redskins win or loss is still wanna ask. Who gets the B&G game ball the Burgundy and gold game ball you can nominate you are. One redskin you get one game ball they'll be greedy you get one you gotta hand it out who gets it. 3450910. And our poll question Danny in work in this morning Danny we got. There got here we go the biggest surprise that she saw this past Sunday with the NFL kicking off here or your four choices. Was an air Roger's return went down early in the game. I definitely didn't think he was coming back I was wallowing a little bit he's not fantasy football quarterback we can get into that later. Tampa Bay over New Orleans yet issued at the superdome. Is it the chiefs and Patrick Holmes he comes out they dominate the chargers although LA make an at a game late and then. The Washington Redskins aging Peterson 96 yards 26 years which of those four. Most surprising on Sunday most surprise. Let's go one by 11 of all the fact that Aaron Rodgers did come back. There's a lot of people just turn on bag game it was 21 he did nothing and the bears you want to about first impressions the bears were absolutely dominating Khalil Mac. If we can look it up to Leo Mac had a sack. Forced fumble fumble recovery. And a touchdown interception for a touchdown. That's it that was on the first task. There there was no sign and then he saw the shown Kaiser and look I think we also enough to Sean Kaiser in Cleveland to note that even if he was in Green Bay life was not going to get much better. But it was twenty enough then. You got Aaron Rodgers being carted off into the locker room. Dude comes back and leads them now I have my reservations on vegan is is the best idea his game fell out of reach it looked out of reach and you bring. Aaron Rodgers back the debt. That's why he's in the argument for the go. That's why he's in the argument for greatest of all time because he's capable of doing that. And the doctor said Kennard anymore. And it will we'll see we can dig it up four year. Air writers give a great speech about that's what's got to be different that you. Everybody's got to be accountable if you willing to go you're able to go and he said he just couldn't live with himself being over there knowing hey. I can't be heard anymore. I can move so my eyes will be out there and they said when I ran through the tunnel. After your run out to win the whole thing. With three touchdowns in the fourth quarter the fact you actually saw him come back I mean that. They got carted off and I know that there's the long standing there's the running joke that Albert pains worth around here being carted off and coming back like. You thought out or Haines was leg fell off then all of a sudden he's back on the sideline. But to see Aaron Rodgers yesterday to see him and it is what is scary when a guy goes down. But it's also scary when a guy goes up and then goes back down. That was a big surprise and it was a heck of a comeback. Option to. This one did a lot of people in their survivable. How happy how much you people love me now that a football in general and it's about a pool. Because yesterday Lotta people to do merits. Having the New Orleans Saints because that was the number one Adam all of our survivor pulled brought to buy diamonds wreck that was the most popular pick of the weekend. The saints over the Buccaneers. And the Buccaneers Ryan fits magic. What do you know with yesterday for touchdown passes. I don't believe so that score. With my daughter's first birthday party in my gum run around the Pittsburgh Cleveland game law and look at us. Is that graphic type no. Are not saints have some serious. Defense and issues to work for a and they go down 4840. Was option number three I heard of him before his agent Peterson 96 Carrey's undersea 66 total yards offense option number three is the chiefs and Patrick Holmes former state put I Joe's run wild as well three touchdowns for him Patrick Holmes with. What three or four yesterday. But that one. Cal wondered with the cheese would have this year with Patrick knows that out Smith go home and go to Washington we knew his time was short out there but what you bring an end would you bring in England as weapons. And some questions a lot of questions about their defense come and with the chargers. Sixty Super Bowl pick by a lot of people and they did make you come back. But Kansas City yesterday a lot of firepower big road win. Homes for touchdown passes fifteen point seven not a panic. And you saw him utilize his weapons we saw out Smith in Washington crazy not yesterday not not that I wanna start doing. Your girlfriend and your new boyfriend I don't start doing that at least not yet but Kirk cousins Alex Smith and Patrick Holmes all on the team's all getting. A week one win in their debuts. I'll think about that the the air and rod is one it's tough to top. But once again gaining most surprising part of Sunday for week one. We forget the last choice as well well Adrian Peterson I I wax about him politically I will do again. But what he did yesterday I need to know what to get major Peterson and the fact of what I saw. Yesterday the fact that SO 26 carries and dig gruden was joke around about forty carries on on Friday. Near like you got fourteen carries halftime. All lower surprises yesterday I would say mostly pleasant surprises but to some on the other side not so much. But digger that's your poll question brought to buy call federal. The most surprising part of Sunday a week one Erin Rogers come back. Actually coming back in the leading the Packers back. Would it be Kansas City over the chargers. Adrian Peterson's debut with the Redskins or would be to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Ending the life with some people are survivable dreams and knocking off the saints my saints my suitable pay. We'll put up by exports Richmond dot com you can also answer the poll question at west fox sports 910. We'll take your answers we'll take you votes we will take you Burgundy and gold game ball. And the top of the hour we'll dive back into the NFL but I guess at a couple minutes ago something had to be pretty dog bit. Pretty darn messed up take us away from talking about the NFL after week one. And we saw it on Saturday. Talk about it next on fox sports 910. To. Create Dez Bryant is still waiting. We'll get today is a Levy on bell both on Twitter this weekend watching there. Former and current teams. We're on Twitter at west fox sports 910. And that's where you can find people question royalty by call federal. Who has these Sunday's surprise of week one Adrian Peterson and his Redskins debut. Would it be V cheat sheets over the chargers. Aaron Rodgers in his comeback for. The Buccaneers over the saints go vote at fox sports Richmond dot com or on Twitter at west fox sports 910. Brought to you by Richmond a lot of company. Where is back to school time and that means getting in or getting out of your routine. How would like a window into your home with a Smart home security system you can keep an islander kids you can keep it around your home when you're not there. It's more on security like electronic door locked video doorbell. It's available to Richmond alarm company protecting families for over seven years including my home. That would be Richmond alarm dot com safe Smart connected. It would get to cal football Mike Barbour the times this back to join us 735. Game outburst in ten from college football over the weekend might and observations. As I teased before the break it takes not on a Monday September to top. Nothing football. To go to segment I got even though we may night and that baseball today at eight and honestly I don't know what happened in baseball this weekend. I it was a big Astros Red Sox series other than that I don't know. I was all about football. But Saturday afternoon driving home from Blacksburg in the rain not bones start to blow up. I'm getting alerts. I'm getting text from people and I do not text and drive but I'm seeing is a gallon in my carnal pop up on screen via text message and I'm getting. Are you watching this are you seeing this and I'm going. Hot. And this. Would be Serena Williams in the US women's final. I don't cheat to win. That is Serena Williams thought into the chair umpire at the US open final for the women on Saturday. A lot of opinions have been a lot of size and a lot of thoughts on this. And many are said over the weekend that it was over the line by Serena Williams. Others have gone after that judge after the chair umpire for bias in rejecting himself into the match and Serena Williams putting an out there. About sexism about gender equality. And how things are judged in tennis. I've basically boiled this down Saturday to two questions. And out there right now my tennis knowledge is limited my tennis expertise is nine Newt so if you are diehard tennis fan I would love for your input on this one. But after watching that Saturday and I don't know I can make it short sweet to the point but it basically buckles down to two questions one being with Serena Williams. Treated differently then a man. Was she treated differently that a man would have been treated for doing exactly what she was doing and saying. And it's so. Watch. Once again my tennis knowledge it is limited. But having watched eventually getting home and and watching not in the moments I couldn't experience and I couldn't get the raw emotion from it. But having watched what went down Saturday night. If you think Serena is behavior was wrong the other night if you think that she went overboard I will greet you yes. She is she could not let it go in sports must but you gotta let it go you gotta move on the next play. Serena Williams lost focus she got out the moment she would not let go over anger for the chair umpire she couldn't shake it. And eight at. And it kept eating better. I will also say this. And I think this is the point there was miss by many in his conversation. Is that you can believe that her behavior was wrong. Yet still believe that there's a double standard for women. But those thoughts are not mutually exclusive. Serena talking to the umpire calling him a thief I watch very little tennis I can tell you I've heard far far worse for men. It's usually think about this usually it's a highlight. When it broke back at tennis highlight a sports center and do his upset and he starts bleep in the chair umpire he usually makes the highlight real. And what happens to that guy. Hence the the phrases keywords that phrase that guy what happens nine. It's usually a man ripping a raft with words you can't say on TV. And he gets knocked Serena if he she goes good chair umpire Dave and that's the last straw. Now the accusation cheating. From what I read it happens a lot more intense than we know a tennis fan would that tell me how common it is. But it sounds Laker coach got nabbed giving her signs. Got a warning and warnings usually are not issued for this her second parent company smashing the racquet yet she earned that one. That that one's going get you proud. But the last one calling him a thief. Not a good look for Serena. And it was cumulative. She was working on that rep she won stop. But we've heard far far worse. And to take an entire game Serena Williams on a crucial second set in Grand Slam final. That there was no attempt to defuse the situation and Patrick McEnroe I saw him on Good Morning America yesterday he said he agreed. That about the gender bias Akron accusation he said that chair umpire who is a man when his demand. When he said it was Nadal or Federer. He said that chair umpire what is said to those do look you guys got a jail you guys gonna I think his words were piped down. Yep like daddy gotta be quiet you got to violations you know what happens on the next one like you'll see a chair umpire defuse the situation if over those two in that set. You didn't have that Saturday night. That chair umpire never try to defuse. Serene a Serena we don't buy this. We dub others in basketball. Stature who you are you get favorable calls Serena is golf what. On the grace Byron sport and I don't get a Lee UN I don't get what the greatest men's players get even average ones get. Where I think Serena failed on Saturday is acting she brings up a great point. Just I mean she brings up an accurate point. I think she brings up a point that a lot of male tennis players got her back on this weekend said yes she's exactly right leg. Look I was James Blake said look man I used every word in the dictionary and didn't get docked anything. She is brought up in bad fashion. She brought it up in the wrong for. Our emotions. Got the best ever and it Ulster. And were I think Serena relatives who I think I think she brings up a great point. The year champion regroup. Channel that anger go away and then take the press conference stage. And say hey here is what's wrong on the floor not the time not the form. Her behavior was wrong but she was right. The message gets lost when you have to debate who who looks worse. And what you really have to feel bad Boras this Naomi is Duca who clearly outplayed Serena she blunders and her mom was completely overshadowed I genuinely. Don't know anything about this girl but I generally felt bad for her on Saturday. Maybe that factors into your worst of the week and you can give me your winner you're worst in the weekend and if you tweeting over at west fox sports 910. You'll be in the running for a pair of tickets to the federated auto parts 400 at the Saturday night race on September 22. At Richmond raceway send over your weather center of your worse. An answer our poll question ought can be found on Twitter at let's fox sports 910. And fox sports Richmond dot com.