Wes McElroy - Hour 1 - Guest Host Danny Nokes (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
Danny Nokes fills in for Wes and recaps the Redskins second preseason game in the first hour.

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Make some noise. Okay. His last McIlroy. Yeah fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot com. On the show at 34509. Tad boring you know last at fox sports Richmond. Dot com here yes he is the man last smack overall you. Good morning Rick Smith what's happening wake up your student into Richmond sports station fox sports and I exam and my name is Danny knows delighted to be here with you Phil and in once again for my good friend last McIlroy. And however you might be listening today be it on your AM FM dial or via the radio dot com maps. Thanks so much for joining us on this wonderful Friday morning. August 17. 2008. Seed by producer back in Richmond is demanded the legend Paul TV off well. That's Paul standing by theory has on the fox sports updates. Happy Friday everybody great to be back on the air in Richmond with you it's been about a year since the first time we did this dance together. And I remember well it was an early August morning the first time whiskey need to keys to the Cadillac and I got to host the show. They haven't told me to shut up yet so we're just gonna keep things rolling if you all don't mind but door today's. List of guests is gonna make you feel. A whole lot better if you miss in west. Here's what we got going on today people rich handler Redskins blogger for NBC sports Washington dot com and real Redskins dot com is gonna get things go force. Now about 745. This morning Redskins victorious of the New York Jets fifteen to thirteen last night NFL pre season action game Q. For each of those franchises. A rock fight. But what's worse in the pre season then. A rock fight where there's zero touchdowns scored. By the Washington Redskins and you gotta sit there figure out who's going to be on the field for the long term who's gonna make that 53 man roster. Not it's the most exciting game but plenty of takeaways nonetheless we're gonna talk a lot of NFL today but. A lot of Redskins reached handler. The first of our guests to talk about the Washington football team. At 7:45. This morning we will also be chatting with Michael Phillips at the Richmond times dispatch the sports editor. And at times dispatched at 820. So really it's the last hour and fifteen minutes of the show where we're going to be particularly busy but. With Phillips also talking Washington Redskins he was in attendance land over Maryland last night FedEx Field. The jets and the Redskins getting together for. Some pre season action hopefully he left pretty early to get to that game where you were not going to make it on time considering. Tent like traffic was backed up for miles and miles and miles. Five hours out from decade and a share any of you listening out there you've ever had ventured out to FedEx Field for. A game maybe you've lived up there before may be gone up there for. College game Virginia Tech Maryland whoever. It's never fun and I can't believe they haven't done thing about that just yet. We're also chatting with party of the Richmond flying squirrels at 845 he's gonna wrap things that preview. The weekend at that diamond award this squirrels. Stick around for that always agree conversation with party. If you guys would like to get involved today we would be delighted to hear from you can hit me up on Twitter. I'm acts gaining no she can also call the DeDe Mercer rug cleaning hotline. That number 45. At 0910. I want to welcome in my co host and my awesome producer. Paul Levy Paul always a pleasure will begin to sync up brother always feels like it's been a long time since last time we did this to you know. Nat and I hadn't realized until you just said that'd been a year was since you first filled in for Wes it it's hard to believe it's actually been a year I'm out I. I I have to completely agree with you too because. I feel a lot different today than I did this time last year and and to see that I remember. I was very nervous the first time I did this you know I wasn't sure I'm still not really sure how many people out there listening quickly due in joy when I affiliated. For Wes but what I do you remember most about the first time that I did this show was. How late I was up the night before and how early obviously you have to be up to do this show. It was a Pulaski yankees game and I'm not calling games for pure last year anymore by its it was a game that. There was a rain delay and we got finished after midnight I believe I got home. Around 1230 or wine and after calling a baseball game it's not as though I can really kept the rap ready for the show. Why you're trying to call nine innings of baseball so. And get home around Warren do work for an hour and a half maybe two hours and I think there may be I got one hour of sleep before the first time I did they show right and on about five hours this time Paul feel good that the adage that's actually the average. Normally for for doing this the show at this time. So you're on the right track it's not bad at all man I'm not complaining today especially. When we've got so much National Football League to talk even if that is the pre season right. I love NFL football in the pre season although the games themselves not really very exciting at all it's just great that we've got football back. And it is still valuable to watch some of these games especially your Washington Redskins fan who's gonna make that 53 man roster. They're all sorts of guys just battling for job battling for their NFL livelihoods. To see if they can latch on with the team here. For the rest of the season. And I said that we're going to be talking plenty of Redskins today we certainly will border to get into the other two games that were played last night in the NFL. We had a rematch of Super Bowl 52 between the Philadelphia Eagles and at New England Patriots. Interested to hear what Paul had to say about that. Also Pittsburg at Green Bay. As we were discussing before we went on the air today Pauly reminded me that the Steelers in the Packers is actually also. A Super Bowl rematch from quite frequently that was a pretty good game calling. There was odd bag came and did I think it. I don't know why armor that score over us 3125. That was rogers' first and only Super Bowl that was a very fun game to watch and bomb watching last night it was sort of don't most elegant is sort of an under appreciated storyline that Aaron Rodgers was returning to the field for the first time since injuring getting hurt last season with a collar bone. I'm an it felt like more the focus was on Sam Arnold starting for the jets than the Super Bowl 52 rematch but. Henry Aaron Rodgers. Returning from injury is huge not just for his team a further the balance of power in the NF CM one to see what he looked like in his first action in. Quite some time not to mention his first action that is due weapon Jimmy Graham made a great first impression last night. Fisher did Jimmy Graham catching a touchdown that seems to me it's going to be a very scary. Scary red zone. Combination and there. Yeah I would of said the same thing though for Jamie Graham Russell Wilson you know especially with Wilson's ability it is deep pocket keep plays alive. We'll see because Jimmy Graham hasn't quite been in the same tight end since he left New Orleans by now. Judging by the start as Paula mentioned there a touchdown pass that he caught from Aaron Rodgers last night. Not bad no place to go now and and for the Seahawks you know when he played in Seattle I think that. Green Bay is a much better offense for his skill set in Seattle when he started there. They wanted to use him more as a blocker and getting out for their their rushing attack as you know Seattle they're sort of run first on at least they were when Jimmy Graham got there. And they wanted to use him more as a blocker and they realize that we're not using this guy right felt like last year they finally figured out that. He's just a gigantic receiver like that's what he is that's where you need to use them in Green Bay I don't think they're gonna. Even mess around this is just going to be you don't even really need to block just go out there get open and catch the ball so I think is a better fit for Jimmy Graham and of course. Yes Russell Wilson won the elite quarterbacks in the NFL but Aaron Rodgers. Very prolific keeping the play alive himself and one of the most talented I've ever seen play of the game. If. We just circle back to Jimmy Graham broke what's he just does a tight end he's one of many guys in the NFL did have that college basketball body having played. Some college basketball god and go up. Catch a ball high point it bring it down in the end zone and again as Pauly said. They're gonna count more and I would hope that they're going to count more on him. To catch passes verses blocking because it's just more what he's sued for although the NFL you pretty much have to be able to do anything yet via. Versatile player pretty much every position. So we'll talk about the gained from last night it will focus on the Washington Redskins for decent pay that today show is well but I also want to look ahead to some of the games that we've got going on tonight. In this weekend you've got the bills and the browns playing tonight in Cleveland Tyrod Taylor going up against his former team. It's of course going to be the third episode of hard knocks right now I'm sure all you guys out there or at least some of you watch hard knocks on HBO. I do actually love that show and our look at some of the story lines that. Were coming out of the second episode going into the third episode what we could expect next week. It's actually a really fascinating team I love that depicted. Follow the Cleveland Browns around during training camp but they've got a lot of relief instinct characters. Dorsey the general manager he's made a lot of moves this off season to trying position them to. At least what do opal came right not go low in sixteen and I think they're gonna do just that considering they won a they're first pre season game against the New York Giants last week. So some other matchups that will get into the NFL pre season tonight some other NFL story lines. Jalen Ramsey's comments in the GQ article. That the whole thing is actually really entertaining to me you know an app I spent some time criticizing team and Ramsey for the way he went at a reporter on Twitter. I had a problem with that I actually don't have a problem with him calling out literally. Every single quarterback in the league I suppose calling out isn't the right phrase to use but he had some faults. On every single quarterback. Across the NFL I would love to get into that discussion. But we've also got some Major League Baseball beat today because Marlins Jose you Rina has been handed his suspension was it enough. I know less McIlroy is not gonna think so that's a topic of conversation that's hot across the country today and one that we would definitely spend it. A decent amount of time on it speech to an Al east teams which speaking of the National League east the Washington Nationals. Now. They are still bad as far as I can spark here here lies the 28 T Washington Nationals but win last night we can at least take a look. At where they stand a couple of weeks out from September beginning it does seem like the clock is already struck midnight. On the Nazis and however harper with a big game last night will he end up staying. It's conversation we can have a little bit later on as well yes he'll plead also handed down a suspension member there was another brawl. A couple of nights before we saw Miami in Atlantic LID you had. The Dodgers and the giants in all late night fiasco. That was a lot of fun as well. We did some college football Virginia attack there a coach Justin Fuente. Officially naming Josh Jackson the starting quarterback yesterday but. Really it would have been more surprised. If Jackson wasn't. Named the starting quarterback so. I've just got some thoughts there on the offense as they continue to kind of work toward improving. The running game. Well some of those receivers that have been under coach twenty's tutelage now for a couple years spent in his system start to develop will they start to make plays. I'm really fascinated by that I think Virginia Tech despite all the attrition this year. He's going to have at least a decent season that they were voted to finish second eighty ACC coastal and ACC kick off this year actually think that. I could be. A little bit high for them like it's the team like George tech maybe sneak in accord them. Or. Hey even a team like duke could surprise some people because Dana Jones Rubin quarterback. Had kind of a down year last year David cut cliff is one heck of a coach I think he's gonna have that team red plane ready for some redemption. I still think tech has got eight wins on that schedule it's just about finding him a lot of 5050 games with a young team that they're gonna be taken to some pretty difficult places to play. Here's what all do though we'll step aside it will take our first break we'll come back. It starts at died Vince all this NFL pre season action starting at. With the Redskins and the jets from last night a win for Washington you're listening to Richmond sports station. I exports 910. On this Friday morning August 17 2000. Any and Westpac for an fox sports night and the we're glad you guys can make it today for talks of National Football League is we've set the stage for the show however I will remind you. Our interview schedule for today rich Taylor Redskins blogger for NBC sports Washington back common real rats can stack on its 745. Michael Phillips sports editor the Richmond times dispatch at eight when he and then our board port Richmond flying squirrels. He's gonna join us at 845 as we preview the weekend in Richmond Pauly let's head Q. The National Football League partner would start to peel back the layers. Of last night's game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Jets. Despite the fact that this was an incredibly boring. Football game in that shouldn't really be surprised what's pre season game. The Redskins don't exactly have an electric offense the jets shores tacked on have a electric offense that's part of the reason that they. Not only drafted Sam Arnold this year but. Also acquired Teddy Bridgewater. In the offseason so here were some of the story lines going into. Last night's game. This was a culmination of a very contentious. Week of practice between the Redskins and the jets and I would be remiss. If I did not bring up that video that surfaced it was on national television a football on good morning football and NFL network every now and then they're using this footage it. Wouldn't be able to credit exactly who shot this footage but when there was. The scuffle near this hotline between the jets at the Redskins earlier this week. Of course it was our good friend Wes Mac or that was darting. To the picture. What Polly he sure did look concerned about getting run over by a Trent Williams bees swarmed by a number of New York Jets that we're trying to beat the crap I don't wanna. This delayed reaction legacy of this piles coming towards a what's actually going right towards me in any detail of everything at once scamper out of the way. It's really and then I forget who also is is right behind it but they're both talent all ocean we gotta we gotta move out of the way here. Exactly well I was also you're got you your boy Craig Kauffman from 167 the fan I think that had actually a little more gracefully got out of the picture than west anticipation. Craig didn't exit Greg Craig had very -- actually Craig on yesterday and that's exactly what he simply just sort of anticipated like album does this blue this group of very large individuals is moving towards me pretty fast sums Conosoga. You ease on over this way. Let's give some who have sway an equitable when you're on the football field when another football field exactly definitely if you're down on the field. On the sideline. In training camp. It seems like whether it's the Redskins and jets for any of the teams that have decided to link up and practiced together it happens every single year. They always hit the fights and the Redskins specifically always end up getting into a fight whoever they do a joint practice where. We are member of the hard knocks I think for 2015 with Houston Texans. And those two teams got into it when Washington and Houston we're going up against one another remember the Andrei Hopkins snapping DeAngelo hall's ankles literally. Yeah let's let's not go back there because it's a new season for Washington and win last night 1513. We mentioned the culmination of a contentious week of practice last night also our first look. Alex Smith in a Redskins uniform officially. Is he was this the first game just didn't actually play Alex Smith for 648 yards on one drive. He had a throw to Josh dioxin in the end zone on third down ended up getting knocked away. But that pass a little bit behind the receiver I think he could have been in a better spot. Especially with a guy like dioxin throw that ball a little bit higher it didn't really seem like a play where he was gonna get cleaned out over the middle. I think it definitely could have been a better throw orthodox in. I think he's a guy that also needs to be a little bit more physical. You gotta make some of those spectacular catches especially when your former first round pick that's what they expected view Jackson's been a disappointment so far. Really hope that he turns into. At least a consistent contributor. Here this season this was also Pauly the first time it we got to hear a new play by play man for Monday Night Football it to the test of torque. And his new color commentator Jason Witten. In the Booth together not to mention you had bugger McFarland adding commentary. Uninteresting crane like structure. What did you think of the broadcast Paula did you like tests and Witten in the Booth they ate it seemed like they were a little bit rough around the edges you can kinda tell that it was their first game yeah. I did like it fell as much as its pains me to say Jason Witten can make an excellent analyst I think he has a lot of raw ability and I I didn't even realize this until. We you know they did the cut away to the Buddha help yet they go other Asian nude Asian new crewing. Yeah I don't they sounded really good I thought Jason Witten had a lot of really good insights to bring I thought his presentation was. Was really good now I think given time. Hit he'll turn into a very very good analyst as much as it annoys me that any it's all you have to do is play for the Dallas Cowboys and retire and boom you're an analyst. But Jason Witten very very good. I enjoy and test door I think the mud and Opel Booker is going to be good Booker McFarland says but he did a good job the crane being was. Did you that was interesting about that was kind of a cool. Vantage point as you know Monday Night Football not what it used to be so I think damned changing some things up tweaking a few things on the broadcast trying to. Give people little bit more interest stayed in and Monday Night Football again. So a couple of things here I really enjoyed your tacit tore I've loved listening to and call college football over the last time of years. I think his energies fantastic. I believe we listened to him called the Alabama Clemson game this past year the college football playoff game a year three. That those two teams of Mets in a college football playoff game but this being the only one that was not a national championship. I think that test or does a fantastic to have. And the what you make about Jason Witten. I guess now Witten being the newest guy. Already had Tony Romo in the Booth Troy Aikman was in the Booth. Daryl moose Johnston is in the Booth calling games and National Football League somewhere as well that's for former Dallas Cowboys polio on script there's a few more than I'm forgetting right. Alia. Absolutely and and Witten. You know we had Tony Romo when he did his first game. Last season you use or like at little kid it like for the first time he was all excited analysts energy wouldn't. Was excited you could tell how much she loves the game and it was more it was little more dial back. You like the use enjoy but it wasn't as he Downey's Tony Romo was but I. I did like getting yeah I'm I'm a big fan I just does it's why I think he's an underrated play by play guy. I I don't want that arrest Rosh comic guy under the bus but I do prefer him to shall make and I think Sean McDonough better suited for college football specifically but I think has to oral. Will be good in the NFL. I agree with you I absolutely agree with you although I also like McDonough I act I. Ever Virginia Tech fan is likely going to have a couple of different Sean McDonough stories he gets a lot of the college football not as much anymore but. He's got some college basketball games as of recently and in the mid 2000 even the early two thousands he used to call these have been packed games he was there at the Virginia Tech Nebraska game in which Tyrod Taylor. Through those one pastor Danny Cole on the sideline and then. He found Daryl Roberts in the end zone for the game winning touchdown as well that was that was a lot of fun but did they you you're comparing Jason Witten and Tony Romo there. Paul Lee let's give one to treat Tony Roma's a dork I mean. The guy has all week you know easy can easily geek but he's always just been a goober you know you eat talks it what he used to go up and addressed the media. And very nice guy but he's just. Our he needs he's kind of an awe shucks sort of guy. Com you know happily do Italy sort of guy like Flanders I think from the Simpsons. In and certainly translated the broadcast Booth when you hear some of the explanations I guess you could call when it's a close. Player dollar down and this is you know is there they're tight sound bite from now might yak and I think you I get the nail on the head right there it's it's kind of like. And Witten is more. I anymore the consummate professional not senate Tony Romo exam but it's just more of that is the different personalities and Tony Romo to his credit may work for him. Play it was different it was unique innate eight captain at Venus at first. Until we got about them overseas right. US but it but I think he made that work for him because hey this is something different it's unique and acting we have we can appreciate that. As well as football fans watching the broadcast. Yeah and I. I think he needs to dial back that three died at the pre play diagnosis sometimes. It if you noticed something at the line of scrimmage where he sees you know I linebacker. Comes up to align tap the defense event on the shoulder. And say hey he's he's taken the points here watch he's gonna drop in the coverage and then boom he does it or he doesn't do EE I think there's a certain. Amounts of that. They can be useful for broadcast but at the same time he was doing it for almost every single play. It some of those games last year blasting I'll say to him about that broadcast crew and end the the way that the broadcast work last night as. I really thought the bugger McFarland idea it was cool 'cause. I think we'll McFarland is good like Paulie said a couple of minutes ago but. The crane like structure he was on whatever I would love to watch a game from that vantage point right I mean who would've signed me up. I wonder you know how much they're gonna use that going forward. The rest of the season Paulie how much how how how how often will they throw it to. Bogut MacFarlane in that perspective I would also like to hear what some of the other people I'd say about that. Yes and I like it's Khaled what the NFL did last year Thursday affable doing the the sky cam with a quarterback sit behind him and look at from his vantage point of just one of those angles where. A cat don't watch the whole team from it. But every now and then or if you're shown me a replay from that advantage from that vantage point. That's really cool we is now I can see with the quarterback is seeing mean not exactly because he's not up that high eight. But it was something a little bit different and kept me interested. Yeah. I completely agree with the idol I thought it was cool and I think it's something that he is against that when he used. Down the road here but let's take a quick break we'll come back. Will be to some more thoughts on the Redskins jets game and then we'll move on to some of those other NFL pre season games. They were played last night Paul Lee and west is Eagles in action and the reacts to book 52. Not going quite the way Philly would have hoped all though. I'm sure Eagles fans would take the first win vs the second win at least over the past couple months you're listening to fox sports 910. Yeah. Did you go to central west and act Gloria on this Friday morning. It's August 17 2018. The light to be here with you we got a great show going on right now in the I head for the next two and a half hours. You great gas rich Taylor. To be joining us to talk Redskins at 745 Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch eighth when he same topic with. Phillips. And then porn either Richmond flying squirrels will join us at 845. If we jump back to the Redskins jets game and if you'd like to call in on the had been Mercer rug cleaning up on you can certainly do so. That number is 3450910. Always going to be answered your calls back in Richmond on down here in southwest Virginia today you can also tweet at me at gaining oaks if you'd like to get in touch. That way. A 1513 win for Washington last night the now one of one. In the pre season. Not really a whole lot to speak of from the Washington Redskins side of things. So my JP Bryan actually was injured on me. One hard. Doesn't seem to the end there doesn't seem like it's gonna be anything particularly serious for him but. With Washington already without Darius guys they're not exactly going to be stocked up. At the running back position your have a bankers Thompson it's coming off the significant injury from a season ago. Their discredit trying to keep the pieces together there. Not to mention. Outside if you looked the wide receivers the skins despite having paid quite a bit of attention to. The wide receiver position over the last 56 years. And they haven't exactly gotten consistent production. From anybody outside of Pierre gar song and he's long gone at this point so. We saw some camps Sam's last night we saw very limited action outside of anybody else Paul Richardson. Call one of his first ball is as they've redskin as well. I'm not really impressed with anybody in the Washington Redskins receiving corps I'm really gonna have to see a lot from that unit. Before I start to have really any positive. Feedback on what Washington could end up doing this season because Alex Smith. Looked pretty average to me last night not bad don't get me wrong did not look bad at all. But this is a guide that. You know the pain a lot of money they. Gave up a lot for guy and Kendall Fuller that we use is is continuing to be one of the rising stars at the quarterback position. And it's always been a question about whether and or who is going who's gonna catch the pass is thrown. By Alex may sell more on the defense aside the ball is where I think you saw some encouragement. Tim saddle a Virginia Tech products and a guy that's been making some noise here throughout training camp had another pretty good game he was player of the game. The redskins' first pre season matchup against New England game that. The skins lost although settle only one tackle last night he deflected a pass batted at the line of scrimmage as a matter of fact and if you don't know anything about ten settle he's a big guy. In his weight was north of 350 pounds at one point not quite that heavy anymore at least. You can't be when you play in the National Football League if you're gonna contribute on a consistent basis but he's really done well to not only. I wanna sit sure up a roster spot but it seems like they're gonna make some room for an they could use depth on the defensive line. You pair him with guys like. John now into Iran pain the past pressures on the outside Preston Smith Ryan Kerrigan. Actually seem to have a pretty well rounded. Front seven. So I'd like to settle on what he's done not to mention last night you also saw sack from. Paint. Iran pain injured in the first couple of days of training camp he since returned and made an impact last night he was Russian passer we mentioned the sack. But he was out there playing alongside. Former Alabama teammate John Allen. If those two guys can stay healthy together along with a majority of the rest of the defense of wine I think Washington's actually going to be in a pretty good spot. Defensively. However. In the secondary. That's where things could maybe get a little bit. More Dicey and I love Norman I think the days where injures also really talented guy. But I'd add think you need to find some some depth there at the quarterback position. And a guy like Greg Truman another Virginia Tech product he's been doing his best at trying to earn a roster spot couple more tackles him last night. Troy Jackie with an interception as well I think though most people were interested in the debut of the number three overall pick Sam Arnold. Donald not looking bad last night eight of 1162 yards didn't throw a touchdown he did throw a pick he was sacked twice. But he didn't throw that interception until the very end of his debut. Had a couple nice throws not anything overwhelming B knew that they were gonna keep him in the game. For very long but if you will remembered Arnold was one of the two. Final first round picks that were yet to be signed as of a couple of weeks ago entering training camp Arnold ended up getting signed first but it was he in broke once meant. The eighth overall pick for the Chicago Bears that. We're trying to sure up the finer points of their contracts despite there being a slot value with and which pretty much man. You're gonna get the same amount of money no matter what it just all has to do with the guarantees. To startled not really looking very bad for Jackie had that. Interception it was another ball that was deflected the line of scrimmage so I think pretty obviously one of the first observations have about our relatives. He's gonna have to be able to avoid having his passes batted down. At the ones commit to that happened a couple of times to him last night. We gotta get to a break though 1513 final score not a ton to take away from last night's win for Washington over New York we will set that topic is side. For now however we revisited. A little bit later on in the show and we can look at some more. NFL games some final score from last night look ahead to. Some of the games that we've got going on the rest of this weekend as well to keep watching listening to fox sports 910. Oh yeah. I don't like our 1 on this Friday morning fox sports 910 gaining oaks in for west Mac O ruling. Are accused where things are really gonna start to get growing to be the back end of the second hour we chat with rich Taylor Redskins blogger NBC sports Washington that come real Redskins dot com. 745. Scheduled for an interview Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch eight when he. And then porn from the Richmond flying squirrels at 845. Got a little over six minutes here in this final segment to wrap up the first hour we've been talking. NFL pre season action spent a decent at a time on the Redskins. And that. The New York Jets however now I wanna move on to that rematch between the Eagles in the patriots a rematch of super bull 52. The game last night took place seen. New England but the difference and it was Philadelphia. That wise trolling. In New England Patriots leading up to the game and even during the game it sounded like the game itself very meaningless at the pre season game it really has I mean it absolutely has no bearing on. But the rest of the season it's gonna hold the game doesn't matter. And Philadelphia is still your defending Super Bowl champions. However. Paul did you see the Eagles fans that bought the billboard not far from Gillette Stadium. Essentially the bragging to the patriots about basketball and I'm most certainly did I also happen to see that somebody. I think what they spent over a thousand dollars to have a airplane fly with a banner over the stadium and the score on it as well so patrolling was in. Was in top form last night for Eagles fans. It was and I wanna know how you kind of feel about that role and she beak. See you know eight Super Bowl champs. And got nothing to say. They're the champions they earned it no doubt about that but. You're common it. You comment that the patriots you know they are five times Super Bowl champions they beat Philadelphia to Super Bowl before it was but not this one but as this one that's that's. Senators it was the most recent one that's have file with a plus. It adds a little bit. Something action when you beat the patriots because their five time Super Bowl champs because it's Tom Brady because it's Bill Belichick because it's the the evil empire in New England it. It just felt a little bit more sweet. Because you did it to Tom Brady because she did to the pay teachers self. I'll file it and look Philly has never won that the suitable for so fur Phillip Phillip Eagles fans we are milking this. For as much as it is worth for as long as we possibly can't we will hold this over patriot fans it self I I was finally and it's a pre seizing game. Brady looks great yeah yeah I agree whatever that Eagles didn't look great on offense. It's a pre season game. You know will win or lose it doesn't matter the patriots won last night Haiti didn't win when it mattered in February so that's all we you know as Eagles fans that's week. Come back to. And that's fair like I said I got on the I would like so I'm not a I'm not normally a person who likes control people like I certainly would not at my time and money into buying a billboard stuff like that but I respect the effort of other people for doing. I think that's a fair assessment final score last night New England 37 Philadelphia's port but again the final score relieved that nothing. It didn't matter. But. You know I was a B I don't really care too much about the trolling you'll hear my thoughts on all this Jalen Ramsey stuff here. In the second hour in it it doesn't really make me mad because it's just one of those things where. You're kind of just stoking the fires in its. It's just kinda played full and it doesn't it it's it's not harmful or anything like that out I think it there is an element of humor. No doubt I just think it's funny new England's got five super balls Philly getting there first. That's that's what I would go back to if if I were Pakistan about it but I'm not so they. Sure did look good with Tom Brady running the show last 990 to the when he sixty touchdowns Brady did look like you mr. stat but. Another story line from this Paulie was the reuniting of Tom Brady nick foale's. And be snubbed post super boy handshake that was never there. After the game. I think that. They sync back up that being before nick pulls got hurt last night nobody I imagine that's a concern three of 944 yards. Before pulls one now with a shoulder injury in the play that he went out on I believe was scoop and score. It was nom yet it's a little bit of a concern they. They had a report later it says is it's a shoulder strain so nothing serious it's about as mild as you could hope for. And yet you looked a little rough last night but I eight. I would put a lot of that on the offensive line help cool the body by Ty did not look at it all at left tackle last night he was getting smoked for most of that first quarter. Lot of drop passes just really sloppy play some offensive penalties that put them in bad positions so. Not too big of a concern eight and I I also go back to the fact that would make false looked. Horrible and a couple games at the end of the season last year leading up to when he went on this incredible Ryan in the NFC title game than the Super Bowl so. I'm very glad that it was nothing too serious shoulder strain I doubt we'll see him for the rest of the pre season. I can I do believe he will be the starter week one and should be the starter week one for the Eagles I don't see the need to rush back Carson Wentz but. I'm at least grateful I am in my heart dropped when I saw him grab his shoulder last may grab his wrist. But about it is. And you rather it not been injury at all but it it's going to be something it seemed like this was a pretty mild case and they just have to. Sit him out rehab it he'll take it easy practice but I don't think you'll ceemea for the rest of the pre season. Yeah I hit it sounds like there are also taking the recovery of Carson winds slowly they're moving along at a pace that's comfortable for him. The concern however is that you know Wentz sounds like he might not be ready to start the season but now you've got full solar bit banged up. What do you do your daddy your third string quarterback like Paulie said polls should be go should be good to go for the start of the regular season it's gonna have to watch and see how he recovers. Our one in the books our two coming up next you're listening to Richmond sports station fox sports 910.