Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Bradford Burgess and Michael Phillips (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Wes welcomes former VCU guard Bradford Burgess and Richmond Times-Dispatch Sports Editor Michael Phillips in the second hour.

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Mix of knowing. I yelled this. His last McIlroy on fox sports and I ten fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west at fox sports Richmond dot job Syrians he is the man west smack overall. Job Enron and and it is 7 o'clock hour I'd imagine one time the other as a sports fan you'll watch the highlight of a guy angle on Matt. How cool it'd be see him again. Or you let your mind wondered this fantasy lineups what are we took this guy from that team and that guy from this team. Michael Strahan and Lawrence Taylor would have winner rotation in LA for the Dodgers have for all her shots are insane Nikko facts. Taken different generations and putting them together. Will you get that Saturday. With the basketball tournament 72 teams made up of former college basketball players some NBA players. Getting together again representing their school board geographical area. And on Saturday night. Act the Segal center. The VCU alarm team the ram nation team featuring Brad Burgess and his brother Jordan. Along with Eric Maynor BA walker all playing against the Segal center. Saturday night 8 o'clock we will talk to Brad purges of the tournament team ran nation will be when this coming up. At seven point welcome in on this Thursday morning. Yes either can't lie I can't wait. For the show and the studio to get a seat back poll. It is brutal and here most mornings you could stormy in the studio this morning you might be able cook meat in the studio. Boy you do whether or give me a favor Siebert right now is cooler outside or warmer in the studio that it is outside. Because I imagine I'm think in the thunderstorm not out BAC last night and nobody resent it because. Well let's put this way when Michael Robinson comes in here in the 8 o'clock hour he is not gonna have to go to hot yoga after being here for one hour doing the show now have a right here form. It would take this to Wear long sleeves. Yes I now nets is senior VPs and down put on a button down shirt and boom re back in your face welcome it 3450910. That is the telephone number Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. Adonis Alexander selected by the Redskins in the sixth round of the supplemental draft. I would not abused if I were NFL GM I would not have used a pick on a dies Alexander I probably wouldn't use a pick in the supplemental draft. I would try to get these guys afterwards. And undrafted free agent for the Redskins use sixth round pick yesterday. It's hard for me and I was asked on the question on NBC Washington on a podcast would I selected Izod Center and I said no one. I'm a really I would use any in my picks and supplemental guy in my questions about Adonis Alexander staying on the field. But the fact of the Redskins got a for a sixth round pick in the big picture of being a talk show host. I don't sit around and argued six round picks I didn't argue who the Redskins picked I don't need help I could name who they picked in April the sixth round. I probably losing and argued the sixth round pick next year. The use it on Adonis Alexander. Use anything as a future picker future investment you hope that guy can stay on the field. And that's the hope for Donna salads and are you hoping he sees the bigger picture. You'll be CDs got an opportunity with the Redskins after missing a big opportunity to play in his senior year Virginia Tech and better his stock. Now the question is he stay on the field. And if he can where does he fit in amongst the Redskins cornerbacks. Michael builds will join us at 745. But right now as promised. We do this once every summer. Because every summer my sister heads out to Vegas and every year I send him a couple bucks out whether. Live earned that nickname mr. ten dollar bet. And I asked you yesterday asked listeners to give me your real gut feel on your NFL team. We at Pauley post up the NFL over wonders at fox sports Richmond dot com has to look at it and look at it honestly. Al wanna know your reaction. What do you think your team's really going to do this year they're gonna go over the win total were under. So in true fashion as we do each and every summer my sister text yesterday that I need your beds by 5 o'clock were leaving Vegas tomorrow. Need your best then tell me what you want. So I had to make the decision I took some listener recommendations. They were a couple I was on the fence about. Ladies and gentlemen. The annual tradition. My way too early NFL over thunders. It was tougher this year there's a couple. Most years the couples and write out a pop right out to me this year. I was on the fence about a lot but in the ads to my true chief fashion there's only sixty dollars wagered and so. Six game six teams and it's not over under is he an airline let's start winner. The Atlanta Falcons. Line is nine last year the team did not have a Super Bowl hangover. They were a playoff team but they were a playoff team with a lot of issues on offense and nothing really seemed to get Lincoln under Steve's our keys and that was clearly evident Ali lost in the playoff game to Philadelphia. With that said they still won ten games last year. And another year under this offense opened up more the Julio Jones situation could get a little sticky but in the end. He's got no leverage he's got three years 35 million dollars left on his deal the man has no leverage you'll play. And let a New Orleans they're gonna battle for this division Atlantis still rising young talent and good core. They will face Tampa Bay twice we will get the AFC north they will be Arizona. As well as the AFC east I've got them at ten wins and I've got them back in the playoffs give me over on the falcons this year. The Minnesota Vikings won thirteen games last year we case Tina and how did they do that. It did that because they're good solid football team well coached with a nasty defense. Incomes Kirk cousins but he expects expectation is he needs to be the guy to put them not in the playoffs but inseparable. I'm not gonna bank on that the Minnesota their playoff team and Minnesota. They want thirteen in the case gain them. I think they're good for the over ten wins this year with cousins and if not. It's going get really cold and really ugly in Minnesota Vikings ten wins this season I'll take the over. The patriots are not having such a great all season. They lost Super Bowl Tom Brady bill Belichick's though not on the same page doing settlement suspended for the first four games you got media league seemingly every month. You distill internal power struggle of Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and Tom Brady. Out of the fact is on the field doing the patriots have not won fewer than twelve games since 2009. The jets ever rookie quarterback. The bills have a rookie quarterback the dolphins are swimming in mediocrity that line is it Levin and I'm gonna stick with it until they don't do it anymore. Give me the over for the patriots over eleven wins this year. So that's the falcons in the over the vikings on the over and I'll take the jets and the over. I'd I'd do this once and all season. I jump on a team I go big on a team and I usually make the mistake assuming it's what we do we as soon as successes Linear. And because of what a team did last year they're automatically grow this year I'm gonna do it again I'm gonna fall on that strap hopefully not by. Alvin tomorrow. We'll run for over 200 yards Drew Brees. And his forty. But he still it's thirty and the saints defense. And outside I like the improvements that they've made. I feel that what happened last year with the saints. And Minnesota it's only gonna fueled them full of anger pal like Virginia lose and you NBC that's gonna pool you'll them into next season the same with the saints. Drew Brees has a running game. He's also got an old line I like the saints defense. Now can complement their offense not equal they can at least compliment. The schedule will be tougher to got to deal with Atlanta however they start off with Tampa Bay and New Orleans would no team is Wednesday at this start up with Tampa Bay note Jeanne was Winston. Then they go to Cleveland. Nine and a half I just can't see New Orleans as under a double digit win team give media over on the saint. And finally this is the most popular one for my listeners telling me to do this. Which now second guess myself because I thought this was the obvious one on the board. Is to ten dollar bets twenty dollars special law yeah. The New York Giants we're disasters three win team last year Vegas is colleague put them at six. Our absolutely it over and this team was a mess last year an absolute mess that did nothing in the previous offseason help but Eli Manning. And then they basically put the blame on Eli Manning. Their defense and a ton inviting it was just it will probably show. This year I don't see it was Super Bowl contender. I don't have was winning the division that still Philadelphia. But they bring in its owner they bring in will Hernandez helped settle their O line state while Barkley to be as the real deal he's gonna help Eli Manning. The division is going to be more competitive I still think Eagles are the class of the Dallas or Z the giants will be improved and the Redskins. I say what you want but they've been competitive and the law of averages. It can't be decimated by injuries again this year. But seeing that number and just to load the giants are better team I would dive on it. To the giants go on the uptick give me at least six wins I'm gonna go the over on that the New York Giants. So Paulie that's giants over. Vikings over saints over. Falcons over patriots over. How many teams that just give via. Give me five teams and how many how much money that I save missed a ten dollar bet let's gonna bet to get sixty which means you get ten more but I got ten more box. And they don't caught gambling for a reason. This is stuff. I was really torn but in the end I felt like I had to go. And jump on an underdog here I felt like there was a reason and had to jump on something a little extreme and ladies and gentlemen. Boy I'm listening to you I'm going to leave it. Give me ten dollars from the Cleveland Browns. Over. Five and a half wins this season. It is not a lot of the year. I was on the thing it's really tough to think a team with one win can jump to six. But I'm feel on the browns will be a surprise to some and I could see that KC week seventeen. The browns getting that sixth win baker mayfield and team jumping all of the by the way he'll be starting by then jumping all of each other acting like they won the Super Bowl. I'm saying this year browns. Give me over five and a half words and have never ever been said on the shelf. So there you go. You mean the browns in the over the falcons over not the vikings over ten and the patriots. We'll do it again at least one more year over eleven I think the saints overnight and have and give me the giants its way through though I'll take the over of six. And as mr. ten dollar bets. Wait too early NFL over. Funders. You can dispute those let me know and once again John and on your team by looking up you are number fox sports of Richmond dot com. Posits hit there from those over under one under UK do wonders it's just too risky the other thing. It's weird I'd rather pull for a team to win the team to lose. Now I will tell you there's a couple here that I struggled. The first restaurant with with a Redskins Redskins are Signet seven and that seems to be a number to go because I think the Redskins offensively. Are much better than when they were lashed and not just quarterback Alex Smith. Is it tad better than Kirk cousins you've got at least one receivers this you've got Paul Richardson. He got Josh docs and you hopefully have Jordan reed. You open as will be better than what it was lecture and I just can't see 36 different O line changes upfront. But they had a fifth toughest schedule by nfl.com. I couldn't pull the trigger on the Redskins your Eagles sit in at ten and a half. Let's hit the Eagles it happened the over I nailed that but this. And proceeded Eagles winning ten to six this year and that's a schedule. That I struggle with that wind what was the other one and I. Oh Ryan Wilson Tellme and here's what Texans. Texans it eight and a half at one to go with the over. But help is such a big DeWitt with. Eat you guys JJ watt against the Shawn Watson they do not have an easy schedule I I couldn't pull the trigger on that. I won't post my way too early NFL over on energy defied a fox sports Richman dot com and feel pretty good job man with your team. I'd love to hear me as Michael Phillips when he joins us. At 745 would he go over under Redskins at seven and a half. Where's mackerel and fox sports 910 we come back we'll throw it back. Back to when Brad Burgess back to an Eric Maynor and bread and Rossdale and Jordan Burgess and Melvin Johnson NBA walker all played on the floor the Segal center. Where they will once again play on Saturday night we'll talk about the tournament the basketball tournament next on fox sports 910. Busily again there will be a reunion of sorts you got 72 teams made up of former college basketball players they will be playing the basketball court TV seeing the south region will be played that in fifteen on Friday. And then Saturday and Sunday at the Segal center and that will include the ram. Asian team which is made up of former BC basketball players as well as a couple other Virginia athletes. And one of the founders players and coaches of this TBT team ran nation. Is VCU great Brad Bird is joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Bradford good to have you back on that how I. Under for a murderer. I think the last time I had you on the show you said that the big boot on your foot was it was at the killings does that put it was the killer. You're hurt your her spot and you came back this year. And to join a team and win a championship in the DBL the Dutch basketball league how is the recovery from an Achilles probably one of the more significant injuries I imagine you sustaining your career. Yes I. It was you do as a remote. You know the biggest and the other is saying in my career. Our new drug you know not being able to play basketball. And not being able to do a lot of things where with a big boom afoot. I'm just gone through that rigor three. I'm just trying to get my vote back about prostate. Lou guard but you know there wasn't anything that hasn't been able to do. They would serve to come back and be able to query is after. Month on month so actually. Quoted an eleven month. And I among them to play again in Keokuk convert them here. When you said rigorous there you could kind of give us a few details I noticed about this couple weeks ago with DeMarcus Cousins bogey cousins signed with Golden State they are saying. How sometimes influential on a career the Achilles can be to a basketball player what was so rigorous about the recovery. Astute Vivian a book to learn how to walk again you know you either. Let sit and or there or live on the outs you know the majority of time that you can't walk. He's basically after I read reaching triple I'll walk you repeat of other relevant you know build. The proper technique down. Now that is getting back into shape. You know you'd consider gateway after. I agree like to get back into shape and I lose weight. Outgoing a lot of a lot of you have early morning six billion. Do audio. Lotto Lotto weight lifted in my arm must respect and you know it was a lot what I wanted to do a wallet via the break here. That. Pretty humbling when someone says I had to learn how to walk again what in my legs Bradford Burgess win this part of the tournament semen and just what more. Question about this to come back to you your dad. You got the chili's you play ball overseas. What's the fueled it keeps you playing the game what keeps you wanted to come back and keep playing basketball professionally. Com and it could go look regain their. I've gained so much from is the best or gain. Who aren't too much seen so much a bit of the world. You know I've I've done that I never would have imagined. These guys are just because the basketball. And I've experienced so much because the game and he that is not marijuana being true to lose their filter to leave negated. You know and on loan term and do you inhibited. Have their driver and that pastor and his determination to give back and to be able to play in it and it to be able to do. Are going about our practice. Rapper Burgess winners from the rim nation team coming off his. Dutch basketball league championship over the Netherlands. Since take me through this this is the third year for it. The ran nation team in the tournament the tournament itself is going into its fifth year. So Matt Shelton I colleague of mine who you know he calls you and Jodie says. You call do you enjoy Rodriguez ought to tell you guys about the tournament after the first year applied a starts telling you about it he told me is that we. We had to get a team we had to be in this so Matt calls you and Joey up what's your reaction when he says I wanna get a bunch of BC basketball players back together again. Com you know how all of a percent for. I talked to. They don't dissect in years years the second year term in person you know this year we should have a team. You know that this is. They attempt a return you know we live orchestra the cover opportunities for. Guys like you know we feel long to our. Planning Europe you know our our strong in the county don't eat. If you look. You know through the program immediately got back together. And do it took place presumptive. You know he I've eaten via the years have gone on determine their own. Our that money has has gotten bigger. Sponsorships. On the TV coverage. And you know that there is a great are other. To have it back in his seat advantage here is this. You know out after seeing and I you never would think it's he'd be playing in the league and Eric in four or meaningful game. It it is just. It's related to an. So excited for the first Saturday to peer group are accurate it is very hit and trying to my friend there are offered them. And everybody is it's going to be very fit and they're up. Answered grade point and I think about that way you think they're on senior night this is a great run it was a great ride that you're right for that for you for years. 2011. Final four run New Jersey forever hangs in the rafters of the Segal center. So not only do you guys get to get back together again but you do it if you're gonna do it in front of the hometown crowd 'cause I imagine. Is get well there's a whole lot of black and gold for you guys in Charlotte I can't imagine what that was gonna like Saturday when you guys to being caught. Exactly and you know that's. Back and put mum mum on Iraq and put into words right now meant is. Excited I am I know they've got very excited. You know everybody's talking about it so the talk about it. And you know I've everybody in the city and talk about it and you know where we're not expecting an awful. Awful so a lot of feel better but I. Are you know we know what happened some. Some crazy rowdy rounds brands in there and it is just going to be great experience. I am I just can't wait. Brad Burgess I imagine the film is talking about seeing it's you or your brother Eric Maynor brand Enron Zell Melvin Johnson. And a crew of others the rim nation team for the tournament the basketball tournament this weekend starting at Benedict seen on Friday. And Segal center Saturday and Sunday allowed the two rounds there. Has the starting five been decided on yet Brad. Not known idea. Men Saturday who gets to make that who gets to make that final decision. Are that that vote go to and you know our. So. That that's out of my control. Well you know start or not not everybody on Norah ago. I think it's such a cool concept that they came over this for the tournament I ask that you guys have a team in this year. You guys are stacked man came it see it Saturday night 8 o'clock Segal center Brad you know us enjoy target we've yet to be good to see you back on the floor at the Stew Saturday. I appreciate your time and Brad verges if your VCU fan and you wanna hear real fun out last night and Brad joined me. There is the is Eric Maynor Brennan rounds now Mo I only Cox July. A designated cheerleader and a group because well he's got getting ready for colts' training camp right now. BA Welker all join us on the Mike Rose radio show that hour is up at fox sports Richmond dot com. Also on our FaceBook page you're BC ran Fannie and yet. When I go to way back machine it was a lot of fun last night a Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester commons. That is on that Saturday night we're gonna have the executive director of the basketball tournament on what is at 8:35 this morning also tell you about how their new rule is at the end of games very creative. It's coming up. West macro and on this Thursday morning we'll come back we'll do our throwback Thursday trivia and Michael Phelps of the times dispatch at 745. On Adonis Alexander joining the Redskins in the supplemental draft what does that mean. And what does it mean for this roster. Coming up box which nines and I. As the best division in the NFL by quarterback. Adam Schein of NFL network he Jon did it was his list of top eight whereas Michael Robinson the F on network if he agrees or disagrees at eight A and the welcome in west McIlroy fox sports guys and they get to Brad Burgess for joining us he missed any yes any interview. Fergie Jenkins. Sean Doolittle the nationals all available flats port Richmond dot com and and we are getting to set up the line up for you. Next Monday we're busy we're on the show on the road next week which are gonna show Monday of the DC for the all star game. Fred Lynn scheduled to join us DB Johnson Steve Garvey. The list of greats baseball greats from all stars and hall of famers building for next Monday in DC and then off to the ACC kick off next Wednesday and Thursday from Charlotte. What are on this but I sold a story we a lot of football talk about my ground when he gets in here at 8 o'clock UC this story about Arizona Cardinals GM Steve time. The apple over in cited for a DUI on the fourth of July. Well. As these things go you get the details that come out after the fact and allegedly he missed identified his job when he got stopped con got pulled over early morning hours of July 4 for driving erratically. And Steve kind told the police that first only total please he couldn't dig a field sobriety test because he had a bad knee. Which I believe state law boosts federal law you can't biggest field sobriety test that's it. Thoughts on your in the car. Again. In the store to get worse. Time ms. identifies his job to the police officer. Said he was not the GM of the cardinals but he was the director of security for the Arizona Cardinals. And then this is the worst of it all he tried to name drop someone that he knew on the force. I'm told the officer yeah I work with Shawn McKenzie. Officers shot MacKenzie. Problem is the officer on the scene only knew one Shawn McKenzie. And he was killed an off duty accident in 2014. Q yes. It's nice try. Now come might have no in the late officer but to name drop on. And we've yet and I know him and we work together we know way back sir he died three and a half years ago. Boy have you ever and I can't imagine is because your wholesome young lad have you ever. I'd your way out of a ticket have you been pulled over gambled over a few times never lied to get out of the ticket out usually because it's. When I've been pulled over it's when I look at the spit out normally dang it got me like I know I badly acting get out of them. So I'd stay on the Chien you do he disown him. I want to do with that approach is like just we just order it on certain look I got nothing and I'm sorry mob bed. And they did maybe Davies is a lot yet just this Sheila examine a couple times the worst on how to think it's have you gotten into our life she's three really again. I drive like an eight year old man so it's very hard I did run I did gonna stop sign on top my sister and I were high school. And I it was it was at night I forget who are going. By it I get pulled over I think I did the south Philly stop where I didn't exactly stop the whole way of rest stops on the rolling stuff all on the row and I. I am thinking I had yeah high school he ever college jumpsuit every book possible. All those are comes up to a window and my sister god lover she's it twisted young lady and I love to death for fifteen months apart so. We've always had this almost connection like twins and I rolled on the window and there's me and I've always been the good kid the holes in solid my sister's the daredevil. The trouble maker that's the way she wasn't high school. Rolls down the window and the officer goes. Do you know you were speeding and eyes are open my about the Goosen yes my sister in rejects officer. He has a disease. And I just look at a golf. And my sister lays on the grenade if she is officer he has to go to the bathroom he has Crohn's Disease. And it's. Flaring up and I'm just sit there. I got no backing for the sly even knows is coming my sister just wins this out of a cop was just stunned silence I'm pretty much an end Elvis and I do I do the automatic. Go to my gut. The office there he has as this surely. And get. He has well look my. But my cousin has Crohn's Disease is or somewhere you get to the betterment. Grandmother lives on the road are item I'm going to follow you there now we've doubled down on the sly. So as I pulled into my grip and my sister goes get out the car run into mom's house and discos and into the bathroom. I'll take care of the cop does my little sister who has done is about fourteen or fifteen. And god bless her she pulled it off perfectly. Ticket hi Tom I came out thinking going to the bathroom officer was gone on to the next task at hand what did she says I don't tell her she's my it's. I another debt which is crazy now that she's a schoolteacher a mom of two and she's basically turn into the real at Martha Stewart she is Suzy homemaker. Let the man she is she was my Twisted Sister and she put it I mean I'm gonna need to know basis on those Ecko got me out of the ticket. So you've. Poll question have you ever lied your way out of a ticket or ethnically failed and here's another question is question for you have you ever name drop. Now no because I like. I think the only times I've ever is once I must pull over by state trooper is not an onion lightly to get your way into. The club deposits have you ever dropped the at alma I know so and so. I thinks never done it now trying to think about a scenario I can't think there's this. I'm sure they have a situation where I would have needed to name drop the in my in my life is not that big. Yeah that I that I ate either no people or get to go to places where I could name drop right. But I am happy to say. I didn't but my sister live media Adam take. As impressed cells like 1415. Years old Ashley wood would have not have thought to do that at that age AM I have my sister. She is scared and high school. But I know my sister gonna got Steve combat the mess. We'll get back to football next Michael Phelps the times dispatch sixth round pick on Madonna's Alexander was it worth it and how does he fit into a crowded young secondary with the Redskins. We'll talk about that plus. Michael phils will be at the home run derby on Monday. How do you spruce up the home run derby we'll tell you who is in to this derby on Monday night next fox sports 910. Michael it's a friend his colleague any as the sports editor of the times this bash joining us on a Thursday multiple times to get into it including the all star game in DC this weekend. We'll do that just mere moments that Michael joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline is the Redskins. Making some news yesterday making a move acquiring Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft. Michael what do you think about the skins using a sixth round pick next year to pick up a quarterback this year. Yeah I think the consensus is that about appropriate you know it's extra pick you. Think oh. I'm very high upside guy in our outlook there. I you know I exec around their ground. Level of talent but it that you go beat. Are rendered their this year and you know there's all that other I would stay. I don't expect him to play this year from what I understand I think he's a very good evidence the practice squad side I think he's a guy who potentially. You give me your it would certainly give me your figure out yet well. Are so inept that it almost is like they gonna draft pick for next year except. I wouldn't expect immediate results but I I think it's an appropriate be able to take with a sixth round pick you know he got high upside Coca camp out. I was less than a podcast NBC sports Washington what I selected the Byron GM and my answer was no because I've too many questions. About his ability to stay on the field has focused on football. But look at the end of the day a sixth round pick I was saying earlier on I've never argued over the Redskins sixth round pick her. So if you're right there is a guy with upside he said all the right things in his interview with Yahoo! Sports the question is if he can stay on the field. See you mentioned that you believe and you're right he's mr. routier's he's miss many cans in dig and find a way to stash from on the practice squad. Do you think this is going to be some that where they focus in on quarterback because I read some places that think he could possibly end up being safety. Amendment certainly regret and have the more immediate need is it not projecting out this roster you know there are certainly some phallic. Cornerbacks sent you an acre down and I think your last guy's been. Our our you know probably. Josh hold the you know I'd like that who've who've been around for a year maybe you weren't similar situations like round draft pick last year. It's not delicate equipment. To them what they're really good training camp a bit but you look at saint Vienna got an open spot right now you know they're yet to be disorders up top. But if you're gonna take or safeties who got into what you do. I've only got three Lochte in the four spot you're looking out. Quinn blending up from you via a hoot and a crafty guy. Dismissal and there was an undrafted guy last year who's on the practice squad played a couple of games at the end of the year they like he's probably the paper there. Above but there's an open up they get their job to be one pair the if they want the immediate impact that that ride put of that that the spot or you could. Played this year feel like a long term as a quarterback and you'd need quarterbacks in the league in the division of particular you know everybody's loaded in the NFC a locker deeper cut the cowboys now but. United you go up against the Eagles in the giants' four times a year you got to win a game. You'd be good quarterbacks said that the good spot Tampa. They were saying earlier about putting him on the practice squad which that's what you envision. I was trying to do the math they kept six quarters last year in this here you have Norman Scandrick quit Dunbar Greg stroman Josh Halsey Fabian a row. It seems like more of a topic for training camp because you and I both know especially watching this team last year. You can never have enough at any position considering the amount of injuries this team sustained last season. Ryan lane looks good on a quarterback there are bank morally just can't look at the got a big sign the EU's starting quarterback I don't know we'll be starting nickel back at the starting number two but either way you gonna be triple on this team. It is the guy that three of the blast or even disrupted by injury and ballots that yet other actors there's fluke injury that cost you less than you know you say. How that's but volley illegally couldn't have seen that government. And their injuries read that you need to plan and prepare. Put a likelihood even at that these injuries are gonna happen certainly if if Jordan he'd get hurt or five games. Jay gruden can't stand at the podium and say hey look you know we're a lot that we've never really mentally you know it was locked with part of our puppet well. You should have expected that you know that that's one you gotta prepare for a tactic would pick Alex Kendrick screen saying you gotta prepare for the possibility he's not every point. Football game the pure. Yeah he wanted to be that quarterback position that's for sure. Michael knows question probably more for two weeks down the road. But as we look off into the distance of training camp most interesting position battling camp right now as white. Well I think you're looking at running back for churkin. Wanted to top were all excited to see Darius Skype everybody's fired up for that each got a lot opposite but they need ego down ticket there and yes somebody here I need you the guy who it was all well last year LA and certainly got to keep crypt obstinate. Huge huge budget named sport we have even gone into. You know you Byron Marshall Politico to plug in. I you know got the other and there are a lot of guys who could be competitive. Four that playing time there at that position and I think that's gonna be really on. He's Michael Phelps the Richmond times dispatch Richmond dot com. I have my NFL way too early NFL over under is I just dropped on the audience that put up on well Redskins. I was on the fence here. I I believe that they'll be better on offense I can't see them being as decimated by injury this year. But that's a tough schedule the Redskins Signet seven your wage too early over under prediction on the Redskins would you go over under seven. And I've been bigger offering six and a half west side of guy gonna go for the battering number you're Bob welcome play the over on six and a half. I acting sevens and appropriate. I spot to have a man I think it was a key that is not going to pick a step backwards this year you know on the quarterback transition hasn't met. But I don't think they're taking it step forward this year reader I think Alex Smith will produce. Patty Kirk cousins level he used YouTube that you know that what they publicized here that that's kind of the starting point what will be able to do. I think there's so much up and down on Internet he's. I like him at eight Nate besides some of that take you over on what you got but I I think seven of buried there. Nice job shopping around Michael. Jason Michael Phelps. You know are hopefully going to run a grew up in DC this weekend where is the Major League Baseball all star festivities home run derby is on Monday night the field was announced and we've now gotten the point. We Bos one of the big names to do this we got to the point where the home run derby is have filled with guys. We're not even all stars Michael I asked the question earlier without forcing the big names to do this how could you spruce up the home run derby I can you spice it up. Yeah you know it probably does is beyond that might short attention. And speaking today you know it that it that the the time cramp at all. You know when you got guys up there for a long period of time but. I may you find a way to make it make it that your may be a little more head to head competitive. I you know. You're already doing it just as wacky. Bing like Geithner to pitting of one Cirque I don't know that you need to necessarily respect the purity of of the game on the line entirely. Pick Matt and Matt took to the monuments you don't have dual on the National Mall. You know it doesn't set up to pitching station side by side to that. Eat eat and that's the one bad habits to the other guy go good they were but it or not. The I'd say you're in the carnival element of it because it it's fun it's supposed to be fun. You know let's let's just go crazy. I am a kind of way because I sit I want more targets if you can do a fake Washington monument. And and have the water out right field if he gets splashed down you get so many points if you put the the racing presidents out and let and in different what's the outfield. Crowded big nets and they caught that you get so many points I don't want more targets I want more fun stuff out there besides just. Hit the ball and hit a home run. Like to watch NB AJ governor elect to let you know there are a lot lot lot of the the potential era elect or edit. I look forward to seeing in DC this weekend partner. It's gonna be a lot of fun at it you know it. You're the popular punching bag I'll be all start you it relevant now literally a play. It's a lot of on what have fun and enjoy is absolutely fired up to be want to advocate a bunt there to port capitulate. I'm Michael catch up there appreciate about it. Or finally Richmond dot com and at times dispatch and look forward to being a fan fest Sunday. And will be doing the show from DC on Monday prior to the home run derby which. I noted earlier if we have the opportunity I don't want to discount this or discourage this if you have a chance to go to London recently since I. I got tickets go absolutely go it's it's a display of power unlike what you will see it's really impressive. And I'm not somebody we do this with a home and every reduce the slam dunk contest well it's old it's tired get rid of it. It is something you gotta replace. And today I haven't heard anybody with a good idea to replace it I'm just looking for ideas to spruce it up. Making a little bit more fun because Michael's right it does drag I like when you get a guy who goes and a crazy run. But you do get to a point where you really drags on he got an idea how to better the home run derby and sent it to me at west fox sports 910 on Twitter. Fox sports nonsense.