Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Casey Sherman and Dave Glenn (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
Wes welcomes Author Casey Sherman and ACC Sports Journal Editor Dave Glenn in the second hour.

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Some. Video this. It's medical Ross fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot. Calls show it 34509. Attack or email west and fox towards Richmond dot how serious he is the man who last smack overall slimmer running into the 7 o'clock our own facts which nines in in the radio dot com at coming up in Saudi mandates. Published damages still done based off deflate gate. I'm not talk about the reputation Tom Brady until about internally amongst the patriots. Sure we can break down the patriots going into pre season game number one tonight I'd rather not do that and. Ever read talk about something interesting it's like being behind the scenes account. A deflate gate and the fallout inside Foxboro. Twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption. Casey Sherman Dave wedge they wrote the book it is out bookstores this week. And Casey Sherman will join us in twenty minutes. As yes we do that the patriots and the Redskins pre season opening up tonight in the NFL. I go things I'm paying attention to tonight we're not gonna see too much of the Redskins tonight. In Agassi Trent Williams are not gonna see Morgan Moses Gustafson RD officially ruled out I guess technically he's been the only one officially ruled out. But you read between the lines you know how to read too hard no Josh docs and no Jamison Crowder. No DJ swear injured so why why are we watching again tonight there's reasons. Especially having been out of camp for the past two weeks. And oh by the way football is back tonight so yes there double things specifically. And I'll be paying attention to tonight. And I'll give those to you coming up you can give viewers to me at 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. A little bit later on this hour we touched on this in the first down are the new NCAA rules that were handed down yesterday. Which jumped. Good it in reality I ate there about ten years overdue what we got yesterday and and basically the gist of it is. ED elite players can hire agents that are certified by the NCAA. And players. College basketball players who attend the combo line if not drafted. Can come back to college. Two good steps in the right direction. Two things that are way overdue. And this is a fallout from the NCAA with the investigation the FBI investigation and certain schools the shoe money rogue agents. The NCAA. They it was a it was a frying pan across the top of the head wake up you got to get into 2018. There's a couple of things that don't they get right players being read by certain agents. Certified agents yes with a B rogue agents yes. It is still going to be those are try to scan those who are trying to give money those are trying to give gifts. Yes you'll still have rogue agents out there but at least trying to regulate it with certified agents. Guys who have information. Guys who have all the greens business degrees business is on the line with their certification. You're keeping it more on the open up. Now they also did open up a lot of gray area and there's a lot of questions here like. Can you now hire an agent of your high school player. Because the NBA is one and done rule is not going to go away until at least points when he won. It's an NBA rule David CBA this thing's not going away two point 11 point 22 but now the NCAA says hey. It hired agent if you're no lead tower which by the way. Who is elite. Who is not who makes that call. The NCAA came out yesterday and said yes word. We along with USA basketball we're going to define the elite status. What USA basketball in a report by Adrian was announced unique about this morning instead of local apple. We we know these rules are coming down the NBA and USA basketball and report by loads saying. They were flabbergasted they were floored they did not they were in conversations about these rules. Does not know they've become official yesterday. And USA basketball saying look we have the people to do this I really know what you're talking about but we don't know the people to do this they want the NBA to do it. To the NCAA boldly comes out says hey if you of the elite status you can hire an agent. One makes delete. We'll figure that out USA basketball's gone who's weak. That that's one big question here. The other question is hey you. Eager to come by and you'll get drafted you can come back. Wells and coaches are gone but we do have spots for you how can I hold the spot for you. I may wanna pick up another recruit I wanna maybe pick up a grad transfer. Don't know Obama to be able to hold onto a scholarship and I may hold onto a scholarship figured hey he's not gonna get drafted he'll come back well what happens if Billy Smith doesn't get drafted that wakes up the next morning goes I can get onto the and ultimately while these moves had to be made yesterday by these moves had to be made for the elite players. That's who they're there for the elite players. I like with Seth Greenberg said yesterday on ESPN. These were done for the classes not for the masses. You didn't fix college basketball yesterday. You fix the couple things you worked on a couple things you didn't fix the sport because if you're a mid major coach your mid major player. If you're a majority of division one basketball players you're gone. What do I get out yesterday. I'm not an elite status unlucky at play. But I get out of college but this this isn't helping me at all. They still haven't addressed the Olympic model amateurism. Profiting off lightness. So big east things had to be done had to be worked on but it's not like oh wait and reaper skeleton basketball and then and then and then. And I I do when Dave Glenn of the ACC sports journal joins us at 745 I have to ask this question because one thing I wondered about yesterday. You providing opportunity for. And if your. One and done player or your junior year senior like you you're that only status in your contemplating going early. How long is it until we get a junior in college football to say. Like can I hire an agent. And I'm eligible to go I don't know all the money go a lot like and I get representation. And how long is until we get a junior running back or junior wide receiver to go undrafted. And and say why can't I come back to school. The he could do it I went to the come buying adding get drafted I wanna come back way immaculate college basketball players combat. As that. A lot of gray area here DG will be who has David Glenn at 7453450910. If you like to jump into the conversation. Or if you like to get in the poll questions and people ask me yesterday why is still talking baseball mackerel. It's a sport it's going on big series to the Nazi the Braves. I was talking baseball yesterday but I got to ask them why are you talking nationals why are you talking baseball. One guy said why are you talking nationals and braves territory. Well we put our poll question. Why why are we talking basically that's usually the sign of its football season Scott told him baseball talk more football mackerel. Poll question brought you by call federal bawling. NFL pre season debuts tonight if you had your choice tonight would you rather stay home and watch the NFL pre season football night. Or attended MLB game in person right now. Surprising results 63% saint. We'll go to the ballpark gaffe but the first hour. The the girl was these early lead jump down instead. I'd rather stay home and watch pre season football we had a flocks of people saying they'd rather go to an MLB game in person I would rather go to Major League Baseball game in person as but I because our BAA rod hit it. On the head he said NFL pre season good it. But he gets boring fast and it does so yeah. Because there is that there's that hype there's anticipation easier guys rely on the field you see distillers and there they are. Very very their ass I PI that's my team very they are. And then three in three now and then they're done and then you get to the third street corner right at Aaron. Put on the ball cap that was the mood waited so long for me is you get effort. Three minutes and then boom. I had the bull question honestly. Is I got questioned why are you talking baseball. And speaking of baseball by the local question can be found fox sports Richmond dot com. At west fox sports 910. And speaking of baseball the nationals making it really easy on us. Not to talk about the nationals much longer that's into a little this or that. Well we should all wish we should. Time to select either. All our Paul woody gap forming. We'll stick with NFL pre season first this or that more interesting. To see the redskins' first pre season game vs the patriots tonight or. Three joint practices vs jets. I think it's the three joint practices against the jets and if you listen to Jay gruden it sounds like he's more interested in seeing his team against the jets. As you will get another team you'll get. Guys out there longer it's not going to be you're not going to be limited to three and out you can run ten plays here and plays there. Kabila do different drills against different guys because all teams have been going through this right now. You go out they know your snaps they know you're count you know their count on offense and defense some guys are just rated. Some guys are rated tee off on one another and that's not good to be teeing off when your team and I get the hit somebody else I think the work you get done in these and that's why I think these two practices are so valuable. And tonight you're not gonna see Trent Williams Morgan Moses I don't even know if you're gonna see Alex Smith and John Reid who analyzed here on the agency announcement tonight. But these guys get about the practice to get some work in even if it's just helmets and shoulder pads. I'm way more just ads in Sunday Monday and Tuesday that I am tonight X. This or that more of beef by tiger at the British Open or. More down on tiger after last weekend disappointing tie for 31 at the WGC Bridgestone invitational. And that's a good question I haven't really thought about it them up or down on tiger. Tiger right Els again amusement park ride just that this is get on and see where he goes especially in these majors. One big difference playing it believe in Saint Louis is there's going to be water. There wasn't a whole lot of water be so I was in the sky over there at the British Open. So that will affect tiger I I really. I don't know thumb up or down and I don't have any great expectations for Tiger Woods this year and I I know what I'm going to get what I'm going to get his inconsistency. Does this mean this question yesterday we were talking to John laser like did I feel more nostalgic or do I did this tiger makes me feel more mortal. I look at tiger now is the underdog the under dog that I important sport I never would have thought that ten years ago. It's not. I'm not trying to take the pastor Paula I just I'm not up or down on tiger I just. He's got my curiosity he's in the mix let's see how it. Starts off today and and can he go through the weekend like you did the British Open or is it a good start. The bad start to drive the ball back at I don't know it's just the fact that tiger's in it. It makes it interesting acts. This or that is the national seizing dead or on the likes to put. Well there's there's a lot of positive in that question is glass always half full there should be no positive media and there you don't have to dig 88. It's like support and its oil to support because it's August night there. It did today feels like you could have visited the DO way you could have been the death notice today. They had to take three of four from the Braves and has not mathematically possible it's just you watch these two teams. And the Braves have had them that's number all year long including last night which last night. Was a microcosm of the Nazis and that's starting pitching I don't wanna kill Tommy Malone because it. It's Tommy Malone and he gave you two good starts in place Strasburg but last night. The net the Braves play home run derby in good lord they were just home runs they removed shots of what they were hitting last night flowers Acuna Charlie Culbertson. It nationals bears starting pitching. They they don't take care they don't make the most of their moments there opportunities they'd just left the nation's stranded on the base as they strike out 2000 the bases loaded in the first missing. They came through on that one out in the it was the seventh inning. And other opportunities to get back into it is can't capitalize became capitalize because they're under achieving baseball team and a lack of leadership is glaring. Let's not dating Martinez who has thrown out their game because he should go to the home plate umpire and told you suck. Because he did the last thing was terrible instead it gets wants Soto throughout the game episode goes to summon the umpire machine had been in that position. You you were down the umpires Dong you should've gotten yourself wrong. You should try to declare what was wrong with the umpire and help you guys give back in the game instead you get Soto took so if it's got thrown out of the game that should never happen. Yes and and it's just it's just a parent it's clear the Braves are the better ballclub. I don't mean to detail the tape and talent it's just they play better baseball. They're on life support. But it could be. He's. By the end of the day next. An update on your Charlie Culver since that he's got eight home runs this year five of them against the national I'm happy for Charlie I am Charlie is a good dude I got known very in his brief time here in Richmond. I'm happy for Cilic over some when he does good things and right now. One of the things he's doing is opening of the nationals next. Forgive you one more this or that good idea or bad idea of Buffalo Wild Wings looking at expanding into sports gambling yeah. Good idea. Bit we've talked about sports gambling houses going to work and the possibilities of seemed endless. But Buffalo Wild Wings is established all across the country and Buffalo Wild Wings against their last annual report is down. So talk about millennial was in the millennium it how millennial eat how they don't it's not that type of place it's an interesting business look. But Buffalo Wild Wings has been down for a little bit here. You have a sports bar you have sports you have sports fans. You establish gambling. What are your ideas about sports gambling is it something as simple as an app on your phone or restaurant give me a burger give me a beer. And give me ten dollars on the Eagles Redskins over like that things that you get was Applebee's re can order your table in the touched I was little kiosk thing at the what do you play games on the car. There's the idea of why can't you make of that through there. So bubble always he's exploiting this in their across the country there are national chain there in the states where there's legalized gambling and that's only going to grow. Oh I think it's of a doable for somebody else doesn't. It hurt to explore your options but. Yeah I that's one of the things that we wondered about where this became the option to make legal state by state and Buffalo Wild Wings just. Just checking out the scene. Very interesting we'll get that story afforded fox sports Richmond dot com NetSuite go to New England yes patriots Redskins tonight what we'll break it down on the field. But Casey Sherman. His new book breaking it down with Tom Brady. The placate and the aftermath inside the patriots organization it's next in our training camp update brought to buy parking go on fox sports 910. Sweating in the sun. Bumps and bruises do. Position battles okay. It's time for training camp while digging out from now taking on what John kind of. ESPN is looking forward tonight from the Redskins take on the patriots in the first three seizing game and maybe an indication of who is in. And who is out now there's only so much you can really talk about with the pre season however. There's always on the talk about with the patriots. Would bring in Casey Sherman he co authored a book would Dave wedge. Twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption. Really behind the scenes account of how the most sensational scandal NFL history culminated in a great comeback. Includes dozens of exclusive interviews of patriot players. Including Tom Brady himself and Casey Sherman joining us now on the head. Let's start with the reaction you got from Tom Brady when you told him you were doing this and you interviewed him. Well you know when your when you. Write a book collective surely have to leverage all of the relationships. Inside fortress Spock smuggler that we would like Gillette Stadium is it not just South Boston it to rarely ever talks. Impenetrable plays. So we had to really work on relationships that we area for chapel with poverty former. Will make more of his best friend Matt Chapman. Matt Chatham was alive back of the patriots during three weeks. I just gobbles up the patriots at once so he really. You know foam the runway for a cause Gupta questions to Tom Tom had been traveling are quite a bit so. Our communities that's more than a sit down interview faced the paper it's loose. Over the Internet the com. Not technology. This looks back on the plate gate looks back on the season afterwards. And I eat you covered Tom Brady you guys know Tom Brady I think we'd try to know Tom Brady but. As he went to the interviews and even a conversation with Brady. How does that one season how the the season and the fog to placate. How did it change Brady with the team up with the management with his relationships. Yeah we're seeing that actually continued to unfold right now you talk about what what you're looking for in the first preceding game on the red skin side on the patriots side. You know they're they're not just looking at performance on the field are looking happened nuanced relationship. Up between now operating in Bill Belichick that relationship. As armed fractured greatly and all of a guerrilla began in the pages on our book twelve sort of see at all. On all in the you know that continued drama. In Foxboro pretty amazed actually have to watch out for that. You know where he felt betrayed originally put not only is coach. But down by here's. I don't. We were given up the legal challenge against the NFL and unfortunately never told Tom Brady. Among the other people that we interviewed for the book. We spent some time with the NFL PA lawyers. These unsung legal heroes are protecting Tom Brady's. Blind side in the courtroom and in the border and you know to get their perspective on what was going on behind in the seemed all of the our external obstacles that Brady faced you mentioned that. You know laden to placate it is. What do one of the biggest scandal in NFL history. Think about it's probably the biggest or most sensationalized. Sports scandals and the black Sox scandal in 1919. Where you had baseball players blowing the World Series to him in this instance. You quarterback accused of a deflating football also you know to compare the two equally is reduced pretty ridiculous totally in the public mind. That was the case all the you know. Attention on the picture to over the past fifteen years who's gonna vote you know they're incredible unprecedented run of success. It also. Allegations of treaty. On that and 2007 the patriots were. Skilling they're videotaping signals from Ramallah opposing coaches in opposing teams and that was a little major controversy and rightfully so. And bill bella check in the pay Churchill really didn't justifiably get punished or that so when. If placate gain unilateral drew is really up minor equipment violation. It was that it became a capital murder case where Tom Brady is the prime suspect. JC Sherman's where this is the co author of twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption after deflate gate. Let me circle back because a lot of conversation over the past six months. Have been about this power struggle Brady. Bella Jack and Robert Kraft and Jimmy garrote a little being traded to San Francisco. That the personal trainer Brady but you've brought this up and while we're thinking about Brady. And the owner being buddy buddy against ballot shag you you brought up a certain story here. Was that the press conference when they arrived at the Super Bowl for Brady just he was irate over Robert Kraft is kinda. Taking the suspension taking the punishment from the NFL. You have certain you know where Kraft did not tell Brady that he was doing that so Brady is watching this unfold on television like the rest of us work. Any Petra Capone to our DeMaurice Smith who is. You'd executive director of the and a copy of the players association and access. They don't what the plea why am I not getting any support to do so again he felt betrayed. By craft at the time that we expect. Time with Bob Kraft and Assange on that runs routine. And that relationship between the owner and quarterback has really been there are overtime and it culminated last year when the owner forced Belichick's end. Betrayed the heir apparent Jimmy drop below. How to Tampa just go for a second round pick. Palm which completely fractured relationship between the coach. And the owner and the quarterback so I mean the east this soc has been you know so many were all facts. And the story really controls like a legal slower but it John Grisham blower in the pages of world so even if you're not a patriots the end you can certainly you know would it be entertained and informed. By this story broke early in the dark side of the NFL and we focus a lot of our attention to not just on Brady put. Larger good dealt what his motive Asians were. You know he's very nixonian. Figure we've found the guy that. We do anything to attain power and that any thing to retain that power. Gay sell Iran on this one how do you think any given any thought to how this all ends and when I say this I mean Brady's time in New England Brady invalid Jack and we. We spent the past. 68 months to about turmoil which which is crazy because usually turmoil as Super Bowl loss. I usually fuels New England to a successful season but have you given any thought to how it all ends for number twelve. Well I mean it and eat it it took only eight years from The Beatles to break up. It's taken eighteen to nineteen years for the patriots to do the same I think. This season com will be interesting. You know law because they don't have the personnel the patriots don't do what you know and we're really. Compete at that Super Bowl level but I say that now. And you know the likelihood is that there you will be representing BA city. Next February and I think if they win the Super Bowl. I think Tom Brady walks away if they don't win I think Belichick might just hang it up because you can't just do go to U of frustration with the owner. I'll. Twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption Casey Sherman thanks for joining us on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline and you're training camp a date. Wrote do you buy parking go and awaiting the walking new worrying when your flying at Richmond leave your Carly I do. And it parking goat twelve out and available in bookstores and Amazon.com. Now let's mackerel at fox sports 910. I have actually lost count about a city Michael Robinson has been in the past ten days. But I do know he's going to be in studio it is. The eight year NFL veteran and NFL network analysts. Top of the hour. Dave Glen Johnson 745 we'll talk about the new rules of the NCAA. And I imagine you'll get too little college football as well. I just saw this. This is crazy because this as well as things you see onto it and getting old. Thirty years ago yesterday. Straight out of Compton NWA straight out of Compton released. Into. The bag men and music stores which there is a generation that has no clue on the seat what are the cassette re talking about. CD. Music star. Boy do you remember going I guess in our neck of the woods it was the wall and Sam goody you remember going to Lawler Sam goody was that. Might even dating myself by asking you to aquae if you are you market I didn't go to either one of those I know what those are but I never had to go to a specific music stores. What were you one of those. We used to do via and remember the music club where you would buy like you get somebody for a penny. Oh yea and that that directing us yeah how I never got involved with anyone of those did you ever now my blood my body Nate got moved into one and then it then had to go to his pants because he had realized he was not spending pennies anymore on albums he's Danny he was spending cash and do you remember the first and I I don't know how was a year your family council do you remember. The first album you ever bought with the sticker on it. The parental advisory. Explicitly or sticker on Jesus because this is the one I'm I may be wrong but I believe straight out of Compton was the one. That started. The sticker like to be that that's when and I think it was Tipper Gore. Al Gore's wife. I have to double check this but I do police helicopter was the one that started. The leader ex sticker you remember your first album that had a sticker on it. Trying to think here I mean that stuff obviously do not fly in my household so if died I had ever gotten caught with a parental advisory sticker. Out of that some parental advisory mileage that would have been painful. I think. I remember the first like got tight and I it was a shared account not a wasn't it was appetite for destruction guns Guns 'N Roses and I remember going to the mall. And my mom I think my sister somewhere and I just my dad just in one of those things like I don't know I just buy it and it was like serves as a stick in my eyes adjust his game. But a lot of who is more Goldberg. Yet yet I got out alive just whatever does he he wants. It was my money I save the money had been mowed the yard to have my allowance easily when it. It's one of those votes aren't as sticker on it is it's his money I don't even know what the sticker was in it even know which were benign. No he knew who Mike and listens to country music at that point got a big country music and talk radio of the guns for roses whatever appetite for destruction. And then it's when your mom you know on your blaring. Paradise city and just cranking it through the laws and how did you get this. And ammo and hook Manson yeah you know to get by those whose money. And trying to think about it traffic all the while a bad Kazaa I imagine poor couple in there with stickers sticker list record if you peel the sticker local mob inspired doesn't have a sticker on it. I heard that later. That's a good look that word they just team's owner string of thirty years and great movie by the way. And I concede that point yet you are not used to account I have nine. Usually watch Erik Compton it really my dad I've got into these count my dad loves a violent. He'd do but that the movie based off that time period. The way things were with the LA police. Eight there's so many different chains of events that you go from straight out of Compton from from the rot from Rodney King to OJ ain't. To the music industry to movies to the careers that relaunched at NWA. It really is it. It's got a great historical relevance of what that time in the Peary would like the music. I it's it's so well done to deal but from the music and the history. Too easy with aids and HIV positive that it being HIV positive that was the story the top there's so many things that they just. Circle around not just. The group the band and musicians. Highly recommend highly highly recommended. Are right answer throwback Thursday. I don't remember the first down you had with the parental advisory explicit lyrics and that to me on Twitter at west fox sports 910. And right now many giveaways and squirrels dig it's a four Bagger squirrels to get that tomorrow night speaking a throwback its animal house night. The diamond T shirts animal house style. Wanna go be caller number four right now 345. 09103450910. And you get tickets for tomorrow night at the diamond. Dave blend of the ACC sports journal on the new NCAA rules and a lot of gray area next. John John EST I'm back probably was as it aids warning. What is he paying attention to tonight on the field in Foxboro Redskins patriots pre season games number one Paulino against grows tickets to for tomorrow night Don Morris of Richmond calling us sold for back Don appreciate you listen more duties to give away in the 8 o'clock hour talked alive today. About the NCAA issuing new rules yesterday for college basketball the players can be read by agents if they're of elite status. What that means that's a big question. And players eligible for the NBA draft they go to the combo line can return to school if undrafted. They're just two of the highlights of what the NCAA came down with yesterday. David Glenn of the ACC sports journal joining us now on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Of everything the NCAA issued yesterday what is most significant to you. I think the easiest thing to applaud west. Is that. Starting in August the point nineteen division one a schools are gonna have to pay for the education. Of the guys who leave school early. And returned within ten years have been blamed school and I have always bought you know we all agreed most of it but thank. That there's an imbalance between in the revenue sport especially what school did yep we ought via we get our. So this is long overdue. The rule does say that only players to attend school for two years are eligible for this basically decade long to free tuition books these. Whereas some of these other things or wait and see here a little bit more complicated I think that was the easiest want to get as they had the operation. Dave blood whether it's on fox sports 910 the rules are college basketball I'd Dave I ate. My personal feeling is about five to ten years too late I'd I'd like what they did yesterday with certain aspects but I think there's a lot yet. Not a great area here and let me start first where. You have the rule that players of elite status can be wrapped by agents there's two things here that automatically jump out. High school basketball players how does this work when the one and done rule is still in place to two point when he line. And how do you go about declaring who and who's not he leaked. Well now I'm glad you brought that up with a that are multi all the follow the report I did. But the other doesn't there's already reporting put a bit where the NCAA. In its new legislation Apollo. Said that it will be USA basketball. That is tasked with the job of identifying who qualifies. As an elite high school seek your prospect. What we've already found out that both. USA basketball and be NBA which is still debating their new draft rule that might that he could change course several more years. Both of those sort of pseudo partners of the NCAA. Said that they were caught off guard by the NCAA about the yesterday and USA basketball books apparently they. We don't have enough scalp to be enough like a cool game with duke. You know why did we tell you the NCAA who's in the lead article Peter there's not like that's just the ball are a great. So the idea that the NCAA would patent throw that ball that the USA basketball and that you know they've. They don't you want it kept the ball that's an early alarm bell and as you said with the and NBA draft rules changing it's not clear you know how and when he's a lead seniors are gonna need good. The agent to turn to decide whether the turn pro or not. You could say that in some have been going to China or elsewhere they still have a go broad decision out of high school seniors so maybe that'll help. But this certified agent process some are worried that that the bad agents are gonna do is to encourage everybody to turn pro goes away. The way the rules work you're at your contract with your agent is terminated if you choose to enroll how accurate futures were true returned to college. So the agents certainly have a big incentive for you to leave. But the NCAA is hoping that the certification process kind of weed out the bad agents. And gives these young folks no more good advice the way they've already had a baseball all supports. Did you the other thing I wanted to bout was the rule where you can. If you go to the com nine and you don't get drafted then you can come back how does that work with a coach because you'll have some of these scholarships available. And the end of June is the draft Mike do you have to hold a scholarship from recruitment grad transfer and then. Even if you hold that they keep can still go to the G leaguer go to Europe like that seems to be very cloudy there. Yet that is only a variation of bumping that these coaches are already feeling where I feel like every summer to coach that realizes pull it out sporty guy at thirteen scholarships. This just add one more complication to babble management system. I did look up some numbers. There were always some folks thought that the adopted rule should've been. If you go undrafted and you're you're eligible to come back I mean why not quite a bit about it's about young people why put up those blockade. The way they wrote the role of the way you said it you have had to have waited waited for the column buying it and they've become buying. But it misrule and this past year just as one example there were only have five players who've written the script that. So this is not open that'll affect dozens or hundreds of players. They're they're only protecting those that were sort of good enough to get become blind invite. But as it turned out they felt perfectly round without being collected so that one is not as big a change and I think the original headline suggested. And even some of those guys you know provide you ballot at duke this last year what the come bike got drafted. I EE would you would not return to duke he had his mind on the NBA is so even though this new rule would apply to him he wouldn't have utilize that to return to school anyway. And Dave Dave good west McIlroy fox sports night and I think that's part of a bigger subject here is where. Seth Greenberg said it best these rules yesterday were for the classes now for the masses I I think these things had to be done. It's just that. It's not like this seminal day where all of a sudden college basketball got fixed and I am short on time Lisa let me ask you this one because not this is where I'm curious. You you can now hire an agent if you're of an elite status in college basketball. How long do we get a junior running back her junior wide receiver in college football to say why why can't I hire an agent. How about today or tomorrow the government and sour on the east because you know they put the ball all right those guys as complicated as they did their system. And I forget the year but they eventually gave baseball players the ability to speak and be advised by agents without losing their status that the college mobile so it. It for a while at the big board guys can do it like we have basketball and out point your finger the next thing they do it based on basketball. Like that we have with the football and yet he bellboy had not been advocated. That course. In between this cal football and selling Nike jordans down North Carolina Dave Bush has got enough to talk about down there. David Glenn radio show between twelve and three of regard to North Carolina check it out. And the ACC sports journal good to talk when your body will talk again soon. It straighter but missed it England on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. And that's what it was yesterday yesterday was born via lead if you're a mid major coach in mid major player and I. Even have to go along lines of your majority of division one basketball players at yesterday's like them. So woodham I get madness. Good gestures certain steps in the right direction but that. It's still the NCAA we're gonna do this we're reported this wrong place to put this wrong place and then you have a you have USA basketball in the NBA they're gone. Back. US it S schools got put on what. Thank you just pick up the paper it it's like when people say almost also thought you could do that also also nominate you do this to go. You were it and that's basically USA basketball is that we in the meetings NBA's that we were in the meetings about this we did know is coming on the line yesterday. He was at best both gone horn up I think pay great idea a bit with how the people the resources to do that is so. Like could you think of another option. So the NCAA. Play this out ten years too late and we're gonna forget the details. But I do have to wonder about the doubtful ballpark this. And I do wonder. How long does it take to you get a kid. And underclassmen to come out go to the NFL draft not get drafted and who wants to come back and say why not. He can do and college basketball. The good step in the right direction though librarian. And a lot more to do. 8 o'clock hour Michael Robinson of the NFL network John comment espn.com. And what I am paying attention to on the field the night. Doing the patriots and the Redskins fox with 910.