Wes McElroy - Hour 2 Guest Host Danny Nokes and Rich Tandler (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
Danny Nokes fills in for Wes and welcomes NBC Sports Washington Redskins reporter Rich Tandler in the second hour.

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Make some noise. His last McIlroy. Yeah fox sports 910 fox sports Richmond dot com. On the show at 34509. Tad boring you know last at fox sports Richmond. Dot com here yes he is the man the last McIlroy you. Our members do on this Friday morning what's operations in attaining oaks in 04 west tackle Roy on fox sports 910. Thanks for Dallas up today it's August 17 2018. At my producer back in Richmond is Pauly. We got a boy Robert fish on the fox sports updates. It's a great Friday people we've talked a lot of football that's going to continue at least for a little bit longer. I've got one more game from last night that I want to touch on and then I wanna look forward to use some of the other games that we'll see. The NFL pre season this weekend there are some story lines. So hard knocks HBO. What could. Some of the bigger story lines going into the third episode of the 2018 season. Bring us it's a matchup between buffalo. And Cleveland tonight's. From the home of the browns lead into that we got Major League Baseball still to do definitely we are going to hit on a the Miami Marlins Atlanta Braves brawl. Here. In the next couple of minutes Jose arena he's been handed down his suspension for hitting Ronald if you knew junior. Of Atlanta will get into that and that's get a win last night yah Steele we also suspended. For his role in a benches clearing ball brawl a couple of nights ago we'll do some college football Q. Not to mention our schedule. It's really good the rest of the way rich Taylor Redskins water NBC sports Washington dot com real Redskins dot com joins us at 745. Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch at 820 more Redskins with Phillips and and party from the Richmond flying squirrels. Helps wrap things up at 8451. Of our final segments. On the day. Right now it is time to pull pose our poll question brought do you buy call federal. Passionately. Local banking. Here it is poll question. After watching the Washington Redskins in their second pre season game last night where. Do you thing. Is the biggest. Necessary. Area of improvement for this team so far. Quarterback. Running back wide receiver. It even there the offensive line in there although I think Washington's offensive line. Very good especially if they're able to stay healthy between guys like Morgan Moses straight Wayne's brand sheriff they've got plenty of talent there. It just whether or not. They can stay healthy. Can't afford to have those guys banged up so poll question once again brought to buy call federal. White's. Position. Are you most concerned with what position do you still think needs the most improvement after watching the skins last night. Quarterback running back receiver maybe it's kind of a combination of all three right maybe just kind of want a CD offense a little bit more chemistry. It's more difficult to do that in the pre season anyway because your starters mainly Alex Smith generally any quarterback. It's only going to be in there for a driver two in the second game. Probably play the first half of the third game but they don't even play in the first in the fourth pre season games I definitely understand. Why coaches opts to do that as well by. You know the Redskins are trying to you would deal without Darius guys now have to. Re plan some of the things around the offense that they were planning on using various guys for. And they got to get some production from the receivers I wasn't really impressed with anything on the offense last night. Couldn't punch it in the red zone was continued but where for you guys. Is the concern the biggest quarterback running back. Why. Let's go to Pittsburgh act Green Bay that came from last night as well we won't spend too much time on it. Final score 5134. Green Bay with a win Polly mentioned at the beginning of the showed that maybe. Well certainly the biggest story line here but one that really wasn't talked about a whole lot written and probably because pre season but it was the first. Look it we got act Aaron Rodgers since his collarbone injury. Didn't really do a whole lot last night two for 35 yards he did throw a touchdown. To Jimmy Graham. They used in sparingly which I think was Smart. But it's great to see the share pack. In the saddle as I suppose John herded what it said Pauline no more John Eckerd in the Monday Night Football Booth. I. Forgetting he's the Oakland Raiders head coach and I the only one keeps forgetting that like and so they flash up our raiders commercial has John gruden Mike. That isn't a coach out and ogle and her biggest server where ever they are now. Still an Oakland they may soon. I TE add though the raiders I don't know the raiders seemed like get team girl talking about a couple of years ago that they really took a step back last year nauert scowling at. And I think people are mostly over the Jon Gruden thing well I don't think anybody besides raider fans were really that excited about that I know I was. I'm with you I'm with you on that. He you know the way Oakland kind of underwhelmed last year with their car quarterback that was a big surprise to me yeah. But I'm not really sugars Jon Gruden. Is going to be able to remedy what's happening over there Oakland considering he can't Kenny negate colonial Mac to report. Now that has more to do likely with the front office than anything because they're trying to get a contract done clue Mack wants more money. By true but you throw that kind of money and a coach in do you bring god backing you make this big yelled at their Beck has to be some way. Somewhere that he can affect them because he'll ultimately right coaching the guys not play for you. He should be able to go in talk to Mac and somewhat at least you know give him. Give him hope that they're gonna get a deal done in and that. You know they they wanna there. Jon Gruden is one of the guys they can show Coolio Mac that they need and want him to be in port of that team. So it it doesn't seem like there's a lot of sense of urgency there it at least the way junger has talked about it in the media but we don't really know what goes on behind closed doors so it's it's tough to take too much away from that. And it's tough to take too much away from the Steelers Packers game Q Steelers now 11 in the pre season. Pack. To an L. Outside of Rodgers. And Roethlisberger did not play last night Mason Rudolph did play started went five of twelve former Oklahoma State quarterback beat Virginia Tech in the Camping World bull. A few months back sacked three times threw a touchdown and an interception. Actually his first pass that he threw last night was a pick six. Not an ideal start for Mason Rudolph although I think Mason Rudolph would make it could replace. It's a place that the right word. The guy the have a caller yap the guy that follows Ben Roethlisberger I think he's built a lot of the same way kind of a gunslinger. And he's going to be throwing the ball Pauly Q his former college teammate James Washington. One of the better receivers in college football history five catches a 114 yards to score he looked good last night and not to mention and I've been impressed with this guy. You dismiss Shuster at a USC. He's going into his second year only one catch for four yards last night it was a touchdown. And if you remember. Juju away. I mean he went off. In the first pre season game. Just busted open up big long pass play he's a really athletic. Wide receiver he's big he's strong results of fast. And -- actually gets the play live on New Year's Eve this past football season when. The Steelers hosted the Cleveland Browns the final week of the regular season and juju had a really big game. That day. Ended up taking a kickback ended up. Also catching a touchdown. I think he is a great compliment. To Antonio Brown 'cause he's a different receiver AB AB is. Unquestionably if you ask me the best wide receiver in the league he's got the speed. He can go up and catch passes he makes Ben Roethlisberger looked like a genius sometimes. But juju is more I think a guy that's more willing to go up and gated we know how big years and and physical. Tough to bring down doesn't have the speed that AB does but you know complements him nicely I think and then pairing with. James Washington as well. State add Jesse James who we saw it as tight end to make an impact on that. Pittsburgh team last year. James Connor. To complements. Late beyond bell who. Went to get a report right lately I'm delighted as sensitive topic to among Pittsburgh fans by. It's it's it's a tough situation with palladium on because I get that he wants more money. But I also understand that Pittsburgh not willing to pay a premium for running back up position that is decreasing in value every single year. You can't get paid like two different positions lay beyond production has been tremendous. Over his time in the National Football League by. He's probably asking for a little bit too much and the longer he stays away from the team the less likely I certainly think. He's going to return to Pittsburgh but. You're also just roll of the dice more it seems. Staying away from your team like that. Whether or not he's in game shape whether or not he's got that game plan ready for week one. Little things like that you would necessarily spend too much time thinking about it until you're really faced. With that situation so. We move forward. Look at some of the games that we got going on tonight. One of the bigger games. That you didn't think that a game between the bills in the browns would ever be bit. Well it's not really especially considering its pre season game but for pre season games sake it's not back. I like some of the story lines you got here Tyrod Taylor gone up against his former team. A franchise that tried to get rid of him for years. All he did was lead the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs last year. Which by the way Pauly snapped the longest playoff drought in professional American sports. Yes a drought longer than that of his current team the Cleveland Browns seventeen years buffalo went. Without making a playoff appearance. That's streak no longer active after the bills did lose to the jags the wild card round last year but they did make it. The playoffs the new number one longest drought. In professional American sports just in case anybody's curious the Seattle Mariners. They haven't made the playoffs and sixteen seasons. Number two. The Cleveland Browns they haven't made it in fifteen seasons and in a Miami Marlins at fourteen seasons. More on Miami a little bit later on here at this hour we're gonna talk about the suspension of Jose you Reno and the Marlins pitcher in the way he. Plunked Ronald Acuna Jr. to open a game a couple of nights ago. Back to football though. Episode two of hard knocks aired a few nights ago and Cleveland. I think they've been a pretty good host a hard knocks real exit there there's so many different story lines between baker may feel the number one overall pick. You've got Jarvis Landry hue Jackson battling the laws of his brother and mother within two weeks of each other. Right is training camp begins I can't imagine. How difficult it must be for hue Jackson to carry on his job data de. Without. Acting like. He hasn't lost to the people that he loves most it to the people he's been closest whip. In his life that that just has to be absolutely. Rule. You've also got broken grow back the third fourth string quarterback I think the fridge snacks soccer. He called Tyrod Ter rod. You've got to juice and his father the relationship there that's really cool. So what will episode three and upbringing is my question for you. The second episode if you remember ended with a hinted Cleveland possibly signing. Dez Bryant's. Cleveland. Traded their former first round pick Corey Coleman last week and Dez was in Cleveland yesterday. And he will be today. According to ESPN quote Bryant said on Cleveland Browns daily radio show. That he likes the city thinks he would be good. He would look good back in the orange he wore at Oklahoma State and said. We're just trying to work some things out. And quote. I'm not sure if says is a guy that Cleveland needs. They have one of the best receivers in the NFL already in Jarvis Landry. They could have a second if Josh Gordon reports to camp and there's another story line for Rhea when will Josh Gordon report because we got news right before training camp started that. He'd miss the start of training camp but that he would be. In attendance. At some point Brad training camp we don't exactly know why. He was late to showing up to camp outside of he was taking care of some personal matters but there was no suspension handed down so it doesn't appear that he's in trouble yet but maybe just. Readying himself mentally for. The season. And Cleveland I think it's is being pretty patient with him I give them a lot of credit for hanging on the to Josh Gordon despite all of the off field issues that he's had a Pro Bowl appearance I was all the way back and horny fourteen seems like it was. Forever ago. So combine those two width David joke too tight end at a Miami who caught two touchdowns in the first pre season game against New York Giants. Along with their stable of running backs which now features deep Johnson they drafted Knick job out of Georgia. They picked up Carlos tied for the San Francisco 49ers. And they got some other guys back there as well so I think what's going on in Cleveland there is fascinating you got war games across the NFL. That are coming up tonight and the rest of this weekend as well but were to step aside will come back. And Allen a dive into some of this Major League Baseball stuff parlance as the arena given a suspension. Is it's an awful what you know how long it is for his. Beaning of Ronald recruited junior couple nights ago don't go anywhere you listen to fox sports 910. 20 minutes after 7 o'clock hour game notes filling in for west McIlroy on this Friday morning. A great Friday up football Friday. We're talking a lot to pigskin today. We've spent a lot of time in the National Football League were getting ready to move off that topic at least for a brief period time. Woody some baseball here in the segment. But a reminder that the schedule the rest of the way it looks like this rich Taylor rats and blogger NBC sports Washington dot com. Real rats can stack count joins us at 745. Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch is gonna hang out with us at eight when he. And then we catch up with party for the Richmond flying squirrels. At 845. It's time to rehashed today's poll question brought you buy it call federal. Passionately local banking. Poll question today after last night what position. On the redskins' offense are you most concerned with. Is that the quarterback Alex Smith. Did you not like which you saw from him last night could be the running back position Darius guides for the rest of the season. We didn't see any Chris Thompson last night some pre bid this. Who else is gonna contribute. Is at the wide receiver position. The Redskins spent a first round draft pick our Josh stocks and a couple of years ago. He's vastly underwhelmed clearly not worth the first round pick at least not at this point in his career. Who else is gonna step up at a ball Richardson. This offseason will he makes a noise. Jordan reed beacon factor him in there too can stay healthy. You get that your fourth and final choice however for the poll question is given time to gel. Alex Smith has only been out there for one drive in any actual game with the first team offense so. Would know more about it's what the Redskins will bring to the table to when he eighteenth season game three of the pre season next week. That's generally the game where the quarterback the starting quarterback for. Unless they're hurt for one respective team will at least play the first half sometimes. Coach will be the main. Aways into the third quarter as well. But that is your poll question brought to buy call federal passionately local banking after last night what position on skins offense he most concerned with quarterback running back wide receiver. Give them some time to gel. Find us on Twitter I'm act Danny notes that's where the poll question is however it's been re tweeted you can follow fox sports 910 as well. Pat fox sports 910 or VA. Let's go to some baseball real quick because we gotta get this in before we get to talking to you rich Taylor. Marlins whose eight year Rina. Suspended six games for beating Ronald Acuna junior to start. A game from a couple of nights ago you Reno also find it an undisclosed amount. Are remind you all that you arena. Hits Acuna with the force pitched two nights ago by the way that pitch. That hit Acuna was clocked at 987 point five miles per hour which is. The fastest pitch you arena has ever thrown to opening game according to ESPN. Stats. And information. So Pauly that. The little statistic right there pretty damning if you ask me sounds like he wanted to dialed up a little bit on the first pitch because he was aiming for something no. Among other things still I mean and we talked about this yesterday was the fact that. As soon as as soon as everything happened in the briefs are coming out of the dugout and things get heated to drops his glove and his base like our it was go. But there was no remorse there was no I'll shoot like a teacher write the album and I'm sorry that there was no. You know going over to oil and there was no I'm sorry it was just our right op Alec I was ready for this I was prepared for this. Let's let's go so yeah I mean and the fact that it's. Six games and the Marlins right now because he just started. Two days ago they can just rework their rotation he might not even have to miss a start. I mean that's just flat out ridiculous. You bring up a really good point you Paul Lee referencing how. You're arena as soon as he hit him I mean he dropped his glove he was ready to go he was ready to fight. So. That's another damning point to me if your Major League Baseball in trying to figure out whether or not you arena is guilty. That's kinda why I've felt it was so difficult. For our RY I wondered why it was so difficult for the umpires. To determine whether or not you're Reena. Should have been thrown out of this game. And what are we supposed to do lake I mean they're look at the replay it's like how are you supposed to determined that from a replay. Think it was pretty obvious I mean and the game happened so quickly and I understand and umpires job is hardly in that instance. I think pretty much everybody in that stadium everybody that was watching it okay. He plunked him on purpose and MLB really missed the mark on this because this is when your bright young stars around Acuna was hitting the co overall the ball. Read opera when your most popular teams the Braves. And now he gets hit the noble back could've been a very serious injury had from what it looks like he won't be too serious but it. Very well could have been and this is something you can't have happening that what discuss the guy gets hot start swing and a good at that. Some guy just just might plop them UF. Head this off. And making example heavy rain and they didn't do that. It's a great point and you know the other thing is the Braves manager Brian snicker was also ejected from the game. I'm not exactly sure how the umpires came to that decision either because to me this was very obvious this was very clear. When I was a urine was doing he was trying to send a message he was trying. To hit run the Cooney junior and the reason for that was because Acuna and homered in five straight games. Three of those games were against the Marlins so you Rina. Probably a little bit sick of that. Acuna after he was hit had to leave the game with an elbow injury. X rays and CT scan were negative so that's really good news Pauly even even for myself a national Spain you never like to see guys go out with injury. Not that us passionately when it's a purposeful pitch like the one who's a you read it through. Yeah ended braves are right in the middle of a division race where the Marlins. You're not even anywhere close and it's not like your neck in neck with a ranger and forth I think action in last place in this division. And yeah I ever myself as a lifelong Phillies Stanley you can boo a guy you can dislike him you can Egan drive in knots and you can hate him. But you never wish for someone to get hurt you don't ever wish for somebody to get injured be taken out of a game because of the manner. Death physical harm befall them and that's the LA it was a shame to see seven glad it's not too serious but. I thought hearing it definitely they should it come down a lot more hard on that they should come down a lot harder on your rainy for this this is this was just. You can't have this happen. And it doesn't happen all the time yes our guys are doing this all time but you don't ever want to set the president that. Yea you can get away with a it will suspend you for a cup a starter to. It's a it's another really good point Pauly and this would have been the poll question today had it not essentially then. The poll question yesterday but I want to know if you guys think six games is enough for Tuesday arena yard Pauly starts he definitely doesn't think it's enough. I tend to not think it's enough. Is this the type of thing that you caught a guy over could. I mean you could remind me Marlins ultimately decide that you know this type of guy doesn't belong in the organization he's. Four and twelve this year I believe any RA that's not impressive and yeah out of Miami Marlins are the worst team in the National League east and it's not really close. West said yesterday Craig from wrong Paula that he felt like your remission got at least a twenty game suspension is that more in the range that you were thinking too. Yeah I'd I agreed with a less on this one because in his way of thinking which I also agree with. For starting pitcher you know you're not out there every day so twenty games to a pitcher is essentially 45 starts. Which is would be the same as may be in couple years ago 100 Strickland got six games are at it he got six games for essentially doing the same thing to Bryce Harper. But. App for a pitcher figured out there every day so this is 45 starts that's the same as a position player again in five games which I think is very in this situation. And it hurts the Marlins who getter in last place but. Now you've put your team a difficult position of freer rein yet. Exactly you just mention that he's not exactly an elite pitcher in this game I think I saw the stat that. His walks per nine he averages of three or four walks per nine innings so. Not a guy that has great control either so. You know if you're gonna throw at a guy of all people throw at a guy you're probably not the one I would panic. I think that's very fair. I would probably. Reached for the range of 125. Games as well we gotta get to a break here. More Major League Baseball coming your way we've got some Washington Nationals to recap as well we can get some more thoughts in the on now Jose you read the suspension we've also got an interview with rich Taylor coming up at 745 would jump back on the reds and the local anywhere you're listening to fox sports 910. All along that this Friday morning data hoaxes for Westpac. Actual voice. 38 minutes past the hour. Got a little less than half the show to go people coming up next segment we get to talk to rich Taylor Redskins blogger Fred BC sports washed dot com. And real Redskins dot. 745 appointments with rage at a recap last night's game between Washington Redskins. In New York Jets skids with the wind fifteen to thirteen that is the definition. For rock fight off. All field goals for the skins last night. Hopefully they can eventually punched the ball in the end zone this season more red zone woes. Including a drive that stalled. Led by Alex Smith although Smith pretty sharp. In news debut. With this gains we were talking to Major League Baseball last segment discussing these Spansion of who say you're Rina Miami Marlins pitcher. Six games after he'd been around the king junior. Made it through most of our thoughts. On this topic Paulie I just wanna know now. How to control do you think the unwritten rules of baseball really are because this was where a lot of the discussion. Circled around yesterday when talking about Rosie Reno. And round could Eugene. Event that happened a couple of nights ago and what's interesting here is I don't think that this particular instance applies. Any unwritten rule of baseball right some of the unwritten rules that you could that you could reference here are. But Jack Kemp's home run. Not a lot of times he's gonna catch a fastball the next time becomes the plate. I if you if you being the superstar of one team likely this you know the team to being the first superstars like they're gonna have. Their superstar then thrown at. As well it's it's kind of an eye for an eyes. Sort of thing I guess that's kind of the best way to describe the unwritten rules of baseball right Polly Hammurabi code. Yet exactly not I'm with ya on that I don't think this particular situation. Really had anything to do with a unwritten rule there's no unwritten rule that says you've been a guy just because he's beating you. That put the rule is that a guy's beating you go out there and you be better than him. If these hidden home runs up you find a way to strike him out and Don Mattingly said that after the game is. You know he didn't necessarily support what your rain did he just said look you guys beat us we got to find a way to get amount. You know it there's no excuse for hit a guy just that's just. That's sort of a childish approach it's like BK on the playground all they're better than me so I'm gonna. Throw something out there are meant take my ball and go home yet this is the that's kind of what that was like well your. You're hit home runs off a bus so I guess the only way to stop me from doing that is to beat you. And that's not that has nothing to do they the unwritten rules of baseball. The now I will say that I'm all for if a guy hits what are your players are mall four pound for pound eager. You know and I travel further guy hits your guy you plunk his guy I'm fine with that and I'm finally hit a got to protect when your teammates in this case however. I think most people Lee the most baseball fans would say yes this is inexcusable. You don't do this so. I'm not gonna come down hard on the unwritten rules of baseball and see this is what's wrong with baseball this is why baseball's where it is now that's his that's not what this was this is a guy. Making a decision by himself. Apart from his teammates apart from his manager to do something stupid. Yeah it if you're if you're really that concerned about. Ron McKinney junior taking you deep for its sixth straight game how many of those were leadoff home runs to Polley were worked three in her own all three of more yes and throughout games in a row he had hit a leadoff home run and he was in the lead off spot again and I think. At least two of them were on the very first pitch. So. Fireworks on on the first page even being hit by pitch. Missed the point I was gonna make though if if you're really that concerned about a guy taking you deep you could have been intentionally walked him you don't even have to throw a pitch these days money. True and mean you don't even hat you don't have to do that I wouldn't. I would say that I'm nine. I would wanna do that if I'm the Marlins is and you just basically conceding OK we can't beat this guy. As a competitor I don't wanna give anybody any reason to say especially right from the get go right from the outset of the ball game. Yeah we got no answer for you just go to first base but you just eat you gotta make the correct pitchers that just trying get him out. And if you don't okay you come back Nixon that you you've figure something out. I'm but it's more of an onus on you. As a team as a pitcher as a player. To be better right and sell out I'm I'm. I I'm fine with. I am I see your point. That you know you can take it you could intentionally walk and there's other ways obviously there were several better options that way your and it went with. Well there's no doubt about that and something just popped up on my Twitter timeline that asks is one Soto a lock for the National League rookie of the year and Mike very quick answer to that. Is no absolutely not just because I'm run of the Cooney junior in in the season then relieve the stretch of games that. He's played over the last month or so. Fantastic and when the Braves make the playoffs in the mats don't they're also gonna have that case to make. For Rhonda Cooney junior over warrants so I don't and the Braves offense has been hotter of late in the ad is in large part because of Acuna. That's right in and right now Atlantic is back on top of the National League east they've got a one and a half game lead on your Philadelphia Phillies ball. 6850 to you or the Braves and the Nantz sit and packet. 561. In 61 mayor eight games back of the National League east crown that's out of reach at this point if you ask me. I think they need to focus more on just trying to make a wad card but even that's wishful thinking at this point. Match first a couple of game ended the Saint Louis series nation found a way to win one of those not to mention how about going into the bottom of the ninth on Sunday night with a three nothing lead. I against the Chicago Cubs and you find a way to give out on away good lord. I don't think that that's belong in the playoffs this year have been consistent enough to beat team that's even got to make it. Out of the divisional round if they warn it's one of the wild card teams. I just don't see app. Happening this year and it's interesting because I don't really know where to point the finger you know it it's not I've heard this said by a bunch of different people. I don't think you necessarily can't pointed at one figure when you're talking about and that's the season and the struggles that they've had because they've kind of been everywhere at every level. Let's set aside or take quick break we'll come back and will be joined by rich Taylor NBC sports Washington. And real Redskins dot com you're listening to fox sports 910. Okay. For tonight's that is Richmond sports station glad you could make it today gaining oaks in four Westpac weigh in on this Friday morning. Busy show the rest of the way remember coming up the final hour of the program we're talking to Michael Phillips of Richmond times dispatch as wells are what party from the Richmond flying squirrels. Now is not the time to Q now the Washington Redskins however or one and one this pre season after a fifteen to thirteen win of the New York Jets last night. And we're gonna head over to the say hello to rich Chandler Redskins blogger for NBC sports Washington dot com and real Redskins dot com he could find it all on Twitter. At handler and PC as rich good morning sir has everything go. Good morning doing great mr. Netanyahu again. Absolutely thrilled to be talking with you partner last night our first look at Alex Smith under center for the Washington Redskins. First drive of the game he takes the skins down the field they've got an opportunity there inside the five on third down. Couldn't punch it in the drive stalled but. He looked pretty Chris the rest of the way it's tough to take away too much from the limited action still seems like he's got some kinks to work out with those receivers what do you think. Yeah that's actually got seventy during trading entity not quite bigger. With all the receivers. No I don't mean he's worked with triquint sub. You know that that third down pass them out in the red zone there. You don't Buick I don't catalyst like both of them got it worked well they're going to be a little bit better ask also looks like. Like Craig we've got caught in any way. But you know I don't want to good encrypt driving incomplete ambassadors to our Josh dikes and all rich and. Vernon Davis you're going to be big targets would teach yourself. It was Dario was all at once here regional magnolia yet. So I extrapolate that out an entire game but I guess so you what you got to say so far so good. Not too bad not shabby at all I think we'll see a lot more of Alex Smith there in the third game of the pre season. We look at the running game though rich obviously concerns after Darius guys went down with the ACL injury he's gonna miss the 2018 season. Some ICP Ryan also went out with an injury last night only one carry but it was a thirty yard carry. How do you expect the running game to evolve our coach gruden and the coaching staff kind of trying to pick up the pieces now the ice is no longer going to be part of the team this year. That well yeah Holmgren said he's got that he already has some good statement that he has now of course what coach says on the podium. And what actually happened you green now and we Kwan could be two different thing I think right now I think that's what. No they would like it to work out where rob Kelly. And there is guys. Carry the load on first and second down. Stop and of course we have not seen yet it will virtually preceding game. All might see you next week might not seem that we won. You know he's he's going to be that big third down guy. And then. You know I think I think last night he really wanted this seat. Yelled cabinet and some some of the 12 punch with telling people how that would work out of its Kelly. Jobs to restart and I think people I'd get it was going to be given any change or it still will be given a chance he had wondering. Was not serious according gruden. But ally. He will be given a chance to earn Islam you know scourge of war series and wasn't that. Evolved into a. Running back by committee or involved Kelly yeah getting beat deep lion's share that there could be right just give me to hear your bearish alum. Registration second set a lot of reduction rookie right deter Ernest box. And certainly you'd like to CP right here throughout the rest of training camp. Get back healthy is the ankle injury mention not quite as serious as maybe initially thought and pick it up in practice and and make some plays in the games when he gets that opportunity. About camps in rich he's been an interesting project to this point. The rookie receiver from damage had an up and down game last night dropped a wide open pass ended up being an interception but. He did make a really nice catching traffic and I think you can see a lot of his potential and athletic schism. In some of the plays that he did make I feel like this coaching staff really wants him terror roster spot to. The what the saying goes you play like you practice and it's exactly champion he was. Very inconsistent Richmond as it drops engines to catch the cat is just like you did. He did last night so yeah well we're talking about on the road construct podcast last night. And you know and the vessel side can really see. You know you keep Brian quickly been around them has never really got anything detecting and should be as a sixteen year. Trichet the only. Or do you keep it it and say yeah but it is more reliable more Reuben you know a little better blocker and I'd argue keep the guy with the potential life. Like him to have you can make this spectacular grab it just we just scratched absorb it and it didn't development. Don't consistently. All but gone with it is just repetition that time only so that will be a very interesting he gave he read from retaining. You all about all in and possibly cut that. We've done that ball bouncing out of our current interception. To be a guy who made it very very strong case torrent convene a grand could create a mixed. Or. Why is question for rich Taylor NBC sports Washington dot com in Rio Redskins died. I was encouraged by the performance of the defense last night rich drawn pain having a sack but. Tim saddle is a guy that we've heard so much about some training camp began and hit mixes gay down here in southwest Virginia warm doing the show today because. To settle a Virginia Tech product. How to tackle though I batted ball down the line scrimmage. He sure is quick and athletic for a guy that big what does this coaching staff like most about settlement and how do you expect them to increases workload if at all. Yeah he's he's another guy who still it was still learning about this just physical. Our ability let him of the news media was lined up for bush the second street good or bad. Against Spencer along the way the. You know Redskins starting setter last year before he got injured were challenging for the record that so. You know he was going into pretty decent lie and then just just me and handling it he almost got it sank. They can wind up as it is good defense of tacked on when the record what drew orbit for a and easy out there they're gonna have to find snapped a bit out of luck in depth look this is one. You know he's he's fast he's quick as. Yeah yeah hit right now of course we don't need to get into the pre season lives let you know over there later. You're you wonder act out what it can't Abbott got lasting until they ran out. Or he wrote it I don't think they're planning on taking him after they. But it got derived pain in the first but you know they just they just had to take him if it will be distilled down there and it proved to be a good. Good pace and yet it is coaches get Doug to a they're gonna have to buy a match for him. You can joke and a regular rotation a 21 bad snaps a game a guy like. To take advantage of them go to this peace deal to have another branch. Jay you gotta love those late round value picks that guys can. Bring in the National Football League but rich thanks so much for the time today man I'll let you go appreciate it have a great rest Sudan. Our candy cat have a good one. Department rich Taylor Redskins blogger NBC sports Washington dot com in Rio Redskins dot com if you'd like it needed follow rich on Twitter at handler. And BCS. It was a great performance last night for Washington certainly plenty left to be desired by the time right that's one of the I suppose answers to this whole question that we will rehash when we return from the break between the second and third hours final hour of the show coming up next are listening to fox sports content.