Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Leigh Cowlishaw and Michael Phillips (6-22-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 22nd
Wes welcomes Richmond Kickers Head Coach Leigh Cowlishaw and Michael Phillips of The Times-Dispatch in the second hour. 

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Some know yeah yeah. This McIlroy. Yeah fox sports ten fox sports Richmond dot com. Showing 34509. Tech or email blast and fox sports Richmond dot jobs here you. She is the man who last McIlroy you. Golf restaurant and in this enterprise gala on this Friday. Thanks to Franken is whether beyond facts were 910 or on the radio dot com pat thanks again to Pauly Michael Robinson facility in yesterday under the weather. Some bad rocks. And down goes back Roy. But I am back. And ray roar on this Friday coming up one writer whose well respected among his court. Who he roared pure hard on the sport I get an ankle and appear in two minutes. NBA draft in the books. Beyond trade to no one's surprise first overall pick by Phoenix. Filed by Amare. And back with the third to Sacramento. That the dot it's going to Atlanta but then later traded Dallas Dallas who selected re young they sent to Atlanta. And Jerry Jackson had a Michigan State is selected fourth overall by the Memphis Grizzlies. Couple local guys. Fragile nations to death and a whole lot of Yankee was selected 53 begins that would last nineties. Gonna do Oklahoma City where they do have a plethora of guards including one Russell Westbrook. But DeVon hall to his advantage is one guy who can do things with out the ball in his hands so. He's gonna have to fight he's gonna scrap to make the roster second round pick is not a guaranteed roster spot. The DeVon home. Good luck to him and underrated player in the ACC game bush and the best. Following maybe teach him how to play a little defense down KC Powe and call you by defense as I mean T oh yeah today. Jack Russell Westbrook Carmelo Anthony Paul George not exactly. Negative divers additions Troy brown and as bush shooting guard and small forward selected by the wizards at number fifteen it's a Smart pick I don't know much sugar but Troy Brown but if you look at for a guy. Which the wizards needed both debt. And scoring and defense here's a guy can come and give me a year could be insurance for Kelly who break who's a free agent after next season is in debt behind Bradley Beale at shooting guard at Jodie Meeks but he is gonna miss. Was gonna miss record this season after that PEP test popped up. That the second round pick by the wizards I'm not exactly sure it's and international big east of CNN. Who will spend next year playing in Slovenia they picked him he will spend the next year it's a draft and stashed prospect. Which considering where the wizards are. The way that the east is growing with Philadelphia and Boston getting better Cleveland's kind of an unknown not know LeBron james' status is. I'm just not feel that the wizards have the luxury to grab somebody and stash of you need talent you need help you need to get better now as the east grows. But when your Ernie Grenfell and you have a contract extension handed to you in the off season. He feels he's got all the time in the world so. That's the way he goes in the second round. You what John and on the draft feel free in 3450910. Just Tillman out of DCU not drafted last night. However I would give it about twelve to 24 hours you'll see just Tillman signed with the team the most likely have a couple options decide what's best for him. And then he'll be in the G leagues somewhere in Vegas or Florida if we hear anything about that I doubt this morning. But if we hear something we'll let you know 3450910. West fox sports 910. What are you back in this discussion about what Brett Favre wants to do. Banning tackle football under the age of twelve. We're talk about it with Tim Hightower who's gonna join us the former Richmond spider running back. Back in mini camp with the New Orleans Saints he's gonna join us in the 8 o'clock hour he's running a physical fitness clinic tomorrow EC AC ensure apostle talked to in my tower about that. But it's not a good idea wanna get into oh and we had a leasing gasket fired up about it now I'll preface this by saying. You seem to get a column like this every summer. And it comes at a slow point after the NBA finals are done. The NFL sleeping for about six weeks until they go to training camp it's V what's wrong with baseball column. Happens every year you can probably Google and find one for every single summer. Baseball's attendance is down the game needs to change. Daddy daddy back. However. It's usually done with little facts and mostly opinion. However Bob nightingale the USA today brought opinion and brought a whole lot of facts of why baseball right now is not an a good place. Now I caution you and I would say holdup of your baseball diehard you love the game. I would I would just caution you before you start on our. They usually get that baseball purist as usually guys that there's nothing wrong with the game it's great actually right now baseball appears as one as people not happy with the game. And Bob nightingale takes a blue go towards this morning to the game of baseball. Rewrites today's game of baseball we're fans are staying away in droves Scots are covering their eyes in disbelief. And baseball executives are running for cover. Something is dreadfully gone wrong with his glorious past time players are striking out more than at any time an alarming 22% of all plate appearances. Ron pays her more strikeouts than hits 181613. Strikeouts compared to 181136. Hits. Entering Wednesday's action. The National League which is expected to adopt the DH within five years is only four teams with more hits the strike outs. Yet instead of these offensive woes dragging teams down like do the 62 Mets it's hardly a detriment. And nightingale does support out at the Arizona Diamondbacks. Have the lowest batting average in all of baseball to 27. It there in first place in the NL west. Milwaukee Brewers have been shut out a Major League leading ten times. They're in first place in the central. And the Cleveland Indians are the only team in their division with a winning record. And they've been outscored by a cumulative 230. Runs in that division. United staggering this is dying Yelp what this out a staggering 41 position players who went into Tuesday night's game. Batting 200 or less. Nine Gil goes on a right to disparity between the haves and the have nots among teams have never been greater. There are five teams with winning percentages under 400. And Ford teams that are on pace to win 100 games both would be unprecedented remarks if they hold up. It sucking the life out of any suspense in the American League a lesser lower of playoff seeding. The Yankees the Red Sox the masters in Cleveland Indians can virtually set their playoff rotations now. And you wonder why tennis is down 7% from last year the average attendance to date is 27675. Which would be the lowest since 1996. The game is simply void of action. With players striking out walking or hitting home runs in 34%. Of their plate appearances. So for more than 13 of every game there's not a fielder involved an action. The average time between balls put in the plane is a staggering three minutes and 45 seconds. And I've commented on this before that the big proper baseball is a lack of action. Almost thought about shortening up the game. Speeding it up now problem has been like action. Baseball's a slow game I'm OK let baseball's a game that doesn't need odd game clock. But it's it's simple. Human nature you can't have. You can't have a TV show or movie where there's no action for almost four minutes. It's just not gonna work you can get bored to change the channel. And baseball is going three minutes and 45 seconds between baseball's put in a plane. Nightingale does and analytics. Meanwhile scoreboards display an academic decathlon worst of advanced addicts almost drowning out the fact of the team that scores morons actually wins the game. We get our heads filled with so much exit velocity spin rate launch angle and catch probability is that most runs and games considered antiquated as an eight track. We're seeing reliever star games these days. Legitimate starters expected last five and third shifts on every pitch and hits and runs becoming so obsolete as library cards. Pitchers and pitchers are pitching away from contact hitters are swinging like it's a Sunday be nearly every game is being mantra it's game seven in the World Series. When will it ever and we have some base runners now on and Alison old fashioned rally is perhaps the occasional base runner in motion. And this is what's going no baseball. That there is no action there is no movement it's either strike out a walk or homer and and that's not a lot of fun to watch. Home runs are fun to watch. Which is not if you're not getting them every play you know getting them at every at bat at least give me a ball in play. And nightingale goes on to close ices. Some players such as wage goes on to say about. Some players want to shift outlawed. So what the now lowered somewhat the strike zone changed some including Bryce Harper even suggesting they gains go to seven innings. Commissioner ma rob Mayer for police to pitch clock would be the magic elixir. Perhaps it wouldn't bring any further excitement into the game but at least it would reduce the time of boredom. And then nightingale concludes maybe we just have to be patient. Hoping this is only an ugly cycle. Maybe in time hitters who actually learned to hit the other way and actually beat the relentless ships. But baseball better hurry because with the NFL dominating the sports landscape in the brawn James in the NBA stealing the headlines. Is star immediately. Awfully early. Really good read by a respected baseball writer Bob nightingale. And it's all true. Baseball is a different game right now. The philosophy as totally changed this and I've noted about this before. Talked about and I read a book here and actually start reading books. On analytic and Saber metrics just I can keep up with understanding the game that we got today now I grew up a baseball fan. I love baseball since I was a little kid. There's usually a game on at least in the background at my house my wife usually walks to the door tonight at night and even that's the Phillies are wrong. And now that the NBA is done the Nazi the Phillies are on when I go to bed at night but it is a game that doesn't have a lot of movement. And who wrote this column Bob Knight guys speak stood credibility of a problem baseball. Where this is baseball's glamour right now young people are turned off by a lack of action. And longtime baseball fans are looking into game bought one of action. There watching simple. Beat putting a guy in motion bringing guy and and guys can't do it. And there are a lot of people who are saying and I told baseball players about this. I've talked to minor leaguers until the major leagues so these guys feel like they're going to bat with a math class in her head. I aware about my old checked there were about my exit velocity and yet. And Bob nightingale writes about this buster only has written about this before there are league executives there are GM's. These guys won't go on record budget buster only had a piece couple weeks ago were guys who say and they feel like they've built Frankenstein's monster. That everybody start buying into the Saber metrics and analytics and they bought and the philosophy. And they believe it works and they saw the Houston Astros win but they're looking at the product of the game right now it's just not good. It's just not entertaining. Like I said I'm turner forty. Baseball's been a part of my life unlike many of you were listening right now SA baseball purist I'm not a baseball appears from a baseball lifer baseball. I eat you can make it a seven inning game and I'm still gonna watch it baseball's a part of my life I'm not turn forty it's part of me that will never ever. Be removed from me. But it's not the same game right now and it's not a good game right now. Party will be in studio on the 8 o'clock hour he's about sports entertainment I scan is a lifelong baseball doubted his philosophy on this. You can share yours if you're a baseball fan what you what you're watching right now. That same game so what's your big problem with. Let me know 3450910. Check it out check out Bob nine guilt peace USA today 3450910. On Twitter. At west fox sports 910. Party will be here at 8 o'clock hour coming up next lead cal shell the kickers head coach. Why are we get so many upsets in the World Cup why are all these young smaller countries run with the big boys in some cases. Beating some of the big boys who thought about that next on fox sports 910. It's the top of the volunteers we can help. And this incident. Colmes fox sports line. Oysters and three nil. But that's soccer vocabulary that and narrowing nails that would total about eye opening surprises this tournament Argentina with a lot of pressure. Nazis last World Cup in Croatia says you get out of here Croatia moving on and I guess there's still. Sliver of a chance for Argentina but. Always said yes anyway that they played yesterday fuel. Right now they're easy Pickens. We got soccer in the RVA we got the World Cup by the way ratings very well here in Richmond. We also soccer tomorrow night and I've action in the Richmond kickers taking on Charlotte great to welcome and on the Lee our talk about your guy's been a regular soccer perspective here we're Tom Argentina get upset which are about Mexico beaten Germany that. It just the first week of the World Cup yet any theories or thoughts and by the smaller. Lower ranked countries or hang in with some of these big countries and not only anger with and beating some of them. Not the question I think over time. You know twenty years ago these. Slightly resort to performances wouldn't really popular as much but things are again able to all corners of that of the globe. All content of the hole that brought it talked about coaches. To target the national scene the players include all the players are now playing around the world straight in the domestic league. Masters produced the most sophisticated talented player when you put that together so it's more about the scene. It is about the individuals I think you certainly saw about. Yes the day with a Croatia Argentina game. I'm actually got stomped on plastic game they're there and actually seeing. On the road. Did Jeremy was a great result in generated like pretty well did not match him a B that it supplies that they don't a recover and qualified so. The played until about this Wilcox at all that it and so. So equal and the performances and the clutch in getting that have been played have been really entertaining and I think you're seeing across. Apostle to argue that he trichet about boast what to match ups. I know you have your own team to coach I don't know how much you've been relax a bit of all the matches but who's the most impressive country you've seen so far. Should accept its literature really tough question I think fronts how a lot of talent they've tried that. Not been that that that so far above that qualified already I think that a real danger. You know I've really enjoyed what you Peru that did not apple but I think they plates and Mary. Good gangs I would look very unfortunate boat much is that they not take that from the beginning. Belgium. I think they've filed some world class player. I'm still out that throughout that scene. There in the pretty weak group waiting then. One win away. Against and you get so on all four and though he might take the public for watching you have a lot of Taiwan now a lot of confidence American. They're going into the air. The second straight in the knockout stage. Paula just asking this question we are some of the World Cup scoring record ploy by the way you have a note on that woke up scoring record as what. Is thirteen it was set by France's used Fontaine back in 1958. To 1958. There is some talk here in USA today lay about Rinaldo who now has four goals breaking this record. I think it's a little hard to project only two matches in but what are you saying because there's always been this great soccer argument about who's the best player in the world meciar Renaldo. What are you seeing from Renault right now. I'm actually always the difference between an out of matches and not others a more prolific goal scorer. Even more powerful a closer to goal. And certainly can score a lot of goals with the centers well no it is connection. There are a joke it's phenomenal for the sports on any scorching trying to talk to go that way to get to that no not. I would not be bad I'm not too it's like that happened are we getting get tied as the C east. And they play. Improved. I'm ports it would have to go all the way it stops and a couple of blowout we have about a reality and so I would not cold not saying that's a real. Realistic goal for. I am I think the under on that one as well leak out until joining as the Richmond kickers Lee. I hate to be the ugly American who makes us about American bit you've played college here in the United States you've coached for decades here in the US. There's the story here in America and not in this World Cup where it in your perspective where we yet right now in America's soccer where we did not make the World Cup. Such I'll let you go back. You know send ideas. On meridian in that in the realm that you saw that and how many different organizations popped open how many. She voted cult. Quote and quote elite teams were performing and everybody everybody was that student. You credited you know a pool of mediocrity they've been great news may over the last ten years. The federation has built a involve US soccer federation. The court that try to academies throughout the country. I'm on the port side that stalking it's a really. So really tight dividends I really believe you've got a world class foundation in place now that of Reagan proved I think unanimously. Such. Major improvements over the next flight to ten years in the fight to play at the US so is gonna create. I think you hit sort of a little bit with the World Cup that you woke up in how the youngsters women are so confronts. On a couple of weeks ago there are a lot of good players playing. All over the world like now I'm bitter Americans. That will be considered for the national scene and actually out alternatives. You're excited targeted the idea. You know. A kick in the seats and this woman totally lost to shoot him out of them and send and ready exchange everybody both within and certainly role models of the the next generation but there is a strong foundation has great. US you'd players in the comfort my question about it. I don't agree I don't have the specifics the way you do but there is that reaction is that. In sports where the Yankees watch the Red Sox win the World Series and there's that reaction there is that. Point in sports where you get embarrassed and it's I've yet to reevaluate what we're doing here I'm. I'm curious to see moving forward because it feels like with the progress we have in the first the past two World Cup's. We've we've definitely had a setback here I wanna see where it goes moving forward leak out so when this is a couple more minutes on fox sports night and they're home tomorrow night against Charlotte. You guys are about halfway through your season what did what have you learned about this team at the midway point. We just got to treat all results on the road that does that not to the spot. But it definitely that that the potential that played very well hope. I'm so we need to get back to winning ways it's really do look like grows in this policy and we go to cal wins on ties and that wasn't so. That you gonna say especially. A very cavalier. Very attacking approach to regain. Will the high press chocolate cheese and as much. A much precious possible without a good nation that for the regular funding and yet very open gangs. And usually fights porn go and so. Certainly can't embed it straight initiate that we have 100 and the political. And robot control. Opportunities to scroll sort of always consider for the regular time well. Novi city stadium tomorrow night he knew it tickets at Richmond kickers dot com or walk up and we will you know tomorrow night when you walk up please bring your twin and twin excel sheets and blankets to city state and if you have any that are left over. Clean them bring him out as they will be collecting them tomorrow night for the sweet dreams drive. To help out to read this and secret waters bring them to the kickers game tomorrow night getting extra blankets or sheets laying around bring those out to help the less fortunate. You always enjoyed talking soccer with the Austin like I learn something when I talked yeah I appreciate your time early morning sir. You know you've got leaked out show when this. On the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline once again that's Richmond kickers dot com to find more about the action tomorrow night. And about the sheet and blanket drive and week out Joseph brought you buying. Well it's free pizza Friday he's brought you botched nose pizza caller number five right now gets a twenty dollar gift card to. She knows on this free pizza Friday. 3450910. That's 3450910. West McIlroy fox sports 910. You in this league Kalish other Richmond kickers. Phillips or pick of the Washington Capitals. Where Davey Johnson who is just spectacular. The other day. I would Davey Johnson I wanna do ourselves forming gets a weekly segment Davey Johnson because demand has no filter and I absolutely love that interview. I will tell you I'd like I don't like to offend any of our gas but I should tell you there's one interview every week. This week's. When he got here and Davey Johnson go find it fox sports Richmond dot com. But numbers 345091. Net zero I get tickets to big field day which I'll give away here in just a couple of minutes. I appointed we give the twenty dollar give accorded to those pizza to do we have Rodney gun. Glenallen Ronnie and Mika thank you for listening on this free pizza Friday brought you buy tomatoes and speaking of food. Now once again why was mysteriously die here yesterday it was because for the first time in my fourteen your radio career I could not answer the bell. Went to bed feeling if the other night not that good but you know I'm not younger Adam's gonna go to bed. We got at 4:30 in the morning alone. Two words kids food poisoning. Wrong. And it was a staggered food poisoning in the house because my lovely bride she came home Wednesday night and said. You know at Pratt didn't sit well with me we may brought the night before. She had a delayed reaction I polished off the last one for launch so it took a little extra time remaining. But it was that it it was it was bad and considering it's 7:35 and a morning and as mean you're eating breakfast apple has spared the details but it. It was not good so is Paula looks over I've got my healthy breakfast of Gatorade right now. I'm a multi Gatorade and Cheerios that's what I've been able. I'm not good I always say that there are two things there's. When you get up as early as we do your phone rings it's usually for one of two reasons a you overslept or be somebody sick. I love doing the show made ticks left for me hopes not to do to show but I felt poorly yesterday eight because we have a new boss here. I put imminent just horribly bad predicament is one thing if you don't feel well the night before you can tap out we have a list of outstanding replacements for the shelter. But it's 430 we're not in its way from the parents. And what to do I I was in the parking lot at the station. After stooped really driving to the station are going to have a car Michael policies is not happening today assuming even make it out of the car I couldn't get out okay. I didn't even realize that said this before I didn't realize that you were at work of these gap I've got to go home sweet your hat. Work I was in the parking lot and that's what this way you. If it not if you're not a range yesterday you could magically found the parking spot and I was in because. I left my mark a ballot kind of glass of rain yesterday in the case so we we park right next to you yes we aptly put the topic out and here's the life dilemma the whole thing. The food that caused it and my wife and I have reason this out by the common denominator the food that we both had its products. And I love for it's it's the summertime. Brought in the grill the some must with a good mustard. And and that's that was the bugaboo here that was the ample trader that is the food that would grow to my body. And now in the life dilemma because yesterday I had to go into the fridge and just looking at them as I was throwing them into the garbage can I just thought my god went. Where if could I ever needed other brought again. So we thought the question on Twitter. What is the food when you've got so sick maybe even food poisoning what's the food. You just have not been able to eat again Paul you said it's never happened you've never had the voice now so now I imagine if it. Have happened if I had food poisoning. There would be absolutely luckily never had to have that this is twice now mr. downs in my life I've had food boy access two times too many. Just get it once his bags I've heard horror stories much like the what you just told it doesn't tickle. So we throw the question we asked what's the food that you could never eat again after being sick by Matt writes in tangerine. And freedoms. Which I don't know being separate link. We're together I imagine tangerine and for those together when Sid yeah I reckon I would recommend eating this together but I don't know how to change Marines. Could make you spit free throws again and try to get their freedoms. Travis writes and happen to me with tequila worst food poisoning experience. Imagine I don't know of but tequila is it goes under the category of I got food poisoning yeah I'd like you know how much they ran well we go and put that on the day I got here VC UMCU captain Morgan I got bragging rights and died by can I got Kyle writes in gingerbread stout. Guys we're we're missing the point I think you're missing the point here we're talking food not the night they got away from you with too much booze. Our long list of knuckles to put on that and then I. There's some nice boy right I have talked about this before ploy doesn't drink and there's some things are like dude. College you missed out on a couple of times Anderson Townsend is jealous of you that you don't drink because you never had to go through a hangover. And I've been to some hangers in my life into what I understand not listen I can't judge pocket the worst ever was my fresh ever hear. No okay no I can't do mica I itself working you do I can you look bloody Americans out of time but I don't you electrically mean I had an exiting college one time where. I didn't was a never drank in high school in touch the stuff. So I didn't like beer ad that initial freshman phase of not liking the taste of beer. Went to a party when nine guys in here drink this this and what is he gives you like orange juice as. There was a screwdriver. I like ours is a lot oh. It got the point so bad divers are reportedly because I was not clear enough to remember this lit up the cigar. Was sitting on the couch talking to some girl act like big hot shot my body looked over and said. I took a big dragon cigar. And then looked over and cashed it right into the screwdriver. And then picked up the same cup and put it to my lips and luckily. He was there for the state. I did not drink by cigar actions. But I've not touch a bucket and our issues since I've started Jews but screwdriver never ever ever again. But yes and things and you guys are missing the point not the thing we gave me the worst hangover ever but food. Brett writes in meat balls and caps game. Lol I don't think I I know I I don't undergrad meatballs and it. And it casts I don't offer a sporting event had a good to be people's now does that get it it's probably in a trade you have to eat them for tonight's very eat with a fork and knife at a sporting event probably I'm not intimacy booted a sport now but I especially like what of all of goal is quarter something you stand up real quick it's gone let's let this way Brett doesn't have to worry about it ever again it's true mark writes in slicker baloney M lunch well you get into questionable luncheon meats and I can go bad. Consistently you get one questionable luncheon meat. It's the whole county as it did you get a big pizza ham and you can't look at roast beef Turkey roasted chicken and you can look at the deli counter for a year you stare clear hold deli counter are you alone again. I love baloney really and I never allure any summer sausage. Link just yet regular lunch meat blowing yeah I enjoyed every once in a lot. BDF lobster in Brussels and to make matters worse I was staying at this student hostel with poet bastards. Oh yeah and I tell him he's. I don't ever got a worse you beauty effort of people you're stand with you took two wells that night and your rights in my life and I at the same time salmon and luckily we were able to manage it. But it was a long time before we could do it again I got more for tequila. Ler rates in the in my life had pot stickers one time and I got food poisoning. Cain even look at them anymore. Donny and it this is this is my fear this is my fear of brock's cannot ever do it again. Tablets out but not anywhere in the near future I will say I'm glad to. Not there was food poisoning but that it wasn't something worse because I said this yesterday man. About to go on vacation here and there's nothing worse than being sick when you make easy so at least here in the recovery stage now. Just me it was a week's worth of illness all wrapped up in about eighteen now that are having breakfast everybody in west McIlroy fox sports 910. Brought do you buying. Big field day yes it is here you like music you wanted to hear live music what we've got tickets for if you would like to go CI a mixture I get this right. Dashboard Confessional. You are juicy. You wanna go see Manchester orchestra or Paul in my favorite band who is it any law nation hey you all nation who Wyler and their name properly this week after going that AOL nation. If you wanna go to big field day 2018. All day festival tomorrow at Innsbruck after hours. Beat color number 434509103450910. In the tickets are yours. Up next buried trot has got a new job. And why why some Redskins ready to fight even before training camp Michael Phelps of the times dispatch will tell us next fox sports 910. Well. Do you care about that this morning with a lot of flooding has gone on especially around Richmond airport figure out about. See big bottle water gulf try to be a doping drive through it take time take it easing get to where you're gone saves. Coming up 8 o'clock outsold Tim Hightower just back in minicamp of the New Orleans Saints got to try to give it another year in the NFL also hosting a fitness clinic tomorrow talking about back. Joining us right now on the Michael we start here I got some Redskins against the wizards to get with you but the capitals. Your reaction to bury track sticking three days become the new maker of the islanders is once. I don't look very good for him in the may have been. OP you got assurances. That the free agents that are gonna sign their could look obviously. Pick an angle that it's the you know he yeah I I think it's a no fault divorce. You know way I understand what the capitals all the way they did and clearly coach today. For a long time attack Reardon didn't wanna let him go. Is same time understand heartbreaker at all the way he felt I used very clearly I hung out to drive by the franchise. And you could go on implement it on. I'd like recent not fault divorce I do. It every. You're here right there don't be a joke that it got like. I try Michael I try to bring some levity in some sense of this program every once in a lot. I do my they're no fault divorce it and I don't know if there's fall here 'cause I feel like the caps did make a mistake by letting the only coach to help them. Get a Stanley Cup go. They had been grooming I guess the way that Steelers it's been. It's been coming for so long that we felt this almost the way since November the very shots wouldn't be back that almost thought it would have felt more of a surprise that he. If he came back and they would got a contract done with them then if you would have left. Correct you may remember there's a bit of a stir after the Columbus series and cynical line. If there attract stroll down to order a lot I'm gone I'm not coming back I'm on. Which caused increased terror and is in explaining that load. I was talking about something else which has exploration. OK sir them at that commitment. And you know I mean that the product is the track at all you and I you know I got the sense. That that they wanted to move on May even bring it hurt and an aperture you're kinda. Ride that wave of momentum into the cup which is something that hurts that a couple times the the fact that the team was so good all year and they've been a rep that you institute that was surprise. I'm just that it still incredibly happy for very trot. Two musical aspect all the way great guy. It's so happy for him he got picked up by I think you'll be. Cheer and appropriately so it would be no return. But yeah added that the dye was cast. He's he wasn't coming back it was just nobody really thought the Stanley Cup with government. And this guy right here. Did not see that as recently as the start of the dip a bailout big experiences so I'd like that certainly don't think you can blame anybody or not being the Billick that your. I think it speaks volumes to their trust knowing his situation still being a pro and his team do. And not falling apart at the seams but it got a hat in house turmoil Michael those lists on that indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. You spent a lot more time in DC and I'd do the wizards last night they pick Troy Brown at Oregon at number fifteen. Which I'm OK would it seems like a sensible pick shooting guards small four provides depth at two different spots. Then go out in the second round and they get this draft and stash prospect out of Slovenia. And yeah my common reaction is looking at what's going on in the east and look what's going on with Philly and Boston and having Bradley deal and jumbled together. There's not a lot of time to me for the wizards to say hey let's go but guy let's go to some talents Daschle for a couple years but then again when you Ernie Grenfell getting your contract extension. He feels like he's got all the time in the world Michael. It amazes me how far the wizards have fallen or are they now number four on the DC sports scene behind the Redskins. The nationals and now the capitals. He had unquestionably. And you know I eat the capital circuit of course temporary that's not a permanent search. Just as the wizard the debt is its temporary if they want people would compact. Up but the capitals are absolutely a little later Drake Eleanor that he you're bear that out there and interest bears that out that happened even before the cup went. I you know the wizards are very known quantity right now and I think you know one thing to survive the music. This should be a more. Fun interacting team than it is eel all a either compelling. Characters and and players and if you Kelly Gray as well like your belief is built around starters and personalities and on their income to bring it all back Branyan a totally out of the zone both teams I think. The one thing he's been complimented for his is keeping the court to gather in our you know so that's gonna backs permanent there's been. Called over the last few years to trade Ovechkin you know. And blow it up and start over he didn't. Spent correctly lauded about. On the basketball side did. You know attorney ground celebrate every bit cattle into orbit what are we missing here that study continues to get you contract extension that. Yeah the last of the secret contract extensions mean the public. When that happened that. So you know kind of the same approach that it could clearly not working in the basketball. You know I I guess I don't think it's that bad team I don't think it's that bad Corbett they've made some really. Head scratching decision that it that it kind of let them know where they are right now. Michael you have one of the best stars in the sport you never. Hear the wizards talked about on national rating you barely snow sports center and what can DC I mean did you go to a game and it's it's a very quiet crowd it's just. It's to me how rough like they're going close to a relevant that there but their team it's a playoff team and they should be better than this yet. It's just. I don't even know of another team to compared to a sports where you have superstars where you have talent and you just have this. Kind of politeness in their future. Yet that I compared the Cincinnati Bengals a few years ago where they were at their role and I'll almost ten at. First round of the playoffs every year. I you know after a lot like. They're the worst start on that team and you know Chad Johnson and unmet human that there were some really good players some of those teams but it but they never got any national run never got to that every episode but you know locally. A United States at a certain point you you know he's got to do something to excite him. And they're not right now Michael Phelps you can read in the times dispatch Richmond dot com Michael have a good one enjoy a run on the ranch earlier next week Mormon. I'll be in on Monday it would portrait of David I'm Bonnie appreciate it take yourself. Michael Phillips on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. It's just amazing to me how the wizards. And look Ernie Grenfell does a guy that needs it's kind of like the redskins' situation years ago had been Cerrato. And now even to an extent was Bruce down people look and say he did to win here isn't getting any better and even state. Adam my putting that John Wall they got Bradley DeLia Otto Porter junior. You get a very good coach and Scott Brooks they should be better than this. And yet there they're following closer to relevant more and more each and every year. West mackerel brought into the 8 o'clock hour party in studio Tim Hightower with joyous and his Alter ego judge party will be with us. All coming up and third out a show fox sports 910.