Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Mike Barber - (9-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, September 10th
Wes welcomes Mike Barber of the Richmond Times Dispatch to recap the weekends for both VT and UVA football in the second hour. 

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Make some noise. You know this. Medical role and sports. Fox sports Richmond dot cop. Calls to show it 34509. Attack or email west and blocks towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man the last MacWorld our. Venturaland ended his 7 o'clock hour less McIlroy fox sports 910 and don't forget about the radio. Dot com app. We welcome back the NFL week one and not in the books yet I was gonna say but we get two more games tonight. Yes today we got some surprises we got some upsets we got some debuts including its. They certain are running back in the Bergen being golden. They receive. Oh 96 carries 96 yards and 26 carries a 166. Total yards of offense. Adrian Peterson with a debut and we welcome you end it on this Monday morning asking you a couple questions we got to poll question we got a winner in our worst. There were also asking our new feature every Monday after Redskins game who gets your Burgundy and gold game ball. Got one game ball who you give it to after the Redskins get that 246. Yes. Elusive week one to win all the talk about Jay gruden and his debuts Oprah for. And eyes got a one to put in the win column 3450910. That is the telephone number. You can it is up on Twitter at west fox sports 910. Alex Smith completing 21 of thirty passes without an interception and two touchdowns. And I thought going to Jordan reed and getting Chris Thompson involved early completely change the dynamic of the game and get the age of Peterson here in just the second. You you quickly saw we were quick quickly reminded of what those two mean to this offense and what this offense could look like when those two are in it. Andy can be special and getting a first pass the first completion to Jordan reed. Getting couple carries the agent Peterson and they Chris Thompson out the back field. Alex Smith used all his weapons yesterday. Alex Smith and numbers is not out Smith before we dive too deep into the game there's a lot of discussion about. Kirk cousins to Alex Smith and how much of an upgrade is it isn't an upgrade. Not discussion about Alex Smith in deep ball or lack a deep ball. Kirk cousins may have the stats may have the stats advantage. Well without Smith brings is the ability to extend plays you saw that yesterday eluding defenders. Times taken off running on his own was on display in the first that. And Alex Smith really is underrated for his ability to run. Does not get enough credit for that amount just on my yesterday and the mob back to his Kansas City days there are few plays where he. He bought himself ample time he got out of harm's way one of which I remember first down pass to Jordan reed where he spun out of the tackle Trent Williams they don't rape I blocked. And it was enough time to get the Jordan reed and continue eating up 23 minutes of the first half. There is second by every just pop right down the middle oh by the way thank you for sliding on the ice is that this thing. You read two plays the shuffle pass to Chris Thompson where he picked up. Nine of a third and seven that this bureau veteran savvy about announcement. Alex Smith to his credit I know it's just week one and we're gonna overreact to a lot of things that Alex Smith looked like he'd been in this offense. Not not for months but rather for years. And they flashed the quote up there yesterday Jay gruden talked about this announcement came Mason look at it this is an 82 to three year plan. This is one year you've got to be raid ago. And you saw yesterday run pass options he saw at times speed option. It's not a bad first impression by Alex Smith who. Also let's remind you protected the ball. And how many times Jay gruden talk about that week one losses being cost cost the beyond it being lost by them. Turnovers bad decision making you did not see that yesterday's announcement. In addition to all the things that he did do it tells about things that he did not do. So who gets to Burgundy and gold game ball. You can let me know we'll talk to Craig often are Redskins reporter bill joining us whenever he gets off his red dot might. Back from Arizona. Into the nation's Capitol Hill join us coming up in the 8 o'clock hour. You can chime in on the Redskins will go around the NFL and I really thought there were a few things yesterday with the Redskins win. And I don't know how good the cardinals are gonna look I didn't have high expectations for the cardinals to begin with. But the Redskins have found ways to yak up week one games I just I didn't have a feel I didn't have a pick on Friday I didn't know. Yelp as the think it is bound for Josh Rosen sooner rather than later. The Redskins did make them look bad and I will give the Redskins credit for that. There's a few things that you saw on week one. And this goes back to that the disclaimer I put on the beginning of the show we equal 11 impressions. I don't overreact but. It's more of you look at this new ago. Meant the Redskins could keep this all season long. Time team that they beat. I just spoke about having the difference the difference of having Chris Thompson and Jordan reed out there. The first after you instantly saw what this offense is with those two and how hard is account to account for Bo. You saw healthy O line. 429. Yards of total offense and all started somewhere. Lester you had 36 concoctions on that old line you saw healthy Trent Williams you saw LP Morgan Moses you saw it. Good taste recreate center you celebrated service. And I'll even give him credit Shawmut about a few key blocks assaults on the about their poor and the left side was big yesterday. I give credit to Charlotte now they did a good job that you've been out Smith clean. He did help himself but the O line did a good job as well and you saw what. This is big free agent Peterson. Redskins have had a healthy and I'm before they ever had all pros on tackles they're bad and oh all pro right guard. You saw what an explosive back can mean to this offense. Adrian Peterson I did not know how many carries he was gonna get I don't know I would look. But it 33 golf for 26 carries in 96 yards and a touchdown in his debut. AJ Peterson's all the whole. Made a decision. Went right to know. Public Donna see excuse if you guys cuts as well but it's still the fact of getting to the hole and going through it he accelerated. And you look better than I anticipated. I don't know begin a whole adult for sixteen weeks but we saw he saw an explosive back in this old line. And you saw how it impacted the play calling they could mix it up when they could run sold Jay gruden stayed with the raw. Because they were eating up yardage and shots. At risk is at 42 carries yesterday and had thirty passing it tests you did not everything you would see definite degree an office. And I thought a really good first impression yesterday. Touchdowns. In the red zone. At the Redskins controlled that game start to finish but can you imagine that game you imagine the feel and have done that game's only nine nothing. Is that it's when he won not than matinee game in twelve to six when the cardinals returned a punt in in the final five minutes or so field position. Imagine how tense it is imagine how different the you'll run that game is but it wasn't. Because they put it in the end zone they were sixteenth in the league the past two years in red zone efficiency. Certainly it was a difference yesterday with Alex Smith Adrian Peterson. About put Ryan Anderson at fullback. And Jordan reed. Total difference in the red zone. And the Redskins defense I don't leave them out because it yesterday I thought the overall. They controlled David Johnson. Nine carries 37 yards five receptions for thirty yards. A bit too carries for 27 yards early that was about it. And they got pressure and upfront Alabama connection. As the years investing on. It's a good start. I don't want to get I don't know how good Arizona's going to be. You'll take that first impressions you'll take down yesterday and couldn't Dunbar let's not leave him now maybe he's a guy when he give your Burgundy gold game ball to because. Here's a guy that not people question is he ready to be the second quarterback and had interception should that second at a good pass break up he had a heck of an afternoon. Let us know who he got Buddha is who gets you Burgundy and gold game ball as the Redskins wake up this morning one and oh. 34509. Sand you can also chime in on our poll question brought you by call federal and I understand Danny. We have a change in the poll question we read we had to Alter it you're ready for this foreigner I let the listeners are already thrown us a curve ball OK so. You want to start from option number one just running back down so the eggs are large number one give us the poll question and tell us where we've had to Alter it bolt. Question today biggest surprise from week one in the National Football League go back to yesterday finest the biggest surprise. Option number one is Aaron Rodgers coming back in the game after he was knocked out early with that leg injury. Option number two Tampa Bay gets the whatever New Orleans Saints in the super. The superdome and now here's where things changed a little bit our third option it used to be the chief Patrick hones their performance but now we're changing it. To the browns tying the Pittsburg Steelers. So that's where things get a little long key and then final option Adrian Peterson 96 yards Tony six cares which by the way. I don't think you mentioned Peterson's contribution in the passing game yet. Yeah to a set a 166 yards and he had the one for 118 yards out which that's there's through knocks on AJ Peterson can't pass black. And not as effective out of the back field. The 118 yards yesterday. That that adds that the list of pleasant surprises that you saw on the Redskins afternoon let me do this let me come back we'll go to the poll question options will go through the Sunday in the NFL. Mike Barbour the times dispatch will be joining us 730 Bobble go through the weekend of the Hokies in the wahoos. And for the Virginia Tech to win 62 was a box score is 6217. They fall back a spot in the eight people I just I wanna know. Is that the probably didn't hang seventy. But there were three things are really active policy to they were really two concerning things out of the game Saturday I think Virginia tech's got to watch out for. And Virginia. Lot of mistakes in a game where came down to the wire and they stood a chance to win but a lot of mistakes cost them in day. Monsoon. On Saturday night in Bloomington. We'll come back we'll go round the NFL on the Sunday. You could answer the questions who gets your Burgundy and gold game ball who gets the game ball yesterday's Redskins win over Arizona. One game ball. You're handing it out who gets it and the poll question which will dive into next the biggest Sunday's surprise from week one. Was saints being upset by the Buccaneers are messing up Nadia survivor pools Cleveland hang in with Pittsburgh and again they probably should have won. Was Adrian Peterson's debut or if you didn't stay up board will bring back the comeback of Aaron Rodgers last night on Sunday Night Football. Those are open date 3450910. On fox sports 910. This news column that knock you swing and I'm trying. I always. Rick yeah. On fox sports night attack. Yeah. Packers radio network is Aaron Rodgers comes as the title should Jim Ross. Asked does music. Aaron Rodgers goes down with a knee injury gets carted off before halftime and he just had to laundered the packers' season just ballpark before leaving got started. And Aaron Rodgers rolls out the tunnel in the second half. And air route his to a seventeen of 23 for 273. Yards in the second half a load throws for it for a four. 34 quarter touchdown passes. And that one right there at Randall Cobb. Extra point good. Packers win 24 point three Tyson with a sack commit to to be risky. There's a moment there is. Who's the four boat placed the bears it's Kyle. Kyle. Missed Nat interception which would add it for the the bears. But any game that was totally dominated by Chicago. Error Rogers. When he goes in the can or see highlights and last night. As they come back if you went to bed early last night you started on a halftime surprise this morning the Packers come back and win that game. Aaron Rodgers goes back to win that game the Packers come back to win that game. Both question but do you buy call federal actually first of all the call the night royalty by antics systems. Richmond's trusted IT specialist to manage service provider right here in the RVA providing IT support. Cloud services and security solutions to find out more about your business working with and tech systems. Good and tech within. ET and TE CBA. Dot com. Bull question is brought to you by call federal the biggest Sunday's surprise was Aaron Rodgers returned slash come back. Tampa Bay upsetting New Orleans the browns tying the Steelers or. Adrian Peterson's gains debuted Danny current results of the poll question as we have been on. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Current results show Aaron Rodgers his return his comeback in the lead right now at 46% followed. Not too far behind my Tampa Bay the upset of New Orleans at 30%. The browns tying the Steelers at fourteen AP 2% pay go vote fox sports. Richmond dot com phone lines are open at 3450910. It's going to be tough to beat dad that that's one of those that rank up in the legendary status of Aaron Rodgers. And here's a guy who just. Becomes all signed that mega contract is about the past two seasons of being injured last year Green Bay not getting in the post season. You see DeShawn guys and you go yeah I mean you quickly sold them the Packers with Aaron Rodgers and then you saw them with the show on Kaiser. And let's as a factor in. I mean it's gun easy for error does come back and today game where. You've got to pack the shot and and need not feel that great I know exactly it was done there will get more test on Monday. They were being poorly dominant by the bears. If your bears fan I know it stings and you've got to feel like. When Jerry sign Billy's C Newman. The Rogers. Because it's the Packers in the batter's it's a great robbery. Last night in the sequel we'll Mac. I don't know who feels worse this morning you go across the NFL. Teams lose teams feel bad teams via upset about it'll have this cowboy fan upset because they're O line right now they look totally one dimensional and act. Unease Colombia on year and douse. You know I'll bet it is when Jerry Jones is escorted away. Without addressing the media like when he gets escorted to the car you know Jerry loves talking to a microphone and win lose or draw. And you know and Jerry hasn't talked you know that's how bad it is. The giants there's signs there of getting better but they lose to Jacksonville yesterday a you can be upset if your teams on the L cited this morning. Even played yet and you gotta be nauseous watching polio Mac and what he didn't efforts to. To get a fumble fumble recovery strip sack and interception and touchdown I mean I could you had a better debut. And Aaron Rodgers the log back in that belly of the beast and the go back out there last night to win that game the Packers. S pretty darn special. That's why you get in the conversation about who's the greatest quarterback right now on the NFL. Yet you go to Tom Brady's rings. But I can also give you Aaron Rodgers and what the Packers are not without him. I tell him and I know we won the NFL. And you get over reactions in people are gonna lose their mind this morning people are gonna jump jump ball board they're gonna jump ball board of other ships. I'm surprised by Rogers in the moment I would say most surprising outcome yesterday seeing Tampa. We had my daughter's first birthday yesterday first birthday party birthdays Wednesday but the grandparents went down to do and smash cake which by the way. Well the parents out there I didn't realize how much a little cake how much ground that can cover. That was that was a good thirty minutes of cleanup duty yesterday I mean in NASCAR pit crew to get battle cleaned up off the walls. Her. But the kids walking around and is cake is just. Coming out in trails. But I'm looking up to the TV in a mostly watching them browns Steelers game because the brown song and I was not surprised to. Scene is the poll question I was not surprised the bit the browns hung with the Steelers. You feel good if your browse to this morning. If your browser and you feel encouraged are you more frustrated that you had a big game about three or four different times and didn't put away. I know we didn't lose Llosa stunned wants since December 24 2016. I'm watching the browns and Steelers and I look up and Tampa Bay is doing that to New Orleans. Fitz Patrick is going to euros. That was the eye popping one which I receives. A lot of feedback from people yesterday who clearly did not read the rules of the survivor pool. That is why we put the mold and rule in the place you get a break you're allowed to lose one game and many of you took your first strike yesterday your personal strike because. That was a very popular pick in the survivor pool. You go around the league you get these weak on surprises and it doesn't mean you have everything laid out the plan doesn't mean house member of the chiefs last year. Rough housing the patriots on theirs and a football. Raiders got out get that big win against Tennessee week one. He doesn't set the standard for the remainder of the season. However you do see things that you see things that are encouraging and you do see things that are alarming. Aaron Rodgers men that was. That's it that's a heck of a return that's a heck of a comeback and that's. It's a heck of a performance you saw last night from arguably the greatest quarterback of all time Jumbo on the poll question you can vote. And you can go to fox sports Richmond dot com we can go to Twitter page at west fox sports 910. We got play any on the NFL. And Craig often will join us our Redskins reporter as soon as he lands back in DC. Going home from the desert his fox sports Richmond dot com when we return we'll get to the college football weekend. In Blacksburg. In Bloomington and all around Mike barber of the times dispatched next on fox sports 910. Yeah. Engineers side touchdown. Virginia Tech junkies 39 yard. Jackson with a beautiful blonde bird isn't there. Let's McIlroy anthrax spores ninths and we'll get back to the NFL's after the hour. But lacks clean up in the second weekend in college football Virginia Tech is John laser on the call on the ING sports network Hokies get a sixteen to 6217. Win against William Mary. On Saturday and somehow. If false but back in the polls. Mike barber joining us in the Richmond times dispatch he was there in Blacksburg on Saturday can explain that on the mean that they not hang seventy years 75 how they fall back in a poll by winning by. Forty some points. Yeah I mean I'm moved him up one spot mine. It's weird I will say this I think for the first two or three weeks. If people are doing the whole correctly which. I think a lot of people are. They're at a not doable whole week to week OK you want you move up you lost you move down we're getting a better sense of who these these are. My guess that has more to do with with some people ahead of them in the poll. Some people may be seen teams for the first time realizing. That he was pretty good. But yet we're look like it that I have moved about one spot. I don't think there are awful were they should be but at at a weird thing but when that convincingly have been moved down. -- the bigger thing is they won they won on a short week and I guess if your much if your Justin Fuente Mike you're you're pleased because your team responds and a short week blows out an opponent early get to get other guys in there. And it wasn't flawless at least our planet talk about in the film room. Yeah I think the number one big group of what they load in the complaint about. The but we thought about it which thought about the post be a bit and he kind of had this sort of Walton demeanor about him until he started talking about before. And it's like candlelight. And he had great quote that was like we were allergic to the football he joked about port it's the court cadets to replace is running back. If they fumbled with becomes polite what he's got substantive. To bemoan entered to gripe about so certainly yeah there was something there that. That they can work on and I do think you know for week. Although they did Rachel later integrate after the it's probable the other thing going on that but they really handled it well but. Are we to overseas and there's always going to be compared to work on. You're you're right about that now with some like you coach your cousin and a jump in there's a lot of good things we can talk about we can dive into that but we're talking about the bad things the alarming things I think there's two things. Of the bigger picture to be alarmed by here one is Zach arrive I'll wait and his snapping issues he's one bad snap in Tallahassee. And then. How could you had that yet Saturday he had about six or 71 and hit one that went sky high but he he got about five or six more not for Josh Jackson. Yeah no doubt just what was craves some players there and I don't go out there go forward because. You know you know how works over there would react if we talked. The point this week for stories and and they you know he's probably not going to be available what you told me maybe he's not going to be able lineup either. You know that they're out from the versatility there we have a culture Gandhi is sexier Kyle could play. Literally every borrow at all that the line. So they have options they can make some blue but certainly considered but wait wait that late camp which. We urge you don't you just really stole the show armament that position. That will put supported. I will say this and that's the silver lining I love down I think it was in the second quarter and I love down four consecutive plays there was four different concoctions of the old line out there. You get a game like that and I I don't know if you're gonna see that every single game but at least you know you have that safety net. With guys who complain multiple positions on multiple sides of the line. Yeah you better not hear that regain. But certainly. Certainly what was dorm on what they were able show if there's a lot of operative there's a lot of guys were able spot but their so look for okay what would that. Bigger original five and you would quick snapping the ball well I think collide at the they've what was this is the right one starting lineup but that's going to be. That a problem. That way you know for those in law when when racquet away complete turnover. You can just kill drives so. I think yet and that's where we're able the kind of decision number one and the target going to be the guys that are figure out what work around. Mike the second thing that I thought was concerning and I'm not trying to make amount out of mole hill here but Ricky walker is the MVP he is the most essential part of that defense and to see him now banged up in two games we know how long the college football season is. We know how grueling it is these guys it's not good we see him banged up twice in two weeks. No doubt at all and you know people look at what he didn't come back it was worth the protective boot all of those things. Yeah how do you reconcile that the fact that you know they were with the it was put him there he probably was all the way in other series are you. I think we'll see I think they're going to be. Very cautious with Ricky walker really the back too weak and wobbly from what we've seen from there upon the next two weeks. I think they can afford to be a little cautious. But he combined that with the fact that the people vote it is is coming back kind of slowly. Not quite where they want in the B and all the sudden. Your little worried inside. What is ironic because we went in the year maybe a little worried about what they had a sense of them a little bit better and now with the weight trademark no way way out game goes forward I think we we feel pretty good about the edge that. Now that we were looking especially health wise that at walker a vote. He's Mike Barbour governor Virginia Tech for the times dispatch in Richmond dot com as the Hokies get the big win and you're exactly right I. I referred to Saturday they got some tuneup fights here not just Saturday but looking at east Carolina who I know one on Saturday but. Beat up North Carolina the team I think wind up being the worst in the ACC. And yet Old Dominion there isn't there's an opportunity to become more aggressive and become a better team. With that stated two games and what do you really like about this Virginia Tech team. But I liked the fact they're running the football and it's a feel like since you put I have known each other that it. Project that got it back to run the football alters the game here game there were this is the moment where they are in the quarter but it goes away. About it but are gonna say that they've heard a quarter of their but it up for two weeks I like the way they run the football. I like there popular there are like physical they are all but the blind -- like their their game and have in their running yet. Topper the rhetoric between the apple Mort is just about. Turn awaits the edge. There was my bowels of you know yep though you jet sweep. And that are weekly looks like it intriguing player get out wide but bill were you between the apple that. That's the number one say and number two for me is the play of those people at the event I think it reminds be of adding that where. Even if you didn't make that. He just always seem to be in the backfield disrupting the other she wanted to do would. Trip until Palestinians. Those guys remind me they just they're kidding around the edge with such speed. They're really disrupting opposing teams but I've orchestra. Hokies will get east Carolina opened up his 29 and a half point favorites for next Saturday's game mr. barber before hero I don't know about you I was listening on the way back from Blacksburg I caught the last ten minutes of Virginia's loss to Indiana. Looks like they're gonna have to rely a lot I'm Bryce Perkins because there there's a lot of holes on defense Saturday and just wait too many mistakes by you VA NN loss. Yeah I though that was normal group supporting based on how they deployed in the opener and I understand the different. About caliber of opponent but you know we talked and talked all the coaches in the league about that you make your biggest jump from week one to week two. I don't know that happened for you gave now they play on the road it better team and they played in the rain but. Bewildered and see how they bounce back the conventional wisdom for you BA right now is. You have to play really well our conference that have a chance to make a bowl game. They let one get away remember it was a winnable games so there really have to bounce back in that particular is that. In the rest there on copper if that forward is the goal. And they'll be at home this Saturday against Ohio chicken on the who's in the Hokies with Mike barber in the Richmond times dispatch thank you Bonnie appreciate your. My barber brought to you by our friends at bogey sports park where you are holding a group outing. You can hold your group outing a bogey sport sparkle cared about five minutes away from short pump town center with a B a family reunion at church outing back to school. Hey there's the pavilion there's catering options and the there's also all the fun and games including the eighteen hole well manicured. Landscape golf course a miniature golf. At bogey sports park bogey bogey sports park dot com and for Virginia Tech. That's the phrase they keep using who fights. The schedule sets up real well and after what they showed against Florida State. Which was really good especially on defense and then you see the dolphins go on get 400 yards in the first half on Saturday. That's what these games are. These guys. You like east Carolina this week an Old Dominion. I know you're looking at it in Notre Dame Boston College but. He is a tune up games these are where you can become a better team work more depth than that red shirt rule changes a lot we can get younger guys in there. And also Hokies may have caught a break this week as I said this on Saturday morning on hokey walk through on FaceBook live. I'm averaging is that fans keep talking about that Notre Dame game October 6 I keep reminding you forget about duke. Duke on the Tony night David Cook with not one diesel out of superlatives. They he says he's got the speed he has and toughest team he's ever had well. They get a big road win on Saturday in northwestern unfortunately they lose their quarterback Daniel Jones he had to have surgery. Report repair a broad broken left clavicle. And no timetable a separate his returns were dog and three weeks until Virginia Tech and to connect could be a very pivotal game in the coastal. Who's he don't know exactly what Miami years. So don't sleep on the duke game. But that may be a big benefit for Virginia tag gone down there it's a weird place to play it's kind of hum drum. Pouring atmosphere in the air even Ella. Which makes even more difficult but that. That might benefit the Hokies. But there these are 23 weeks to get better but for the backlash against the notre dame fighting action. You can take your what are your worst the weekend and you can use of the NFL something college football that is still. And between the end or you call in with the winner and worst. You are in the running for the NASCAR tickets for the federated auto parts 400 Saturday September 22 at Richmond raceway. We'll get to our winner and our worst. Next here on fox sports night and the phones are open you had 3450910. So you gotta read the rules man. I'm getting this odd man McIlroy I can't believe I was only in your several throughout our poll for one weekend. I'd pick the space command. He should read the fine print. Because it's a powerful this year has a mole again rule and no you're not out you get one loss to get one strike you get one week to forget to make your pick you not done yet. How many people have been impacted bowl noted Mars because we still got two more games left to go. But some is gonna win that 1000 dollar gift card to diamonds to wreck actually you know how many people tomorrow after Olson Dolly Dolly people. Took that first strike but no you're not done because the saints policy this weekend. Is Garcia a year you slip up. Therefore you Easter bowl game. 3450910. Twitter handle at west by exports 910 take your winner and your worst of the weekend. And everyone who nominates they're winner and worst either by phone caller Twitter. You will be in the running for a pair of tickets for Saturday's NASCAR race at number 22 the federated auto parts 43450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910 take it where ever you want to go Dustin in Richmond ya on fox sports 910. Well. Where. We do and corporate and I mean. I don't let it. One of the greatest against the Orlando. And as the way the wind came back lenders and that means comeback win were a million. I think worst had to beat Cleveland. And the ground. And yet it didn't look. I mean there are a bit Google and double indicative that these women and and you know. Yeah well we won it. Out of work. Yes still still a feel of hey it would lose the you still didn't win and and of course it has to happen and Charlie Brown fashion to get the interception to have interception before the end of regulation to get the strip sack near the end of overtime I really thought it was gonna happen and to see. Got to see the joy that it was a miserable conditions the rain is pouring down. And the browns made the fans stick around but to see the celebration that strips act were browns fans that oh my gosh it's gone. Not always go on it and but it's gone and against the Steelers. And in the field will be missed. So I don't know how how bran oh the good brought to bear fan this morning feel in the same way. You didn't win but to wake up gone man we got something here agree it's going to be better than it was last year I don't know what kind of consolation that is. But I think a brown bear and probably feel in the same way this morning and similarly there and Roger's bat that was only one of the best things of the weekend. That's. That's a great achievement right there and it's only more intensified and it comes in the rivalry against the bears on a night. For Khalil Makinen defense were dominating the First Act. Let's go around this place car on the bar skater winner and your worst the weekend pole winner and worst of your weekend when he got. My what are the weekend is gonna beating Kansas City Chiefs Patrick more homes fifteen to 27256. Yards four touchdowns in his regular season NFL debut for the Kansas City Chiefs they get the win over the chargers my worst. Is going to be I'm guessing the Buffalo Bills. Two starting Nathan Peter mean yesterday so let's let's pause or hear Nathan Peterman is not the answer to anything. It doesn't matter if two plus two vehicles for its neighbor Peterson. Humans not the answer he not the answer at quarterback for the bills Nathan Peerman five of eighteen for only four yards and two interceptions his rating. Zero. It's and rookie Josh outcomes arson yesterday. Absolutely terrible yesterday daily news 473. To the Baltimore Ravens rookie Josh Allen comes in in the late in the game they were down forty nothing when he came men. And it's that's a bad bad scenario. Danny you're winner your worst that we. And what are you guys are here go my winner of the weekend is none other than Tom terrific Tom Brady who we haven't mentioned yet when he six of 39277. Yards three touchdowns pick. Here's what I liked about it though he showed up at the stadium west at 8:30 yesterday morning what was the narrative coming into the season. On the patriots are done they don't have it anymore Tom's getting old no more Matt Patricia everybody's freaking out is rob broadcast he gonna retire. They came out and they beat. Shot Watson's in his return with the eastern text funny how the game flies underneath the radar if the patriots lose. That becomes a big story it's the Texans are they the new number one team in the AFC but they go out Brady does thing it's grime they win in week one. Are you done move on the next thing with your worst worst of the weekend that we just had our caller talk about the Cleveland Browns specifically I want to talk about the game itself out and give my worst it weakens the browns Steelers game. Because it was ugly it was raining oh no no no that was fascinating. Really because it finished at a time. And the NFL. Has a issue with their overtime rules. Yeah I think I would think it was good TV I was sucked in did I can destroy him right there with our current stock. I couldn't stop watching it the rain coming down miserable conditions. You just said. And in it wasn't in a way it was like a train Ricky couldn't get your eyes off but the browns were hanging around you have this overwhelming story line of of a Levy on bell which by the way James Connor had a very good idea 200 toll yards yet. And by the way later on now that the Twitter like that the little on the OG at the end dude lay back like they. Running back was not the problem yesterday. But no I thought that was that was fun TV. And push it was like I have a buddies are really good Steelers fan I text him Mosley does anybody who want to win this game like this now you take it now you've taken to get. The turnovers at the end I mean desperate donors section in the browns' ago and they. They have a missed field all the fumble late. It was it was a football hot it's made yeah really once and a here and now we're gonna win now you've been away and yet I wanted to turn all but I I you just could not knowing I'd there is that back and Casio since we welcome back football and there's something about just sitting at home on a miserable day outside watching miserable conditions and watching other people sit outside in at that just makes you feel warm and Fuzzy. Let's go you winner and you're worst in the weekend send it on over to us that west fox sports 910. Or a phone call but we had there which been running for those tickets the federated auto parts for honor from our friends at Richmond raceway that is Saturday night. Playoffs yes the B playoff racing. At Richmond raceway welcome back we'll give me the headlines of the morning and yes if you just waking up and you've gone why it's so much Aaron Rogers lake. Is he hurt. And they you went to bed way too early we'll get to that and we'll get back that are Redskins Greg Hoffman fresh off a plane from Arizona are Redskins reporter. As we'll talk about something that has not been talked about and a half decade Redskins. Our wanna know after week one we'll get to it next here on fox sports ninths N and the radio dot com.