Wes McElroy - Hour 2 - Sean Doolittle (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Wes welcomes Nationals closer Sean Doolittle in the second hour.

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Some noise and you know this. It's magical role on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Call the show in three bored by 09 attack or email west and box towards Richmond dot top Syrians. He is the man the last medical raw mobbed and Adam on this Wednesday at all. Coming up in swan demands the good news for the nationals last night they got some starting pitching Jeremy Allison. First time of the disabled list last two outings tonight good nice night back in his groove. Throw in five innings to hit ball struck out three induced seven ground balls effective and efficient. Helping the nationals get the 51 win in Pittsburgh last night they got starting pitching. They got effective hitting Ethier Indo with a two run shot Daniel Murphy go on four for four last night good to see. Good signs of hell accent and Murphy since they've come off the disabled list. And last night the bullpen and Randy Kessler gives up the lone run for the bullpen comes in. It and have a workload like they have been accountants on the mound he gets through five open closes out the rest of the way including Killian who ran. Who did have the bases loaded in the ninth but he got Francisco served only to end it. And and that's back in the win column back in a game above 500 no no need to pick to grazing and need to jump up and down no need to have a big take from this. It was an ads getting the win but finally getting some good solid starting pitching from somebody besides Max Scherzer. We'll talk about the nationals and there is a reason they killed eighteen a rare had to close it out last night. The good news was the nets got the win in the fashion of how they did last night the bad news was before the game. It put Sean Doolittle on the ten day disabled list retroactive to July 7. And the stink of it is you do the math you add ten days to July Serra that brings in July 17 that brings it next Tuesday the day of the Major League Baseball all star game. And unfortunately Sean Doolittle will not be able to ago he's gonna give up his spot. He is going to participate in all the events he's gonna be honored at the game and it just stinks because it's an honor to be chosen for the all star game. But it's even bigger honor weighing you get to play at your home stadium. I caught yesterday Sean Doolittle I said down did interview after the show the nationals trying to promote trade turner who's involved in the fan vote. And right now I believe he's in third place in the N now. But it Sean and I did interview yesterday it's a little timely because of the injury he did talk about Patel which is more than a foot. But our bring that he'll bring a tear at 715 it because Sean Doolittle is always a character always fun to have on the air and he is still a National League all star. But he'll have our conversation with Sean Doolittle who joined us yesterday spent little time with and that'll be coming up at 715. Spilled time as well and Terry Francona has mistake yesterday with a bull paying coach. The Indians. Blowing a four run lead because in that ninth getting. Little miscommunication between he inaudible paying coach called picked up the phone and didn't give me OP. And the bullpen coach heard OT OP being Oliver Perot is OT being former flying squirrel Daniel Botero. And Montero told the warm up in the bullpen. He has been were to hear frequently came and did not have his best stuff and joined by no. Hitting a double and clearing the bases and the reds and a coming back to win this gamers coming up with the ideas of how you could. Perfect the bullpen phone because it seems like every summer. We get a bullpen phone issue now this was human error this was but it here's Terry Francona discussing. What he heard what the bullpen coach heard Cuban mistake last night in Cleveland. We're talking Qaeda could we had a communication as an OOP. They give admissible though real problems subtleties. One land squirrel home. It. No getting around I got to be responsible for them. I was told to go through gate and against buffalo during the British. Public we expect them. So. And I know Coral Sea and soulful right now but. Don't label me. That would be pitching coach Carl Willis who say he was responsible for the call the bullpen. Now here's my only question and that we've heard stories about this in the past it is a bad phone line of the phones didn't work. Do you not look out and just seeing. Who's warming up in the bullpen in judges. I wouldn't go and buy pictures is that. They do not realize there's a debit that is the difference between Oliver Perez and Daniel terra. Did not just got to look out there and say wait a minute that's not the guy that did the photo I tell my what the other guy. We're just a good idea is that making more 2018. And how you get a call the bullpen I think the simplest ways to go text. Even confirmed with a text. Some people said get a tablet and almost duplicate due to menu restaurant kind of punch up your order distended. Hit the picture and send a message to the bullpen help to get to make it that complicated but it. It seems that it in the year 2018 and I know baseball is historic. Stick to its roots game but it seems that we can do better than the bullpen phone which and by the way think Terry Francona is gonna do better with nicknames because. I did see become a mistake of calling for OP in getting OT why not just say give me Torres. If he is specially you know you've got to now that I I does that cause gimme prayers are gonna take the side of being a guy here. Guys have especially in baseball everybody's got a nickname. Everybody's got a nickname so and that's our guys talk. You guys either and I promise but we all seized last name street I was just gonna say that I don't and I don't know that's a northern thing or sudden thing but my wife is comic she's a few guys locally to the buyer and last name. Which is kind of become the branding of the show you know mackerel. Now nobody calls and says he'll west but we do that I have my friends the Bruce so Lance of fame Paladino yes they grow with a lot of Italian friends. The down here late night ladies John lay again. Yeah Arnie parting is part of his last name Paul you may be the only friend that I have a call by their first name an outing going by your proper first thing. That's true because that's a nickname to exactly. How guys talk either in nicknames or last names. But see that's where it's difficult when your nickname is just like letters when it's just an abbreviation like that that's where it gets tricky at. If he if Oliver prisons Ollie or something like that's rattled the thought here unmanned air that's that's the W get into and guys call everybody and we do think about think about your group of friends. And the people lead dog do you told them by either nickname or last name it's a guy thing ladies. 3450910. Twitter handle at west box. What's 910 right Wilson a CBS sports dot com we'll to a us. In the 8 o'clock out we'll talk about this LeSean McCoy story which the allegations are out there against LeSean McCoy. I guess. In intrusion and abuse and an allegation of steroid use. By a woman. Who is a friend of the victim this woman ex girlfriend LeSean McCoy lives and house in Atlanta was broken into. Is the allegations against the Shawn McCoy he said he's been training in Miami he's had nothing to do with it. There's history between this woman and hand. Where she is living they broke up she is still living in one of his homes. I I don't have a hot taker and opinion on it but I did say that as the story goes on because the Shawn McCoy because it's an NFL team. There'll be judgments and there will be an investigation. And people will be watching what turns up about LeSean McCoy but also how the NFL handles this matter. Does the the trust factor in the NFL to handle these issues properly ink. Somewhere between I don't know zero and zero point zero. Something else about the NFL yesterday I'm going to do this very quickly because you you knew this was coming. In did you know it was a matter of when not if but the NFL. PA announcing. It's reply. It's thoughts to back to the NFL and its National Anthem policy. The NFL PA following a non injury grievance challenging legitimacy of the NFL's new nationally at the policy. On several grounds. Since the this is from the statements and the level changes policy without negotiating with the union. The league will need to rely on broad powers afforded by the commissioner through the personal conduct policy including applying the phrase. Conduct. Conduct detrimental to players. Who demonstrate during the anthem. I'm not gonna deep dive into this you know the response was coming once Roger Goodell the owners made this rule. They had to expect the PA was not going to sit quietly and not gonna take us. I'll talk to Ryan Wilson I don't know what this means I don't know the NFL PA thinks they can have this or race. Haven't thrown out because not applicable to the CBA. The tone of the statement makes it sound as if they wanna seeded table perhaps that the better plan or a better idea. I don't have much to add on this topic I have nothing political ad because everyone's of the opinion and this is the way this story is and it's really. It's just not sport's top sports talk topic worthy. Because everyone's got their opinion and no one is changing their feelings about this that was changing their opinion. Some like the rule because they feel you should not protest during a National Anthem others say it's squashing a peaceful protest. You have your side you're sticking to it all I can do is fan the flames and get the same phone calls in the same conversation going it's over and over and over. So my guess just minimally turn this into a football topic and in this is this in my take away. Because you are the owners so clumsy. In handling this Paula was the word I was trying to say in the first hour clumsily clumsily. One implement the rule and dude think it would just magically end this whole. Conversation. Comical BK is may maybe about a week for five or not talking about this but right now where things are very quiet. In the summertime. To implement this rule you do submit. Everyone's got a comment on this role players or comment on it owners are gonna comment the president nice Dave's gonna comment on it. The water just gets more toxic between these two sides. Then there's the rule there's the partial or you can protest by just stand back in the locker room. Did the owners need to make a rule on this they need to do something. But the first sign of being clumsy was not having a rule in the first place. And the owners may have gotten themselves in trouble. By putting this loophole in saying okay. If you do at a protest if you do one a Neil if you wanna do something else during the national let them you can stay in the locker room we're gonna provide that to you. And they may have opened up a loophole really NFL PA can come and say hey this is not conduct detrimental because you're saying if you wanna do it won't give you an option. The owners are just so clumsy. And go back to the beginning. But they didn't have a rule like the NBA and then they try to force it on the players where there are working hand in hand with the players and things are just starting to come down. And players were. I mean I joked around about this earlier after everything between Roger Goodell on the players. It takes a disagreement with the present United States get these two sides start coming back together. But then you get the we get together you little boy's club your owner's meeting. And you put together a formal vote. Our guess it was even a formal vote and you say it was unanimous in the foreign r.s go and I didn't know we haven't we didn't vote. They just so clumsy on this. And where the football topic is. This what the football topic he has. Once again these two sides the F fell in the NFL PA there's just no trust. And it's getting worse. Are injured Brett Andrew Brett is on the rich doesn't show yesterday he said it best. The collective bargaining agreement was done in 2011. And usually when you have a labor deal done you know you get when you get a labor deal done. You get labor peace. There's not been labor peace in the NFL since 2011. They had this deal done and it's just gotten uglier year after year after year it's been the Ray Rice issued a great party issue. Then it's been Tom Brady that it was Ezekiel Alley and you just have these two sides butting heads and if we're gonna look big picture down the road. You got two guys run the operation and DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell these two guys. Rainy operation for the last CBA they've been button head sends its only get worse and guess what. Both guys have been extended. The on the years of the next CBS. And now this is just it is this is the round of this story that want this is the round this relationship that would never end. And it could lead to more bad blood down the law down in the waters down the road. We'll talk to Brian Wilson CBS sports eight warning he'll join us and today is the supplemental draft. Involving former Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Al Zander will anyone take any one out today. Eight warning Ryan Wilson and at 7:45 this morning. I need you to give me your gut feel on your NFL team I'll tell you why I need to be honest about your team. Being good or bad this year I'll explain 745. But next got the opportunity to sit down with nationals all star and nationals. Closer on unfortunately on the ten day DL Shaun duo we sat we talked yesterday you'll hear that interview next on fox sports 910. Very much look. Towards the all star game rolled in DC LB fan fest on Sunday we got some special stuff planned for you on Sunday Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday as part of getting trade turner voted in two fan fest in the fan vote for the NL. Digested down until we show on duel before he was put on the ten day disabled list. Is the nationals closer the Virginia cavalier and member of the and now all star squad here show on doodle joining us on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Congratulations and. And how hard it. Thank you very much some doing great thanks street banks are heavily. Aren't so honestly more excited to see the official announcement that you're an all star or more excited that smash mouth replied to your tweet that you are an all star. The election. I think I was a little bit more. Excited when I first found out but I cannot afford it looked sharp day at. In the day they called it a team meeting in the locker room and it. DD DD and announce that accent and bright girl starts sent eight he kind of like pretended like. Like you forgot about it and go out like silent. I was kind of like around him like that you know plant at a pretty good case and everything in that you'd probably have an organic. We have to vote. Nice rhetoric you think I like closed up point 223. And then he says they're reg Jones probably over there I think in the same exact thing like wait a minute what not now Brenda you're not bombs anymore but Rendell was bombed. I know how it I wish we had I think there's a couple more guys I wish we could have had more guys hit it into sometimes sometimes they. This year the hometown team some love. In I think that's why it's really important that we get Sherry and ran down seems to beats. One of the guys. You know he hasn't been able to sit to break through there and get elected to a game you go. He's been able to make you they've been able to make a case for every year. He's just so quietly consistent and not. So hopefully we'll keep reaching yet sure there. Not look tell you how to get straight turner helped get trade turner to win the fan vote we'll do that with Sean Doolittle joining us of the Washington Nationals. Which by the way you did get the shot up mismatched now so that was a nice cherry on top. Yeah they've had the we had dinner my wife and I ended up interacting with them rant at least several times such order. Including including the day we got engaged. Which is there really weird story. It is. And that's that's a really weird story and then they'll really ended up operate to play at our weather. So you have every special occasion I feel like which try to attack and it smashed the cook got the hot circle backs did they end up playing ruining. Now they did not there is so that the morning before. I proposed that had been planning on proposing that day are. Quite awhile. And I had the Reagan everything that somehow iron and another friend of mine or joking in and national was in the conversation. And it's rational says they attacked me in between that says hey did you did you buyer rate in. And like you know Joker like here is that something funny and they were like chocolate can you Byron yet you know kind of you know. Yes we're going to the naturally kind of and I was like oh my gosh what are the chances that so and so like that night when we announced. We kind of retreated out that we have got to get hitched. People so we are trying to connect the dots and jokingly made it it it kind of perplexed national had a panic that. I've known you for a long time I don't know you life but you guys just seem like the couple that would make every event fun weddings for its backyard barbecues funerals like you you guys seem like a couple that you want it every single event. Such desperate nicest thing anybody's ever said Bob I don't think that's good. Is Sean Doolittle this from the Washington Nationals. First and foremost all star game is coming up I know the toe here has been questioned I hope you can play on Tuesday night how is the tell. It's actually the split I want I want to clarify my well. It you know it's getting better if you it was a really weird thing that. Kind of popped up on. The second game. Against the Marlins last series. I really circular or house or look up to garbage in them afterwards it was. Is pretty tricky so you know aggregate the children nearly every day and treatment that we chant. So every day like it's Pannemon account has been updated data every day like I get there early at. You know we get cheaper cable up we'll go outside and and throw it. See how see how it is so. You know let's. I really don't have a definite answer but it it's been getting better and you know hope hopefully I get to feel today it. Is that the point where you know Archie give back in terms. Sean big concern right now this team is the struggling starting pitching counts taxing the bullpen I know you're not gonna be to god throw anybody under the bus but. As a close or how concerned when do you get concerned about possibly being overworked in the season. Because. A lot of times you or your not in the mix of those guys. That are. Better carrying some of those heavier workload so outsiders. That's in the closer role they. I do that they try to save them for. You know possible I'll have a situation Slater can have. Com source the guys that that are kind of bridging that gap that and that you know getting a lot of work in. You know it kind of comes into it becomes it waits. That when your earlier easier workload seemed to come in in bunches. Early in the season April and may are our starting staffs was. I think it statistically was the best and nationally I think you have ever going going deep into the game seventh eight inning. In every night. All five of them then. So. We've played a lot of close games so I have a lot of work early but it was all. You know loose they were carrying amounts we will we weren't we weren't we've played a lot of close games solo. And you know now. They haven't you know they have been able to go as deep sitting in so organ or ballot. I mean it's it's kind of just an occupational hazard. But these guys you know that you get their track record is. It is what it is man in the synagogue last sentence. You know the bill get it turned around and you know we'll be back. Back to business as usual. Are you suing this to a positive note Sean do little this on fox sports 910 the number shows team is different. When you and fellow all star Max Scherzer went scherzer is on the mound. How is the vibe different in the clubhouse how's the vibe different in the bullpen the nights the Max patients. Much I think I think that the group has the team not just the error just to pitching staff I think. He'd have a seat up Mac and energy. You know I think. Do you see the intensity you can see. You know the way that that he goes he attacks hitters and he and he brings the right to round. You know it it it's the issue is visibly concealing considerable. I think I think guys kind of feed off of that energy so. He's in attack mode right from the first pitch of the game that. The offense knows that he's gonna keep the other team. Off the scoreboard read and they're gonna have. In several opportunities. To find a way to two principal call suited to help steer away and so. It's one of those things where it's like you know Max is Mexican all of and not abortion. Can. Put a few rounds of aboard it's usually a recipe for success so. We kind of just feed off what we're often. Yeah same type of guy all the time but when he comes and I can you seeing. If if you did know Max Scherzer was fishing that day if he walks in on a pitching day into the clubhouse do you know Mac shares used in different frame of mind. Yeah it's different it's different. I mean he's. Yeah he he he gets there anybody you can tell just by the way that he cares about is his. Start next. You know only he's. He's very prepared either focus. In the headphones or are you don't know as here courts a we're very. Got the blinders on. Talking a whole lot. So. Yeah it's. You kind of you kind of give a library and status away and then had to let it let him do this they can. And sit back and watching more. I Sean Doolittle Bryce Harper Max Scherzer all all stars in the all star game in DC Tuesday night Sean Doolittle I'll give you the floor. How do you get trade turner to be the all star at shortstop as the fan favorite vote. Yeah you can you can't social media or you don't social media now so is that hash tag approach today. Trade TRE a on that and you know who are I really think. I really think he deserves. I voted for in a little bit with a player Google rolled around that. He's put together. A really really good season obviously bit the big gains in last homestand by. In what he does impact the game defensively on the based past. If for me it's been fun to watch. In kind of progression over the last couple years you start really come into his own. I think. I think he deserves an hour and we'll see though the outlook now that it has template short range are stuck behind me I think they'll be. We really are initiating a little slow past tank but it Trey. Hash tag vote trade. Go to nationals dot com to help get trade turner. As the fourth Washington national into next week's all star game I'll let you go on this one I know you guys of the pirates in the Mets if you could just let your mind go there for one minute. What are you most excited about next week with everything's focused in baseball focused on DC. Grown men. If I'm excited. I probably excited exploited. You know sort of game. I think that'll underneath it is. An awesome event you know especially for the fans. I am I I'm really excited troops were accused the CDC and for the fans. Who have been so supportive of me I'm excited for them to see this event. Yeah they also arguments. If so it's so cool that that the buzz in the stadium is. Because it is an exhibition game it's it's it's unlike anything else so it in baseball and you know I know they're gonna be awesome posts. Annan essentially what are all on all important audience are all just sit. Analog and I'm so just. Thinking about it trying to enjoy it as much I can't having. These sort of the also against what thing in the you know having an Australian Ian in the in your home city where they're playing. You know but that's really really special so and support your. Sean I appreciate it carried out split all the best to your life congratulations on the honor and and look at peace and social media how many wanna get your boys and smash mouth involvement they can help you get kicked out. Sean thanks so much man good catch nobody by. As shown duel and I yesterday morning and fortunately before he went down to rehab this dumped a foot again in the nationals made the call and put them on the DL. Retroactive to July 7 will not be able to pitch in the all star game but will still be able to participate. Trade turner currently fourth in the all star final vote if you wanna vote portrait turner ago hash tag. Vote to re thinking to Sean Doolittle all guest available to listen again. Fox sports Richmond dot com or on the apple iTunes store subscribe to the podcast today over break we'll come back and I'll tell you. Why I need your gut feel on your NFL team this season do that neck. Xbox sports 910. Psalm. Dole gave me. Well. I'd still hesitant to say former head coach recently retired from being head coach of the kickers Lee Kalish all 8:35. This morning. This is smash mouth. Thanks to Sean do little for joining us. As the idea to get the week and his wife got 33 and smashed not that hey now. You're an all star which unfortunately he's going all star unfortunate because of the still entry to foot injury. It's gonna be on the DL still be able to act the gamer for saying the nationals. But not able to pitch which is a shame because it's cool it's one thing to me named an all star and I believe this is the second time for Sean. His career that's nothing to having your own team's place. So on you hate this sound I it's not that I hate this song. It's that this is one of those songs that was played so much on the radio just Wear you out. You're absolutely that you just heard so many times it's the song that comes out and you're like this has been criticized. Her. And then four months later that I don't ever want to hear the song again it just like almost every top forty son now is like that. But. Yet this one. I don't know that I could name another song by smash mouth do you know any other songs that they deal but is obviously their B game. When they did done. The I'm a believer the monkeys remake for Shrek. Is either track or tracks again it was shrank women do another one. Walken on this I don't know who was then I'm thinking of the song might as will be walking on the sun not gonna sing it because I don't do that people. But I think it was smash mouth. It's crazy I remember I didn't intern ship and it radio internship which gives if you wanna get in this business doing a radio internship doesn't matter you wanna go to sports talk and in my in Iraq station Philly. It was alternative rock which is a big thing back in the late nineties early 2000. And east do this thing called the festival. And I remember smash mouth and I remember the bands were it was smash not here's here's a blast in the past in the ninety's smash mouth Barenaked Ladies. Even six. Fuel. Andy all spring. That was the lineup that day which 1999. It was a stack the line employed you know any of those bands I just gave I know Barenaked Ladies that's the war that's one of them ever last is their tail. I heard remember last year that that was your your lineup but all star it was and it was. This is the fault of the FM radio station I interned they just played the same songs and a two hour loop and food. We all have. I think it's fair to say we all remember that song when you first started doing dude this is the greatest song ever and then 56 months down on it I don't I don't ever wanna hear it again. Cop a freshman year college chum bull Lama. I forget the name is our and that will get I guess not noted that told Bob and top of the an official name of the song are they came out and we'll we'll have that moment like for you here's song on the radio at this. It was for me man. And got up again. He just. Now the songs one by it it did though it did 00180. It's done the 360 I guess on comes back on the radio. Great memories of the song bit and these guys and you get a collection these guys and these amazing songs you think this is gonna be the day and this could be the song and then they aren't. Absolute one hit wonder but again. C'mon little inspiration go to Wednesday. There's fans jamming their car right now their kids who don't play. He's wrong when mom and dad. Like you've listened to this dry man 1997. You you know it can employ. I can't believe we still have this in the music bank and now bush I don't know what station the building actually plays this song. Great council members for some people. Favor one hit wonder song. So I'd have to mall this one over there's so many. Button. This is up there this is this obvious without doubt there is now. Nothing to be back 80s. Difficult time this it topped the list. Top jumble lumber top 101 hit wonder the funny. Part about this on to is that everyone I'm like knows the lyrics they know this part. But now that anybody really knows if you ask them what's the name with the Sunday if it had no name I don't think. They would know that song Jameson whiskey drink you did you so I get and I doubt Robert Aaron. When we come back. We'll talk sports. You send us your favorite one hit one optimal that's as an intriguing question does it do like me good one hit wonder or I come back. I don't know what an adult teen was a one hit wonder but next any your gut feel your true gut out. Every every team and its hope springs eternal or in the NFL case its hopes summer term you believe big for your NFL team but I need it. The reality of what your NFL's season is going to be like and I'll tell you why next who talks and triple teams. And the reason I bring this up because I need your help in there is cash involved. Mine not viewers fox sports 910. Once again you listeners prove that I can pour blood sweat tears and hours into the show wrapped with topics. Interviews. And we stumble across Jack castor you guys just absolutely love it. One hit wonder through talking with Sean do little about the band's smash mouth. And Paula though there are one hit wonder but I said there were a couple different songs and Patrick backs me up. The walking on the sun that was smash mouth OK all star. And Patrick goes and writes in and there was a song called then the morning comes and Pacific coast party to which I do not remembered in the morning comes sounds familiar my noted tired. Not sure if Patrick writes in this national did more than just that one hit wonder now this. It's also Dan love. Definitely 1 hit wonder I am. Bryan Wright said. Flag poles sit up by Harvey danger the quintessential nineties alt rock a one hit wonder. You don't know Harvey danger flag poles are dying polls that I don't think so dig it up you got that little machine and all that music in front idea you'll know when you hear. Sports revelation writes in living color cold of personality. Politico had more than just that I don't know it had they were not a one hit wonder maybe you'll remember that one song on the radio the living color. You go you Google open not an albums they have. Living color fish bone I once a mainstream but I I hesitate to say that they were a one hit wonder. Johnson writes in it hurts my soul that Paulie doesn't know the offspring. You're born you're born in 94. Freddy the offspring keep in separated. Now. You know how to look this relative. See this is not non non starter be concerned that you did know things in the eighties and I was trying to teach you about that may not feel like I got to do a whole thing I've got to do the National Geographic special. What I learned in the eighties now would you do what I learned of the ninety's with Paulie you know offspring. They excel. Yeah Affleck also noted that guy do I give this commute into the first writ WV I think you'll notice Suzy here. You you little taste of this year. Nothing no memories. You know I have heard this before. Yes it is another one of those signs that I've heard most one hit wonders you know by the song made by the refrain that you don't know the name now don't remember the band Harvey danger flight was now. Our team and you couple one hit wonders VH one's one hit wonder take on me. You never sang an aha let yet to go and Steve. You know that you don't know some of these songs I've Jimmy Key of the danger. I don't know that's what Rico's love it I'm reading of the VH one top ten group greatest one hit wonders. Rico's lobby your members saying that Rico suave. Now who did things Girardeau shop here. I'm too sexy. I'll wily out the day listening now it Right Said Fred 1991. I give you cheese one come on Eileen in my opinion degree is one hit wonder of all time come on Eileen. I've heard that words don't say you've heard that song. There's one of the greatest. High school dance songs of all you got to play decks yep royal wedding in your play at a high school song for high school reunion. Dex these midnight runners. I'll throw this out there I get to a five dollar give partner release tablet. VH one did beat 100 greatest one hit wonders of all time wanna take a guess of what was number one don't play at Pauley. If you I think I guess that number one is I have 2.5 dollar give Carter Hurley tavern in the shops and n.'s Brooke. And take your guess is 3450910. You can even Google give it time to do that. It's as we're talking. One hit wonders I'll take the you'll mackerel trivia today. And sprinted over to music instead of sports fire away 3450910. And then you'll hate us when we play it. We'll leave it that taking guests take a stab by the us and you from the deterrent is back to sports. This is an annual thing on the show. Every year I mentioned that I have a a connection debates. I will do this twice a year I will gamble. Two times a year. One would I go out to Vegas for March Madness the O'Donnell is in my sister my brother in law had out to Vegas in the summertime. And that's what I got to lay in my. Wait too early NFL future bed over ponders. Now must sister is packing up and even she's been in Vegas only grandstanding he got some torrential downpours of theirs it's got to put a damper on her Vegas vacation. But she ticks me yesterday and she is I need you or Vegas bets. By Wednesday. 5 o'clock. Now I'm a firm grip and not at naive if you don't know the nickname my nickname when it comes to gambling is mr. ten dollar bet. Is that what I usually lay on the ticket in Vegas. Missed a ten dollar bet so I I take fifty bucks. An I think five teams and I do have well over wonders. I would put up the list your fox sports Richmond dot com according to Vegas the current NFL over under its. And how what you tell me go look at him at some point today and then tell me your real gut feel. How you feel about your team would you go with the over. Would you go with the under. A couple teams had to write off the bat that I like I I'm I'll I'll waxed more politically about this tomorrow and I give you my official bats. But I'm big on the new world saints this year. That is my team going into the in the NFC big on the saints won more great run for Drew Brees in New Orleans. Like would've gone on the offensive line look what they've done on defense. I know their suspension in the backfield but Alvin Camara the real deal. I love the New Orleans Saints at over nine and a half. That's when they're really like but I'm torn on a couple. I'm tour on the Redskins sit there at seven 'cause I don't think the Redskins will be as battle offensively last year. I don't think you can't how big didn't come up with 36 different all like and got to I don't think they get hit that hard by the injury bug. Considering what they didn't have at wide receiver. What they had this year with Paul Richardson. And you know the of improvement Josh Dotson and I and bag and on Jordan reed still believe the Redskins will be better on offense. That schedule is all. And look at seven I'm torn do I go over to I go under I lean towards over because I feel this team. At worst seven and not as schedule is Peru. Here's what I want to Dixon's around today a what you look act you're teams get when you dig look at the NFL over under on fox sports Richmond backup and you tell me mackerel missed a ten dollar bet itself. How you go over on my team or be honest. A way to go under. Senator Neal two under way as fox sports 910. Paula we'll put you over runners up at fox sports Richmond dot com. Point did anybody get the guests we actually did really yes. All right VH one's 100 greatest one hit wonders inspired by Sean Doolittle and the conversations starting with not a one hit wonder but smash mouth. Here they are 99 luft balloons at number ten. Rico's Juan bay Girardeau nine. Take all me I'm hot number eighty ice ice baby Vanilla Ice at seven. Who who bet the dogs out the Baha Men at six Mickey five iron to 64. Come on Eileen. Ten loud and ladies and gentlemen you're number 11 hit wonder. According to VH one and this put it in their heads all day Paula. I'll pop up. Get a song I really do. And again as you show this is going to be stuck in my head hoping this is what songs in my life and I put on the list not plan on letting. It is the mosque arena for good reason who knew this song was the greatest one hit wonder of all time George Bernard and right go. That was the number winds one get one I imagine you do good. But ladies and gentlemen now we will blank your Wednesday. My putting this in your Mallon all day long US mackerel at fox sports night and.