Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Craig Hoffman - (9-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, September 10th
Wes welcomes Redskins Reporter Craig Hoffman to recap Washington's Week 1 win over Arizona in the third hour. 

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Make some noise. You know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. Called she'll wait 34509. Tad boring you know west and fox sports Richmond dot com here yes he is the man the last McIlroy yeah. I Enron on this Monday welcomed me and I know not many people are excited about getting up going to work on a Monday but. It makes it a little bit easier when you get and you get to talk about the end. Now. And it is back gains wow. So how it is back. What a week for the weekend. New faces in new places we get a few week one surprises. Again teams that we thought would be winning the Super Bowl now ON one. And as we just spoke about this last segment we got the browns the knowledge and not lose and but still somehow some way the Charlie Brown in the NFL. And if you do go to bed early last night. There's a reason he is the highest paid player and he showed us alive last night welcome men on this Monday to number. Is 3450910. The tour handle at west by exports 910. And it is back. Put laws back. And how nice is it no we're not talking politics this morning. We're not talking protest Russian night and talk about the helmet rule is a mug games and we had some surprises yesterday. We'll take your winner and your worst of the week and he consented on over outsell yeah. Who had the best we can and sports I will give you in my worst weekend in sports we invite you to share those with us crew easier Gary has on the updates Danny nukes on the board Pauly. And week one disclaimer when it comes in the NFL before we dive anything in anything this out before we go even deeper it's week one. I know we're gonna overreact. I do not discourage your reactions it's part of the fun being in sports talk radio is part of the fun of the NFL be Ambac. But it's like a warning label on a package it's like one of those side effects that you see at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial. The these things do rapid over reactions happen in week one. And we got some this morning let's dive they would get headlines regard mackerel is morning edition. The first word on the headlines at this. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I intend. Sophomore and until the September 10 2008 seasons. Jay gruden oh in four into week one games not no more because he gets win one yesterday. He. I and I touched down indeed ON four in season openers and the Redskins went to the desert prepped and ready to go all that talk about. Will they be ready to go for starters the snaps in pre season Alex Smith and his Whitman's not going to game rest now it's all good. All the good record now all the concern out the window. As the Redskins go out put up 21 in the first half on their way to a 1246. Win. Still good Gary balancing on the defense also gave us a great opportunity I got off to feel pretty much in a hurry you know the opening drive I think that a couple good it's by David with. After that they got off the field for X three mouse game or off of some opportunities to convert on some third downs and we're able to Nixon a run past and it's good thanks it was a game of balance in multiple ways. Run and pass on offense helping defense defense defense helping Altman's. A gamer out Smith and Adrian Peterson playing their first game as Redskins and they both made an impact early. Out Smith 21 of thirty without an interception and touchdown throws Chris Johnson and Jordan reed. And you quickly remember when you see those two out there you go. And that's how much they mean to this offense to see those two out there to get the reader early Chris Johnson. I get the agent Peterson you're in second. But the cardinals had no answer. Alex Smith used the entire field use multiple weapons and that's how he 823. Minutes of time of possession in the first half. Out Smith I do feel about your debut. They're pumped pumped his skate and went. On the road. And they get so deep it was hard prepare for the defense you know they had some type of film. What's allowed Carolina staff can ready and you know I thought the way you became on started moving the ball. Fielder finished on consumption drives in the red zone was being. There's give it turned a sort of run in the foot faulted airline thought dominated it. Speaking their running game 96 yards point six carries I did not know what to expect from Adrian Peterson and I don't know I'm more surprised by the 96 yards on the ground be 166 total or the fact that he got 26 carries yesterday. The Redskins were bounce. And yes red zone they did punt the ball in. And his team the lot of questions but I don't know how good Arizona's going to be. But first impressions of Alex Smith Adrian Peterson and a youthful defensive line as well as Clinton Dunbar as your second cornerback. You'll take debt compared other weak ones you'll take the performance that you got from the Redskins Craig often are Redskins reporter. Coming up at eight want me. If you didn't stay up for last night Sunday Night Football Aaron Rodgers goes down in the second quarter with a knee injury. He gets carted off before halftime. And in the second half. He now it comes back on the field. He comes back the wind gang game. Well thank god. Yeah it's. Eight yard. How. And decades is what Aaron Rodgers means to be Green Bay Packers they trailed Swanee not been at halftime they trailed twenty to three at the end of the third quarter. Any game worked Khalil Mac was running rough shot. On the Green Bay Packers this torturing them in the first half and the first half. He and Roy Roberts and Harris they command defensive pressure Aaron Rodgers slips of the surf. You Ed Robertson Harris land on his leg Rodgers gets up he goes back downing grabs the back in his leg and everybody went oh. And and everybody do a lot more than oh when he gets carted off the field. But Aaron Rodgers comes back leads the way seventeen it's 183273. Yards in the second half Aaron Rodgers why did you come back. Gotta check to was in Spain Sunnis further tests back can you you know locked on Marion stone came back and this contest so like. You know it could further injury at the time so stuck and I agreed I could go back and play. City ran out Donald. Start run and saddened by not Disco win this game Mike McCarthy and what did you think it is performance. There are equally remarkable. This can't. Targets in all product and impairment if you have to go through that. You know that halftime frankly walking out funnel. And also prepared to go with a strong so I'm moves subcommittees. They're very worsened with the medical stuff and mushroom shape and ready to go on his performance so he speaks for so. More tests scheduled today for Aaron Rodgers he believes he is own good. You know they're all clear. But that last night when he goes indication. Racy highlights of last night that was salt and specialists. Not to get into week one the giants the cowboys both of losing. Giants leave and lot on the field. But there's also signs say Colombo are they looked good yesterday the O Eli Eli Manning still question couldn't connect with a O'Dell Beckham junior the cowboys. They look like they're in for a long season with out the pieces on that note nine Z Gailey could not run actress got uninspiring ball Lotta questions on defense. You know it is bad when Jerry Jones doesn't speak to the media afterwards. And Alex missed debut in Minnesota are you had Patrick Holmes starting in Kansas sitting. And you try to win that I believe destroy sensor Robert Tools not ours because we have the mode enrollment. About the saints get roughed up by Ryan Fitzpatrick. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brilliant. And then. You had the almost of the weekend. It's gonna be a 43 yard field goal that beat the Steelers in overtime. And its jobless is right. If you would we'll snap snap was back pulled down kick on the way into blocks. Could steeler block that yet it never had a prayer. Browns fans I was serious that I was I was hoping for a I was pulled away. I've I've I was believing it was going to happen. The browns they they didn't lose but they also they they didn't win. And let's get this in here and look college football team this Mike Barbour the times dispatch in the 7 o'clock hour Hokies off that sixty to seventeen win against William Mary over the weekend. They actually dropped a spot NEA people to go back to number thirteen. But they move up three spots to number eleven in the coaches poll. The Hokies getting the windy now open up 29 and a half point home favorites against east Carolina and next weekend. And Virginia they look sloppy. In a slop in Bloomington on Saturday night sloppy game by Virginia. They defense and it cost them. A game they had a chance to win in the end but the who's falling to one and one. I won't get to my picks of the week and where I got it right where Wes Wanda. And where I was wrong that'll be up at 845 but they are your headlines on this Monday morning on fox sports nine text. Vote numbers 3450. Ninths and we'll take you win or your worst the weekend. Danny current results of the poll question the biggest Sunday's surprise in week one the NFL Erin Rogers and his come back. Tampa Bay's upset of New Orleans. The browns tying the Steelers or Adrian Peterson and his Redskins debut for awhile Rogers comeback was actually in the league not anymore. In the Li now 41% Tampa Bay's upset in New Orleans Saints. Go vote exports Richmond dot com or on Twitter at west fox sports 910. And we'll talk about agents Adrian Peterson's debut because I did not know what to expect we saw Adrian Peterson for eleven snaps in the third pre season game. To walk out yesterday and do what he did I'm no one's gonna look for sixteen weeks. There were really force story lines going into this game the Redskins yesterday. Where there rate ago that was the obvious that's been talked about since the MTA's word they're ready to go could they get this game wanted to get off to a good start in the season. How would Alex Smith do in this offense was he ready to go. What we get out Adrian Peterson and would it be positive. And is defensive line was a better after using your first two picks the first round of the past two years had improved. And yesterday at least a week one the answer was yet yet yet. And yup. Greg Hoffman are Redskins reporter coming up next we're asking you your Redskins fan this morning. Who gets your Burgundy and gold game ball. The new segment each and every Monday after the Redskins game. Win lose or in the case the Steelers and browns draw. You let us know who gets your game ball you only get one I got one guy here on Twitter said. Yeah I'd give it either agent Peter sinner Alex may not know veep person that you're giving the game ball to. I ask you. I'll ask Craig hall the next 34509. Cent on fox sports 910. From the nasdaq's recent it is probably a good chicken traffic center. Look at Richmond traffic on fox sports ninth. Accident northbound 99 finest green stuff and got traffic between next 51 in 53 Russell looking at stop and go north on up to mediate between the closing turnpike can you guys trailed. Is Jack wiley were trapped unused radio 1140 WR BA in ninety point one FM. This report is brought to you by staples staples of your business standout. Color print signs banners and brochure is designed to impress for less color printing at staples print more color attract more customers save more money staples. 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They received four and a half stars on Google reviews and you can read some of their reviews on Virginia climate dot com. Don't let the cold weather months Nikko bunny at Virginia climate. To. Want to debut in media. John Brennan. On fox yesterday on the call as the Redskins. Big role in that first half they were ready go after all the questions in the pre season about the pre season about Jay gruden. They rating get it fallen so let's recap one and uh oh he is our Redskins reporter Craig often brought to you by drillers to go. Beer for everybody in their two locations. On broad street in short pond next to Trader Joe's and on the boulevard just north of broad and I believe now. Many could probably use of the year for our deepest fresh offer red eye. Yeah and then move. Yes can you sleep on a brighter he has been pulled an all night. I slept a little bit but not a whole I think I'm about Q&A half to three hours probably right now it was not a long red eye unfortunately. IA IT like. I think when I booked the director was not available. Some people that booked later found direct and we are all very out of them. But I chose I either could have a long connection in one of the couple places or a short connection in Columbus. But that was only three and a half hour flight. And that's what I chose not so. You're here and we're happy to have you the morning he's not fresh but it's fresh after. A oh ideals stunningly frightening I'm going to run full speed into a freight train later tonight. Let's get the things that were stunning because all the questions that we had since basically OTAs about this team in week one. What impressed you the most about this team and let's just keep into the first half. How they came out. Yeah I mean I think that the ability to establish the Ryan early in the deep purpose in Christmas with which they played with really impressive. No I I almost got the sense this week that they were too relaxed and it's one of those things like and just this confident and ready to go lower than eight kind of chill and and what I was told after the fact and never brought it up to anybody during the week was this this is the detriment of it just seeing thirty minutes of practice. Mason Foster told me in a locker map for their killing each other practice this week that he fell can't just ended. You're really getting after it's over in those open periods or we're out there just stretching one on once things like that. It's liberal with saving their energy and they got after and that led to be really sharp performance. And it's kind of why I remind everybody when they make a big deal out of not playing in the pre season. That those are just a couple of rats in the grand scheme of me much much bigger picture. With practices in both I training camp that we concede and and the ones that we don't. And they clearly were very sharpened their preparation leading up to week one and I think how prepared they were considering the challenge of new coaching staff new personnel was really really impressive to me Greg Davis it is eye popping numbers here for this team you have 426. Yards of total offense and to see that 42 Carrey's. On the ground. The thirty passing attempts. I don't think you'll ever see that any Jay gruden play call and you saw that Sunday and not only did you see it you saw him stick with the run because they were just eating it up and sharks. Yes and I think that this is proof of something that I have long thought to be true about ignorant but never had any evidence for. Which is if he thinks he's got a cute and running back he's going to feed said viewed. And he feels like Ager Peterson is better than any back that he has ever had here. And I think that we saw from Sean McVeigh two point ever was or when Shawn was gonna go out to allay like why would they do that their best players running back he doesn't on the ball. No Shaw believes in moving the football the best way possible and clearly he believes in getting Doug Hurley thirty touches a game. I am that's the best way and I think jays committed same way he thinks when the most effective ways for him move the football. It's going to be to give its Ager Peterson the two also looking at. The passing game who had the most catches it's Chris Thompson Jordan read those guys that he thinks are best to move the football. And an Alex Smith is more than happy excuse that style of offense. And it is this something that I think it's who does go on the quarterback a little bit I think that Kirk at times checked out or run plays last year. Where Alex is going to be a little bit more willing to stay with them. So I think that it's a combination of a lot of things but predominantly is they have a guy at running back and they trust to be more effective than anyone else they've had since Kuerten has been here. Craig often are Redskins reporter brought to you by growers to go and since you brought up about Smith. He didn't have Jordan reader Chris stops and increased seizing games and Jay gruden even for the quarter up on the TV broadcast yesterday about. In this is an at two or three year plan he's got to be rating go in year one this guy look more like he's been in the offense for four years now mod four months. Yeah and that's kitty in new ways eyes like it's a West Coast system it's very similar in a lot of ways to and Jiri is Don. And because Alex's are Smart they can trust him he was able to add things to this offense that maybe they didn't run under cousins and as I was shot Kirk analysis. Alex's experience is different now it's his skill set is frankly differences some of the read option and things. They've got a lot of it before and just how much in and their level of execution that was different. And again Sally cousins wouldn't wouldn't be improved cable performance like yesterday. But it just it really is more about Alex and in what he is and how established he isn't as we in the experiences that he has. Coming into performing and that kind of level yesterday. Where he's just really efficient and you know lifting the west and I think impresses me the most about him and this is not really anything to do is knowing the offense is just knowing yourself. It's. That his bad plays. Our nine disasters. And that is. Really really important asleep because you can be spectacular bid to throw three picks and in your your game your spectacular this is is wasted. And zoning and Smith with spectacular yesterday. But yet so many plays where he just spectacularly. Got out of trouble and we have to see another down. And drives advance and eventually score and so those. Or you'd you know this the first is that like the wanna pops to mind immediately is when he almost exact for safety is able to spot receiver and throw it into the der appropriately. And like that could've gotten the cardinals back in the game with the safety when they look otherwise dead. And so plays like that I think are going to be huge difference may makers and it's why. I think they they internally feel like they've upgraded quarterback. Is because Smith is so good avoiding disasters and that is such an underrated part of playing quarterback in the NFL. There really is just appearance devises a real veteran savvy about him and I feel like me to say this is disclaimer this is not going to occur but there is something there about the way out Smith plays a position. His decision making and you're exactly right it's not always about things that you do it's also about the things the bad things that you don't do. Let me flip it over to defense him before we illusion before you got to run your next radio hit but that defense lot of questions coming and I don't know how good Arizona is gonna end up being this year and I'm probably sure that Arizona talk Grady is gonna have calls for Josh Rosen. The so David Johnson really went to Kerry's and then the defense of line then only bottled him up his bottled everything up and let the linebackers work. Yet it was really really. Present up front for them. You know basically think I mean. Hooked on pain is going to be able to shed blocks and make tackles yet a couple of yes it is odd stooges this first images are you doing this. On the you understand why they got a steal of the draft and I don't think got to ask anymore I was waiting at some point down the road to ask. Hey vita bear down on the board like you thought there's going to be a thirteen which are taken Hemmer pain I feel like they would say yeah we got the better player. And add as he looks like I just Amanda. Player right now. But his main job dot announcement job and I as its main job is to just occupied guys so that. Mason Foster and Zach brown can run and tackle and that's exactly with the did yesterday yes advocates support from the corners and DB's I'd say he's coming out. And it just didn't miss a lot of tackles and and I was really really key. They were on top everything the big game plan extraordinarily well they just they watch the Mike McCoy is done in and with the chargers and in the Denver. They've played them last year and just showed in the Nate they were on top of everything they tried to do and I mean what they're only some new ways to run the ball in the NFL. But the same time tackling guy David Johnson not easy and struggled on the first drive they corrected that. Real quick you have one minute. Who from the Redskins yesterday gets the Burgundy and gold game ball I think how I know they gave one Peterson. And I think that's well deserved I think he really did set the tone and yesterday. But I honestly I think a ago Chris mean to come back from the injury that he did. You've scored the first touchdown of the season. You. Just play with the spirit that he did an injury today Chris inspired him to really get going and he just he's such a spark and you know I again it's it's. He shows up in the stat sheet 1. Downs yesterday but his ability. To convert on third down is on believable I just there's a conflict could not believe he got an extending drives like that. Whether it's just chewing the clock in and another couple minutes go by when you have the lead. Or any building that we in the first place Kristiansen was outstanding yesterday and it shows. Just how good he's capable of being good job buddy get some rest a little bit here before the next week starts I got the jockeys don't upn nine back here and not then I'll sleep like an hour. I'd want at least get that hour and beat it take care yourself more talk next Monday always thanks and sound scared that's Craig often are Redskins reporter he's brought you by ground urge to go. Located on the boulevard and ensure pond next to Trader Joe's browse to go beer for everybody. Give mother like on FaceBook and check out their website GT GR VA dot com. Welcome back I gotta do where Wes won it and where west. Yes where I didn't know there are a couple of doozies this weekend but also we'll take your phone calls you're winner and your worst the weekend and it's your game ball from yesterday's Redskins win. 3450. Nines and that is telephone number using this phone lines are open next. 836. West mackerel fox sports 910 phones are open view to 3450910. Thank you Craig often are Redskins reporter on. No sleep basically no sleep at all but you brought a great points and this gets. Lost in football conversation. Where you know we got guys in front of Mr. Big boys make him bust open. I thought there there's a couple things in terms of first impressions you saw yesterday. Alex Smith Adrian Peterson I'm with. I'm with Craig Chris Thompson the secret stops and Jordan reed back EU looking. You don't overreact but it's one of those things re looking go we could just keep these guys healthy. Because of all the possibilities and that's what the redskins' offense was in the first half wasn't random it it wasn't. Aiding explosive it was just all the possibilities and you Alex Smith the can get the ball to so many people. And you did see it help the O line and last year having 36 and options on the line. But to see Trent Williams and Morgan Moses back and chase through EA and and bring in sheriff and I even got to give Sean about credit I saw him have some big blocks yesterday. But you sold what an explosive back can do with that notify. You that O line healthy before it's still not how to ground game. Rob Kelly it's much JP rod who's an active yesterday. There's a reason they went on got Darius guys fortunately he gets injured he's done for the year. I do not expect that explosive back to B Adrian Peterson but he hits the hole. And he Gomes and his public does remain a few moves in there. But you exactly what he was gonna do it that hold got through and that is the difference with the explosive back. I'm world is gonna hold a ball sixteen weeks but you did see something there that was the difference maker. A good first impressions if you wanna give out your. Burgundy gold game ball who gets it. 3450910. I give you my winner and worst of the week income and appeared just second but let's get some your phone calls in with Don that we got we got David West and Europe by exports 910. A wet. But whether it was my mind at all when they were the five yard out for a topic these old map for its legal. And any time weight or shape material there are so that's good to see I'll wanna know I'm not that excited by the board right now what Clinton and and the worst of the week and work my tendency decision but won't top that they were I had thing that got what two point that was bad yeah experts and I should not have gotten back. Yet to just a gut and no offense but. An award here if you as Danny and Paulie I don't hear about your fantasy was don't think of personal don't do it it's it's not you did not so I yield. I forgot about the dolphins titans game. How the this seven hour delay or seven hours that game took to play three hours and how many minutes for delay iron it was four. I honestly forgot that game was going on the other 1 o'clock games I get sucked into the dumpster fire that was the Steelers browns which I just. I couldn't change it could look over to another other games it was just captivating. Now I got into the Redskins cardinals and I'm kind of floating around and then you know like. Threat is gonna finish is done in titans dolphins game. But it bears (%expletive) and dolphins when tough blow tough tough blow for the titans losing Delanie Walker for the year he got he got carted off. I did see Darius Jennings good 94 yards out of you via. That's that's a tough loss for the times yesterday to lose when you walk at the beginning of year. Take your winner take your worst the weekend got a couple here indicating you can saying years over at west fox sports 910. Lord Deborah writes winner Aaron Rodgers in the packers' losers the Buffalo Bills they look like they were sleepwalking. That might be insult sleepwalking. That's. Well. Trust me the ravens are not the ravens are not negative ratings are not that explosive and they got after the bills. All rights in a winner the legacy of the real goat Aaron Rodgers loser NFL fans and overtime. Yeah I know we're supposed to probably do the typical. What is the NFL do with the time. It's the first time they've had since they moved into ten minute clock in overtime. A court said this umpire would that you you can't keep them plan out there I like college football's over time for college I don't like it for the NFL. You get to that point where you get a tie. And that again today that game was just enough of a mess where I enjoyed it. I don't need anymore of it it was just enough of a mass market actually enjoyed but it. I did think man I thought that's strip sack of Roethlisberger but they're gonna do it and you could just see how deprived Cleveland is for a win. You see the fans that they're celebrating in the stands in that downpour rain the people that sat out there for five peer reads jumping up and down thing again. Oh my gosh what we're not gonna win but we're gonna do it against the Steelers. And then you get the field goal that was now. Ram their 44 winner of the weekend Aaron Rodgers and graduating a lot of these when he went deep he did it for what he did last night I get where he's the winner of the weekend. Worst is women's tennis final real bad look Serena Williams deny get a fair shake. I brought this up earlier I said it is it takes a lot on the first Monday the NF politics a lot to discuss anything. Besides football and now they got drug baseball at all today. But what happened at the end of the what would happen in the women's final the US open. It really buckle down to two questions form. And one is with Serena Williams treated differently than a man would have been treated for doing exactly what she did. And if so why. My tennis knowledge obvious personally tele aids it's limited it's mine Newt. But watching what went down Saturday night I'm driving back from Blacksburg my vote is going off and getting text messages are you watching this. So I didn't watch it live in the moment I could swallow I could hear a little bit reaction that I can go back and see what happened. But if you think Serena Williams was over the line the other night do you think she went overboard. Yes you're right. Because she couldn't letting go. She lost your focus she got out the moment she would not let go of her anger against the chair umpire for the accusation of cheating. She couldn't shake it. However what I think is being missed here in the big picture. Is that you you can believer behavior is wrong. And still believe that there's a double standard for women. Those thoughts are not mutually exclusive. Serena and talking to an umpire calling him a thief. I watch very little tennis but what I see even in the highlights when a guy and this is not a guy in general when a man when he mailed goes off. On the umpire when he goes off in the chair umpire and the is are. He gets on sports center. They bleep it out but he he's using words you cannot say on air. I heard far worse I heard forwards beliefs and for a thief. And that that's that's what happens. Now Serena is working on Syria it was a compounding issue. The accusation of coaching I don't know enough about tennis but from what I understand that happens a lot and it doesn't get called. For second building smashing the racquet she earned the last one Conan the thief not a good look for Serena. But we've heard far far worse and did take an entire game in a crucial second set ever Grand Slam final. But there was no attempt to defuse the situation. Patrick McEnroe. Who I really enjoy was on Good Morning America he said but wouldn't when you have a man there it's in the doll it's better you got guys swearing at the umpire. And you have guys trying to defuse the situation. Saying hey look you you got to jail like look you got to violations you get another one you'd get a game ground. That didn't happen. We're where I do think Serena brought up an excellent point. And I think Serena is right and I find more credibility in the point to three lanes brought up when I see male tennis players coming to her defense on social media sand book. I go to guy a blanket blanket he blank and I never got so much as a warning. Aware I think Serena failed the other night I think she brings up a great point she just brought up in bad fashion. She brought it up in the wrong form. Emotions got the best ever your champ. You'd goat regroup channel that anger go away and and take the stage take the form as a champion in the post game press covers the post match press conference and say what you got to say. And I do feel bad for Naomi is tuna because she clearly out played Serena. She won this and their moment was completely overshadowed. Commenced the re didn't try to get the crowd is not blowing it just. Everybody is emotionally does it almost felt like Zune is out there like she won but she didn't even know she should be out there and it. It was awkward it was emotional and who's won more tense situations I've seen. In that sport. Winner and worst cinema over last call. And the last thing that we got to do on the shows that some accountability. Because every Friday we give you lots of the weekend. Every Monday I tale where west won a and where Wes was wrong. We'll do that next here on fox sports 910. Guy like this should apologize to Naomi Osaka. Including me who said her name wrong in the last segment. It. Poor girl is as well in the US open she beat Serena Williams. And just like seriously. My apologies if he may. Think your way in your worst close things out if you nominate your winner and worse the weekend either on Twitter. Wes fox sports 910 put through the running prepared tickets to the federated auto parts 400 Saturday. At Richmond raceway. On September 22 you can also jump on fox sports Richmond dot com. And go vote on our poll question brought T by call federal Danny if you would mind updating on this. The biggest Sunday's surprise in the NFL Aaron Rodgers returned slash come back Tampa Bay upsetting the saints. The browns tying the Steelers or Adrian Peterson's Redskins debut current results we are at 95 votes and we officially have a tie between Rogers come back. And the Tampa Bay upset of New Orleans and in real time it is changing writers does not take any 1% lead. How is that for an update good update that's an that's an update on top with the update. Which I'm thinking it's Rogers. And are we so used Aaron Rodgers and such magic that we work. Fully surprised I have to be surprised by seeing what the bears kidnappers to happen. There's fans have got to be an elite and zero or 1 this morning but your best and you just absolutely have to be TV. Giddy about having clear on Mac and appear risk Randi you absolutely have to be. Noxious. Go vote on the poll question it's up and available at fox sports Richmond dot com and brought to buyer friends or call federal passionately local banking. I would lose every Monday through Friday give you my locks in the week sometimes are not exactly locks but every Monday. Well myself accountable it is time to tell you where west won and where Wes was wrong to push push push. Let's start in college where I told you on their. Friday they're Virginia. I looked good in their debut against FCS Richmond but didn't step up to the Big Ten rice Perkins. Looked like a guy who could be that dual threat quarterback. And he would go and Indiana where there would be a monsoon. And I just. I had to wonder about the rain even though I had a lot of questions about Virginia's defense and I thought both teams can score there's something about the forecast right took. Under 51 and a half and I was. Correct. Lot of mistakes lot of points left on the field India actually felt really in control leg and the Virginia was still there any end. Which intensifies the mistakes that they made. Mistakes. And defense. Big issues for you VA they got Ohio coming up next week. No hey I said they're coming up big wins big wedding it's Michigan balls stage same state this is their Super Bowl. I did not see them covering the thirty. And I was right Brandon takes the snap takes it he once again at bat on it too with the teams come out of the field 45 seconds left it won't stop again. Notre Dame's gonna walk away with a hard fought 24 to sixteen victory over Ball State. Wind at. In my final college game night I was still blown away day in the tower five you have one team getting thirty and a half UCLA Oklahoma. But I did like the over that one I took over 64. Have from the two Tyler's got it rolling right he'll run himself tracking all of these two touchdowns liver. Two yard touchdown run untouched that you could on its away. The ponies and the ball. The sooners are limited to a note today it wasn't easy but they're gonna get the job done. Impressive performance by column very soft. For Oklahoma lose Rodney Anderson out for the year with a knee injury might have gold bricks. Week one full of surprises I felt the Steelers and I felt the browser making this a game. Apple some points here I said take the over a 44 and a half browns Steelers. Gonna be a 43 yard field goal that beat the Steelers in overtime and gets palaces right. Q what will snap snap was back pulled out just got away a couple of this dealer block thank yet it never had a prayer. And suited my new room. And for our younger. Baird's. Packers Sunday Night Football so to the bears in my sneaky team this year got to run on the fringe the post season they would get seven and have gone into Lambeau. I took the bears and I took the points and I got the win. I put on and has done that we're gonna move on to the giants and Jacksonville. I was the only giants I was the only wrong. I snapped a home plate except perhaps. I get the wrong clip there you guys. You guys or later there. Anyone I know I know where I get it I just say get down here at city gets checked out for a Monday I I was wrong on the giants. There's signs there sake while Barkley you got me excited but and you better from the line he'd better from the O line I now you want the Kansas City game ugly beating Kansas City game I said they score points. I synergies would allow points. I just didn't know the charge to allow that many points I had the chargers. And the chiefs over a 47 and a half. I snapple Holmes played except to perhaps. Did yeah. I touched. But you're pretty quick break and really support Barack Obama's yet about 58. Yards touched down. It's serenade. You and is well on his opponent I was wrongly gone via I had Hussein's government nine half against the Buccaneers. And so I and the week at five and three of the puts me 86 and one for the year and that is where west lawn and where Lance was wrong thanks to Craig Altman are Redskins a border. Mike Barbour the Richmond times dispatch. Back bright and early tomorrow with Mike Jones of USA today Brian Wilson CBS sports enjoy the doubleheader tonight Dan Patrick is up next on what's Matt Corley you know me. Let it were. And.