Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Guest Host Danny Nokes, Michael Phillips and Parney (8-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, August 17th
Danny Nokes fills in for Wes and welcomes Times-Dispatch Sports Editor Michael Phillips and Parney in the third hour.

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Make some noise. Okay. His ass McIlroy on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot com. On the show at 34509. Tad boring now west and fox sports Richmond. Dot com here he is he is the man last McIlroy you. Final hour on days. Friday. Morning. Hope you're all doing well out there today gaining oaks delighted to be here with you once again villain in from a good friend requests McIlroy. It's August 17 2018. And you've picked a great state to tune in my producer back in Richmond days Paul Levy helped. That's our boy Paul van Bausch we got Robert fish on the fox sports updates. It's a great Friday thanks to rich Taylor Redskins blogger NBC sports Washington dot com and real Redskins dot com. We just wrapped up a conversation with rich about the Redskins in their second pre season game which took place. It land over Maryland FedEx Field last night Washington the win fifteen to thirteen we are not done talking Redskins today. We will not be talking Redskins here in this segment pipes. We will be talking Redskins with Michael Phillips sports editor of the Richmond times dispatch coming up at 820. That's is next segment we are also talking with party in Richmond flying squirrels. So it's a little baseball on the back end of this final hour 845 party is going to join us says he does each and every Friday. But I wanna hear from you guys you can hit me up on Twitter at gaining note she can also called had. The call in numbers 3450910. Here's the ball question brought T by call federal we posed this bad boy at last hour. After last night. What position. On the redskins' offense are you most concerned with is that the quarterback. Are you worried about Alex Smith. He worried about the running backs. Are you worried about the wide receivers. Or do you think that we just need to give them some time. To jowl. Alex and it is only ban on the field with the first team offense for one drive over the first two pre season games that's not surprised at all. The way most coaches in the pre season so it's tough to take away too much from that. Performance and that sort of thing. But are you cancer. Because I'm a little bit to answer although last night a win for the stands at a gets very good team the jets there's still and rebuild. Although they do that syndrome the number three overall pick him. He threw pick last night but didn't look too bad outside and an interception. To some college football ladies and gentlemen before we go back to the Redskins next segment talk with Michael Phillips sports editor. The Richmond times dispatch Robert fish he's on the fox sports updates has been telling you law about. The news out of the Virginia Tech football program yesterday which is. Acreage just in twenty officially naming. Josh Jackson at the starting quarterback for the 2018 season quotes barring any unforced scene circumstances Josh Jackson it is. The starting quarterback in court that an official word from Justin Fuente at a press conference yesterday down here in Blacksburg Virginia. I'm in southwest Virginia at the show coming to you from Radford at our studios. Out near. The Radford University but we're not far from by expert I lived in Blacksburg. So that press conference with disappointing not exactly surprising that he named Josh Jackson's starter would have been. More surprised Jackson wasn't. Named the starter and and coach went to actually spoke very highly of all of his quarterbacks the depth chart looks like this Josh Jackson at one of Brian will listen to. Hand in poker. Three. If we go back to the spraying. It sounded like. The race may have been a little bit closer remember to Josh Jackson had the academic troubles he had the issue off the field. Ultimately got resolved and that's why he's still member of the Virginia Tech football program I don't believe there was any punishment handed down again. The issue was resolved. But that was kind of swirling around the spring game and we weren't sure. Whether or not Jackson would be the starting core directory can be with the program. When the Hokies open season. Against Florida State on Labor Day night. Jackson has sense. Relief. Re grass. Solid. You know hold of his starting quarterback position and being the only guy on the roster wit. ACC experience I'd definitely. Would have expected him to win the starting job in and do a pretty easily quite frankly. But right Willis a transfer from Kansas looked pretty good in the spring he had a good spring game he's got a big armed. Physically he can do a lot of the same things that Josh Jackson can't he he might not be quite as Atlantic. Well they Josh Jackson not as athletic as a guy like to rod Evans just appointees first starting quarterback. Still Willis is made some progress did not play last season although he was with the Hokies football program. You've got there ST one transfer rules when you're going from one power five conference. To another Solis I think it's gonna nip at the heels of Josh Jackson all season long and and keep them honest. And Willis if Jackson gets hurt will be a good guy to throw in the game that you don't really have to worry about ticket stepped back with even if you QB one. Is in the game and in poker the sophomore. He is also very talented player but now I'd be pretty shocked if you saw him. On the field at any point throughout the season he's even more athletic but both Jackson and Willis. Also pretty good arm strength decent size. But it. Even in the spring when it was Jackson Willis had to dig in and out for one and two. On the quarterback depth chart. I also wanna know how much of Quincy Paterson we might see Quincy Paterson highly touted quarterback recruit from Chicago. That's come in he's practicing now. With Virginia Tech and you've got this new red shirt rule. That means a guy can appear in up to four games in a season. Without burning a redshirt. So that means a lot for a lot of different programs I would think if you could use a guy like Quincy Paterson either act. The beginning or. The end of the season. And the beginning of the season if you're struggling. You know. You've got and it's not necessarily a senior quarterback but an older quarterback a guy that you expected to. You know kind of seized control much like we're expecting Josh Jackson do you. And you don't like the way he's playing maybe Foster football games whoa you can test out the true freshman and if he's ready you leave a man. But if he's not then you can take him back out replied Richard. Even if it takes three games to do that you can do up to four. As we just explained with that new Richard rule in the same could be said for the end of the season. Let's say. And you've got to starting quarterback like at DR Andre France law. Now I realize the situation that I'm that I am about to paint happen. At the beginning of last season happened in the season opening game in fact between Alabama and Florida State but if you've got to starting quarterback like France walked. He gets hurt he's done for the rest of the season. While then you can dip into your pool of Red Shirts or. Whoever you wanted to go at the doesn't even have to be a freshman because sophomore. And junior even senior can be registered. So as long as they haven't been redshirt him before. But France walk you know in a situation like that if the Quincy Paterson was behind him and James black McCain and replace them. Could easily do that at the beginning or the end of the season if if it if the injury didn't occur until. Week eight or something like that still would be able to throw Quincy Paterson. Or a guy like that into the game. For a final four games the regular season and you would even have to Burton's Richard that's. I think it'd be an important thing to watch here throughout the season now. The last part of this college football topic that I wonder. Really touched on here is. If Virginia Tech. Opens the season and they lose to Florida State. If the offense starts to sputter and non conference. Does Virginia tack. Make a change at quarterback when they go from Josh Jackson's right Willis. As long as Virginia Tech stays healthy. I don't think they're going to have to worry. About a situation like this arising. I think part of that is because of Josh Jackson's football acumen I think he's Smart. We know about his quarterback. Who legion is gene pool. Being the son of Fred Jackson longtime coach at the University of Michigan. They got mentally is supposed to be more developed then. You're typical incoming freshman sophomore younger quarterback and in this season Josh Jackson would be a redshirt sophomore. Yet you saw is advanced ability upstairs I think when you're talking about his his football mind. At points throughout last season his body started to kind of breakdown in the middle of the season he got a little bit banged up. And he wasn't quite the same player but the good news for Jackson is. The offensive line. Is the strength of this year's team and it's although last year Virginia Tech actually got some very consistent offensive line play some pretty darn good offensive line play. Particularly when you're talking about guys like why teller. That's gonna continue this season. There's been a lot of attrition for Virginia Tech over. This off season and it's one of the positions that there hasn't actually ban a ton of attrition does the offensive line. Three of five starters are returning on Virginia tech's offensive line in the three guys that do return it. Bring over fifty starts. In the ACC at Virginia Tech with them in terms of experience. So. That's pretty good when you think about it especially when you're talking about a guy like Yost nice men who is their biggest offensive lineman could. Pretty hoping figure that I think has absolutely it out to play in the National Football League. We just to bring guys back like Chong and staff who are experienced in the program there seniors they've been here for a long time they can help be leaders. Along with Josh Jackson who should be the leader of the team as the quarterback. I think that that's actually going to be just fine. I'm more concerned. With. The running backs and receivers kind of like the Redskins and it's it's funny to me how. It seems like we can always draw parallels between. The Redskins and the Virginia Tech Hokies in right now it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that there are so many Hokies former Hokies playing. For the Washington Redskins right now but I'm more concerned with whether or not a guy like John Cleese. Hand carry the ball fifteen. The twenty times a game if they need him to we talked with our good friend Chris Coleman attacked sidelined out here last week and he thinks that. They need to at least be able to get this John Cleese double digit carries. This season and that's because. If you're giving us stable of running backs. 567. Yards care seven carries a game rather. And your pull them out. After every couple of runs an unless you've got. Ronnie brown and Cadillac Williams in the backfield. Here year in your knack it to be able to establish a read them. With any of those guys and especially when you consider. The fact that Virginia Tech hasn't recruited a act as high level as they have specifically. At the running back position over the last few years it's gotten better built to be wrong I think it will continue to get better under pointing. But they don't have David Wilson Brian Williams and Darren Evans in the backfield anymore. They've got John Cleese and Stephen people's back there who I think are are going to be good complement to one another you'll you'll see some Jalen Colston to at a Georgia. But if they can get that running game going and get it. To a point where it's consistent and you know you can run for a 150 to 200 yards a game all along with the damage that could be done through the air. Then I think you're gonna start to see. Virginia Tech really emerge. As a program and as a challenger. To the Clemson Tigers and in Miami on the coastal side of things as well. I don't think that's gonna happen this year I see Virginia Tech is any win team which is in a bad season at all. I'm just not sure of their ready to challenge. Clemson. Or Miami. With so many young guys on the roster this season. So. There's still a lot of work to be done and I mention the receivers somewhat of a concern for me. As well also just a spot where their very young just appointees spent. Worried about getting his own guys that he recruited himself in. Making sure they know the playbook but it's going to be a lot of freshman sophomore out there. Some of which played at the end of last season. Philip Patterson air Kumar they made an impact has the tiger and easily also catching a couple of passes in the Camping World ball. How will gay men hazel ten book transfer from Ball State. Also had to sit out last season we've been hearing nothing. But absolutely fantastic things about him. Can he come back this year healthy and will he make the impact that's expected of him. A division one talent no doubt he was playing at Ball State but he's really a power five talents. From the numbers that he put up to one year that he was there he was hurt in the spring we didn't really get to see a lot of them. I'm really excited to see what he brings to Virginia tech's offense once we actually get a real look at them. When they played Knowles on Labor Day night but let's step aside will take quick break I'm glad we got some college football in today. Coming up next segment we get to talk with Michael Phillips sports editor of the Richmond times dispatch for talking Redskins again don't go anywhere. You're listening to Richmond sports station fox sports 910. Hilton garden inn hotel weight loss seminars 11 AM to 1 PM and stop smoking seminars two to 4 PM more android market Patrick seminars dot com. West's McIlroy yeah. On fox sports night tax. This is fox sports science at Richmond sports station thanks for making us the parts of your Friday morning keynote filled in for west Natalie today. Lots of football thanks to rich Taylor NBC sports Washington dot com in real Redskins backhand he joined us a few minutes ago to talk about Washington between. Last night in we're gonna stay on the topic of Redskins football as were thrilled to welcome in our next guest. It's Michael Phillips sports editor for the Richmond times dispatch and he joins us via the adds Michael PR TD Michael good morning great to be talking with yet everything goes smoothly at the game last night. You tag like you and I in the Buick and let them intently lookalike I thirty yet to be in the docket. You know all you know or in the oracle but there. He was saying the honest surprise to a pepto or LA you know. I can't compete with Taylor back at the machine we duplicate article folic the next morning and it's great. I'm impressed with what both of you guys have done beating at the game last night covering yeah and it. What picking up with me. To do they show I know it's not easy boy here who's up at 415 bucks but I gotta get your initial thoughts here on the debut. I'm Alex made T seem to move Washington down the field pretty easily once they got the red zone however they did struggle a little bit. Drive ends with an incomplete pass in the end zone. Stalling in the red zone is something the skins did quite a bit of last year so what were some your biggest takeaways there from Alex in its first. Yeah I would say if it hadn't been an issue accurate prior to that you did you know art is clocked over quickly but because it was an issue we we know that he didn't. I you know a lot a like amount would. Oh very very clearly. You know in the opposite. Took a big hit on the first black maybe not when you wanted to draw that up but it that you could do. I mean he's viewed as advertised. Guys who. Will be offense and and make the right decision to keep that offense go and I. I you know I I guess my concern to remain in the running game which. With Gary Skype up for the fees and I do think that rob Kelly brought brought comfort to the field in the couldn't have asked eager. Our secure and had a nice run before he left. But I I think that's gonna hit the course visit keep going to need to grow the ball went. All all at the loser and he just stocks and I take it over the middle people and taken that that it back to date people that the. I you know you bring up a lot over the good points there Michael and I'm my biggest concern right now with Washington still. The running game and you know how Washington plans to Alter their game plan without Darius Geist. It seemed like he and rod Kelly we're going to be the first second down sort of accident Chris Thompson comes in as the third down sort of guy. So I've been seeing Chris Thompson yet hopefully he comes back. As soon as possible but. With. Considering their little bit thin at running back it's even more important. The other for the team as if that's probably going to need to clean you Alex bit. You know maybe even get 5400 yards and here and include stops and bring another dimension that it is. Mean you know benefited at the path catcher running backs we even even begin to stop talking about who but the ball era. You know not curing it Jaeger and seeing if you will be okay. After the game that can forgive me for taking out a great assault after our program last week the period guy. You know I I think being feed. One of those two being brought Kelly or the logic you right to really emerge. As a viable fortified yards on first down kind of option could actually have that they're on the bought out. In order to an anger and second and eight that it down if they can't afford it. Talking with the sports editor of Richmond times dispatch Michael Phillips on the now we look at the wide receiver position Michael and you know you said that Washington is likely gonna have to throw the ball to win games and I definitely agree with you there. And it seemed like they were targeting Josh docs in quite a bit when he was. In the game last night so I expect them to use more of docs in the season I also wonder how Paul Richardson who did catch a pass last night. Fits into the game plan and then a guy like camps in choose religious battling. To make the roster a roller coaster night. 24 hours ago I mean he was he he had that drop that led to an interception but he also had a pretty acrobatic catch in between a couple of defenders so what do you think about the receivers. This fascinating browser battle broke what and who you got your top courier sent yet judge dark and not all Richard said. Achievements in crowd around a lot goes your three starters those are the guys trot out. That are behind them you know and they're there is that bit of a drop off that that the those specs are pretty large market. And then after that it kind of doubt. Brian quick in the got a coaching staff likes pretty queen you know on the fact preclude her turn and last night. I've probably positive sign for could chipped it to make the raptors are welcome our punt returner that that's another dimension he can bring the game. I don't know that Republican ticket six receivers you don't root for one more. Is it Kim since you got out of out of Alabama which occurred at what they want your kid at work out. I had Timmy can't set developing about it at her work out. I that the spot he prime would've been political Robert Davis of course you got hurt but now now that opposition been like that. The media I think cops Japan that. And the swagger being that I appreciate it you know they played goes up over and it became part of it like like operative there. That the camps and there's a guy who who underutilized. College. You know being felt that he realizes what potentially. Eat you know Alabama's offensive those that keep you up at that you don't get a chance to be. I doubt new Yorker cigarettes is not something happens there. And the heated up in numbers but he he's obviously got the talent. In salt last night. It can be the most impressive catch camps said he made last night. But the one that did capital to get up for the touchdown called back on an illegal formation penalty I don't know they've buried there and expect by up. It does what Cabot capital wire well being put into it probably open up an extra spot for somebody who what or bad. I'll I'll I'll watch and in the cops think it suits their about its roster spot why. I think whoever gets it does he deserve you know I think whoever doesn't get it should be out practice squad. Obligated to get an at bat stated competition. You go back to the top but I wide receiver spot. Doc and proud of Richard and at the put want to predict that the three go to trotted out but it huge huge drop off from mentioning they need that go to the state so he would be the workhorse receiver but these. No doubt and in camps in say they took that touchdown off the board he got crunched on the play really nice to get out of it. Kind of a shame that they end up having to take it all the board I've got one last point that I wanna make Michael before I let you go and it has to do with the defense. I thought the front seven was very strong last night we sold Iran pain get in on the action. His first sack with Washington and ten saddle. Continues to make some noise the big boy at a Virginia Tech I'm down here in southwest Virginia Michael he's one of our own people are pumped up. That settle us having so much early success. You know I wonder. How he can complement John Allen and the pass rushers that are already on this team because the skins were going up against the the first team of the New York Jets for more. Then that Redskins had their first timers out there. I usually am fully expect we'll look at so Paterno spoke to one Olympic starter with the red in the let for the jets and free agency at Beth and NFL starter caliber player I've content settled get the job that. Pushed it back that it decreed that description alone like. Got a handle blocked the path with another battle with the mayor in his performance. At the patriot that's ballot into the little pretend settle. There are going to be starter wouldn't even start but he certainly wanted plate on a roster and I unity even now a guy to watch going forward. Rod Payne would doubt about it everything I've ever done it right there at the first out there. You know plowed his way up the middle if the sack early at. It gets single team him I don't think a lot of NFL teams are going to be single meaning Iran pain that he's got the got to put two bodies on him to slow him down out. You know the person that gift or any of that depressed and met. And it's up to another back to take advantage of the mismatches that they're any yet because around payment to pad and a double team that the NFL level. Michael have really enjoyed talking with this morning man I'll let you go thanks so much for the time have a great day. So. That's Michael Phillips sports editor Richmond times dispatch you can find him on Twitter. Acts Michael. TD let's step aside we'll take a quick break few segments to go where and third hour of the show. You're listening to Richmond sports station at fox sports 910. 36 on this Friday morning how's everybody doing daily jokes in the west McIlroy. And thrilled to be here with yet few segments to go. We've had a lot of fun today wanna thank rich Taylor Redskins blogger NBC sports watching dot com regrets can dot com. As well as our most recent guest Michael Phillips sports editor of the Richmond times dispatch. He joined us last segment with a talking a lot of NFL lot of Washington Redskins today the Redskins a fifteen to thirteen win. In their second pre season game over the New York Jets they're now one in one. What else is doughnuts and what else is going on this week in in the NFL I just gonna set the schedule here for you guys and and will move on we'll do little bit of baseball before. With flip it over to the next segment and party's gonna join us for the Richmond flying squirrels. Pucks a more baseball with him definitely wanna hear his thoughts on the suspension of Jose you Rina the unwritten rules of baseball how he kind of sees. That's sort of thing and we'll get an update on what's going on. At the diamond this weekend as well. But to three games last night the National Football League. New England beating Philadelphia. Green Bay beating Pittsburgh and Washington beating New York the home team victorious in each of those games tonight. The Kansas City Chiefs are at the Atlanta Falcons. The New York Giants are at the Detroit Lions the Buffalo Bills are at the Cleveland Browns and for the second time in as many weeks the browns are on a national television is long he's you've got NFL network you can watch the bills. At the browns I don't know anybody really would have expected that Tyrod. Went up against his former team. Elsewhere the Miami Dolphins against the Carolina Panthers from Charlotte at December 30 kick in and you got the cardinals at the saints eclectic from. Now it's. Jacksonville and Saturdays where things are really crazy NFL network is gonna have a game on. From 1 PM until 10 o'clock game and so if you really had a hankering for c.'s football Saturday is going to be good day for. Jacksonville at Minnesota. 1 o'clock on NFL network. Is that a Super Bowl preview maybe. It's an interesting matchup. About the Oakland Raiders adds the Los Angeles rams the Cincinnati Bengals at the Dallas Cowboys. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Tennessee Titans. The niners at the Texans the bears at the Broncos the Seahawks at the chargers. And then one game on Monday night that ravens'. Our acts the colts. So now we move on to the Major League Baseball. Part of the segment where. We RT discussed. The rift between the Braves and the Marlins and was a hearing a suspension it's six games by the way both Pauline I think that's not quite enough. For what you arena data Acuna junior however. CT scans X rays negative he does look like he's going to be hurt for an extended period of time and it certainly. A good thing the Braves are duking it out with Philadelphia atop the National League east for this year is pennants. Atlanta the one half game lead on Philly right now I believe it was reversed this time last week's of those two young teams trading blows trading spots atop. The NL east. Eight games back of the division lead in the NL east are the Washington Nationals and team that many of you like I. Root for. And are disappointed in this season however it was Washington snapping. Eight decent sized skated it. Against the St. Louis Cardinals with a 5:4 win in evening ago. Now it's back to 500. On the year team this talented. 500 that's flat out on it's inexcusable. To aero Arctic get the win throwing six innings of work three earned runs or strike out. Three walks. Go to Glover even came into get the same we haven't seen a lot of coated Glover this year he's been working his way back from an injury. And I think that's very thrilled that he has come back and and has been pretty effective in the limited time that he's pitched again and hasn't been for very long 3.3 eight ERA. Google ever earning his first save of the season but it was actually Bryce Harper who had a big game for the nets last night three for 53 RBIs. Did strike out once but it's been kind of a down year for harper at least in terms of most of his production the guy can get on base. Pitchers are always going to be afraid to throw to him because. He can take you deep any time he steps to the plate. But he's only that NT 43 on the year on base percentage is a 382. That does lead the Washington Nationals is as far as I know. But harper came up with some big hits last night and if it weren't for the fact that he really seems like and that's hard done. I would say that it matters more but I really don't think that it ties. Maybe they do make a run here over the next month and a half the the final few weeks of the regular season. But from what I've seen of them that's this year they can't win consistently and I did preface this. Earlier in the show today but you can't necessarily point to one issue that the that's a paddle a year or one player. It's been hurting and that's all year and the reason I say that is beak and eyes. There have been injuries at every single position catcher. Starting pitcher. Relievers. You've had injuries to infielders I mean Merck has just been trying to come back from an injury all season long Zimmerman has missed time. And we've had plenty of other guys that have missed time at it different positions as well soul. It's kinda tossed it to really point the finger Ed one thing one person. I mean Davey Martinez brand new manager sure he deserves some love and and a decent bit of the blame he is the guide it's supposed to be running this team. By. I mean he can't go into the batter's box and make these guys hit. And that's went just. Completely quiet. For a couple of games and and throughout this losing streak that they were on were they could hardly put any runs on the port I mean you look up and down. Their batting order right now and and there's only one guy from last night is sitting north 300 and it's mirth. Murphy is his really actually come on strong it's taken him some time to come back from this injury but he's hitting three or 711. For five last night. They can't produce runs might like they have in years past and the fact that. Bryce Harper isn't quite playing as well has something to do with that wants Soto is is probably the most reliable guy. In their batting order right now and he's still a teenager. So think about that. It's just been down here for Washington and in its a shame this is this is the last thing I'll say before we step aside for break. I reminded and I can't help but be. Of the 2015. Season. As I continued to look back on what's happened here and when he team and yeah I know the season's not over yet but it definitely seems like it is. Point 15 August enact have a significant lead in division. They give it away the nets take it over the Mets end up going to the World Series. And if your remember Tony fifteen was the year the price harper won his National League MVP and he put a particulates numbers. But the nets gave up the league and division they don't make the playoffs. It was one of the bigger if not the biggest disappointment of and that's existence which at this point is only thirteen years. I think this would surpass that because of how much more talent is on this team turn that team that harper but. Returner wasn't up playing every day just yet I don't even think he'd come up at all bite and Adam Eaton wasn't a part of this team rained down he was definitely there and and was a big contributor. But. Daniel Murphy wasn't Daniel Murphy was busy still be in the hero the New York Mets in that World Series so. This team significantly more talented. They absolutely. Should not be where they're at right now in and it's been quite a disappointment I'm not really sheer. What's happened there anyway we got to step as I've got to take quick break because we got horny from the flying squirrels. Waiting for us we'll talk to a next you're listening to fox sports night. Final segment talk next Friday morning gaining oaks in the west McIlroy. Fox was 910 Richmond sports station. Thanks to both rich Taylor and NBC sports Washington and Michael Phillips the Richmond times dispatch. Join us to talk Redskins earlier in the show project with each of them following Washington's first pre season win of the season. We've now just got a bit more visits tend to as we steam rolled toward the end of today show welcome back to the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. As we welcome in that today's final guest from the Richmond flying squirrels. Amanda needs little introduction. Party is with us you can find him on Twitter acts tweets horny. Party how much did you have to pay Wes to make sure that you got the latest interview slot on the show. Look I don't know how to act on the should be anywhere in the book mackerel or child that it took water for these buses jobs certainly. Well packed up or down you know level where you got this sort of sat back. Led to the airport Schindler paying out the quote we have Arafat in series which with the store so I uh oh the all the people out there that are grateful come out of the ballpark programs and that used to break. Have tried directors and try that she's sure. For two the first African order transcripts in over thanks our prison surgical approach will Trickle Creek here and we have our work tomorrow. Published the trade and go to your crop you'd do harm the trade Trent. Thomas the train will be there on the instructor so we have thirteen home games the project took about could be. Good movies going northern confined precedent will report to a getting back home to remove long wiggle room. Play that's awesome and as usual a weekend at the diamond. Great for all ages with that Thomas the train being there I might just have to make an appearance part I think that. Definitely need them and get up there but you know how what do I do wanna talks in baseball with a partner because we we talked about this earlier in the show and a few nights ago Marlins pitcher Jose you reenact hit Ronald continued junior. With the first pitch of the game. Clearly intentional and in we got word yesterday that you re no would be getting a six game suspension. It's got everyone complaining about the unwritten rules of baseball and I just wanted to get your take on this you've watched a lot of baseball of the years it is that suspension enough and and what are your thoughts on. The unwritten rules of baseball. Or take or the suspension for Charles actually it'd been the dinner meeting and holes granting him to be on that happening in the loans also closed door recently hitting. I think from what I've heard is that if you couldn't cover up the ball that could do well so. Totals pretty disgraceful that they do I don't know he had to go to golden you know on the hard to believe she's sort of good blocker. And I were ordered drew when the first pitch of the game. So I've had personal thanks experience as a must. But I also think that probably should thus you'll be certain part of a renewed co editor. All troops shall secondly. There are a lot of written rules of the game and I think that sex oil cools things about it. As far as the inner workings. I think what you think your life can take you to forward sabathia also wrote that oh that's cute news rooted great great story was always talks about. Every week you know baseball needs to do stories computers certainly could story. Don't know whether or not this does that magnify as a ordered two minutes is that because you're hurdle ought to get it's a little plus quite so. I thought was pretty bad deal. Book great god of this or start. CT scan X rays show nothing is it's negative for rotted Acuna so it doesn't look like it's gonna keep them out for very long but but yet it's it's a bummer because Major League Baseball I think does need stories. I think they're looking to make the game. More exciting and when we take guys like Rhonda Cooney junior out. It's obviously ain't gonna make the game less exciting and it's weak from a team that's in last place you porn if you ask me for a guy that the precedent playing very well. Just fired about I mean that kinda sounds like something out of major week. Rose let Leo I was at a meeting yesterday and are talking about it. I actually worked with an importer can use to your list traditional robe used to work looking Richmond might work and stretched it. Then print reporter said well. But they're gonna have slumped to Bridgewater retaliate that there store can you name the moral installer gonna look at them like Noah hit me in the world storms that terrible so. And I agree refute the Braves are a lot to play for their great great story great organization in Major League Baseball and it was just little. Property that you'll for the Marlins to do but I think an hour. Zeljko moral special Luke. People expect that kind of thing the moral of this port calls they're they're they're they're kind of Obama computer to read our some repute and disfigured so bad about saying so. But what. What will move won't boot camp that. A lot of the X there's no doubt about council opened capitalize it was a really great credit thing. And the job here. Gotten to a bench clearing brawl with went to Dodgers. The same all right so. You could tell all articles or what you'll feisty. To no doubt about that and everybody's ready for post season play that that everybody that stinks like the Marlins as is ready to be done playing baseball bat ready. For the offseason sporting look at for a look at 42 great weekend at the diamond partner Hartford. For the first three games before a couple against bu we should be a lot of fun. There will be appropriate Monday Tuesday at the blueberries are throwing Oracle's shrimp that are out there. Still somewhat a little problem as well. Well they Tuesday night at the golden wrote we're all probably gains. The following Monday through the following Monday which would be labored so. Lot of fun to be had a few up and out at all actually make a visit to put up three or four times try to make 56. And what will have a great who's the promotion of the weaker root root for. With the Orioles fans had abandoned ship before the season they survive and how. Happened this series Barney appreciate the time today mammal talky soon. Or I didn't know still some jokes. You got it at sporting Richmond flying squirrels we appreciate his time each and every Friday find him on Twitter. Pats tweet party where a great way to wrap up they show on this Friday morning it's been an absolute blast. Always got to thank our boy west Mac court for giving me the opportunity. Hang out with you Walt I enjoyed every single time. Want to thank you stand out as a matter of fact I wanna thank my producer back in Richmond Paul vanden Bosch Pauli V appreciate you always brother. Aren't fish on the fox sports updates he did a great job today as well our guests. Palm man it was also rich Taylor Redskins locker NBC sports Washington dot com real Redskins dot com Michael Phillips sports editor the Richmond times dispatch and of course. We just wrapped up a conversation with party terrific flying squirrels get out to the diamond this weekend people and thanks so much for tuning in it. We'll talk to you next on fox sports night and didn't. Loses them.