Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Jon Laaser and Mike Burnop (7-18-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 18th
Wes broadcasts live from the ACC Kickoff in Charlotte and welcomes the Voices of the Hokies Jon Laaser and Mike Burnop in the third hour.

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Make some noise. You know this. Ask McIlroy on fox sports and I intend fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show in three bored by 09 tag or email west at fox sports Richmond dot job experience. He is the man the last medical raw. Often run and ended the 8 o'clock out laughed from another city on this busy week and other city. Another day from radio row at the Weston in downtown Charlotte the ACC kick off coaches players other great guesstimate and around the Atlantic Coast Conference we'll Jonas over the next two days like. John laser and Mike burn up the voices of the Hokies here at eight when he thank you indeed bitter. Of the athletic to look at some Hokies football. Early sign cal football. Isn't that far away west Mac ruling back in studio Gary has in the updates Pauli V producer and which by the way anyone let us know before he left the table that he is pro hotel beds. I got under the weather on the drive down yesterday had a allergic reactions to medicine didn't feel too hot. And favorite part of the night in the hotel bed watching the all star game just chill and not land now and it's it's like they dropped but the look out this guy the beds here at the hotel Weston and I can sleep anywhere said last night that pillows. That's what exit the pillows and make the big difference in vote now. And Paul said he can't sleep and it's now so poll question is are brought to buy all of battle you love the hotel bed. Ordeal load. Because you just can't sleep current results Paul of the poll question is actually even been out a little bit more we get 50% of people scene they dreading it can't sleep at stone leader but little bit closer. They'd be like. It can also a factor and I could fall asleep on this broadcast it it's just been. A perk that I have in life right and fall asleep anywhere now I'm literally the polar opposite if some people can't they just can't sleep it's not their own bed they can't sleep but may. Didn't feel too great last night saving grace was a standing bet here. At the Westin in Charlotte vote questions up fox sports Richmond dot com on Twitter list box 910 I'm the only good day. Outrage talks in college football. And if you miss anything so far the show fox sports Richmond dot com. And we are gonna give you the ability to ask the question of you're hey coach do that coming up five missed the first two years your headlines of the morning it's Matt was morning edition. First word on that headlines. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I text. Shot of the morning to. On this July 18 2018. Left. There's never been more than six home runs in an all star game since they've rooted that very first one back in 1933. Well as they like to saying. Records are meant to be broken as the last night you had ten home runs in the all star game including. Alex Bregman in the tenth inning. Who's followed up by his teammate in Houston and mr. George springer. Good. A record ten home runs if you want after that Joel Otto. Try to make up for his mistakes dropping the foul ball on the eighth inning to keep yet bad lie for gene cigar who had a three run home run. But that was not enough the L defeats the NL for the sixth straight year eight to six out pregnancy you know MVP honors. In such a good kid. Giving his mom McNamara that he won for being the end VP shoot jump around like you wanna conflict right. What a bullet decade. Mike Trout errant judge dean sikora. All connecting for the jail any game where every run except one. The sport and a former screwed Jeanette Joey about a Wilson contreras Trevor story Christina Ellis. Homered for the NL. Ten home runs. One U five strikeouts including two by Bryce Harper. This is the showcase of baseball this is truly the showcase of where baseball is in 2018. Where it's all or nothing and there's not much in between. AL gets the win it would be the sixth year in a row and eighteenth time in the past when he won All Star Games. That's not the only story from the all star game last night. She won all star probably has warned his Jersey the last time that would be made in the shadow. As a Baltimore Oreo Bob nightingale USA today had the story yesterday. Dodgers have a deal in place in the shadow it's the end buster only seen the Baltimore was right now are are looking at the structure of the deal in place. And they're going to medical records and other paperwork. Nothing's official yet. Maybe there's still a chance for the Phillies the brewers and Diamondbacks meet in their over the last minute deal. All signs right now point towards Maine in the shadow going out to the Dodgers who heard. Sitting at 53 and 43 atop the NL west recovering from eighth. Brutal start this season but they've bounced back nicely. And go on all infamous shot of who will still be a free agent at the end of next year. The Dodgers were last year's runner up. Trying to close the deal by and adding Manny in the shadows of the great. I said it is the all star game. Drew on last night. It got more interesting on and off the field the home runs on the field and off the field. Somebody either really bored they give back seven years ago or somebody would have been dead against brewers pitcher Josh hater and it could've been both. But during Tuesday night's all star game some racist and anti eat meats that either sent. While he was a teenager they surface. And there was some doozies on there like light hour and I hate gay people. Peters said that his old messages do not reflect his current beliefs and he apologized afterwards. Insurance didn't. There's no excuse. What happened here in the case. We will talk reminding him. His family his friends in the stands this thing got really awkward not just on social media his family his friends are in the stands. They were given blanket National League here to cover up their brewer or heater year. For fear being targeted against teammates coming in the locker room as an L teammates brewers teammates they were coming and they are being asked questions about this. This is not at times you got something on social media account even from back when you're a teenager and the good degeneration social media but how long has been around alone twit has been around and manufacturing site. I was a teenager I was couched it the world and it's filled with people out there who like to start trouble. And I don't know if this is a personal vendetta. But there's a reason that certain things get out there is certain and idea. I wasn't connected on social media when this drop but I was told it was pretty much exact same time that hater got on the mound. Somebody was gonna form look his words respectable. He's gonna ask some questions answered from his teammates but it's it's time we saw with Josh Allen. For the draft we see it now the all star game. He gets W social media even if it's seven years ago you gonna have to answer for it where the and actually working looking for a job. So be aware of what you posts. And finally over at the end inked. A lightweight it out till load bombs morning. Raptors first finalizing a deal for Hawaii latter involving DeMar DeRozan. And we all thought the twilight it was going somewhere with all the lakers and the sixers and maybe the Celtics and I've said all along it's more things Santonio eat it for just a year get about a conference. Get the best package you can get in get him out of conference. Include listening to me. I can see Toronto. This is develop their best way for hours and who looks like right now they're trying to finalize a deal that will sink while Leonard in a trade package. All star DeMar DeRozan which is very interesting. Considering Toronto was the number one team in the east last year. But also considering that. It's going to be a free agent the next year and DeMar DeRozan got three years of 83 million left on this contract. Now maybe they they think they can do with Paul George and Oklahoma City did they bring about a cicada. We got this team was number one seed in the east the bronze guy is gone. Everybody else or stop radios to about who's that all of the Eastern Conference. Is Irish Irving is the guys with the sixers know. It's used. They're gonna try is to be very Dicey move bring in an effort just one season and possibly by next year not having either DeMar DeRozan or polite letter. But that one's not on final yet so we're awaiting a big trade in the NBA. And a big trade in Major League Baseball on this Wednesday morning there are your headlines this mackerel is boarding addition. On fox sports nine text. I would go to double different questions that you this morning in addition to yes you love or those hotel beds. As we are here at the ACC kick off rocky but by people Allen gates eleven attorneys on staff and there for you in any case. I throughout the question this morning and I'll I'll take it before 9 o'clock I'll take you through the course of the day when you think about it. Now we sit down this morning with just pointing and Bronco Mendenhall as well as a couple of different players Chris Peter the inning beauty aid Josh Jackson representing Virginia Tech. We have coaches and players here in my question this morning to you is your hokey fan. What one question do you want and it's just in point. If your UBA fan. What's the one question you wanna ask Bronco Mendenhall. You can tweak those and the way it's Bucs were 910. We. The trials and tribulations. Departures what would as some point. Which as in house curious with Josh Jackson and I didn't look for asking quarterback to quarterback I want to elaborate on that comment where he's at the spring game. About falling involved with the process more. But you when asked about Josh two and asked about the running backs you asked earlier one listener said hey I'd like to know who the receivers who could step up because you're gonna need at least two. Most likely three. Or just rather be in the defense. I'll dive into this and John laser Mike Burke when they join us here just a few minutes but what would be the one question for Justin went to. And if you're you BA fan I'm sure you get some questions for Bronco Mendenhall. After some of his honest brutal honesty it times during his presentation to the board of visitors. I don't know if I would've said the exact number that he said about only had 27 ECC caliber players. But he tried to portray it I thought it was different when you heard the audio compared to reading the quotes. I don't know if I would use the exact numbers but. He had the board of visitors yet a roomful of decision makers and he laid out exactly where the program is in what's got two before. And I don't know if I would've said I only wanna play the worst teams in the Arafat but I do a 100% agree with this idea scheduling. Virginia needs to schedule wins. Not accountable well. The brunt of about the only which asking about that would ask about working with the new AD which you ask about new quarterback Bryce Perkins. Z eighteen has gone back to a bowl game. You're you VA and you're one question for Bronco Mendenhall if your O'Keefe and you one question for just went today. Tweet us west fox sports 910. Got you'll macro portrait in stored it 45 coming up next. The voice as the Hokies their back for another year on fox sports science and and they join us next as we're here at the ACC kick off. In the west and downtown Charlotte on this Wednesday morning just a little further reminder how close out football season. We're talking hope people bought next the box what's not attend the radio dot com act. AC CQ. Early season lobbying hard sell. Ron seemed like how would gates it's wins mentally on fox sports 910. And a reminder our friends from delegates would go memorial blood drive this Friday Salisbury country club. Alan gates and who like to make it times up employment to donate blood. Go to 3209100. That's number you can Dow up 3209100. Asked for aliens at the time to donate blood. This Friday at the calendar it's more a blood drive. At Salisbury country club cal gets eleven attorneys on staff there for you at any case here at the ACC kicked off. Joined by the voice you heard right there John laser going to his fourth year as the voice of the Hokies in. Mike Byrd has been around Virginia Tech since 1969. As a player. That a broadcaster and go Mikey most people would say. When I get your agent who might look that good that I wish I looked that good right now you never age are you my friend I'm doing the summertime I couldn't you know. It got to be a little bit down the floor for a weekend that's priced so. Got a couple offers these yards to the state of the art then how much he's. And we don't know what Lazar has been doing in the offseason. Like nobody. Here it used via marital mentors just out here but hopefully votes or sixty days if it's a baby coming yeah okay. You idle equipment. And it but then when men expert and use the word wow. That's where I I waited at least sixty days asked that question him you beat me till it. I've just got to discuss this conversation a little bit later line. I guys let's get into this Adonis Alexander Golan who Reynolds go on seven new starters are placed in the defense. Lays a start review what is the question. The beginning most you go to these hokey plot dinners and talking to fans what's the question you're getting the most about this team in the offseason after this offseason. Just not good. It can be quickly enough and you know of course everyone has the utmost confidence in the job of bud foster's gonna do with this young team but Mike can elaborate on this suit you just so young across the board and and pivotal positions on the defense name and linebackers adjustments and move it and it honest and obviously their. He play makers are aware. In the second level of the defense nukes lighten up a little bit back to that their level but. When you just. Look at. How many new guys you're gonna break in particularly would Dylan rivers more than likely atop the depth chart at linebacker Richard Ashby guys that do not have significant or any snaps at the collegiate level you just wonder. How quickly these guys get up to speed now and I think that's gonna be a frustrating thing for the coaches throughout this process because. I think they have confidence in where they'll be able to get these guys in this team but it's a show me type deal right we can they can sit here and talk to you and and coach we'll do the rounds today. You know no one's really gonna know what to get on the fields I would imagine that that's a little bit frustrating because so much is unknown. Like even Iran's program covered many teams have you seen an offseason like this where included first of all. A plethora of guys to replace on defense to key guys gone and also a defense to key defensive coach do you remember all season that's similar to this. Now I mean that it's off season problems coach beamer had some of those years worked out got trouble whatnot but. Terms blues coach. Ever gets kicked off for whatever grades. It's a shame minute bonuses. That's that's a tough situation there because. He realizes what he did he get such vehicle we could dig out but Alex at least telling the coaches used in his example that's conical he's doing that there. Stick with your academic Christmas Day attempt only help you got there's no reason to get that spot that he was in. But nevertheless it's it was too often mean they're they're a lot of holes to feel it can be your own. And you open up its four state. 200. Plays on yet supposed to stop on a yup we could do the other morning. You know so. They got to get. Good and they got to get good fast like through sizzle obviously everyone told me they want to compare play to another opportunity so we'll see you could rise of the top us. It's wide open what concerns you the most on this defense about the way bud Foster runs and stuff a lot backers. Because I mean they they're designed that defense desire the guest Michael docked at its bid for yours it's yours. At the front force pretty good. But that's the gas man or young agreed especially lap back so there it kind of gets funneled to them but they're out there to make the place to belong here. But Jerry got all the faith accomplished they got the talent system Watergate after it beat where it lays off of that same question DO. Yeah it's the same answers and I remember back my efforts here resentment to block its active and I remember my talking about. Yeah he looks a lot better this year than he did when he played as a freshman because a lot of times to Mike's point. When years guessing and you're not 95 at least or a 100% confident in you read in the middle of that defense it's kind of like the soccer goalie gets drawn out he came right there everything. Is slain in the wrong direction I'm not that's not saying that doing rivers won't come in view is spectacular to operation as we won't command. And do a spectacular job but back to my previous response you just haven't seen it so you can't have complete confidence in what the answer is going to be without seeing it. And I think that gives you a moment's pause trepidation and it means that attack and bud Foster and everybody else on the defensive staff. Have a lot of work to do and that's that's our primary concern number one in and clearly I like that you got the answers as to who's going to be here who's not. About two months out before camp because that would have been devastating and you had this plan on August 4. And found that out on August 10 and an had to re rack so at least the hope he's gonna camp knowing where they are personalized. John had his real quick thing with the spread offenses are out to a false step here. Question I'm back so those guys trying to feel out there we'll always we'll ball's going to be covering passed quickly for office space and a false effort to 20. Did you like John laser Mike Vernon where this deep look at us as the Hokies team to be here right here on fox sports 910 starting on that Labor Day Monday against Florida State. So now we take a look at lashed to the defense failed the offense out many times covered up for a lot of mistakes and holds. Now this to me puts more on the offense and I can't wait days for a flight data to expand on this reset back in spring and I don't say it's you might as well. He wants Josh to fall more in love with the process amazing how did you take that and said that about the quarterback. I think U's using the processes synonym almost for being the captain of this team and not with the C on the chest but you've got to walk into the locker room and strut out of there with confidence with the offense and say we're gonna be high flying some of the things might just reference about the opposition's offense that's what you wanna be when you come up to the line. Let's go and and we haven't necessarily seen that tempo from this team offensively with Josh leading it's I don't think it was necessary hey you've spent. And a half hour watching film we want it to spend 45 minutes or whatever the extrapolation. Of that would be it's just you got to fall in love with the fact that you're the man for this team we've got talent behind you you're talented we wanna see that and to add to that I think the other thing they then he went into last year's camp saying was I'm concerned more about the guys around Jackson Jackson and their experience. Then I am with Jackson Jackson that proved to be true and there was a lot of difficult times for Josh because other guys. Weren't there there wasn't a consistency in terms of their health and who was able to be a playmaker on even including camp Phillips saying coach told us last night both publicly and privately I feel a lot better. About that situation going into the season with who we have and therefore might speak when he feels a lot better we usually wind up doing a lot better. Mr. Mikey what do you want received from Josh this you what are you Willis in terms of improvement. I'd like to seal along quicker decision making. Because of the cancers so fast now idea you hesitate. The key probably cared ball more than he needed to that price available sprouts after that he needed to. So they kept by his decision making quicker got to go through streets faster it ought it's quicker that he won't get beat up like he did the year he had. When he touchdowns niners ships 5000 steps last five games with the kind of got beat up a par that was loose and not. Now it's like got banged up as well. Keep him healthy. And he he but I've. So much you can do that by haven't receivers get open and threw the ball fat so but the part that process to getting quicker with your reads like disease. These guys are sick around this excellent well I talked about the other guys not named Josh Jackson in this offense. And we'll get and this overall feelings about this team and the conference and what they picked Clemson or the field. John lays there might burn up in most time I can see he's too long with coach went and go players tonight in Richmond. Mike burned John laser west back liberal to buy callon gates here. Live from the ACC kicked off the downtown Westin in Charlotte a box which nine tent and radio dot com that. Getting you ready for the start of the college football season. Look around his Jackson nobody out there any warm soon enough we'll have to build plants very few. Lie from ACC media addicts brought you by telling gates it's grass medical Roy John fox sports not intend. We're looking at some major trades gone down this morning. One has just become official today about that in ten minutes west Mack who had joined by the broadcast team. The Virginia Tech Hokies John laser might burn up will be coming to you right you know fox sports 910 again this season. And there's not a dale in Charlotte but they're going to. Ian in Richmond tonight part of the whole key club dinner might needs. Just went saying lays I'm sure all is good to get back to stomping grounds in and Mikey but a school for you to get back in and seeing. Former players and some former teammates as well yet onerous because that's where we get the biggest crowd of ex players we've had some Rondo gets them. Virginia Beach last night Richards always back it's like last year I. Property owners there's mics that's always fun. I almost forget I'll always remember the year Frank Beamer was there any introduced every single player in Richmond said hello to every single person. And then Cheryl come up. And yelled at him afterwards because the only player that you forgot and a room ashamed Pena and dish it out you think Frank Beamer college football hall of Famer. Legendary coach and there's this light to shredding him in public and at anybody any it looked at me said. You married that's it yet coach he just has Kansas spot it's just shrugged it. Estimate four hours ago when asked if that at a and it isn't sure if we get back to the idea. You know like he says and rightly says I love this event because it is a ton of former players and it's the biggest one that we do it across Hogan ace we have a lot of fun that would all of them but. This is funding it going again it's the opposite when I lived in Richmond where here on times of the year your off times of the year now and of course that my own wedding this summer but. Outside of that you go from the NCAA tournament with buzz in the true and then you just kind of winding down my keys got its own company that you think he would disagree with that schedule book for me it's like our let's go let's get back in dividends and this week of events particularly -- represents that. Guys are listening earlier. We're gonna have certain things do interviews you guys have been doing certain hits today at some point we get on our ACC pre season out gonna pick that first team never got to pick the border. Finish. I'd like Virginia Tech to be close at the top of the coast than the bottom. She's like come down here packets there and it went scene there an island team they're attending team in what ways Mike is this team and indignity you. I so I don't know. Many are so many unknowns especially around the fifth of ethic. Lester is pretty clear the defense was going to be better and officers in the worker progress have you lost all those guys can't phils had a great year he got hurt like. But offensively with five of the six top running back to back it. A lot of talent receiver and get to quarterback back got the office the better part clear the defense. Has got some work to do. And it's worries you a little bit of a special teams will be solid so. You know it's probably be picked as the top probably so could have great year yet there's enough talent there. They got answers questions fast like boosted her computer shows where there were taken out. Cannon balled out on top things off the top down or to go against Florida State opening game we'll find out where we are port three games thirteen days. You're gonna know pretty fast about the team and a lot of questions Mays is there an unknown factor. This team right now for him. Well there's individual unknown factor but I think what I'm most excited about this team that had been saying this ever since disappointing came in you know that first year when you add eyes and Bucky and came and you had a lot of the holdover talent from. Experience down from from coach beamer is last recruiting classes. Coach what did an outstanding job of adjusting and record Allison to exit to what they had personnel wise. And in the same thing last year in us camp Phillips centric at the beginning and just kind of running back by committee and I've said all along I don't think. That you really gotten a true idea of the offense that they ideally one run and you're not going to until they get. They're talented they're speed at the perimeter positions and that's why he was so concerned last year about. Sticking Josh into that fire without experience around him now you're not going to be there I mean your experience this year's. A lot of sophomores and Stephen people's essentially at the skill positions you have some on the offensive line what you're getting closer and and that's what I'm really excited to see is how this offense can tell how quickly they can grow up with so much experience that they gained as true freshmen or redshirt freshman. Last year and I think this year we're gonna get a much clearer picture of what this offense is gonna look like. For the rest of the just went to air you know for the years to come. Defense like Mike says it's got a ton of question marks a lot of inexperience bottle get them back on track quicker I think than people think. And I'm just. I'm just really looking forward to to seeing what the idea an idea of a point there Virginia Tech football team's going to be. I think what things we saw offensively that we wanna see the future what coach who wants to be like. We had a bowl game and its local mistake yes that's kind of offense he wants right there may forever and I do the sun tech talk flat last year and as a business. There's Oklahoma State offense kind of a blueprint he said no. And it's because he didn't want to say that about the cowboys going in and we locked away and he said absolutely to saddle again so did Washington out there and into the football and have that that speed out of the backfield on both directly to receive exactly and I'm not saying you're going to be Oklahoma State offense that human. You're gonna see a lot of similarities over the next couple years that's gonna start this here's what's going to be fun. I still love that right that's how they lied to us but to get messed up that. This is just us and to me by Zach on Twitter and I think this is relevant conversation like especially how young is Virginia Tech team is you've got this new redshirt this year. Where a guy can play. Four games minimum of four games and still get his redshirt. It'll be interesting to see how this rule is used at Virginia Tech and other schools is something they use the beginning to test the guys out that the total water or hurt you almost way. We've got long and that you baby had been reserved at the end of the year or. November or a bowl game you look at last year's. Great example because some guests got banged up in her. Spitzer he could rest and dazzle special teams you know when I get banged up as a way to go so. Yet activity would be maybe ought to play many games that are out of hand the game sorority in the books. But in my mind you gotta wait. See what happens later in the season. But I gaffe or a guy like with you Paterson you know he's just itching to get after label. That's great glee kids four games and still got a stretcher I think it's a great rule probably well law passed to. And I'm excited about the possibilities that you could use that to your benefit speculator these guys get banged up. I fight to roll like rep John lays that was the Hokies take a look at this conference and doesn't get down here certain years. This is the hot stories off the field some times on the field I think the biggest question going into this season lasers to review. Who can knock off Clemson is that story at least kick off. I think it'll be of the story that'd be quickly dismissed because I don't think they'd feel like anybody can. Over the course of a regular season and of the B evidence is there for anybody to claimed they. Last year the big story was is Miami truly back in for ten weeks they absolutely word including. A fairly once that it went over Virginia tag and that's going to be the story line on the coastal side is is there anybody that can compete and we obviously hope that that's Virginia Tech and some dispute will grow up. On the other side I think it's difficult statement to make to say the on report France was back for Florida State and generated challenged actors. All due respect to coach Taggart I think he can do marvelous job down Al -- as don't think that's the case that think it is once and everybody else and of course is represented as a Virginia Tech. It to view it that way and you hope that's not the case in the years to comment but this year frankly it is like you like it beat Clemson or the field. To clubs that meters so much better than everybody else right now their talent and I think back it goes back to the time when. 22 and we lost it suitable manner of Michigan identical to get credit for the kids right. We lost three games a year. To go operations to clubs so that's what happens eclipsing kind of took the ball and that's the change and it was close got a they went up I hope this kind of went down that's when they had his mediocre years. And so we'll see coming they've been down they've done a great job facilities. All players with personnel schemes and stuff right there on the rise to try to get. Back there guys thanks so much and a coach my team needs and I don't I wanna stay on his good side this morning so that. Hey look toward having guys Richmond tonight and look forward too much and I still working with a team this year and back again it's I just wanna double check it was like I figured it. I'll answer any money. John later Mike Vernon and drug Greta back for another year. Number you're studio fox sports and I think guys will see around thanks so much to stop them by brought to you by telling gates eleven attorneys on staff in there for you in any case. I welcome back we'll update the breaking news this morning as we've been watching. Two big trades the potentially happen one. But he does officially go on down we'll do that through all your Mac Richard hatchet to between five directive caught my friends or at least aberrant. With the ACC kick off in Charlotte brought to buy callon gates on fox sports ninety. The AC CJ golf. Seemed like delegates expressed McElroy on fox sports 910. Thanks thanks thanks Mike Barnett stopped by any better of the athletic. And feel better this morning news at the table. The college football season here today and I'll be here throughout the course of today. Doing interviews Justin went to a Bronco Mendenhall gonna join us here in the next hour does for you tomorrow Josh Jackson looking forward talking about. Is eventful all season which ended on a positive note but still there's something to talk about there and on the Josh will talk about it or not the slot talk about there about that and and stuff. On the field as well so it ended that and we'll have those things where you tomorrow's hearing the ACC kick off. Going around Major League Baseball. All star game wraps up last night AL defeats the NL eight to six Paul asked me earlier. With the American League domination. Of the nationally because not only sixties and roads now. It's eighteen of the past 21 years the sales beat the you know Paul is nearly here. Would I change the all star game to other leagues are doing raid on the status and lie for a half the night before I wouldn't do. I I think there's to make complications I think if you leave it to about it he said attempt to all famers day. He got a deep depth at positions and have enough guys together and pitching in there. I. There's a lot of new age thinking that I have about baseball Saber metrics and analytics we talked about this earlier about Mike shall be in the face of baseball and adding more personality shine. I'm a guy who's who back flips so I have a new age thinking of how the sport to grow and grow younger. I still on the traditionalists in a lot of ways I still might be a Albers yet now. The other story is he got Maine which Otto who is waiting right now to see if he's going to be trade to Dodgers all things seem to point that way. It could be a matter of hours want to see how that goes down we did get one major trade at least the scoring ESPN. That the raptors have agreed to trade. Marta rose in four coli Leonard. Kline Leonard coming over to Toronto. Those speculation about him in the lakers nets seemed to go south and LeBron got there. And the question was with the sixers acquired Canadian up in Boston. Alone the whole audience up in the east. But with Toronto. Whom. But this is saved risky move for Toronto but sometimes it's sports you've got to make a risky move and I don't know all the financial here I'm kind of doing this on the fly. But Toronto number one seed in the east. Good team the regular season and we've seen this over the past couple 34 years the team their regular season but what happens when they get to the post season. Now LeBron James is gone that's usually been their road bump. He's gone he's out of the east you bring by Leonard. And I've always thought we looked at DeMar DeRozan Kyle Lowry when I watch them they never felt like they had number a true number one guy. It's about guys are ones and twos. Felt like they had to tunes and DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry never saw that number one to bring in an eight number one town. But they do it on a game because block letters go to Toronto. And look what we know about alignment it's personal life could probably fit into a symbol because the guy doesn't speak to meet. They're gonna bring him over and they're gonna try to do the ball Georgia Oklahoma City act they're gonna try to say hey look at all the things that we have here look at. Kyle Lowry look at CJ miles look it Serge Ibaka look at an upcoming Fred and beat. At the things we can provide the oh by the way we were number one in the east last year. And you who's going out east that LeBron James guy others Boston against Philadelphia. But hey all his conversation going on the media and sports talk about who's now the big dog in the east with a bronze going over the last line at you. With a number one team in the east got a new head coach Lebanese style to address Selma on the stuff in hopes that he stays does that make it a gamble and you know big picture here where's it gotten them. He got to make game. The martyr isn't he goes over San Antonio part of their new rebuilt project. He's got three years left on his deal I think he's got a termination option for 22 points it'll be there at least for a couple years. This could be a big gamble by Toronto where maybe after next season they have neither one of these guys who I would say hey I've found beer grass tonight. I want to be here I wanna be there. That's it's been the developing story of the morning Yahoo! Sports first to report it and now Adrian woods announced he with a report that collided mannered. And the Toronto Raptors have come to terms on this trade. And apparently DeMar DeRozan not too thrilled about this trade on his it's too grim story as of about 6 o'clock this morning. Post dean and his two good story with the caption get told one thing in the outcome another can't trust them any no loyalty in this game. Sell you out quick for a little bit of nothing and soon you'll understand it's some of the things he was posting early this morning so not too happy apparently on all fronts. Reports are set down in Vegas on Wednesday night talk with a team and is it you're not going to be traded here our future plans. And I've learned long time ago especially the radio business they can tell you one thing in the plan a wacky behind closed doors so who knows. That looks like that is developing and we'll see about the match out of deal little bit later on. I'd done on astound I've left here. Two minutes here I'll update the poll questions and discussing hotel beds. That's right passed out last night about 5 o'clock not feeling well play an active discussion earlier at the Westin. I said it's like it took their their bed. And they're the lows in the it it made about a clouds and Paula can't sleep in a hotel bed current results you unload or load the hotel bed. We are actually Andy did split now 58. 5050. I'd go vote on that box towards Richmond I accountable questions. Always brought to you by Paul federal passionately local banking I won't be here today to check out social media outlets fox sports 910. What time you know you'll Mac orchard in music let me throw this out there to give way to a five dollar gift card Hurley is tavern. I'm gonna make this real simple. And now new home run record in the all star game. He's had ten home runs hit last night. Do you know what the previous record was before last night 3450910. First call it the correct Nancy you know that number if you don't stick yes it's below ten you've got I options. Hewitt when you conduct your partner release tablet that's you'll backward trivia about the buyer is tavern. In the shops at Innsbruck get tomorrow just Atlantic coach of Virginia Tech problem at all like that you VA. Josh Jackson will be on tomorrow show. Most lap Ricky walker the commissioner of the ACC. And of course when my favorite people in all sports talk where. It's to dated but with the head coach at duke will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Thanks ladies thanks to Mike burn up. They key to build vendor. And all of our guests that if there's anything from today. Or all star podcast with him rock rains threaten land Davey Johnson fox sports Richmond dot com this week ago. From the west and in Charlotte the AC kick off the occupy cal and gates outlets Mac wouldn't you know edit round.