Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Michael Robinson and John Keim (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
Wes welcomes NFL Network Analyst Michael Robinson in studio and ESPN Redskins Reporter John Keim in the third hour.

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It's a no. You know this. His last medical wrong on fox sports. Fox sports Richmond dot top. Only show it three border by 09 tag or email west and fox sports Richman dot com Syrians he is the man in the last smack overall job. Can run and. And it is this lack gal aren't often running into some pre season football. Forty minutes from now John Cameron Diaz skin back count covering the Redskins. What's he watching for tonight who is he watching. And arguably the three things I'm watching tonight as the Redskins take on the patriots in pre season game number 01. Look at the end. Thanks for cranking itself whether it be on the radio fox sports 910. Four on the radio dot com Matt. And by 7 o'clock tonight kick off when it. Becomes football season. Maybe DC fans won't have to worry about as much because baseball season it it might be over. It might be over this morning. This after. The Braves go home run derby early last night on Tommy Malone in the nationals and a pivotal week ever say it was a season defining week. War well. The remainder of the season defining week for the nationals had to take three or four now that's mathematically impossible because they get beat last night. In a microcosm. Of their season Tommy Malone who I I can't national town in Maloney gave it to good starts villain ever Stephen Strasburg. But last night the Braves Ronald Acuna junior. Charlie Culbertson who is right now just been a thorn in the national side. Paula what is the stat on former flying squirrel Charlie overs and he is eight home runs this season in nine of them or five of them rather against the nationals take that. For dad take that. So that then that's but this is this where they're at right now and today they can get. They could split the series but. It was not enough going and you got the cubs after this. And last night the Braves eight they took care of their opportunities in mid the most there moments and it was kind foreshadowing their first inning. Where the nationals leave the bases loaded only score one an angelic overseeing comes up and Wales a three run homer. Rays last night beat the next eight to three and I said microcosm of their season is starting pitching. Situationally hitting leaving a small country on the base that's striking out. Was it through different times first in the sixth inning with the bases loaded. The seventh inning their two on with one out couldn't bring them home and and India and let's get your question in leadership because wants Soto gets thrown out the garbage job by the home plate umpire. By last night and I'm not blame the rev guy but it was a garbage garbage the calls strike zone. It was bad and David Martinez. The games at that point. They're getting beat he should have been in a game he should have gone out there should got a so Ron should have got on the whole Plano. But now you get wants sort of thrown out of a game where you had ample opportunities to get back into it. Once again your left questioning starting pitching outside a Max Scherzer. Lack a situation opportunities. And back leadership. So he regarded at 1 o'clock O and not gonna make you feel better you got GO Gonzales on the mound. And there's a baseball. Ever people yelling at me yesterday about talking too much baseball Michelle Paula our poll question brought you by call federal. Passionately local bank. NFL pre season starts tonight's if you had your choice would you rather stay home and watch pre season football night or attend an MLB game in person. Right now we get 73%. He's saying they'd rather go to a baseball game in person either so some people still care about baseball so I just get a baseball. Now transition to football but you can go vote on the poll question fox sports Richmond dot com all the Twitter atlas five sports 910. Just. John they get but happy. But Robertson he's happy Michael Robinson is here in studio. Michael Robinson every time I put on TV for the past ten days you have been in a different city it is good to see you in person at. Man great to be here whereas they work in the manner Marin in my account Earl agent world you've been in the past two weeks off man obviously rays gain here in Richmond. Uncover them forth for a couple of days Denver Broncos Baltimore Ravens. You standard on Atlanta for little yeah I was down in Atlanta. They have not Sydney to Seattle yet but I'm sure that's coming. We Yemen all over the place this fun I was I was Denver. Denver. I did I did some hiking. I did when I woke up that morning and I had no idea I was gonna hide what was it funny alone Allah cannot say this was. Yemen over the white is there overhead. Com. But I don't hike. And it just doesn't happen that way I thought I was going to want to use them eaten before I know what mouth to mouth. Up in the air. When my shirt off taking pictures boy what's the the out what's the up to restore REI is that what it is yes sir aria yeah I don't think they're gonna teacher this has black people don't fight however it written maybe they might now and so hot. Hiking makes it the widest ever well bet com we talked about ice skating to concede you know been with let's talk openly about how cold it gets up there now on the ice skating rinks and things like that. Bomb yeah bro I was messed up. I was messed up I'll sort. I had a gain west I had no idea this was happening when I left I think we need to mail list. We we need to do blackest day ever and widest damn it they're. Where Mike and I just attic we we do we do the things yes I'll just tell you about the black Tuesday or McCain showed a dynamic get out. All right I'll tell you really need to transition before we had two very long before. Before we offense too many let's transition however this is could be fascinating topic he is Michael Robinson brought here by the good seats still are I. Can't that you got the best of five from then their person just something you picked up morning like I'd like what's going on here. I'd say one thing going to the Denver Broncos. Seeing. Bradley show up close and personal. Odd dip this dip the shoulder and turned the corner in seed Bradley showed her mom Miller meat. At the quarterback is very Kurds. Two to see case Keenan directing the entire offense. And quite frankly the entire team like it's his team he's taken ownership of the team this eBay's Joseph when asked him about his office and asked about a theme. He he he he's trying to temper his excitement. By John Elway the same way this team is a lot better up in the in the office of La. Other a lot better on the defense of line it would with the addition of Bradley to up and I think Bradley so be in there is lit a fire under some of the past lessons. The the young guy Cortland Sutton first round pick but from Denver. They think these guys WTO. They think there's I mean he had a ball for five wow catches just what I see now that. Ought to what we're just a war almost like it was just hanging out does whatever. And he's make an acrobatic catches he's winning the 5050 balls are bands Joseph told me he's bought a 7030 net. And he's winning 50%. Of the jump of the jump ball that that's been in camp and then to shade the dish on hamlets in the big slap. Out of paying state but when I'm here and he's having a hell of a camp. And those two guys are pushing to Marius Thomas and don't give me the going to mess it up on the idea of a receiver Emanuel Sanders. They're pushing those gas the point that mayors and has been used to practice and training camp he's practiced every single day that these young kids have been here. They AFC west's when you look at the Los Angeles charges the Kansas City Chiefs the Oakland Raiders. A home. New coaches. For the most part new quarterbacks. At a lot of these places. This is going be an exciting exciting division when I mean you really really an hour nobody ever been this excited about the AFC west. X anyplace in your travels you pick up the bad viable or uncertain vibe so who uncertain. Bob from. It's stuff because it's WD everybody everybody's excited I feel that it was feeling good about themselves com. I Grady got a great energy from every camp Bob Bain and any team and maybe it is Denver as you just. Blacks politically about them is there any team that we're not talking about enough I know we get wrapped up in the Eagles and was going over the giant's Cleveland Browns with hard knocks. Is there's somebody out there 'cause I have a team. That I I think they're going to be scrappy I think in a battle for awhile course spot this year and I'm curious to see if there's any team out there that you feel the same way about. Our man as far as teams battle for wild card team more than just anybody this the eagle they were talking about enough out there much. Honestly not Bob liked his team for a couple of years now they just have it just had come to listen I think the quarterback needs to take the next step. Tennessee titan. I really think another new coach with the new head coach might very well. I've been talking to Gaza that locker room. He's brought he's brought a level of discipline that they've just not seen around that building. And a long time that that none of the current players have seen. I love their backfield. I like what they're trying to do LaMarcus Margaret trying to get the ball on the handle of a lot faster in his defense was already kind of there being led by drew a case if so. I'm looking at this Tennessee Titans team in the looking at the rest of the AFC south they have a chance well why do I think the. Chicago Bears could have not they're not going to be as good the Lotto I think they had the traits of what the rams had last year with a new coach they have all the traits would again and would Shawmut grade did it. With his quarterback Matt and he comes in Mitchell too risky the running backs that they had the defense. It feels like a breath of fresh Eric into the bears a lot more competitive than we're used to like the bears to listen you right with that we're not talking about them are actually being tower in a signal to me is gonna be one of those divisions when we talk about late fees that would be irreparable state this very rainy day yeah that might be the hardest division to win. It might be I mean and I think. Mean Minnesota Vikings defense and obviously the tools we have office is is proven but they have to recreate what happened last year with a new quarterback right. But Aaron Rodgers. I think he felt this perspective I think he felt. Like he should be the highest B quote I think these guys don't come out. And instill some peoples have they've got a I got the green big bag of wind and in a signal. We'll get individual picks down the road that. Yeah at the house today I top to bottom yet and you bet your original weekly of course it's Canada day show all right show by show basis that this is Michael Robinson is on the show he has brought a body good these stories shall upon. Because you do not have to live your life and put pain ask Michael Robinson about the good feet store giant comet espn.com. Is going to join us. Who is John paying attention to tonight and John critical pieces this week for ESPN one of witches can't battle that's most interesting around the Redskins. And it. Player most likely to be traded. In the pre season and FAA do once it gets into and is yeah. For the Redskins open race and I was Mexicans in Boca well in general because John had to write for the Redskins who beat. Favorite war. He's an ass it just sitting there everybody knows Sam Donald is going to be the quarterback and eventually right now it's an accounts T. And they've boosted his guy up to all of us here I mean. I think they've been preparing to trade him from the gym and you look at with the jets need they need everything so they take whatever team good. Well who is it for the Redskins will find out next Michael Robinson west McIlroy. And John time and espn.com. And fox sports 910 and the radio dot com. And Michael Robinson of the NFL network's trusted by the good feed store team short bump. The call tonight. Gotta give way to a five guys get caught a cap ale house in Michael Robinson will tell us what it's like pre season week's number one as a rookie. And then as an eight year better fit to do that at 835. Michael Robinson was not Redskins camp this time last week John comma espn.com has been that every single day out in the sun in the sweltering in the humidity or John joining us now on the I'm a man you've been out did you watch a practice for I guess two weeks now what. Interest you about tonight there's a lot of starters are not gonna play but what does John com had his eyes on who'd John come out his eyes on tonight. Well there and Jay gruden talked about this not been pitched in part these games are always the guys fighting for. Some of those last spots that can be and that being cute spot. So sort of backup running back where they could do on the offensive line words where is looking into our Christmas tackle how he's doing their struggle that saw in one I'm wondering champ policy in what you do and regain. I saw him about looked at left guard. You know things like that then that. It's really that you know the depth of the team is oftentimes what dictates how good they are. So they feel like they are deeper let's see it I think the other thing as far as individual players policy Gary Scott. Because there's been a lot of talk about him. And a lot of it you know you engaging personality potential. Of course you could do but when you're in practice you don't always see what a guy can do that running back. Because you're not doing a whole lot of why contract. So how you can handle if there's if he's in the game I would love to see him in the game we stuck at the booklets how do you handle that. You know how how do you as a runner you know how you know the violence the patient Sutter so those are some of the things that I'm more people. And talking about the running back let let's stay on that. If there is guys wins the starting role when will we see it in the sites for rock Kelly. Bomb samarra customize a talk about possibly a fullback move and and having to tailback in the game at the same time. Yeah and you didn't mention that but they haven't really worked at that just yet so. I don't know I think that the possibility because that you know fullbacks in the lead. Some teams just kinda don't view them the same way as others do in and Jay gruden. It's cut the last couple years has been a tight end handling that role. My can destroy or hurt them in some players like the third one in New Orleans last year weren't given experience Colbert may be picked crowd out. By so and so it could be Kelly could be pure luck I think it's going to be this is really actually Michael I'll at all all out because. Typically a big key for running backs that these guys Chris Thompson and then cat would they keep telling you right then you'd have we have a war backed. Kinda do a lot of the same thing whether the grinder. I'm first and second down types. Woodcrest Thompson's entry last year I think they may be more inclined to go where either complete deserved fire Marshal. As a backup third down back Chris Thompson if those. If they feel those guys can also help them on special teams so you know it's it's with guys starting Kelly's role at military use the guy aren't guys. I think you'll be to get accused now it's game probably. And then also special teams than it would appear writer of the really interesting because they. You talk to the coaches like they feel like those guys removal of the faster because of familiar with the job. So we'll be churches and how they look tonight. Do they are they legitimately. Quick I think you might have a lot to learn last year about running when the quarterback under center. Running with more patient does in running with better contact balance you know giving more yards after the after contact. Hard as he is he different in that area so but yeah I think that in the interest in seeing if he would indeed do have one of those guys played fullback when they need. He's John John covering the Redskins for ESPN and espn.com. Jon at I'm trying to read between lines here it doesn't. Are you did other Alex Smith is going to play or not going to play tonight. Yeah I don't I don't know yet and you know I've heard Jay gruden a partner they're meant the other day that would tackle got them to death with a tackle about. You've been quite maybe not to play him started out and so I think he's like you know there are the consideration for that I haven't gotten an answer on that. I'm just yet I'm hoping to have one soon. Like you know if he does play. Can't imagine that a lot more than series. And it the other thing to keep minded they do practice with the jets this coming week. Before playing them in the game next week I think. They are looking at that I think they can get a lot more of that. For the starter than a series against the patriots. Zealot but I do vendetta he does play it would probably only previous years. John you talked about the excitement and the hype around there is guys in the personality and we want to see him tonight we don't know we'll see out Smith or not but the world out Smith is. Leadership respect minutes guys come in and people would just. They've if it feels like it's a guide people instantly gravitate towards. On and off the field what do you think out Smith just your initial first impressions what does Alex Smith bring to this team. You know it's funny because you've got. As a quarterback people watching for 1213 years and also you know what you who years. I think there's that definite. Also that I think he has called that the organization down because over the last couple years all Kirk cousins are good situation. I don't think it's enough to be healthy one. And I think would see that coming here and having the long term deal I think it's a healthy situation there aren't that helps. An and yell you know wouldn't talk about leadership and then what does that mean well. You know or how would that translate to an appeal werewolf find out that they are like little things like shall sit in that include leading heat in the state that different chair. Each time so we can get towards someone else. Whether or you know more than other teammates better and feel what you're seeing the mall talking to. The receivers know he's talking to these corporate Oklahoma quarterback quarterback. With a lot of questions so I don't know anybody but keep it there and and that's obviously good thing especially if you can play and I think one of the things that we talk to receivers talked cultures. There're couple in good jump out one outsmarted the line and I think that they can do maybe because of that I know a lot of the Tokyo stuff. Credit now become all the rage you ran there in Kansas City into the well and then you know maybe. That you see plays in practice where you'll he looks for the coverage see that we have the right side. And quickly can work back to the left because you know it will be out so they're no where the guy it would be. And notes to cover so an ecumenical apparently didn't let the big completion is eagle weighs. In doing that plays. That also I think a big big thing is that the bill would lead guys into yard catch. And help them to avoid collisions are in debt accuracy underneath is very crucial that. He's not in the lead quarterback. You know you can argue all you want about where he stands probably in the top half somewhere maybe in the middle. But for them he is a professional quarterback and I think. He's pretty much what they need. Can give it to the the defense and the run game come through he's been very good quarterback the situation not a lighted up guys. He's the guy who knows what his role is. At John underscore time John I got one minute left you touched on this and Darius guys seeing the guy. And then when when he's got to go out play give me one guy who's done something to impress you during camp besides there is guys and you're looking to see if the lights come on tonight. What thing. Didn't that guy I think to look at and that the backup but again it's one of those guys that you know the depth is word that the receiver Maurice Harris has jumped out early you know. Now a lot of times it's eased but then there's the progression your regards my parents do it against tobacco first then you're moving your way up. Is now doing it can you do it against starter types. I think that's what I'm curious to see what how he progresses throughout the receiver and because that backup receivers product and give it one shuttle. And Kim Campbell that can't get open and create separation against. The top you know more about the starting tight quarters it's got to think that the guy that that that would that I certainly be looking out and I think the other there. The two other of the fire Marshal prevent it what kind of what they do in the third down role. Because I think you know if they if they kick a guy as a backup script stop and 21 of those who who who separates it. Espn.com. John John John thanks for joining us to see out there on Saturday body. Thank where John Guy moment indeed Mercer wrote clean and I've first of all very knob and he knows everything about the Washington race and bomb. But you know it when you hear PS people are talking to coach is not hurt things cinnamon. That he her. It makes you wonder all the good things this animal Alex speaker Clinton's lack beef and yeah you know our our buddy Greg Hoffman who's a Redskins are forty met Craig last week he did a very good one on one with trek Williams where. He had a question and he said Trent and Craig is a fantastic job. But he stood to trekked look I have to ask you because the things that you're saying. You Jordan reed DJ everybody figured out gushing about Alex and and transit look now. Just different people he's not love Kirk on love current NEC news he was a great guy he was hit his leadership and his own ways put out is just different. And that is something just about out in like you play with the island over press conferences. There's something about him where he walks into a room he's that guy who owns the room yet and most people don't think about. They think of Tom Brady that way but Alex Smith you spend five minutes around a news. This guy and eat you make sure. Two talked everybody US a question even impressed I was he will look at just you very profession something about the guy that's called the it factor. That's who which that's who we talk about that. Something about a guy that he commands a room and all those types of things to me that's with that the ethnic. Intangible that the good ones that now Trent said it. I imagine that there there's something there that Alex brings the Kurt did not my thing and I wanna hear what. Because everybody was gosh I mean for the last few years people gusto Walker Cup the two women in the Minnesota market aggressor in the Walker Cup is right now much in my mind maybe maybe it's not so much why is added but what is subtracting. There's just not this constant yield is constant question about a contractor quarterback in the that's on the front office than men do would even in unity players you know I was at all gates ads that we we don't always get asked the promise of an answer to play against it Baghdad when we come back Michael Robinson who gets more of his travels but also what is like to go into your first pre season game as a rookie. And was elected Goodyear first pre season game in years and eight year veteran will be that and give away a 25 dollar gift card cap L house. Story time with Michael Robinson next on Fox Sports Net ten. Thank you judge John Diaz is back jobs. Story as much for the latest and ethnic younger Jackson clapped yeah francoeur with the death of my. Yeah yeah I mean that I'm guys who did he move the greatest name field. When. That credit watch him. Watts that's exactly well I know them you don't muddle around in single lets McIlroy yeah we're talking music earlier today is that. Thirtieth anniversary of straight out of Compton by NWA. That's often yes fallen are discussing eyes following employers decayed so. And that he is he is pretty like going to Sam goody in the wall to get here you music why he remembers ago remember your first album with a parental advisory explicit leader album cause them. Mr. account in the fur was the one yeah Genesis and yeah they started all this crazy my Brothers eight years old and a minimum armed and allow us to have this music in the house. On so we just play elated night when she sleep on very low and I would just have dreams of you know whatever the lyrics work. I think going to do you remember your first down the one that you bought with the still bigs to go out that prestigious Booker I kept the sticker because it was like a badge of minors yeah you had an album you were supposed to have. The first problem op personally bought probably had to be a bone thugs N harmony yeah album that they were marked by the tape the songs. Fat I mean hopefully it will wind plea of want him right down the lyrics can be wrapped facts write them home on film Leonard book and thought that I run and yet she's like bro what's going O'Neal right and if your mom literally says hello. Associated state rocket tea he was she stated she was single mom for long times a few words to get us going. You don't I don't play she don't. You owner Mario my mom has one thing that we definitely haven't gotten my mom's Irish Puerto Ricans are McIlroy I don't play over here and I met your mom long enough love to death yes you potter fan anyway so if you faced a month she probably tune of it and don't found it. I I've seen if not Marshawn Lynch so I guess it may yet. And Paul never saw the movie static content either address straight out of cop. It's only a couple years old and restaurants and it's not an old school move not haven't seen yet I actually did want to see I was trying to explain to your computer it's not for people at his crazy because my my my pop. Absolutely loves the movie. Then there's so much historical relevance yes round not just the band that times the band music. How the music reached all the way to the White House and then you go back to Rodney King in the Olena OJ there's there's just so much he was that movie. And always like we got by everytime I watch that I content and pick up something new that you didn't realize before and yeah I mean. It's in no issues that that group had to go to go through. Before strongest power alone with off the chain it your dog and drain that went into its new. It through bock a guy ice cube which went out of his own which by the way. Seriously are you in the book thrown on the hardest bleak lyrics at all times that I know Vasily I all blacks. Don't get me started on the vessel lingo vet that song is. Like class. Classic. Okay west like classic you put it on in any black phones and everybody dances even if you don't know it. OK don't don't talk about a westerly and I just love that west is over you're gonna start off this our saying that you had to what is they ever were dead and Helen are you targeting gangster rap lesser McIlroy yeah. Have you and you live in America. We're relative by the good feet still are yeah I was supposed to somehow it was a US lateral summer associate it too if I darted in regard to Capitol Hill house would do that now card number five gets that gift card 3450910. Net. It is viewers to a five dollar gift card to cap ally house so Michael Robinson story time. What is like to be a rookie getting ready for your first priest seizing game when the Jersey the helmet comes on and you gotta go out there in Chicago. Well are there is a lot of pressure on me quite frankly I know for me I had never ran down a special teams before all the quarterback most of my life. In college in the first pre season game had to go cover a kick off at the Chicago Bears. And and Wes I remember I was right there to make the tackle on the opening kick off and I was I hesitated and if somebody does blind side a mean deeply to meet. And how it and I looked at turn around SL on the ground in the one it was just go on and I'm like. That's the NFL blog wrote linked at this point and I was on the ground like Omar back on when Europe when you're young who hit in. I don't know who hit me. I have to go look back at the film I do not have that fell mummified. Arm. But but but it's different if if you're if you're how round pick. On this pressure for you to perform this precious few feet in this press if you make an immediate impact on the top and Vernon Davis and our rookie year in. He was so nervous because it's like man I was the fifth pick overall there's a lot of expectation I'm supposed to be really good and I don't know with the hills normal right now. Right. On the day when you're owed you know the guy like myself role players you know later pickles and fourth round on you start to look around you just like man I wanna be here. I need to show these guys that this is a different type of pressure this still the pressure but it's is different and you told us two weeks ago that that your mama come out he got an apartment yeah snapshots that have brought to our military is like dude does he do this chance you might not make it's yeah he did tell me that and I have to admit I'm guessing that he is still I do there's that are set pressure you face and I didn't wanna bust your bubble right now funny in my own but. We hope he was gonna make the team hit hope that we had made the right choice in the fourth round with a hundred people were all but arm. We didn't know so. Yeah it was it was very eye opening for me efforts we a super fast forward button on the remote control yeah life what is it like when you're eight years in first pre season game first pre season game I'm looking in my reps I'm looking to see okay. If I'm playing past the first quarter could be on the top and moon. Seriously you know look at all these things okay in my humble the first office problem the first office and a moment the second off with our man will what does that mean. It's so many things internally without a player that gets the player all messed up your reading so many different. While she used to get you information on your status on team all player wants the security financially and to know that he's on the team which even though you played eight years you said this before you you just never felt that you had any security year old man that's why you hear you know. You hear our Earl Thomas won't you'll write a letter to players tribute to talk about how he just wants to JD has stuff like that. Our I'm so happy that Earl fills that right now because welcome to the National Football League that is something. 70% of the league by encounters on a daily bases no security no way you ought to mean and we have to fight for everything that that that we've gotten so. Yeah man very nerve racking to be young guy at this point. In the receive the bookends of Michael Robinson's pre season career he is Michael Robinson brought you by the good feed store Paula who we get that point five dollar gift card to. Robert Gould of Quintin got and softly 2.5 dollar gift card to cap ale house Robert eyeballs alone Clinton this morning we'll come back giving the three things that I'm paying attention through tonight the Redskins pre season opener. He is Michael Robinson of the NFL network Al west Mac like fox sports 910. All of them aren't you swing and I'm trying. I always. Rick yeah. On fox sports night attack. Thanks to a community it's one homer to deep center field that one's got a chance to go home it is. Hi I am a better time. One sport could soon. It is seven to one. And he swings of classical to straightaway center deep back on that could get to the warning track before wrote to Markey lips. Didn't catch it gets sick or dead he rocks that was all. So it could yeah it's a two run homer at all robs a solo homer in the same inning. The mile line. My home I ND round of Fallujah it's a good one yard and bring in one backed into the yard. As the Braves defeated nationals last night eight to three at bats had one taken away one off the wall and then struck out two different times with the bases loaded in. Two different innings brains. It's playing better baseball. As there are now with the Phillies lost only eight. Half game out of first place in the NL east Dexter call coals of the night same player calls the night brought to you by intake systems. Richmond's trusted IT specialists. You dig route can be June. That's a baseball player you like yeah you guys fund blaming game you have to man you got to have fun doing your craft or big ZU quick early and you want to tell you like this guy check him out. 1 o'clock today and that's braves. That's trying to. Scrap the or at least salvage a split and go on life supports I'm we give either three things I'm watching for tonight I have to you have much. Mike was just out here working link gas down in the hallway icu tape and something for the news and well I well and I found. The the un edited version of the straight out of Compton in a system. See a movie with a lot of swear words and they try to edit it down for teammates it like Majorly Majorly edited version is comical ways to put it on USA. Because they've we battled to swear words they make fun like it may. Other words and since that's what it's an account in the edited version is. Man he used to watch house party on time and they had a group fall on there and used to be chasing too in play oh whatever and east occurs in the east to say I smelled. Monkey faces instead of under the words that they would use and I just as a kid I thought that was just the funniest thing. He is scheduled boy we got a good movie like that where you just have to say you know what I was arrested anybody's paying attention this long in the movie some who's gonna throw crazy whereas in there with the ample and had a good laugh at the edited version of straight out of Compton. I employing give me some music right now. Robinson here's three things somewhat supported night for the Redskins when they go out on the field against the patriots and Alex Smith probably not gonna play we don't know that officially threw it out Trent Williams Morgan roses DJ Samantha dash Jackson. Jamison crowd ever here here's why I am actually watching the story with a running backs you and I talked about this early with John kind. Probably the most interesting battling camp I don't see Gary's guys I don't know how much we're gonna see him but let's see the lights are now on. That's you know you do with the ball and chain can you hold onto the ball in your break one can you pass lie I would give them the ball a lot can you catch up the back yeah. We're not gonna see Chris dobbs tonight. Then there's rob Kelly. Who Jay gruden loves and if you listen to Jay gruden talk about a roster spot. Rob Kelly's got a roster spot you know and John got to bring it brought a great point bearer valuing things right now today wanna make it. A rob Kelly's Margie. You complete bids in there knee changeup back you can have three guys didn't and you need your backup to Chris Thompson because we talk about George reads their ability but is also when depend on with these guys do specialty. That's really meaning you can't just be in and often the guy an athlete but team from. And that's that's where Byron march agreed bid to an even rob Kelly's been out there and special teams second thing that I look and act. They're looking to firm up opposite Josh Norman freelance gone C got Clinton Dunbar you've got Orlando Scandrick. Who's inside whose outside who's your nickel back. And then after that Michael you talked about special teams. A guy like Greg stroman out of Virginia Tech who could be terrific on special teams who would do the punt returning to get a Virginia Tech what do you bring to the Redskins. But there's only so many spots a quarter that you can keep in defensive back Adonis Alexander he's banged up he's not gonna play with a hammy. But there's there's guys that you brought in this year there's guys who drafted maybe in a row in his second year policy after her. The Who was inside outside purse string quarterback. Who's playing second third and who can. Actually take advantage of the opportunity yet they're gonna in the gap especially at the quarterback position on the get a Orlando Scandrick. Again I think he's more vote in satin nickel type of corner instead of how far gobbles it. In my third thing is very general. But it's as Jay gruden said who shines when the lights come on who is there anybody that pops out is anybody that I did not pay attention to yet and can't. That all of a sudden wealth that that while maybe not then I should have been look at I can Greg stroman returned a punt return can. Add yet at Penn State and he got picked off a basket somebody popped off the field. Who's trying to make this roster because we've all. With outside of that other quarterbacks by. Most of the redskins' week two starting spots are set yup it's about death and when you saw this team get decimated by injuries Lister it's even more about death. Absolutely and I'm looking at the line of scrimmage defensively this team was last in rush defense let you come on here and Jonathan Allen is having a game. Half of what can I mean the first when action to win the ball somebody other than dares Geisel and Alex Smith. To talk about. He said oh dude. Jonathan Allen. He's going to be unstoppable so hopefully he can fail. And hopefully next week when the jets come you get to Iran pains to get a better look at him because. Do we really had a couple days until the that ankle got got stepped on. Michael. You're pre season game tonight. But I why am I'm more interested in seeing this team take on the jets for 3 practices that I am tonight because I think you I think you get more out of the team's Seymour. All of the team you're gonna see Alex play in the food practices you're gonna see the stock and often the line get some work in 03 practices this first pre season games live from the put him. Is Michael Robinson you can catch him on the NFL network is actually gonna get a couple days off that's been nice to think Pakistan until like seven cities in six days and we define your tour at real Mike rob what do you back on T today I won't be on TV to do pre season games do pre season pregame work from necks. Thursday Friday Saturday all right with a we'll talk to you by phone at some point next week. He's Michael Robinson brought you by the goofy story thank you did John time. Of espn.com. David Glenn good stuff on the new NCAA rules that they put into place starting in 2019. We're back tomorrow are Redskins reporter Craig Kauffman will be here. Andrew Glover and her off Michael fills will join us from Foxboro. And partying in the studio for falling. Gary Michael Robinson stand factors coming up next dom was not really you know me. Let it ride quality golf watched Data Co. And.