Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Michael Robinson and Jon Mugar (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Wes welcomes Michael Robinson of The NFL Network in studio and "The Basketball Tournament" Founder Jon Mugar in the third hour. 

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Make some noise. You know this. His last McIlroy on fox sports and I tend fox sports Richmond dot com. Only show it 34509. Tag or email west and fox sports Richmond dot com Syrians he is the man who last smack overall you. Coming up it is well it's a throwback Thursday across social media and would embrace it as the basketball tournament. The tournament of 72 teams of former college basketball it's an NBA players. Having the south region played at the Segal center on Saturday and Sunday it'll start a Benedict you know Friday Saturday and Sunday will host of rounds of the tournament including. The VCU and -- team known as ram nation thanks to Brad Bird is for joining us in our number two of you mr. go to fox sports Richmond dot com. John move our who is the founder and CEO of the tournament. A witness at 835. About as. Well concept even came to being. How'd evolved now being played at Richmond. And also some special rules in the tournament including how gains will end ants coming your way at 835. Local man. On this Thursday morning west McIlroy fox sports ninths and the radio dot com that they get Michael Phillips joining us to about Don as Alexander. Going in the sixth round and supplemental draft to the Redskins now to watch how he develops what goes on in camp. A battle at both cornerback and safety for this Redskins team that. World Cup final is set England Croatia when it entertaining match that was yesterday England and the shoots. The Croatia. After that get that tying goal just filling it was a matter of time before they got the game winner end. They put actors they're lucky that in those lucky you got to extra time because if felt like they were to be down in regulation you still want to know England could find a way to school one pass but in the end. Croatian turns it on and they will get France coming up on Sunday. And the nationals well. They've been looking for starting pitching outside and Max Scherzer and they got yesterday and fortunately didn't get the hitting GO Gonzales. Probably his best outing and a long time June Gonzales get in six innings strikes out four allows just two earned runs and a walk. Problem runs. The nationals never got anybody past third on the day and eight time in 29 games this team has been shut out and they were shut out by the pirates and all those good vibes it taken a serious from Miami and hey it's starting place in a they lose the series the pirates. And now they get the Mets on the road before the all star game coming up this weekend west mackerel or fox sports 910. And does that there is dumb and instantly I do believe we've met before we thought Wesley Matthews come to work. Sometimes it does for you can stop by the studio Michael rats and I was going to. Now he is of the NFL network the eight year NFL veteran Super Bowl champ and I don't think we've done a show together and about a monkeys Michael Robinson who brought you by the good bead store how are you buddy. I'm doing great man I'm doing great minutes it's early morning. Well we're live and where woo woo were Macon you know. Enlightening people through the Airways so let's go let's not get too crazy here enlightening piece enlightening people we do merely ask you an enlightening me enlightening I don't know about. Together well least entertain and that's coming up I am going to have Michael B might teacher he's going to be my professor and check my work I just gave an. My weight too early NFL over wonders my sister's in Vegas Oca mr. ten dollar bets out sixty bucks I got sixteen is by NFL over under is a run them by you a little bit later this outlets gave me but I dive into this review for stars were talking a little football talk shop this morning. You colleague Adam Schein over at the NFL network and CBS sports people out of list. Ranking the divisions in the NFL by quarterbacks. We're big guess I don't know if you've seen this or not gonna dig guess who's number one division is based on quarterbacks in the NFL you have seen as I've seen as a list. And actually agreed with it to a degree. I do think they NFC north. Collectively. On on paper right now before the season. Heck I have to put all those disclaimers out there preface that by president addresses via a home. I think top down right now but that they have the best collection of passes. Armed talent. Annan of being able to make intermediate throws down the field the rolls home. She's top down I don't agree with number two we have the NFC west I think and her. Through this here real quick medical for people have not seen the list Adam Schein did this this is based on the collective quarterback group of each division he does of the NFC north at number one to be risky. Which is he he's the guy lag behind the Uga it's Stafford Rogers and uniting Kirk cousins. Number two is the NFC west Josh Rosen chair golf Jimmy drop below and your former quarterback Russell was not given Sam Bradford any levees Mac and he's gonna face Sam you're not gonna win it down okay public I don't know if you get to Sam Bradford well I always talk about his his his jerseys in the way of arms lease Vietnam. And I always thought about negatively about an ass and I say that he he he didn't stay healthy. But when they got help these completes over 70% of his passes. He has a you know tremendous amounts alchemy in any Rome Pope offers ball about in Spain held over under the month of November job for us and the quarterback of that team all Josh Bolton November before or after November 1. After November 1 we don't think Campbell Philadelphia. That's a gamble if apple. It is a gamble while I I do know that bush I think Sam that a point of his career Maine he's he. I think is his last shot. They used to make it work you disagree with that number two what division would you put at number two the divisional put a number two is the AFC west man. I liked AFC west I liked quarterbacks I know we have a young guy in a passive homes case Tina my. I think he's a lot better than what people think I think. The Minnesota Vikings could save themselves some money I'm not sure. If Kirk cousins eleven million dollars better than Kate Keenan on the you have dirt car and obviously Philip Rivers who. You can put his resume up against any of the great quarterbacks you can put his numbers up against the best in the league if he's comparable to all of them so I liked AFC west. US comes in at number four and as the finalist Paul if you in my Bruce up on our FaceBook page and fox sports Richmond I accounts of people can take a look at if they haven't already by Adam Schein. The one thing that really stood out to me Michael and we've gotten this conversation line in the past couple weeks on by the NBA. This list. Reflects the NFL and it reminds me a lot of how the NBA sets up now with the Western Conference in the Eastern Conference you know where you're seeing. The weight of the quarterbacks. The best quarterbacks in the NFL even the young and up and comers the NFC is so topic. PA ST you can look at the east and go our Tom Brady but after that. I mean look at the north Ben Roethlisberger after that. I mean you can you can look at it that way. A home. In the AFC does have some issues that quarterback. When you look at through the years. But I look at it but here but the majority of teams the better team this is a reflection of the better teams are in the NFC yep but they AFC still has to go. They have she still has Tom Brady I mean I'm I'm I'm sorry this woman who makes up for a lot of that all in one conference so this is almost a reflection of the NBA Leicester where LeBron was still in the east yes where they had to go to the best player but the better teams the better town was over. In the SE over in the Western Conference we're talking and yet I think I I think for some years now it's been that way. But again as long as Tom Brady is competing in the AFC. It's going to be his conference until somebody beat them sure and I think that's sort of my point because we've we've done this now even with all the turmoil in New England are still joking around after this and that and Belichick and Brady and the power struggle. Who are you picking at the end of the day right now to win the AFC are man just don't atop your head more more 90% of people are still gonna go to New England absolutely but I mean I have one of my followers right now they go on the Laffey talk among the young studs in the AFC south. Both quarterbacks expressly Andrew Luck in combat. With some resemblance of his old self and they can protect them. You have to solve Watson mean you have marked as Mario I mean look at the AFC's amid AFC south to have a lot of quarterbacks right now you can't bank donated nuts and that's bra especially at night and he's back now. And I. As we get into dissembled dive and I'll give you the teams actually picked in my weight to over her way too early over under is the one team that I really liked was Houston. And I sold at half and I thought I did the F game while JJ watt can stay healthy. And if the show on Watson could stay healthy is this how Watson you know what I noticed JJ watt has an impact player. But we can talk you know another time about ways that I think JJ watt actually hurt his defense but that that's a whole another conversation. But. The quarterback has to stay healthy with an end to me. It's all bill O'Brien if he can make sure he can design an officer that he didn't take them and hit because that that often it is the explosive would it would that would show want to help. Who's the team. You have your island this year we get to this point this summer where it's been depressed the value added on paper. You find that sexy team and the more you read Demorrio like the more you start thinking and I'd really like this team going into the season. It's here in the middle July who does that mean well it's a couple of team unless I mean it really is. I like what I'm seeing in our like what I'm hearing about Kansas City I'm here and a half of great things about the quarterback Patrick Holmes. A home out there and Casey. I like the ramps. And I know there's a bit if there's a boom bust. Bus attack over thing with those guys were called Al personality that they have and a locker room. A home but talk grossed over there Gerri golf on another year in the system. And you cannot tell me that Ndamukong Suh was not gonna have an immediate impact you cannot tell me Aaron Donald who sat out last year and still became defense of player. Of the year and how he's not gonna have impact and then they have those at now corners on the outside so. The team and I'm looking ahead of any gay indicate that I was preface it by saying they bicker potentially be a boon to a male busting. But LA rams men and NFC there will be tough to beat. He's Michael Robinson brought to by the good feed store west McIlroy in the studio which. As I usually say you can store meat in the studio today you can cook meat new video dude I'm kind of cranked up what we hear what today's wedding over here I feel dead man my neck. And neck is man's hat neck and your back my neck and my back here and you'll have to go to hot yoga after denial won't I wanna take a modicum of cancel rest of the week and a high yield to tie it it's. It's steamy it's it's easy hot and humid on the studio boy have we figured out if it is. Hotter outside than it is in the snow is hotter in here and can't confirm it's not a book reports indicate the yes it is hotter here it's at least eighty in here and it's where it's 73. Outside right now gentlemen keep hydrated dud in Richmond who's probably in a place a lot cooler than the studios that Doug you're on fox sports 910. Oh. Definitely dug. So let me record this I am a huge states homer and I opened or and try to. Dump the states. It believe that you would rank any division a blow Super Bowl winning Drew Brees homeless Super Bowl winning matter. Super Bowl winning Cam Newton. And David went and is not a bad sport. His name is Winston is probably about to lose his job. Bomb. Yeah I think so. I think they're gonna have to I think at some point here in the next year or so. Jane this is gonna on either have to put up parole or Shana. That's after his sister did and as FTC's three games you look at Cam Newton he he went to this global I think cam has cam mastic get out of his own way. But you what you you are absolutely correct Drew Brees. While Matt Ryan great quarterbacks. I would I would rank that division probably circle for just got to the third yeah I would have been murdered talking about a big sacrilege here and I'm on the right. To me it's Drew Brees it's Matt Ryan there's a dip the Cam Newton yeah NGOs Winston's numbers have not been that that the bills have been back ripped. Now they have him in their great inning hadn't translated into many wins when your quarterback Doug Baldwin right. And yeah. Guys around but you still have to be the factor that excels as team U and I've talked about this with Kirk cousins before. So I don't think this out I don't think you know C south is. That poorly ranked at number three now how are you among them Michael and I note take that divisions in the NFL Adam shine did this he said NFC north is number one. But Michael and I know based off the quarterbacks in division who's got the best division in the NFL you can tweet it to us west fox sports 910. The phone number is 34509. Sand Michael if you could go back and do it all over again. Who and where would you do it we'll get to that Ali now sluggish start answered Lambeau you cannot ask me. These questions boy you point out of a scientist he tees on T how easily Vanilla soda on the way at three. Weller to five this fall I think now on when to when you see the clocking you know it's teased I'm just cut Michael's. Should I can't they do that in the studio a little right and again I can't it can't hide now I I can't Bruno Kirby and city slickers he doesn't get it he doesn't get it will never get it he doesn't get it. Michael Robinson west Maclin royalty by the good he Stewart fox sports 910. I can't do that it is not her yes it is her they are. Oh that's what about it is the home. Mobs why did you start moving Mayo did someone who created. I don't know who it is really how did you moved to rapids miles and that it's. Look like. After the body did it go Jimmy go away. Good grace is both days is gone he had himself a moment that's impressive and a lot of may look bill if it is not gonna turn it. Chris studio and no AC three guys in a studio a note AC were there. I would estimate this thing about 84 degrees not a percent humidity in the studio or you have. We maintained we roll on we'll keep properly hydrated he has Michael Robinson US macro really brought you by the good feet store. Twitter handle west fox sports 910. We are some of the Arizona Cardinals GM Steve I'm getting pulled over for do you live on July 4. Then then not being able take a field sobriety test because he he said he had a bad knee. Then he hopes of getting this identified his job to the officers that he was the director of security for an Arizona Cardinals. And this gets worse Michael according the report icon told the opposite yeah I worked with officer Shawn McKenzie. Prom is the officer Shawn McKenzie was killed an off duty accident in 2000. For soul. Daddy no real bad for Steve time while I used to live in Arizona and imitated them. Those police is scary. Our home. And let's just say you wanna get it do you line in. Not snap one. Boca our poll question about to buy a federal. Have you ever relied your way out of the traffic ticket yes tried but typically failed or no I just take it on the action. We tickets have you gotten a lifetime ticket speeding ticket yet zero. 00. Okay Michael's the perfect question brings it and that's a question view of this goddess of the side topic of name dropping now unfortunately for Steve condi should affect checked he could work on the search but. The guy's been dead for three and a half years this is not exactly. An a quintessential name drop Michael. Last time you named jobs. The last time I name drop either do you know who I am Michael Robinson come on me. I might do you know I am. Very young do you know I am I'm Michael Robinson or you said hey I know so once solos are less than telling you this in secret do not tell anybody I'm OK and listeners out there and do not share this with anybody FaceBook. Don't fear. I. Couple years ago. Mom I'm in the line one in the front of the espy's okay. And you know we're for info on network. That's like the competition and they usually do not let other other talent into their party's. Insult or the year after you unsuitable as you know when you have to when they were there any of that yet and so mom. I'm standing there and my contact is this these commanders on the door tellem as you and I'm like you sure. It's all good. And I get to doormat wife and me we you know we look good. And literally. I was embarrassed they told me I'd that I could not getting. They actually acts from my name a few times. Looked on a fake list okay. And actually had me stand out there for like thirty minutes and wean them leave. Don't tell anybody who analytic guests don't tell them about interacting with you around some friends I can see some a year former players and guys you know a lot of people yes I guess he doesn't league M Ike yes you know Eric's trip they were elected everybody knows everybody or the orphanage when that we're everybody knows what is been is probably American Matsui. Okay and literally like got people were just walking past me. Dying laughing OK laughing out of control because literally I'm sitting there. Like kind of you know pinnacle of our Kagan in the club is like I had a white T. You know or some Timberland boots you know automating. And they just wouldn't let me end I don't get better I know you are motivated and Angela club like Tony is yet but I know but you lost a bit so I. I have to take you to the club and have not forgotten. Don't Wear any white t.'s attempt but arm I'll put him away for a night please do come blip Yemen Al stuck out there memo weapons takeover. Come back to the hotel and we just set the hotel bar. And pets and finger food I was upset some. Robinson not leaving for ESPN anytime soon he's brought to buy McAfee dot. Michael some questions thrown in for you want to came on your FaceBook feed some wanna know what you thought of Adonis Alexander going to the Redskins the supplemental draft. Here's my question specifically Ian you're an NFL veteran hero locker room leader Adonis is a kid. It's it was advertised is better for arrest of a marijuana. Then missed a couple games last season because of an ax unbecoming of a teammate then academically ineligible here's a guy is a problem a lot of Talbott a problem. Keeping on the field keeping the focus on football he comes then is the sixth round pick what do you do as a veteran with Adonis Alexander. Arm as a veteran which you wanna do is wanna meet him a meeting where he is. When will win young guys come into the locker room I don't care whether they were. First round pick supplemental draft has some issues or whatever. You just talk to him to get to know the kid because at the end of the day he's fourth you have to realize he's living out his dreams right now. And so he's very receptive to anything you wanna give them being a veteran and luckily it so for me. I there's always wanna you know teach himself. Given some given something that's gonna make them better and what you do that they're they're defense mechanisms go down and all of a sudden there arm. They are malleable piece of piece of artwork Picasso's so how do you take it. I and here's our look at and I don't know Donna sound Zander in. Because of you know media rules and policies don't really get to develop relationships with the Scott but what I see on the outside and it's fair unfair but I see a guy. And a college you're structures more regimented you don't have as much free time and here's a guy that could never keep the focus on. Staying on the football field whether it be classroom. Or other things that kept him off the field you know when you get to the NFL you about a lot more free time absolutely sick all the great things an interview with Yahoo! Sports the how do you take a guy like that we see that there's town there is a lack of focus is a lack of a bigger picture then what are you doing. Well I have come on if on the player engagement guy I try to fulfill most of these kids day we with program. In some and some assumptions before people don't realize as a rookie on you have to go to mandatory like life skills classes are mandatory. Armed player gays in the classes to make sure as it matured that you can adjust to that the National Football League if on the accused clearing gays in the gap. I'm gonna keep them as busy as I possibly can and just around what his teammates you'd be surprised. When the veterans you know take the young guys out may and they do team build the next how much that affects younger. Goddess Alexander played his freshman year for touring Graham now DB coach with the Redskins I imagine he had a large input in did this. So after being dismissed for academic in eligibility. Does Alexander used the sixth round pick the Redskins he's a six topics they won't have one next year the use it is what got us Alexander. They got to go play at eleven and one person pick in some little draft since 2015. Through yesterday. Can edit same mobile quarterback and a western machine goes the giants' defense the Batman and there and have gotten. I mean you you don't have enough you can never have enough room IA's Michael Robinson joining us in studio brought to by the good feet Stiller Michael. If you go back I'll think about this during a break but this is a tease if you could go back to Penn State. And play one more game. And I'm going to pick a handful of teammates guys that you would want to be around you cannot play with that you platelet. Or you know that's actually a better question. Other guys because the beauty of the basketball tournament which is coming to Richmond on Saturday night. Features a rim nation team of guys gone back to 2004. All the way back the guys who graduated two years ago. Brad Bird is joining us on the show earlier last night quick reflection of guys Eric Maynor. Darius he has press Iran to sell all stop by. But they're all gonna be on the floor again Saturday night at the Segal center. We'll talk to the executive director of the guy who came up and created the tournament. He'll join us next on fox sports nines at. Coming up. Lewis started the valuation Michael Robinson. We'll peruse and listen to my weight too early NFL over under is gambled on in Vegas. Had that way in ten minutes at 845. Michael before the break and by the way Michael Robinson of the NFL network brought you by the good feed store I just before the break. Yeah you go back for one game at Penn State. And put of collection of guys around former teammates some greats who makes the short list who would you dwell on the field with the. Well not not thinking about this too technically. Not going its offense defense just talk about straight talent from Bobby Ingram. Oca and he would definitely be there. Have the most fun I've ever seen of of a guy and in a piston uniform. On Lavar Arrington probably the most freakish athlete. That I've ever seen in a in a Penn State uniform even though he stiffed me on my mind set to weaken as you are talking about that in the time. And then from office that it worked and it yeah oh head to head to. And then. I'll have to do Lionel Mitchell I'm running back. Pins they wave back in the day on got a chance to meet and talk to on the. Just this is tremendous individual let's go tie into what we have coming up this weekend here in Richmond it is the basketball tournament it's a collection across the nation of 72 different teams. Made up of former college players NBA players guys get back together maybe some guys who played against each other forming teams and one team. It's in this for the third year now is the VCU alarms the brand nation team that we playing Saturday night 8 o'clock at the Segal center. And that's welcome Mindy founder and CEO of the basketball tournament Jon you guard joining us on the John if you could we just love this general idea in this whole concept and you'd. Take it back a few years ago of where this whole idea generated from. Add to it you got kind of get our meeting again in the whole idea is to create your own dream team of people that you never would have otherwise gotten it yet the play where it. Effort toward a middle of the norm I paid two million dollar winner take all I date. He he can win big game you know get on a national TV in the process and then take a mullet cast. So like we we had beat the a lot of alumni team playing like you touched on. Where you have different generation the players who maybe didn't even play but each other while in school that banned together for the dream team of the school. We have guys you grew up together and they're in the neighborhood got you. We learned a thing away literally who played together so that an opportunity at the pick the people you wanna go to war let me go to war. John it's a great idea but I had moments of the show where I've had a great idea and it's just not formulated. Life gets away from people date guys move away from college and move away from their bodies their teammates. So how was it initially received like how was the initial interest when he started fishing it out there. People thought I was in pain and the mutant and and that I would say I I didn't find the only great idea and ever and Matt Light I became very that the about it in making it work. But when we were announced that it perhaps million dollar winner take all ornament buildup in 2014. There half the people showed up they it was a hoax like they they were not even expecting to get paid. So that we get paid in the first year really that a lot and then we could build momentum and that went on players started popping in the net and then you know everything group on the belt. Wes McIlroy Michael Robinson. John you go by the founder and CEO of the basketball tournament on Saturday night. John how did he come to be that that turned emit is in Richmond this weekend. We intend to AM beat the alumni in an effort. Three years and I could not will be the level support the they had when we were adamant Charlotte. We knew we had I think at least 60700. People sell out there are shipping their cheering larger than black and gold. Literally it hit it blew me away though from that point on we said you know yeah Lisa looked at the bring the event actually read it then bar. And that even a better spirit that held. Do you have any idea of what you're looking at this weekend in terms of attendance I don't know if you have a ticket pre sell and and if you would mind take this opportunity tell people how they can get tickets to the basketball tournament. Circuit in the umpire to lead the tournament dot com that the ticket like great of that age. Opry itself we never had that I've read they'll never good news though we're I think we're in the mid. Oh don't play around 15108000. Area we're gonna at the venue up that capacity yet thanks so we're we're planning itself to capacity. Sides we never we haven't had a response like this week they'll war. John and Michael both anti I was talking to Brad Burgess yesterday were set up our interview this morning you need. Riddick coach Sharon last nineties again I don't know how many people are gonna be there Saturday it will last night there was an a single space available at Buffalo Wild Wings and the united BC fans who just showed up to see these guys. So I. I imagine you're gonna get a heck of a crowd Saturday night 8 o'clock at the Segal center. John you guard by the way that the tournament begins Friday Benedict team with some playing games and then a full day a basketball how many games on Saturday had a game Sunday. Eight game Saturday and then run from 8 AM bid in 11 PM though for those you know cooped up either at the scene now are the stamina and you. I'm all day Saturday partly blocked all day Sunday we afford game and that will be. That's being removed on a planet are around it being on Saturday every team that won the label billion bucks Sunday ever in the Bible and let. While. All right and and while we're talking about things the U guys have already had an impact on another sport college basketball they embrace you guys have the full tournament you have the the full scene out of Karate Kid ending and really take your name and as you advance they move you on this big tournament board. And the NCAA is actually adopted you are model. Now some people are wondering about the ending can you explain the Elam I think it's the Elam ending on how you guys and tournament games. Sir yet at the comedy so we knew we had a 67 page PowerPoint deck emailed to you it lightly two years ago from that meant the genius. In the middle School of Law in Ohio Cincinnati Reds out keeper by night. Let the new beat the candlelight seat belt and NBA and college basketball game personally DVR them all went well. Bass organ in the game a policy that now. And it found that out of outlook 2000 gain capital in the root of the trailing in ballot deliberately the end of the game to prevent the game clock running out. Out of those thousand that that it only ten time did that trailing in the back and win though. And they're having to sit there with a laugh and have a spirit that the march rather then having it that the the last minute of the game and expecting that play out there's so much balance. And then what he proved that at the completely ineffective strategy only works 1% to became public alternate ending. Where what we get down and for a minute mark the game caught shut the opera may not entirely. We've got a target what was the meeting in sport but seven for the first Munich get there that are what win but the meeting people live in sports seven point when the game. And the trailing in that the court seven put. It now it is unique it is original business down object it is the basketball tournament it is coming to Richmond this weekend. John thanks so much for joining us look forward to seeing you at some point this weekend congratulations on the success if it maybe your only great idea but so far so good. Yeah I'm John you guard joining as the founder and CEO of the basketball of credit Ku and that's that's a crazy concept Burnett because it is painful to watch Sony's games and it is but I mean you view the trailer in your fan of the Truman strategy is tightening. They organized combat or to be at the point spread in Vegas your office and regretted it a shot but this it's it's unique in school and I just love the general. And you what are you. I get in this argument and Michael you know this better than anybody certain guys who. They're fantastic in college and never materialized the pro level. It doesn't take it shouldn't take away anything from their college and we can embrace them as college grades in college favorites and every team and every school has an absolute but it's the general sports velocity if I can see this guy one more time and this the toward me gives you that opportunity I don't think you ever see something like this in football may be flag. May a but guys this these shirts will be too. Know you'll get to see it in college basketball you'd see it on the floor and Segal center this week and thank you to John joining us it's the basketball tournament when we come backs beginning gambling. Mr. ten dollar bet his back and that's me I've got my way too early NFL over ponders how to get the best placed. My sister's in Vegas it's my annual tradition. Giver double box outside of the six. Overs that I paid for the upcoming season until Michael Robinson and see what he thinks about it next fox sports nine cent. His column that not swaying and eyes right. I always. Rick yeah. On fox sports night attack. Get in the space of time to play this. And then there there were two Croatia it's. France Sunday World Cup finalists after Croatia with a 21 extra time win over England yesterday which. It was a fun match to watch right out shoot England scores five minutes then it. You know those people gone crazy and Hyde Park. Hair rebels estimated at 101000 dollars worth of the year was thrown into the air. By the US and look up 101000 dollars yet there's a shot a surety during the break you fear people all sent outside drinking beer and in England scores hagel and they just throw in isn't the Brigham. About an acre and half of a beer clout people just throw in their beer company here really as a debts it was pretty loud and fortunately he had run. They were sad to their country lost and they were down probably a twelve dollar beer. Wow. Environments in sports you watch like. You've played the escalated happy value placed some big count stains you played in the NFL you planes ball. Have you watched sporting event and Sid do how cool would it be to be there. Soccer yet side of the line and I mean it specially. I was I would to a sound there's been some years I was just give your bid at this honors in Portland Timbers is a big rivalry a fair which they do is Ahmet Seattle stadium. They don't necessarily opened up the entire state and kind of keep everything in the lower bowl yet in it literally rocks the entire game for having me how belong with soccer came as a man hours. That this standing there rocking a jumping. The entire game I've never seen anything like even college atmosphere is I've never seen anything like a soccer atmosphere and it. I stopped once on a show in my life like to ESP they had that Portland Seattle game on and it is it's it could crazy the environment is not in both Seattle and Portland. And the other one looks like it's builds steam a discourse good today. Is what they're doing an Atlanta similar to you guys who take the lower bowl of the Mercedes-Benz stadium. And Paula what's the name of the Atlantic and LS team. Is let me united is that what it is. I think it's laid out because they're not appoint with all the delta flights out of Atlanta good karma and the united picked up it but it heck of environment yesterday and you did a heck of a World Cup final in Croatia and France that is your call the night brought to buy into existence of Richmond's trusted IT specialist Atlantic united FCF. And the FC. Yes with the Coca I mean this may sound football club long. On the month and with that can actually you need there you go he's talking about soccer taught me something that they West Bank I'm Michael. Now to get your approval on a couple things go for those who do not know the back story every summer my sister brother mark go out to Vegas I only gamble two times a year my nickname is mister ten dollar bet because that's about as extremely you never pay your bets on on this thing on my Karsten his knee in Vegas as you weren't good they are they throughout personal best of friends. And now. But this year. Every summer mr. ten dollars does is way too early NFL over thunders. Michael gives the thumbs up or thumbs down I just got to sixty dollars and my hard earned money with the radio. That's a lot of my a lot of money. My first over under the Atlanta Falcons line is nine last year there at all kinds of issues with these are huge and really couldn't click. But still found a way to win ten games Michael I took nine and I select in the over good -- or bad guy that's a good bet they'll win over nine games I I think and of the year in the thought he's in system Mellanby back. Minnesota Vikings won thirteen Lester with case Keenan he did it because there are well coached. Solid thirteen games the switch quarterbacks okay nasty defense they did switch quarterbacks and I do believe Kirk cousins is. A little bit better in case you know. Over underlies just ten I've got to go with the over. I'm gonna go along with the expo right and one. For what we would recall that that's what his physical and they're very big and shiny today and yes I think got the ball so I don't bush yap are I think double pushed right there I just think and Rogers is gonna nominate. If he can stay healthy I think he would. Say you're gonna go ten wins for the viking yet so hey at least I get my money back again the patriots. As is a great all season but out of business and now yes. Relationships would be fractured. And Michael in the end the patriots have not won fewer than twelve games since 2009. The lion is eleven. Look at this division I'm still gonna over over. And tell somebody's knocked him down until somebody show and so they actually show that this offseason stuff affects them. I'm gonna continue to pick who mapped after all of old app for everything that's happened in the past he still among these voters won't pull go to a more perfect season so. You just sort of FaceBook viewer. Real Mike rob. Yeah you're big on the Packers this year yes you are really big on the Packers yet I am really big on the saints used to debate on the Packers because you think Aaron Rodgers is going to be a whole lot of ticked off. I think Drew Brees got one last great ride and on another day dialing him running game but an O line and a defense to compliment. All fans there at nine and a half I can't see New Orleans under double digits I got over nine and a half. Yeah I think you're right overnight and a half of this running game will be gone now because Merrill will catch the ball a little bit more and again I keep telling people. It's above getting the ball in the hands of people that are right tough tackle. Thumb outlook mart is exactly with big guys who we've he has lost some arm strength but he knows how to get the ball to the plane. I'm loading up on this one okay giants are at six. I. Had to go over. They're better than last year they're not as big of a message they were yet you you you would have to think they're better safe Lombard league they've worked on addressing the O line and blister. They didn't help Eli and they blamed it on the night they hit it helped him out a little bit more the front office and the coach yet and an old dale Beckham is looking. Craig tonight. And we look so healthy right I'm assuming your guys going their contract you're judging what is this guy have in store on his due I think he's challenged I think he's going to be great I think over six wins. Is a safe bet right now I so looked to have well I'm looking. Michael there's one more okay this is why they call it gambling I'm gonna Ottoman land. I went over on the Cleveland Browns at five and half. I guess this is my mental image only seventeen. The browns find a way to win that sixth game and there is a party in Cleveland because there's hope in Cleveland I think they I think they went over substance. Pulled out and I are we with the 50 and 10 my well that's I just think that team it is different I think Tyrod Taylor. The more I talked to whom the more I talked to people who run an organization and his teammates he's not gonna let that jobs go. It is worth is and they're not that we're gonna says that will let out of are we meet many I think he's going to veggie places. A good what did you vetted but there's got some vegetable at sizzler public decides harassment or go to Panera Bread and a lot of vegetables that Michael at an at bat he hit final threat real might rob the NFL network thank you buddy appreciate you always US have been a real name right he's Michael Robinson brought you by the good feed store for Paula Gary let's go ponson air conditioning boys from west medically you know me. And it.