Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Ryan Wilson and Davey Johnson (6-20-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 20th
Wes welcomes Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports and former Nationals and Mets manager Davey Johnson in the third hour. 

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Make some noise. Yeah. This last McIlroy. Yeah fox sports tennis fox sports Richmond dot com. Showing 34509. Tad boring now last at fox sports Richmond got jobs here you. Is he is the man last magical world of Enron and heated clash hour on this Wednesday Paulson. Yeah thanks for Franken is up. That'd be on fox sports night stand or the radio dot com ad saying good morning to you. Cigna mourned the crew Gary has on the updates falling deeper do's and help well. And looking forward to having former skipper of the Mets the Dodgers the Orioles and the nationals. Davey Johnson will be joining us at 835 Davies got a new book out about life. In and out of baseball stadium I found out by together this book. Into scuba diving he teaches lessons and he's also big pilots. Very much of a Renaissance man as Davey Johnson. Reported talking to him about that and as well as a player that's what I learned in my life and learn in this business. From speaking with Keith Hernandez. Darryl Strawberry. Lenny Dykstra anytime you can get started on talking about the 86 Mets is probably a really good story that's gonna surface. So look forward to talking to Davey Johnson in the third hour which would be this hour coming up at 835. And also as baby as a manager what's it like dealing with a superstar in the middle of a swap. Because Bryce Harper's been going through 1124. Going into last night how do you handle it. Without pushing and pressing the issue but how do you have to handle. And luckily for Bryce Harper last night no it was a moon shot it wasn't a homer sometimes even just that shipped to left field will do a body good. Assess the so far she. It was and I see Bryce arbor smile again last night Bryce Harper joining the hit parade straight turner four for four anti Iran don't driving in three runs at a big go ahead double in the seventh. And Washington date they had runners in scoring position. And they actually got them to scored last night as they come back from 51 down and it beat the Orioles 97 net. Now granted it's the your bills to team that they have owned but considering the nationals and where they've been for the past I don't know month of June and consider where Bryce Harper has been. They'll take it. They'll take it they get the win last night. They get the bats they come back to 51 down to come back from 65 down ignorant don't with a hit in the seventh Michael a Taylor brings him home. Kelvin or rare the new acquisition from Kansas City coming in for a 1238. And Sean Doolittle does give up a home run in the ninth but he does not get down perceive nineteen. Here's a Martinez he was asked about Bryce Harper struggles how he's handled it. And Bryce Harper always got to do just to completely get out of this and get back to getting in a groove. Different price you know he's he's he's met making contraceptives on stayed on the vice baseball. Try to stay up toward left center I'm very proud that he's working on stuff and he's he's really his constant professional he wants he wants to win. And there's no ifs ands buts about it when I talk to. Daily all the volume toughness that he just wants helped him. Everybody is slump buster and native for the nets and harper the series will help it continue with the Orioles tonight they continue to chase the Atlanta Braves have guys monster night and the bottom of their lineup you'll uncle Margo. But the Grand Slam they'd be open the blue jays eleven to four Atlanta. Right now three and a half up on the nationals I was looking at the all star ballots with the all star game a month away and DC. The Braves getting getting votes as they should including Freddie Freeman who's good to see that he's getting the respect he deserves it for space currently the top vote getter he would be starting first baseman and that that smells and seems about right right now on the National League squirrels incurred they got postponed last night because of rain to do a double dip today starting. 505. But numbers 3450. Nines and baseball last night Astros lose. They does that to a game when they did lose to the race to won our eyes and that's but let's start and all over again for the Houston Astros fortunate nobody cares about them anyway. They don't care just somehow some way these still don't get their due. World Cup we thought about that was Scott Wilson the Washington Post you can check that interview out at fox sports Richmond dot com another upset yesterday. As Japan beats Colombian good interview with Scott is some good things say about US soccer. We also spent a lot of time this morning talking about the big local story here Virginia. And that is Josh Jackson's status with Virginia Tech which is never changed he's always been part of the team. But multiple outlets yesterday including eighty bitter the road of times joining us. That his source telling him. Academic issue has been resolved he remains a full member of the team has been a full member of the team but whatever this academic issue has been. It is being cleared up looks like. In totally cleared up there will be no suspension following. Now school hasn't confirmed this I don't know schools say anything because his status is never changed but Josh Jackson is good to go into the season. But the point that I brought up the win when talking about whatever this issue was and it was something it wasn't nothing it was something even his dad's speaking to Michael Barbour of this. Times dispatch about. His his status they would know more in two days there was something going on here and we don't know exactly what it is but it's been cleared up. So now we can look ahead to football. And during this dogma of this story I got a reaction and and you better not vote to among this the reaction has been hey you know no big deal. Josh Jackson wasn't the guy. At ads bring in blank. I'm ready for Quincy Paterson. And I said don't be so quick to cast aside Josh Jackson. I don't waiver from this I've been through this that since. After the Camping World boys I need to see more from Josh Jackson. I can't sit here come back and tell yet hey he's gonna do this next year he'll work on this he'll be fine he's the exact. I haven't been able to a 100% sell you Josh Jackson and the new hard presented by Josh Jackson. But I'm not one of these people are so quickly casting him asides and I he's not a guy that's mobile. We'll question brought to buckle federal. Josh Jackson was a stock going in the next season are you buying are you selling our are you holding current results Paula what do we got a box which Richmond I've got clear at 42%. Saying they will hold with Josh Jackson right now I don't know that that's where I'm Matt. But it's the people raised some. What do you sell them for. What would what do you puts you what's your your plan B here. Ryan Wilson spring game and you see dead Diebold Sean the boy look how good I saw how good he looked he didn't look sharp. I the word I come back that was in the very capable. But did you see that for all fifteen practices. The coach's seat after all fifteen. Henin hooker I got no clue what's going on there. Was at hand and Huckabee and by herself then the he had a bad practice is not doing something right or see fall down the debt shot because it went down he still had broken spring game. Was from mop up duty at the end of the first that and they just handed off the ball the last series of the game. And good to batters and I'm sure is going to be good I hope he's good I hope he is town it. But everybody gets keep doubt about high school film and what they see him do against high schools. And easy to start next to his name and there's a lot more than goes into it. I hope he's a natural time I hope reasons star but this old guessing Josh Jackson's side and I've seen everything that I need to see where I'm not. I'm not seen that. I sold one touchdowns last year I sold just under 3000 yards assault quarterback work without a consistent running game. And without wide receivers after camp builds goes down. Yeah three or four guys that showed flashes but didn't show consistency. Any better joining us earlier I asked him what is just Jackson have to improve on this year. You know I think the deep ball that was definitely one thing I mean you saw. A lot of open passes there especially making anti wearable way that the key overthrew. Entered Murphy go down and held. And I think they're a couple or a one like that earlier report that they've. You know to be hit with a big plays some of those law that they at the end of the year are completely different and it's not like you were on reasonable throat and they were there. Disclosed that he probably should give I think he could do that. Played within the structure of the what they office speaking all sort of quarterback succeed over the years dominated big block that built for the quarterback to beat Pete he does make the play that he posted so. I think he does that ball consistently. Not necessarily have to make is you know standout played that makes sports better company like that I think that we can really be a level of improvement with them. You can hear the entire interview with any better box which Richmond dot com my big question is is there another level to Josh Jackson were about to find out. But I'd like to at least find out 3450. Nines and that's spoke question number one poll question number two. Right. I'm at times it said that this month but we this business people ask me how do you find stuff to talk about all week long. And the world sport's never disappoints. And yesterday it this story. Kind of flow underneath the radar aid because it's hockey and be because you have the capitals winning the Stanley Cup and then obviously things Barry trots but this story of Mike Coffman. Now formally of the Ottawa Senators who got treated not once but twice yesterday went to Florida they got put in Nashville. The story is his his fiancee. Is being accused of cyber bullying and the wife of Ottawa captain Erik Karlsson. And doing it through. Wait for it earner accounts. Supposedly an accusation is even a restraining order's been followed by the Carlson's the blame Monica kerik for sending threatening messages. We'll bring that mrs. Carlson would die and wishing for the death of their unborn child. Either Paula that Johnson was stillborn yet. It said that one account said that they that the baby never stood a chance because the amount of pain pills that Carlson's wife pops I mean it. There's some horrendously horrible things that respect little. But Monica Carrick and Mike Coffman 150%. There words not mine they've promised it's not them. They've even publicly said they wanna help find the accuser they want it they wanna find the persons do business. But I guess the grosans are not buying it if spotter restraining order basically entire Iowa fan base has turned against Hoffman and his fiancee. Heard there's. This beating some unforgivable bad blood. So it got us asking poll question number two Paul if you wouldn't mind setting this up. So our poll question number two feet. What's more awkward when your friends don't like your significant other or when your parents don't like your girlfriend slash boyfriend. Right now we get 54% of people saying it's more awkward when your buddies don't like your significant other we bent the deep philosophical conversation about this morning. And I I think he comes back to what point you are in your life if you're younger your high school your college your early twenties. It's more like amen my buddies don't like it and I don't know outs is work as my friends mean everything. Creeping up there and you thirties or forties starting about marriage and kids that he's marriage material. Mom and dad know like a menu the guy I totally I say this and I mean this is not because my wife is listening on the radio dot com map. Plug. I lucked out in the in the department I've said this to all my friends I really lucked out on the in malls. Now my mom and my grandmother did in my dad's mom did not have a good relationship I saw it get ugly couple times. I gazette lucked out there. But when you go moment. I bowl and I have you both sides of this because I've had Bruce at this where I shot line and had decide where my mom didn't like the girl. And our buddies they'd do no like girlfriend I had after the fact and that's when you go and do what you say don't try and see that's that's and I've been on. That's cited being the French who didn't like the girlfriend that after they break out like candy that was really fan apparently really you know percentage and you know it's really bad because guys don't usually share a lot of emotions of course so it's going to be really benefit guy says it in the moment I am mad I can't take yeah I so I say something and I data stays sound and she's just wrong warrior. Then everybody just like well but cumulative but you know having lived in being raised by an Irish Puerto Rican mother and there's no filter there she didn't tiger. Gloves were off to act of a guy and usually more messed up when she did there was one girl that I did in high school that you really did like. It didn't work out and of course it was muffle. When you do exactly exactly and up until basically I met my wife. The first time I'd new model my mom that is to raise and I knew my parents like mine out the true right now might my wife go to my girlfriend. Was more my mom walked in said honey let's sit down have a glass of line. And then about four hours later I was allowed in the conversation. And then my dad actually spoke. To K. I didn't speak to anybody my dad was the body after the fact I guess broke up yet dad and in micro anyway seriously they could end. This information would have been helpful months ago that she was right for you anyway what. Okay that would have been helpful I maybe I do think it's a stage in your life again your high school and count me and you don't want to upset the boys who don't want to break up the club when you're in high school college you really don't care that much for your parents think injury that stage and you don't know anything. I poll question is there was more awkward from your parents don't like your significant other or when your friends in a messed up situation here and Ottawa. The sports world it never ever stops giving. Coming up next Ryan Wilson our weekly check in around the NF bows and Tom Brady once again is hitting retirement this time to Portuguese. Rob could have been dealt of one of four teams and now things are gonna actually start simmering down for the next four weeks. But it four weeks what training camp Ryan Wilson most like to attend and why we'll talk the NFL with him next. Davey Johnson a former skipper of the Mets the Dodgers the Orioles in the nationals at 835 on fox sports 910. So we're discussing earlier this jaws or at least 43 years ago today. About movies that messed you up. Because for me it was three stalls exorcist. And fatal attraction did you see all those when you're ready and age yes a lot of movies as a kid and I'm not supposed to say six point so much fair. Jonathan Mann and lack. You could shoot much weight he says and I have been wrongly that because it's Tony Soprano once said live view it live Diller and John writes in believe that messed Leo I was accused Shockey. And my mom might need anybody doll are rim and the my body don't. If it can't do Jackie you don't like that. And that's fanatic writes it interview with the vampire watch is ten had a chicken pox and got sick from all the blood. It's government that was cruise. Brad Pitt. I think young Kirsten Dunst I think I remember seeing that I'm not sure. Brian Wilson CBS sports background joins us now to the first on missile Jerrells. There may. Well I yeah. Enjoy the conversation. With somebody asked. It freaked me out it you know it's funny not funny ha but funny interest in my parents. Probably just the money late teens early twenties had a dream the second night that it drowned in the ocean so that another reason for music videos and it just happened but it could you can we tell my story I'll tell you that quickly just freaks out and adapt to the grove man I was to make. Early twenties and accomplish that which is and it doesn't show into the matinee showing. And that actually blew my mind in terms preakness. To production value was incredible love for the time it seemed like one of these sort of hand held real life student living expenses. And moonwalk that theater and I make sure I stood in an you know a wide open space for well lit space for very long. I remember seeing that movie it was an intern in Iraq station in Philly and I did not know anything behind the movie ended right concept and it knows staged and I. When I was toll road and they said it perfectly they sold the movie we went to sneak preview and they said. This is an account this is film that we have and I watched it I was the same way a guy. I went deer hunting months later and I still wouldn't go lots myself note. No no no that's going a little inimical to what their way ever go in the little house in the woods like when people get no harm movie in the monster cases and they run to a closet why I don't. I. Don't like anywhere in the area to get out. I did conversational talk also make thanks I appreciate it. He's right Wilson's CBS sports dot com art what are we supposed to take away from this latest report that the patriot workshop big rock around yet. They'd talked to a couple teams including the Texans the lions and the titans. Yes and again I think 49ers in that list and the securities less. So I get that familiarity angle but I and then can't sit and debate the particular conflict left October so there are some familiarity there. Mike and inability to close out now with coach over there. But ask you to take lately. Does that make it any better than your tray when your best players that to your buddy and I don't know that necessarily gives you some sort of competitive and until last. It's gonna be on the back in in terms of compensation. And I never mind any sort of what happened Matt Cassel land. It was a cut a kid who added Todd Haley and the coach but the general manager was also has ties there. To such a New England he'd gone to Kansas City in the defense. Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel and then only along with second comptek. Was the return for for capital turnout to be you know and have quarterbacks and maybe the compensation what was the angle they were looking for. And but I don't know why he. That's necessarily get banged it to trade with your buddies would get treatment you know anybody in and perhaps give more. And less obviously is can match the AFC east but. According to the Boston Herald Belichick wanted him to move and I don't know it in the day I don't know what happened I don't know how close this was but I keep buying interest in here I know we discussed this before is this this is New England. This stuff for the past decade the stuff in the L season didn't get out of New England but this year man has been little drop here a little shot there. And you know that that means that if you're getting drip drop there's something going on above via and you don't know when it's gonna burst. Yeah and that he was sort of funny that. Robert Kraft the owner had actually called a recent report. Hogwash that recent report was a rumor we should probably policy is that Brock is going to be traded Brady found out he stopped to slip that he would retire and that's why I was so called off so is that typical Boston Herald reporter tweeted that. So we got that Tom Watson made it the truth to have a I think there is some truth to the idea that they were trying to move prompt. Especially captors sort of weird out seat in the match showing up and make it sort of make comments and about retirement to about uncertainty regarding future so you know. Palestinian afraid get rid of guys in the prime of their career if you look at that quote unquote fifteen cents. So I think that the conversation that he and brought pat now but it worked out probably days before the draft. And for now he's still there and he's now updated every week 10 o'clock he's fair and Belichick and Brady you visit it's it's going to be very good football team. He's Brian Wilson CBS sports that town covering the NFL brought to you by speaking of leaks and droughts brought you by clump right plumbing. We have six weeks until teams show up for camp. If you take away O'Dell Beckham junior and his contract situation in New York you got Julio Jones down Atlanta bell in Pittsburgh. You've got a couple other situations who what's the biggest news item that's got to be figured out by training camp. They're now also hand Los Angeles but and in terms of what sort of national headline news I don't think that's up there. I want to thing for me you won't be sorted out before drinking habit during training camp as his quarterback situation for the rookies. Let's just don't own blood and buffalo but because that these question we trader from. 21 to twelve to seventeen at protest quarterback a lot of people don't like him and terms of what he's about tape. Josh Rosen and to temper actually doing in Arizona and and I think it's interesting when we saw this headline yesterday economic Cleveland as a parent felt much better make midfielder mandatory. Museum then again this sort of T shirts not a huge deal. But if you set the world on fire there haven't sort of four years ago jutting into a conversation defeat meant sort of coming in hot as it's sad but I think those are things to watch especially. Until obviously that would play out the first time in seventeen years last year and in the house the president that won one game in two years and this seems to be the year that I sent. For what could take is going down the field that I think the browser they're coming out so we'll simulate that. And so straight face good jetBlue now. I under a vacation next week glad you were doing vacation the NFL's got a couple weeks when they're on vacation let's say CBS sports comes he has his Ryan before you take vacation we wanna know what can't you wanna DN six weeks what team you Tom and why. You know. The Steelers are mean Mike Tomlin we had so would probably go to Pittsburgh get ready wanna see. What the plan is in a post Libyan world and I think it'll have a covered. And competitive lashing shut up sit there were one or whatever he worked out fine but it's been his last year unless he comes down. And as price to then becomes what will commit to behind in the that you continue to sort of an interesting player that rampant edit these states. The project while straight runner past catcher. Can do at all so I would listen that and also I would conclude what can do because sooner than later it's going to be the end of the dignitaries 37. So he's like they can't three more years but he could just as well retired in this seat and so. This story lines there can they get past the patriots won back to New England link to this here they can put together on the big talkers episode there's a lot. So packed airport team that actually has been very good for appropriate long time. I'd be careful and open water ride pursue Izzo is but get well Brian Wilson CBS sports stack count. Come back Davey Johnson will join us on his new book the former skipper of the nets in the nose and I'm hoping for a good 1986 Mets story we'll do it next on fox sports night Ted. Wait a line drive. Listen okay. Us. Big night for Eddie Rendell in trade turner nets had to battle back now once but twice did they get to win over the Orioles last night. It's the next radio network gave Jack on the call. And also a good sign. Was a thing of beauty who wasn't a thing of power bit. Bryce Harper getting a big hit if it actually game tying hit in the fifth tied a 55 look more like a chip shot on the it up on the green that. Trust between the third and the left as the third baseman left fielder. And when you're in slump you will definitely take what you can yet. West McIlroy fox sports night said let's bring it's a little bit more baseball he's Davey Johnson the book is my wild ride and based on beyond. Former skipper of the nets the Dodgers the Mets in the Orioles joining us now on the Davie it's great to have you if we could start here I've I'm curious as a manager. How are you approaching guy with a swamp Abdel look is it delicate is it when you're dealing with a guy and his swing where you want to try to help him out but not pushing too far along. But the big question you know and the way you know let closely held harper who just so now trying to relax. You know he's such a gamer he be put so 120% into every effort and sometimes it goes all over the limit. He just these are election have on one of the greatest hitters ever when he talked about hitting the stand mutual. And yes humor that I didn't say relax relax relax a so I think that's a bison didn't relax and have fun. Edit yeah this it's got to be easier said than done especially when you only get four chances a data change it and then. You get into your head what you're saying is they're gets the point where I imagine I guess a point where you it's the only thing you can think about and then you get to the stage of where your most dreading going to the plate. There's no question about hitting his. Basically Merrill has yet to be mentally relaxed and that's when you're relaxed meddling in you know and hitting 9% now. And that didn't have physical recovery through. And you can just let your ability now that he's such a gamer Indian. You know he's he's he's a superstar in and all the pressure's on him in the infrastructure hard. He shaves beard the other night I sit I think you try to change of climate district in us somehow nobody has toyed with the Yankees having their facial hair. Is it like the movies have you ever seen a crazy stunt trick someone going to a link to try to change up. But it to get out of a slump. Well he's good looking kid and I hate you know these beards. Especially this summer how in the world we have volunteers summer I mean you got to be having that a little logic in your mind. Stalin's one thing the border between shape guided it to be always an athlete. It was. I'm surprised by this coming from you you are the greatest mustache is in the history of sports in your man coming off facial hair right now. That it was so small and didn't make key difference. It does that was to stop that in an incident that turned a little gray came off. He's Davey Johnson joining us the book my allowed ride in baseball and VI it is outs in available a lot of thoughts on different things in baseball superdome harper. A guy who came on the scene of produced it a year young age who. Who is a guy or give me a couple guys that you just saw you had dot. You and harper you could greats and you had them early in their careers who is a guy you saw it automatically knew this guy's not only good he's got staying power. Well Strawberry's number one. I mean tremendous power off studios ran real fast centigrade arm. You know he was number one pick in the country. Again he didn't handle the pressure to know he he he he's 200 relaxed more off the field and on the field. But I thought he could no definite hall of Famer. Play good in the same way great kids. You know just unbelievable power and he just got mixed up their own kids in need. Here's great kid great father and mother and and great coaching and natural but just didn't know how to say no. They're Kevin Mitchell was great athlete do we can stay there because Kevin. Came from San Diego these tough guy and he can say no if they didn't like daddy beat him to death. I my turn forty in December and I grew up around baseball I love baseball my team was the Phillies but I was a kind of guy who clicked a baseball cards or was the key to just embrace everything I. The first team I really remember embracing. Loving just because they were full personalities was your 86 Mets team. And and not knowing everything in India. You know put it altogether it eight's. I watch and I watched dykstra and you mentioned Kevin Mitchell and Gary Carter and doc and Darryl. How are you as a manager able sit. To make so many egos and so many personalities work for that season. Well let me tell you it's called chemistry and chemistry doesn't come from winning. It comes from the manager put guys in in the place. Ballclub they even start person on the bench in the bullpen. And then let them express their talent as everybody knows their role. Everybody's happy because they know what they do their role well and be extended. And and that's how great chemistry. And everybody except steroid doses of lateral of them. They knew exactly at Brooks corporate golf in the capital's Friday and he said the same thing he said it sounds cheesy but it. When you put a group of guys together and it's rare it's not rare and high school and college because you don't have contracts but he said it was rarely this team where arrow would just drop the ego they put the ice time side. And that they loved each other and no matter what personality what country came from what color your skin was. When you love somebody and you're willing to do that you get a lot of success in that that sounds a lot like we had an 86. Well there's no question about it and then we had we had characters from all walks of life shouldn't. Different personalities but they all accepted a job and they went about trying to do the best they could. And when you have that you have great chemistry you're gonna win or you can get the most out of a town on the ballclub. I can I get a good 86 Mets story can I get gonna get like a good I knew I was dealing with a bunch of characters moment where you just looked around the clubhouse in the field to get a good story. Or I mean every shot made it boy that targeted you know they give because between dykstra Bachmann. How these personnel and then and then his read about the civil war. Think Gary Carter very religious and you know quiet and I loved being on TV I mean it was just hit a group of guys that would we're unbelievably different. If I try to track him down off the field. There was a group did what we call them. We call on this so much you hope you also said that the big story was when we won a playoff against Houston who lives on the plane. They trashed the plane I have tried my guys to put all the beer cans indicated at a bag the women didn't. There are relevant and of course it's sometimes. 5000 dollars but they didn't make it stick. Man Davey Johnson mile wild ride in baseball and beyond news stories like this. I I'm I'm going to this and go to the media packet and I knew a little bit about this the U. You kind of one of the pioneer guise of Saber metrics and this has been a hot topic here considering the home runs in the strike outs of the game. And you won the first to work it in there and is how you hope turnaround teams like the reds in the Orioles and obviously the Mets. What are your thoughts and house your metrics and legs are being used now in the game today. Well they've got overboard they've put too much garbage in the then no value in making a big split decision. You know and they actually they have stepped in there this cause and guys to change and swings because Beckham tour hitters. This launch angle and didn't hit the ball in the air that's the most ridiculous worthless piece of information I've heard. So. The blustery out of that you know. The hitting is timing and stroke. You know and restored this joke is the better chance you have to be a great hitter now they're talking about life Chamberlain getting on the same plane early in the swing should be bigger. You know and I think this just awful I hated. I believe and everything in moderation and I'm trying to study more about the analytical approach and and I I do see key things in there but I also totally agree with what you're saying what information did you take from the numbers and say and apply it. Well the biggest thing you know in certain line up is looking guys. History and that I back when I was doing it you had lunch with a guy anywhere in sharp cooker low percentage baseball. And he admitted that petition percent and he. He was the first guy that came up with our base precision. Thought that was very critical of certain lineup so. He says if you that that number one guy on base percentage guy and followed the guys behind him. From top to bottom more guys are gonna play it's that it certain percentage is then to score more runs. That was the biggest thing that I got from him and that's who he said the last but then you put the baseball stuff isn't the guy with power and whether it can drive in from first. Think that there aren't really high on base percentage guys and they are doing that in written mostly now even love three hole leaders in second. Guy right now on baseball you just love to watch plays through. Well I love all my you know I don't miss any games. I really enjoy election. The national level like we trader goes about his business. Always been a big fan of Murphy the effect is that I named my dog after Bobby didn't take offense that pathetic but yet. And so I think Murphy alive during the day that you know I really enjoy him. In turn turn out like guys no doubt in the. The book my wild ride in baseball and beyond Davey Johnson's out available all major bookstores Amazon.com. And as I learned about you in the match that is Saber metrics that I also learned. Pilot and scuba diving teacher if I'm about to spend a day with Davey Johnson is there a better chance are gone flying scuba diving or going to the ballpark. Well it would logo flying because you have my my my wife made me quit when it would pick up the can cover up I was doing. It's changed incident and theaters extremely loops. Yeah I put it one loop I didn't have it. I didn't have finished third front tail down. And I came out of which is sitting on top of their parachutes is no danger can always pull the cord. But that's allowed just scuba dive. And fish that's what more closely that morning and I actually don't do as much of the cameraman. Jerry and yet. That I achieved up front fly efficiently. Don't take good pictures. I've always a Ivo is a ghost. Shark diving into cages anyway we can make that happen dating is that that you do vote sound machine that semi recommending that time. Davey I recommend reading this book Davey Johnson mylar ride and baseball and beyond a surge take care yourself and I appreciate your time thank you so much data Johnson. You gotta rest one thing though the proceeds go to my lectured he's just scholarship program from under underprivileged girls. Visiting college and help them get home so I believe in education. Such a great cause. That's fantastic day thanks so much Rosie you find out more Amazon.com. We have the link to Davies book up and available at foxwoods Richmond dot com take yourself sir. Did you Davey Johnson as pretty cool at that point errors does necessarily just your former eagle years. As you grow up I I just I loved facilities by low baseball's akin to being a die hard Phillies fan bit. Now executed for thirty or Saturday Iranian satellite this week in baseball Mel out. I couldn't get enough baseball and I just remember that Mets team think again. They beat my feel is the man they look like a budget cool guys having a lot of fun now there's lot of things behind the scenes. But they were cast the characters there's a lot of person not in that team and made a lot of and they watch a baseball a lot of fun. Thanks to Dave Johnson good to hear from him good to hear that he's doing well. And bylaw Rodham baseball is out and available now come back we got to a final call some poll questions one on college football and Virginia Tech. One on dating and as easily things go on the show we bring up the movie topic you guys pounce on it like a cat on straying. Do it next on fox sports nine Sen. It's called love that knocked swing and I thought I. I always. They don't. On fox sports night attack. Okay. Need. That is your caller night from Japan and Colombia's today. Japan Willits who are upset. Boy give credit was the play by play guy on Alan Andres tend to lower Andres can tour now heads. Can we caught how long he says that because not only does he go long. He goes distance he ups the octave in his voice put that we'll begin now to carry second he drags apple be out. And. And he. Are at twelve and ask second ask that I can toss against gay impressive with a capital liable. As you call the night brought Dubai and six systems Richmond's trusted IAT specialist who had today it's Spain at the the the big draw the day on the World Cup card Scott Wilson Jonas earlier good stuff from the Washington Post. I'd have been putting out here and have their whole World Cup newsletter which you can subscribe to. Scott wasn't some good thoughts on the upsets we've seen real March Madness like feel to it where you've had some teams. Some big countries get scares who've had some big outs it's already Ed Mexico's Germany yesterday. I looked it up your defeat for rankings that was a 61. Over up fifteen with Japan beat Colombia. You've had some scares you had some of says there really is that first four days of March Madness like feel around the World Cup. We've spent Scott elaborated on. Talking about how this is not eat. If things can be bad enough for the United States they're not even in this thing and it looks even worse for them you've got smaller countries doing well the big boys struggling in what could have been with the US but. Oh they're not in this this thing would have bin for it to be straight chock for the US is like outlet that chance and yet now all these all this chaos it's like now while. We might actually had a shot tech and not that they would have won it. Ball but that they could have advanced further into deeper and you never know and and you don't know that but that it. It's one of those things re looking go long could we have done there it's like when you get to the final four and you get upset and you see two teams that championship game and we know we're better than them button you're not there. I worry in the woke up today right now we've got Portugal Morocco that's the match currently going on in Portugal currently leading one Neil. Half and Spain plays later today against Iran at 2 o'clock eastern time and you can catch those games on fox sports and fox sports one arrogant a couple of things the cleanup here. Any bidder the road of times good stuff today on Josh Jackson who looks to be right now. According to his sources. The academic issue and that's label it as issue looks to be cleared up. His status is never change but right now he's good to go academically and and moving forward with most likely going to Andy knows suspension in the forecast. Not a lot of that about today in this book visit I'm cool with this conversation is nice start talk to some college football. But just the temperature of the room if we're not some odd Josh Jackson in football poll question of Jess Jackson's stock would you buy hold or sell. I'm currently of the whole position. I can't a 100% I abide by by. But I know these people are just rating castaway Josh Jackson's say he's not the answer I wanna see if he's got another level our CB can be the answer. I don't know that some and a position of hold current results Paula. 45%. Right now same day are holding as well Josh Jackson that's one poll question you get five fox sports Richmond dot com the other one is dealing with Mike Coffman of the Ottawa Senators will formerly of the Ottawa Senators this. Staying with his fiancee. Reportedly cyber borrowing the wife of heir karlson and they didn't diet however it was bad enough where the fan base turned against Hoffman. They get traded yesterday and now he has fiance are now in Nashville we. We were talking about just how messy could be so poll question number two. What is more awkward is a guy when your buddies don't like your girlfriend. When your parents don't like your girlfriend apparently a lot of people voted in this poll question might have had a lot of bad experiences with their buddies like in there are offering this 57% seen. That's what's more awkward there is a level there because your parents your most likely your mama straight out tell you that she did and yet they don't like her. It's that you know it reaches another level when your buddies actually open up their mouth and say something that's what it's that's what charger head for sheer. 'cause you can talk to your buddy you can say that you go out. It got a hold their own hey what's up man everything go F five you just drop it. It's real bad when I say do I just can't take her anymore. And the final topic of the day. Jaws released 43 years ago today what movie week due out send over your answers at west fox sports 910. Point I'm thinking jaws tonight. You're gonna watch John we have based volume on the beach next week are just missing your arm and not a glut of for punishment. It just feels. Buildings on the get a doers anniversaries to watch your favour don't don't show things like that's a little Lundin at this age and her not deceitful and she's like five or six still be at nine months audio learn some time for Raleigh area west macaroni you know me letter arrived. And they had yeah.