Wes McElroy - Hour 3 - Ryan Wilson and Leigh Cowlishaw (7-11-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Wes welcomes CBS Sports Senior NFL Writer Ryan Wilson and Richmond Kickers Director of Operations Leigh Cowlishaw in the third hour. 

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Some. EO this. Medical world. Sports. Sports Richmond got. The only show in three bored by 0910. Or email west and box towards Richmond dot job experience. He is the man last MacWorld wrong bin Laden mole today. Welcome mandated like our OS McIlroy fox sports knives and busy second hour if you knew Sean Doolittle of the Washington Nationals. Spoke yesterday before unfortunately gone on the tenth day disabled list and funny others will be unable to throw it in the baseball all star game still being part of it just not able to pitch. But a fun interview and a phone conversation good stuff on Max Scherzer trade cerner. And also about how you found out he was an all star but check that out of fox sports Richmond dot com and then somehow. I don't conversation went into a topic about one hit wonders and music since smash mouth helped Sean do little. In the all star vote. Don't go check out the interview fox sports Richmond dot com. And yes we'll continue to place and your favorite one hit wonders throughout the course of the hour. But number 3450910. At Twitter handle out west spots boards 910. Brian Wilson of the unifil on CBS will be with the city twenty Kalish all. Of the Richmond kickers director of soccer operations at 830. Before I get to mackerel is morning edition which include. The nationals getting exactly what they needed yesterday. The question earlier today ends goes back to yesterday's story that we we knew it was coming down the line but it was a matter of when and how was becoming official. That was the PGA tour announcing its new a sketch. And PGA and which but I originally brought the story up her from got people saying you don't know everything's going to be compared to football. Because what the PGA was doing was moving everything to wrap it up by September. And my natural inclination was to look concede that they're getting everything done and now the way by football season. And some golf fans really looked yet not everybody likes football help enough people do. And not my words but the PGA tour commissioner Jay Monahan said yesterday by concluding at the end of August the FedEx cup playoffs. No longer have the challenge of sharing the stage wins. College and professional football and quote. And what the PGA is done. They have moved the PGA the players championship back to march in digging the PGA championship. For decades last major of the year they moved it to may. And what they've created here is they put the players championship in March considered the fifth major. You are the masters in April you'll have to PGA championship and say look the US open in June and you have the British in July. This is excellent work by the PGA championship. 400 PGA. This is knowing your role knowing your ranking in life and getting out of the way of the NFL which two or only covers up. The FedEx playoffs which covers up the end of the NASCAR season which covers up. A good chunk the that the stretched out of the baseball season September. So I thought the bull question this morning fox sports Richmond dot com. The PGA announces major changes to his schedule. Who should do it next. If he can make one major change to a sports league schedule. What would it be. Who should do it and the options we put up there are Major League Baseball NASCAR. College basketball. Or the college football playoff. For sports that being discussed a lot. NASCAR. NASCAR right now needs a lot more than just changing it's schedule NASCAR ratings are not just in the toilet there in the septic tank it's so bad. I've always argued that baseball it'll never happen because we're talking too drastic of a move. There's been taught by rob Manfred not cutting out gains getting bored downtime and rest of the players more leniency for make up games. But I've always been a believer. Make the plows in September and baseball beat the World Series the first two weeks of October. And make August your final month of the regular season. That stretch drive the pennant races the wild card races do it when families can go to games when schools still out when there's still vacation. Where you don't have to worry about what time you kid you can get that little bit lake is at the ballpark final school the next day and I know some schools have gone back earlier in August but still. August is there for the taking. Because football I know some of you are counting down purple ball and we're talking Brian Wilson here in just fifteen minutes. But what you give the ball back you train came back he had that pre season their first series of the stars go out after that. Eric plateaus gets very flat. Because what you see your stars are there for two or three plays. Yes it's a long time to get that we wanted to schedule or in Labor Day weekend account football. August is there for the taken I think baseball should jump on it. But NASCAR they need alive major changes. College basketball not my idea but some have argued making a one semester sport moved the start to did go the December. Which would push back the NCAA tournament in April. Hey this will be brackets the still be 68 teams they'll still be excitement you'll still watch but it would give. College basketball more to showcase and not steady habits start buried. Right there with count football and college basketball. Or would you make a major change in the count football playoff. It's at a four let's go six let's go eight it's go to Wallace goes sixteen. Paula current results of the poll question what do you 54% of people right now same Major League baseball's an export that you make the major change I'm right there with via. And some of waiting instead all the NBA seasons too long the NHL season is too long. If it was any shorter it would it change how you watch. I'm I'm just trying to be honest. I'm asking you think this is great for governing it's a good move I think it's good knowing where you rank in the the power rankings of sports. Smart move by the PGA who should do next and why 3450910. Twitter handle at west fox sports 910. And the poll question brought to you by call federal passionately local banking. So first word out that headlines of the day. Since Royce morning edition on fox sports and I intend. It headlines in the morning very quickly here the bats yesterday getting exactly what they needed in the city of Pittsburgh. Now assess. Reynolds one on belted kind of deep to left center field we've bank goes Dickerson authority drag it below that is. In the second row of the bleachers just to the left of the 410. Foot bunker. All alone two run home run that we're Anthony rent to own. Charlie slows and that's radio network and that's drove Enron as they extended innings and most importantly they guys starting pitching. After his first two starts off the DL which are not being good Jerry Alex and found his groove last night five innings at two hit ball on a 51 win over the bus goes. Alex and struck out 37. Ground balls he was the double eased last night efficient and effective is Dave Martinez app. Afterwards hit the ball down growing need to choose this curve balls really sharp exchange it was really different you detect a strike zone. He got ahead and use his fastball Soros has much needed starting performance and somebody not named Max Scherzer. Considering his bullpen in its current state and a bullpen did it command and closed out the rest of the way. You read down brandy Kessler giving up the lone run but it was Killian a rare we've got out of a bases loaded jam than night. Struck out France's best set out Francisco's ability to end the game. And the nationals getting back in the win column and a game. Over 500. They get too excited about. But the Braves didn't lose last night braves got in a funk here four and six of their last ten. Romney is the Phillies would just not stop winning eight pound on the Mets last night Phillies eight and two and they're less than they have a five and a half game lead in the east. Just thought about it briefly killed in a rare cause another game last night because she on Google placed on the DL left so inflammation. He was telling us in the interview with more about his foot. Got to between the toes what the issue is still beyond the ten day day DL retroactive to July 7. Mean come on Tuesday night that's day the all star game however do little saying. He's gonna give up his roster spot which he does think it's a shame it's unfortunate. But he's going to be able to be part of the ceremonies and still return when the second half opens up. Nets and pirates to date 1235. That's one of those FaceBook games FaceBook watch games he can only see it. On FaceBook text. And finally had a lot of mornings sometimes all you need is one and that's all of France meeting yesterday. Pre split the ensuing corner so. From TJ yes it is it's the only goal they needed France defeats Belgium. As they move on to the World Cup final they defeated Australia Peru Argentina Europe right now Belgium. We will get either England or Croatia. Will play their semi final at 2 o'clock today big soccer game yesterday. The guy. Renato leading Real Madrid got friends go to the World Cup final and today we get the second semi final. Lee cal shelled directors soccer operations and recently retired coach will be what is. At 835. To talk a little soccer on a big soccer Wednesday there are headlines we've got mackerel is morning additional fox sports 910. I'm Brian Wilson CBS sports back I was going to join us next couple topics you knew this was coming. You knew it was coming down the line it wasn't a question of if it was a question of way and and that was the NFL PA response. Two DN FL owners and Roger did those. New National Anthem policy. Which I don't wanna get into that I guess I want to get into what the end game what the players association thinks they can do. They're saying it's not allowed by the CBA. I don't know if they want this rule rejected I don't know if they want a place at the table to create their own rule. But I think the moral story here and this goes back to what I heard Andrew Brandt yesterday on the rich eyes and show her at noon to three on fox sports 910. And he put this out excellently. Is that we got a labor deal done since 2011. That's when you get the CBA done and usually have to get illegal labor deal done and you get labor peace. Instead. We have just had fight after fight between the NFL in the NFL PA. And there's people start to grow the a word around about 22 when he won and as Armageddon. When the NFL could shut down. I still I don't go too far out on that ledge because I always want to see with the players stand their ground they will they hold together like. Hockey players did a couple of years ago back in 2005. I have my reservations about that because usually it's the majority. Instead of the minority the majority that need the paycheck they don't know how to financially sustain in these matters so I can't start throwing around the Armageddon work but it's true. Usually you get a labor peace after labor deal since 2011. It's been Ray Rice is being great hop it's been a Tom Brady it spin. Ezekiel Alley. Now it's the F on an apple being gone back and forth on this matter. It's the fight that never ends and the two guys who in the middle of it DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell is two guys will be leading both sides into the next CBS. Went to derive about that in the fall out of of this story alone. We'll also get into the latest on the show on the court. And today is the NFL supplemental draft notable around these parts because you could. Good being key word Donna sound Zander could be selected today in the supplemental draft. Ron Wilson CBS sports dot com will join us next as we go around the NFL and also asking for the help and I'm asking you. Just put this out there. Sister in Vegas. Annual tradition on the show. I got a place my weight too early NFL over an honors Paul is putting up the NFL over under current odds the current posted total wins. I need you tell me should I go with the over. Or under your team I got my fifty dollars is my nickname is mister ten dollar bet. I'll take five teams. And I got to get my bets in about 5 o'clock tonight. Give me your team give me your pick at west fox sports 910. Brian Wilson next fox sports 910. I Papa. We've got us back Ladell guess today. Could you Ryan Wilson CBS sports background will join us here just a moment. But seeking a stacked lineups tonight it's the Mike roads radio show in buffalo Marlins Westchester commons. Shows begin at 5 o'clock here on fox sports ninth and that all are welcome to stop about the Westchester commons and tonight. Celebrating the basketball tournament which will be played the south region. Heathrow back tournament a former college players getting together in the BC ran nation team will be playing Saturday at the Segal center tonight. Good job of that team will be out at Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester commons. Eric Maynor brand around Zell. Mo Alley Cox who will not be on the team because there for support and he's getting ready for is. Indianapolis Colts season. The bird is Brothers will be there as well on brat for birds will be joining us to Marshall but. All will be out tonight Buffalo Wild Wings Westchester commons starting at five Jordan as for the might roads radio show. Let's mackerel or fox sports night and now joined by Ryan Wilson of CBS sports dot com has brought to you each and every week by plumb right plumbing. Located in mid load the and serving all of central Virginia plumb right ink dot com. Either we started here with the NFL PA filing their grievance yesterday they're non injury grievance this. In it gets retaliation. In response to the NFL owners National Anthem plan and policy. What does the NFL PA wire the following this grievance. So the next point and policy the new revised was released in late may. And to hear the bell explain it it was quote unquote compromise in the NFL PA. Made the point that could not be further from the truth and in the compromise. Collapsed one was the pinnacle he wasn't involved in this new policy which. Requires players to stand them sidelined or if they choose not to panic stay in the locker room so this grievance filed yesterday about the NFL PA basically says that. It's a violation the collective bargaining agreement there was the players their right to protest prior to this. New rule passed in May and has to work and that it violates the CPA and that's. At the heart the issue. So for the good litigation as it appears that we got to talkies and fell about definitely come to some resolution. Intel agreed we'll see what happens. This chant his arbitration of the chances at the PGA win. Which means that it reverts back to the previous policy what we know endured last season and that means more ammunition for. Politicians. And including the president as well as keeping the from the headlines much much longer than the the and the owners and run they'll ever imagined. I was listening to solve all the ways the NFL has been so clumsy in this even gone back to the original matter of not having a rule you have to stand like the NBA does but it. Tell me if I'm wrong here even the way that the NFL is set this up where they said hey if you don't wanna be out there you can still go to your locker room. Eight that almost seems like the loophole where they can Wear the players association can make this about not being part of the CBS. That's right and it's sort of came out of nowhere in late may this this new policy because that could stated that the headlines it's not just because we're in the off season. But even by late November early December. The NFL he's developed some of the players that come to to an agreement on Donna and a lot of money and sort of giving Mac community and getting past. The issues that were sort of misrepresented and they hit them policy and then out of nowhere and made. They decide to announce this policy. What it's gonna fix everything which makes even more concerned about who's. Sort of the PR person making those decisions because this is only exacerbated things made it much much worse. Potential that just blows up in their face again. Should be arbitration ability to get that part goes goes against the NFL. I don't know do you feel this way as a writer but as talk shows that I feel right now I'm a position where there's nowhere to go this conversation I. I have my belief solicitor has their believes we can keep going on circles and the same thing if I can transitions to a football conversation. Because I heard Andrew Brandt of the money morning quarterbacks it is yesterday on the rich doesn't show. If you say and that most times when you get a sport. That has labor the labor deal like the NFL did back with the CBA in 2011 when they get a labor deal done. They get labor peace. Andrew pointed out that since 2011 there's been anything but that it's just. It seems that this relationship has grown nest year each and every year between the NFL and the players association. Did the relationship was pretty nasty right at the moment lift kind of he BAT's back during that summer. There's a lot of back and forth. But I'm not a very nice Cink said. The guy with the negotiation that it looked at issue is that. The players. Got hoodwinked in Hebrew speaking honestly about the Phoebe they signed their name on it today they are to blame. But maybe DeMaurice Smith the executive Derek and hope that the utopian didn't do think that the Jabber recipient may be had BK the that the players are pressured him. They wanted to quit making zero dollars a pop so. There are any number of reasons for why he. What the situation has waited now but I mean you have to sort of the players. Caving to the demands of the owners and one of those demands by the way it was bloody much of that bracket they'll have complete. Oversight over all the punishment then that's been a huge headache for that for the players. In the seven years sense and that's something they have to think about making him think about it and corny nineteen. When the CD into the point one even need to start thinking about it two years ago certain sort of planning for this the issue is that. The players who played port now will be in the league and come around to a sort of a recurring circular issued it date they have to figure out how to solve they want to get past this. He's NFL writer for CBS sports dot com Ryan Wilson with this on the head deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. Dealer Shawn McCoy aid this is the so messy. Strong allegations made by a woman's friends now woman's photos about a woman show on NC Graham a home break in an Atlanta suburb. Ex girlfriend a LeSean McCoy she still lives at the home by a dome that McQuay Owens however and read more about did the report here that. Date the relationship is over he's been trying to get her out of the house on Sunday is a home break in. And she's beaten her friend alleges it was the show on the court that he beats her. His son the dog. Is also a steroid user. It you have Georgia police on this situation is this situation where the NFL's got to dive in or take a step back and just let the legal matters first play out. I think you'll let illegal the justice system run its course. It is such that sir has there been such an insane situations on the surface I don't know who to believe. Which he got neither weighed in today on the hapless on the hole you honestly could use some corner is an adult that's what you want him going just because of his history. That's sort of behavior. I don't I mean it is. It's actually not six and one of my first reactions after the graphic pictures you know that was thank god that I don't make a lot of money because I'm not in this situation working quartet. But people and it in my half and houses plural and get some jury in the afterward again in the back but I don't know what to make of it and I'm sure the builder going nuts trying to figure out it departments and now they've they've issued a statement saying they're looking into a militant believed. But just on the football side of different opinion this sort of the personal side of it. Don't already in trouble and trouble quarterback they lose their best player on offense. They have gone from a playoff severe go to and possibly the worst team in division. So yeah wait for the just consistent with Torres course and it didn't help us use and the pretty Serb hands off early on and then. But let's hear what you have to that but it was not from the moment I saw that the first. Consider him and it's continue to be you have got me let crazy in the ensuing hours. On the gate double wrap of violence filing ego NFL supplemental draft today it's of interest around here because you have former Virginia Tech defensive back Adonis Alexander. Explain how this thing works today. So it's India excel lotteries sold space on your record in terms of waited chances that you get the past six. But the bad part is that. Seventy minutes total the ministry each round. You submit at the beginning of each round player you would like to draft the league office you don't know if you get that player at least double pick all the names reached round. And then that goes down the list to base them on which teams have to have submitted names and that's how they select. Determine who gets what pick so that we were relatively quickly usually players are drafted because what happens is well they're very few players drafted. Because let's say the risk of second player in the third round of the supplemental draft. That and that being that there epic they can no longer use between nineteen regular drafts but that said he gets some guys Cris Carter was the democratic result Famer. Politicos are. But simply gushed cordon in opinion before it went 1112. Prior so that you can't find guys there will be watching to see. How this pans out and the reason these guys are going to let these guys are eligible dished the for the probable draft just because they were declared ineligible for their football season lecture so there. That's why they weren't in the draft and in late April early may and now they're available now. I'm asking for our audience participation today I do this once a year and my sister goes out to Vegas my brother in law. And I got to send out some money and buy us in money I mean fifty bucks mr. ten dollar bad himself over here. I do my five the way too early NFL over under predictions. I ask you to look into this last night is there a team that you're feeling the over the under on. They get to euphoria that the giants aren't sick perhaps the last I saw a layover. Way over they want we did last year I think they're much that he met the raiders are eight left SIA gained weight under I have no faith in Jon Gruden at all. And I feel like he is taking the team back to the ninety's and that's not a good way such science sober six you have raiders under eight. Thank you Ryan. Ryan Wilson CBS sports stack on on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline I really do mean that I don't. And I know people have opinions and the whole National Anthem policy ninety the National Anthem discussion the policy. They understand where some people say hey you need a rule you should stand and get whether people say it's a peaceful protest its freedoms speech. No one's changing anybody's opinion I've been around this long enough villains changing anybody else's opinion I'm not trying to dig isn't a full bolder action. Where this this relations get uglier and uglier and uglier every year between the two sides. And this story in this topic I don't know where it goes next as I don't feel like either side is backing down. Players owners. President states it's yet and yeah hope. The U gets a week for week five and all the top of the football come back and becomes part of the conversation it just feels going Indy. About how many stories we go through in a week. There are stories we thought about a Monday I get the frying up. That other Monday that was the big deal on Monday is to go off for two years. Jets walls stop. We go to the other football. The world like football soccer next World Cup semi final today amber to England Croatia. About next recount shall the Richmond kickers fox sports 910. Okay pop pop pop pop up. I pulled up. I gets beat Colin and I also had a Bayless of our whole question poll question today has a bad thing. Let's tackle box boys 910 yesterday we couldn't find one now we have too many. You know what you dig into our you wanna be Buehrle buried or cremated we've had a new low for the poll question yeah good response which that scares me about you people some times. We'll get to the poll questions of the day west McIlroy fox sports 910 you missed any of our interviews Ryan Wilson of CBS sports dot com nationals closer Sean Doolittle. Or yes today with the hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins grew to fox sports Richmond dot com joining us now. I still can't go on the former head coach of the Richmond kickers he's the recently retired head coach of the Richmond kickers but still the director of soccer operations. Easily count show when it's on fox sports 910 joining us on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. You're news capitol I was on vacation some experts say congratulations on your coaching careers are great to have you. Thanks you're much stood tibia that to be excited inside the body aren't built up. But do other things now by I don't find that hard. I believe now you still have the role of directors soccer operations but from the coaching standpoint after you've made the decision one of which you said you were very comfortable in doing. What is the weird part what was the transitional part create he came into work the next there you came over to the feeling what. What just felt different were you realize I'm not the coach anymore. Honestly I'm not not fire the guy is so much all about that fire that thing. It probably took me about a minute it was a little emotional additionally they got so it's quite the player knowing that that was. That was the end of this journey. But the good thing to may have been there and true to joke. He's got a problem under virtual soccer that I charged positioning calendar go to the second time. Fortunately for the father and that would restore ultimately. Big. The condition of the grunt so so big that it's just impossible to debug sucks really popular and buckets full. Energy intention on there actually saw we look forward to. Many tried stated view putting a lot of success. When you say you wanna focus on it. What are you wanna do with that role what would what would you big picture big aspirations as a director soccer for the kickers like what's on your agenda now do. But he can spend some more time on it. Well that's what we spoke little silent when on the table. Your year. Otherwise you know leadership academy at CNET so that's 67 hour day so that's 67 outcome but when you're on the bus straight I was without the comeback. We talked about you know continue to grow the club. On the grassroots level due to the professional scene. The dream and vision and made still to saint. The Richmond kickers in and I and the new. City stadium. From five to 8000 gain great atmosphere successful seen. Understand. A real. Real part of the community that back actually only been about the name. I really feel refreshed and energized and have going to be able to spend a lot more outside yelled trying to sell the idea. I'm working with a stop to continued to to grow op program I'm forced the other professional team at all. Well the ocean the best and I've said this about you after John and I got back on there I'll say it's EU is not always believed to be a great ambassador soccer. For a guy like me who's not embrace soccer Tilly moved here and start working here. I think you've always and good job in. Getting people to enjoy his sport not forcing it down their throats and I I've always said personally I. Or don't have you on I feel like I learn something about the game so I think you know perfect person to be doing it for the kickers congratulations on that. I appreciate very much when you've got Lee cal show this director of soccer operations for the Richmond kickers. I do notified today about the international match up that is coming up with the kicker is the first that I got to ask yet. Out we got France then today the country that you're familiar with England and Croatia. We got today and the second semi. All the World Cup. Aren't. Let's put it this way it's speed. I don't want to know like I'm in England play in that setting up the World Cup. The last time words about 28 years ago outside of it's a little nervous in the and so unknown territory. And then those. Reform and the beach and it seemed that shouldn't say Croatia are gathered have been hurt them up and and and probably have a little bit more talent in which killed. I really don't wanna got pregnant today dig itself they act like I'm well aware that they look for a pillow or receiving that well and so local files Sunday. I would redo the lines here I'm gonna say that their heads going one way and the heart is going another direction. Exactly. Been that supported every time before. All right what are you thought overall because an earlier this discussion of weeks back. Into the conversation was about more about the United States and about the World Cup the ratings have been really good the interest and seemed to it to continue on I don't know with the level of the US not being there. The ratings have been good you guys some really big surprise is one of your overall fall's bin on the World Cup the final four and now the three teams that were the three countries that we have left. A couple of weeks ago and really. Let me come and another over the last I bet it is soon. So made them back woke up at and that that several read it's all about withdraw my. Some of the gangs. We dug Belgium command backing in Japan the overtime matches the penalty kicks that really captured the imagination. Fat in the big men spoke supply is the next step in the right now that you've got out pretty early. The expected change to win it in Germany to Spain to Brazil Obama I don't. Leaving them in Croatia and the final night it was sold well planned search imagination. The gang have been so open. And at center for the most talked about stability guy been hiding it in which is pleased to be allied. He's deeply date that would let. He it's it's been fantastic and hopefully. We get a good day today and we finish stronger job with the local bottler a rocket up because it's it's certainly good. Intrigue and like he said the elections have been very good even though the US have not talked to to play at that pose a lot about. About the format and excitement that said the storm on a little small. Lee your soccer got we got enough arguments about this when it comes at the NFL and college football but a lot of discussion. About the amount of penalty kicks in situations and matches that it ended with penalty kicks. Are you a penalty kick guy and if not give a better way for overtime that ended in soccer. Tom cook the and draw and share itself and entertainment the penalty kicks in by all the way to go why wouldn't change about your dog. I'm certainly. That's from the church is stumpel the play at some point. Actually that lots. The last place you wanna go to the side. Much especially when it's been so close it's so difficult because it's the only way you can duty to continue to supply about excitement in the open ended. And they act never the other way to do. Two outs it will complicate its seat and entertainment. Instead we'll engage everyone know is that you're not gonna store you know gonna get the winning goal and that is what's gonna happen inside you make your decision alone. Maybe. I'd that you. Guys have managed do this every month of July you'll let's find a way to put together a special event. And you guys have your international soccer match what's coming up on Wednesday July 25. So you know we actually about the pregnant again so lots or even. You know English tiger making that come in this yeah we we check it out really pleased almost. To have a scene from lightly to. So that ability bet Real Madrid play in Barcelona athletic Madrid alternately. The strongest league in the world where dusting plane hit were up at spaniel the racquet on ball floated up also on the this is liable or not we thought coming to town. In my humble opinion that small bitty. The strongest. She's become so Richman. The city stadium at least the Richmond ticket there's a lot of quality of the play in the league we can we tell. Telegenic you need to know about that the quality of the child that's going to be the only child when there's so much on except. Rich mean diggers that conference ticket information Lee congratulations again look forward to our next conversation. What oh what kept you guys leak out shell of the Richmond kickers who come back we'll tell you what's in store besides the World Cup semi file afternoon baseball. We got to go there are multiple multiple cool poll questions Daiwa's store for tomorrow Wes Mac Roy fox sports 910. It's called love that knocked swing and eyes crying. Yeah. On fox sports night attack. We actually left. We've never talked Peta because we had a communication as physical Opie and they give them a small. Well hopefully the subtleties. Our homeland squirrel moment. No good. I got to be responsible. When I was told to go through it I just about the only good bit. Of the I don't know coral billion soulful right now what. Don't label me. What's ahead is that via the missed call the nightfall. Yet. Call the night brought to you by antics systems if you don't know that is that is Terry Francona the skipper of the Indians who let us tonight. A little dilemma with the called the bullpen. The the Indians doing a good job on the reds last night Trevor Bauer twelve strikeouts over eight scoreless innings. The reds scored seven runs off Cody Allen and Dan Oates era. And it all with two outs in the ninth in route to a 74. Road win. And what happened was Terry Francona. Called for the bullpen and had Cody Allen out there and say give me OP needing Alva pariahs. And because it was understood in the bullpen is give me a routine which is Dan and terror the former personified school data to arrows nickname. So Francona said give me dopey. The bullpen herded OT. And I guess it was pitching coach Carl Willis who say he was responsible for calling the bullpen to warmup Botero. And opera ends but Francona putting it on hand which you're the manager you should. We're discussing this out seems that every summer one of these bullpen stories pop up as it was wrong with a phone. Or somebody in here somebody right to say to just acts. Everybody text everybody everything in 2018 basically no one talks to each other which is kinda sad but. Just yet tech somebody caller recommended earlier in Tweeter recommended earlier diskette tablet. I gave it Applebee's Regis tap on the item the food item you want and it was back in the kitchen just tab on the guy's picture and it automatically sends a note back to the bullpen. He had to get back complex. It just seems a little antiquated that we're still using phones the bullpen and the actual phones. No one has a landline anymore acceptable pins in Major League Baseball. Although you know if solitaire had come out and just finish off the game we would never has problems we'd have no problem with any of this go out of the bullpen votes lines great. Giving we're discussing his very Terry Francona wants to. You know mix up the nicknames a little bit that OP noting where you could understand how this is Maicer once again going back to the phones where. You know always hearing things clear. But you might wanna mix up the nicknames however our regular pass apt point ever discussing this earlier the amount of people do not of guys not people. But guys do this we usually. Nicknames and I think Paul is in northern thing I don't know what you would do it down here the amount of people that I grew up around it went to college with. He called me my last name. I doubt people call you vanden Bosch. But I wouldn't call you Paul aquae Paul Lee. Now I went by van. You have one there's less stands somewhat like McIlroy where it's someone will start off strong and and feed it. Maybe Asian and vanden what is the impact mix. Mixed elderly. We throw the poll question guys how do you address the majority of your friends by nickname by less named by first name current result in that poll question this one is closely contested but nickname is our current leader 43%. And I think it's in northern thing I think it's a mid Atlantic New England thing where more people calling to him by the end of last name at this thing about my child in my college years my friends were. Paladino the brute so O'Hara. Lance the fan group a lot of Irish and Italian people that could be an Italian Irish thing tail left a lot of Italian people call each of the by the last name I McIlroy. There's an old laser he's not Irish or Italian that. But partying I think you just north and I don't hear a lot of people that I know who are truly from Virginia and North Carolina I don't hear a lot of throw on the last name nickname that's a different story. That's one poll question simple question we had what with the PGA of making major changes to its schedule. The finish up before the finish at the playoff before football. With the next sport that needs to make a major change baseball NASCAR college basketball where the college football playoff current results of that poll Paul and half MLB right now at 52% that's our leader in the apple questions I am surprised the college football playoff did not win that. Yet that is number three action list beyond what the stuff behind it and I'll be in NASCAR college basketball's best place as were about NASCAR. NASCAR needs a haircut. A drastic haircut and schedule. That's more than should ended sport on Labor Day no if ands or buts about it these seriously reduced the amount I think one race at a track and I know. People are Richmond raceway probably don't want to hear that but I would I've always said. Do one race a year. And then find a way to take. Before race playoff and rotated even if you are doing on best of tents in the year prior if you are dude on a rotational basis and throw each track a second race a year. But I still think baseball's the one that could benefit the most NASCAR needs more than just schedule changing the baseball. You get a you'd change September over the files and get the words it World Series done the first two weeks of October you even bump up spring training you want a little bit. Analysts at I think the Eastern League at being double laser guided. The best started April ended on Labor Day. We'll go to those poll questions. Fox sports Richmond dot com thanks again our guest today leak out shell Sean Doolittle the nationals Brian Wilson CBS sports dot com. Tomorrow on the program we'll talk to former VCU ram and a member of the BC ran nation TVT team this week. Bradford Burgess will be stopping by Michael Robinson of the NFL network and we'll continue counting down to the Major League Baseball all star game. I'm facing some of you tonight at Westchester commons for the Mike Rose radio show. Program starts at 5 o'clock in Westchester commons Buffalo Wild Wings we'll see out there with a crew. Of the tournament team including rapper verges Jordan Burgess and Eric Maynor. Find out more fox sports Richmond dot com for Gary falling out west McIlroy you know make an odd. And and it.