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McElroy - Hour 3 (10/23/20)

Friday, October 23rd
Parney of the Richmond Flying Squirrels and 3x World Series winning manager Bruce Bochy joins Wes to talk the World Series and “Celebrity Parney’s Picks”

McElroy - Hour 2 (10/23/20)

Friday, October 23rd
Matthew Paras of The Washington Times breaks down if Washington or Dallas is in worse shape currently, Ron Rivera’s mixed messages over the course of the...

McElroy - Hour 1 (10/23/20)

Friday, October 23rd
What’s worse… Daniel Jones tripping or the Mark Sanchez “butt fumble”? Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports discusses this, the NFC Least, if a team with a losing record...

McElroy - Hour 3 (10/22/20)

Thursday, October 22nd
Michael Robinson of the NFL Network joins Wes to share his thoughts on the NFC East, Yannick Ngakoue traded to Baltimore, Tua becoming the starter in Miami,...

McElroy - Hour 2 (10/22/20)

Thursday, October 22nd
Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times Dispatch discusses Ron Rivera’s mixed messages over the past few weeks, what trades WFT should make getting closer to...