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McElroy - Hour 3 (11/20/20)

Friday, November 20th
Parney of the Richmond Flying Squirrels joins the show in the 4pm hour to share his insight on the restructuring of MiLB and the future of the Flying Squirrels...

McElroy - Hour 2 (11/20/20)

Friday, November 20th
Former Pitt Panthers QB Pat Bostic shares his thoughts on the recent mask mandate in Pennsylvania, its impact on sporting events, and a preview of this...

McElroy - Hour 1 (11/20/20)

Friday, November 20th
Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports discusses the NFL intensive COVID protocols, takeaways from SEA v ARI, Jameis Winston v Taysom Hill, and which rookie QB has shown...

McElroy - Hour 3 (11/19/20)

Thursday, November 19th
The “Voice of Hockey” Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick joins the show to discuss his retirement from play-by-play broadcasting in the NHL, calling games from home, his first...

McElroy - Hour 2 (11/19/20)

Thursday, November 19th
Michael Phillips of the Richmond Times Dispatch shares his insight on the new intensive protocols in the WFT organization, how the virtual aspect of game...

McElroy - Hour 1 (11/19/20)

Thursday, November 19th
“Voice of the Cavaliers” Dave Koehn shares his thoughts on how the 2021 MBB season could look, UVA’s roster for this season, the impact of Sam Hauser, and...